Abortion - Part 2

   Can I See My
Baby Again?

Abortion. Can I see My Baby Again?

I want you to know that if you have had an abortion, JESUS loves you dearly!!!

The LORD forgives you woman of GOD.............

Your little baby boy or girl in my theology is most definitely in heaven and he or she is sooooooo happy!!!

Did you know that if you had an abortion you can ask your baby, even though the baby is in heaven now, -->>   To forgive you?                                           It is true!

You can ask your baby to forgive you and he or she will.......... Your baby will forgive you just ask and you shall receive it!!!

If you have had an abortion, JESUS adores you!

If you have had an abortion, JESUS cherishes you!! JESUS cherishes the time you spend with him each day.

If you have had an abortion, what better reason is there in the universe to repent your sins so you can see your baby again in heaven.

Your baby forgives you, he or she is happy now, the baby is living in paradise now and is sooooo eager to forgive his mommy and daddy!

So let it all go now.......... Let the darkness go now that has been lurking inside of you! You are forgiven.

Let the shame & guilt go now.... Your little child is so eager to see you soon with her little arms wide open to hug you!!!

If you have had an abortion, let the condemnation go now. Your child is most likely playing with other children in heaven and is having fun!

Ask your baby to forgive you, she will, she wants to, she is so eager to see her mommy again!!!!!!

I know some Christians say that just because a baby dies, does not mean that they automatically go to heaven!!! Some Christians believe that some babies go to hell.

That is absolutely ridiculous teaching.....

From everything that I know inside of me, the babies most definitely go to heaven!! And they will forgive their moms when you truly repent!

You men too, if you have been involved in the abortion, JESUS loves you, your baby loves you!

Men, you can tell your baby your sorry, it is never too late....... Let the darkness go already, repent and lets all meet up in heaven soon!

You can and will see your baby soon enough, but lets make it clear, JESUS is the ONLY way to get into heaven & there is no other.....

What a wonderful secondary motivation it would be to stick with JESUS like glue so you can hug your little child in heaven that was aborted!

Wouldn't it be incredible when you get to heaven, JESUS & your little child walk you to your brand new mansion while everyone is laughing!

Let the pain go, let the past go, let that terrible guilt go....... Your baby has seen GOD face to face most likely, now that is incredible!

It will be so incredible to enter into heaven, see the child you aborted, and start a new life with him or her, a life for eternity!!!

You can repent woman! JESUS will forgive you for sure...

Do not let satan tell you that JESUS will not forgive this sin........ That is pure lies man of GOD..........

Brother repent for the abortion, be washed clean, let the guilt go, let the tears go, let the shame go, let the demonic go already!!

Even though you had an abortion, GOD is waiting, anticipating to give you a grand entrance into heaven.

Run to GOD'S throne woman, see the FATHER face to face for the very first time..... Then hold your child tight for eternity!!!

Brother if you influenced your girlfriend or wife to have an abortion, JESUS adores you....... Repent, let JESUS hold you tonight.

Brother you do not have to drink anymore. JESUS will forgive you. Your baby will forgive you. Pray to be free from alcohol for you are forgiven!

Brother, GOD knows you were out of your right mind when you pushed your girlfriend to get an abortion.. JESUS knows, HE loves you!!!

Even if you pushed and forced and manipulated your wife or gf to get an abortion, JESUS is soooooooooooooooo eager to forgive you!!!!

Brother, you are very very very important to GOD............. Let the pain go now. You will see your child in heaven soon enough.

If you wanna cry woman, it is OK cry!! But know this, you could never ever make JESUS to stop loving you, not ever..........

Let the alcohol go brother, do it for GOD, do it for your family, do it so you can enter into heaven and see your baby you lost!!

Oh what an incredible joyful day when you enter into heaven and the child you aborted is smiling at you with her arms wide open to hug you!

If you are thinking of getting an abortion now, please slow down, please breathe, please re think everything that is going on in your mind!

If your thinking of getting an abortion, call a Christian person, get some advice from someone who truly knows JESUS........

If your thinking of getting an abortion, please, please do not let satan manipulate you like this.....

Please pregnant woman, please do not let satan get another victory here... Call one of us hard core Christian people you know.

Brother, if your pushing your wife or girlfriend to get an abortion, please stop doing that.

Brother, if your pushing and encouraging your girlfriend or wife to get an abortion, you are gonna be so sorry, so sad, so upset for many years!!!

People, call one of us Christians. We can pray, you will hear GOD answer you. The GOD'S answer to you is I love you, I love your baby!

Oh what an incredible day it will be when you see GOD face to face, JESUS, your guardian angels and your little child for all of eternity!

Repent, be forgiven, be washed clean because JESUS died for you!

Please woman, give your heart and soul to JESUS because he loves you so much. Then he will let your child know you are sorry too!!!

If you have had an abortion, JESUS is the key to every single way of turning this whole thing around........

You can repent woman, you can repent brother.. Do NOT let satan tell you that GOD will not forgive you!!!!!!!   

                                              Pure lies...........

GOD can and will forgive you when you repent for the abortion or abortions..... GOD loves you so much more than anything you could ever do.

There is nothing in all of the universe you could ever do to make GOD stop loving you, including an abortion!!!

Turn it around woman, turn it around brother, repent, ask JESUS to ask your child to forgive you... JESUS will do this!!!

Your baby will forgive you!!!

Oh the joy of being forgiven by your creator and your child that you aborted......

Get ready for tears of joy!!

Brother whether you know JESUS yet or not, do not let your wife or girl get that abortion.. Call her!!!

Brother call her, call her cell phone now......... Stop it, stop the abortion!

The greatest thing you can every do for GOD is to repent your sins & to raise that baby to know GOD...........

I challenge you brother to be a man, a true man, and stop that abortion from happening.............

Raise your baby, push aside your selfish ambitions and raise your baby to know GOD..........

I know the thoughts in your mind are telling you over and over again to get an abortion.......

I know woman that your being bombarded with thoughts day and night to get rid of the baby!!!!!!

Push aside those bad thoughts, the abortion thoughts. Ask JESUS for help!

Do not let satan kill NOT 1 MORE BABY, not your baby!

What an incredible day it will be when you enter into heavens gates, you see JESUS, you see family, you see angels.

And then, out of nowhere, a little child turns around the corner and starts to run towards you with his arms wide open!

She is smiling, she is running towards you, her hair is blowing around in the wind, all of heaven stops, all of heaven is silent............

All of heaven does not dare to make a single noise as your child jumps up into your arms and says ---->

                                           Mommy I love you!!!!!

Your child is in heaven........... If you are not sure how to get into heaven...... Make finding out the most important thing in your life!

If you had an abortion and you have no idea about GOD or heaven, dedicate the very rest of you life to find out how you too can get in!!!

Your family is in heaven, your friends are there, the angels are there, your aborted child is there, now go find out what to do too!!!

Rejoice woman, your aborted baby is now alive!!!!!!!!!!!       Oh praise GOD......

Rejoice brother, your aborted baby is now free from satan, she is free from the flesh, she is free from this cold dark world so rejoice!!

Repent, rejoice, be free finally!!!

Your baby is most definitely in heaven...... He is alive.... It is not too late woman... Give your heart to JESUS today and repent!!!

Invite JESUS into your life for real, really meaning it, for your little baby is in paradise and he wants to see you very badly!!!!

If you have had an abortion the only way in the universe you can ever see your child again is with a close romantic relationship with JESUS.

JESUS is the door to heaven.... JESUS is the key to the gates of heaven....... JESUS is the stairway to heaven......

JESUS is the only way to see the baby you aborted, in paradise, and for eternity!!!

The baby you aborted is counting on you to find your way to GOD'S SON JESUS! Your baby is waiting for you.

Rejoice woman, rejoice brother, let the shame and guilt go finally..... Your baby is alive...........................

It is not to late, you can see your child still........... It is not over!!! Repent, get right with JESUS and be reunited with your baby!!

Do not listen to satan, this is not over.... You having a relationship with the baby you aborted is not over... You can see the child again!

Nothing is over unless JESUS says it is over.... And JESUS is NOT saying this is over... Repent, enter into heaven, see your baby again!!!

Love, your servant

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