Are You Ready

Are You Ready To Enter Heaven For Eternity?

The rules of  Heavenly citizenship!!!




A lot of people constantly tell me that they do NOT believe in JESUS, that he is fake, that he is just like Santa Claus!




In the past, I also did NOT believe in JESUS!!!




I might of thought JESUS was fake too in the past, when I was younger!



I found out much later I was wrong................



Whether you believe in JESUS or not, HE is real!!!



Your belief in JESUS, or your NON belief in JESUS means nothing!! JESUS is real because HE exists, not because of anything you have done!




The LORD is invisible in our time, so you want to pray for JESUS to REVEAL himself to you!!!!



The LORD has to reveal himself to you otherwise you will never ever ever ever believe in him!!!!




It is all grace so no man can boast!!!




A guy on Twitter last week was swearing to me that JESUS is fake!!! Oh really, JESUS has revealed himself to me.........




The LORD reveals himself to whom he wants to!!!!




Your NON belief in JESUS has nothing, NOTHING whatsoever to do with the existence of JESUS!!



You only exist because JESUS created you!!!




Maybe you are thinking -> Wait a minute Garrett, I thought GOD created everything.... GOD did, THROUGH HIS SON JESUS!!!!




The SON is the creator........ You who do not believe are actually calling your CREATOR fake..... Think about it people!!!




JESUS is the only way we can get into heaven to see our FATHER for the very first time........... This is GOD'S rule!!!!!




GOD the FATHER has a rule that says -->> You MUST enter into heaven through my glorious SON JESUS!!!! This is GOD'S rule.........




You cannot, you must not, you MUST NOT TRY to make up your own rules to get into heaven...........




God’s kingdom is heaven and HE decides who gets in, how we get in, when we get in etc etc etc.............




GOD makes the rules, not you or I!!!!




I want to make something crystal clear to you before I go to work... There is 1 way and 1 way ONLY to get into heaven.... That is with JESUS.




You can complain all you want about GOD'S rules..... But GOD'S rules and commandments are the commandments we must obey!!!




GOD COMMANDS that we repent our sins to his son JESUS, that we keep fellowship with his son JESUS, that we worship his son!!!!




I say this --->>> Let us push aside our pride, let us push aside our silliness & let us humble ourselves before GOD & HIS incredible bible...




GOD makes the rules, NOT you!!!!




If GOD says his son JESUS is his son, who are you or I to argue with him? If GOD says JESUS is his son, then guess what???????




JESUS is GOD'S SON!!!!!!!!!!!!




Who are you or I to argue with GOD the FATHER who is even greater than JESUS? Push out your pride............




Now I love you, and I want you in heaven with me...... But NONE of us, I say it again, NONE OF US are getting in without JESUS!!!!




GOD demands that we repent our sins to JESUS with all of our heart and soul!




And NOT some silly repentance, not some mocking repentance, not some laughable repentance, but to be really REALLY REALLLLYYYY SORRYYY!!!




To repent on our knees by our bed or on the floor, to have tears, to have our hearts torn in two because of our terrible filthy sinning!!!!




I am warning you to your face, without JESUS, you will go to JESUS' incredible judgment throne. You will be handed over to the demonic!



The demonic will escort you to hell for eternity!!!!!! This is NOT a joke...........




GOD is not playing with sin.... It is NOT funny to the FATHER that he had to send his son to die in a terrible hideous death for your sins!!




This is NOT funny to the FATHER!!!!!!!! GOD was there watching HIS INCREDIBLE SON JESUS be tortured for about 12 hours!!!




You better not play around with the blood and sacrifice that JESUS did for you!!!!




But, GOD loves you dearly, that IS WHY he sent his son to die for you!!!




Now even though a few people on earth see JESUS each week, or each month, very very very few ever will on earth see him physically!!!




It is GOD'S PLAN for them to be invisible!!!!! So STOP telling me JESUS is fake when he created you......




When you say that JESUS is fake, that GOD is fake do you have any idea how much the demonic are laughing at you, mocking you, teasing you?




I say it again.... Do NOT be confused... Nobody can get into heaven without repenting their sins to JESUS and abiding in the LORD JESUS!




And I mean nobody!!!!!!!!! Nobody means - Ummmm ----- NOBODY!!!!!




You will never ever ever ever ever get into the incredible city of heaven without JESUS burning in your heart and soul... Dont be confused!




Don't worry about what the other religions say..... Just worry about what the FATHER OF JESUS says............




If the FATHER demands that you repent your sins to his son JESUS and to keep fellowship with JESUS, who are you or I to argue with GOD???




Humble yourself...... Sure you said many times JESUS was fake, of course you did.......... You were wrong now be humble!!!!




THE FATHER is real, the SON is real, Heaven is real, Hell is real, the angels are real, the bad angels and spirits are real!! IT IS ALL REAL..........




Now get on your hands and knees and cry out to GOD with all of your heart and soul to reveal his incredible son JESUS to you!!!!!!




And I am warning you, if you don't really mean it, DON'T EXPECT GOD to reveal his son to you unless you are drop dead serious about having JESUS revealed to you!




You cannot fake it with GOD...... You must really and truly mean it with all of your heart and soul..........




I say it again. You were wrong..... JESUS is real and he created you!!!!




How dare you or I say JESUS is fake, GOD is fake heaven is fake....... How dare you......... What incredible blasphemy that is.......




Do you realize that you or I could die tonight? Do you even realize this????




The rules of GOD are this --- You CAN get into heaven for eternity if you repent your sins to JESUS & keep JESUS burning in your heart...




Now stop telling everyone that JESUS is fake when you only exist because he created you!!!!! You are being silly and satan is abusing you.



Satan actually has you so deceived, so blocked, so living in deception that he has you saying that the GOD who created you and the earth and the universe is fake!!




Now that is real true deception........




The surest sign that you have many demonic spirits with you is -->>> If you do NOT believe in JESUS, or GOD, or heaven or hell!!!!




Oh LORD send grace. Send grace I cry out to you! I plead with you JESUS send grace.... Send grace so we can believe in you!!!!




Have mercy on our souls JESUS for we are so stupid, so dumb, so silly, such pawns of satan, such foolssssssssssssss....... Reveal yourself to us O LORD GOD!!!!




Save JESUS, save many people on my Twitter account who do not believe. Move O LORD GOD, rain down your fire into them and save JESUS!!!




We need you so badly JESUS...................




As I go to work now I say -->> Have mercy GOD......... Have mercy FATHER..... Save us...... Save............ Help FATHER!!!!!




Sincerely, Garrett



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