Abortion - Part 1


I know some people in Oklahoma are suffering terribly right now because of the bad storms and flooding etc etc....... I care about them and this really touches my heart! I can see that all of the news channels are covering the terrible storm and flooding in the city.

What about all of the school children killed in school shootings? Just a short time ago, many elementary school children were killed in their classes by gunmen. 

What a terrible evil that was being done to the poor children and their family members that day, no to mention the teachers who also lost their lives.

I care about the children so much, children are so precious to me. Even when the approximately 25 school children were killed months ago, I could not believe it. Or when the many many other school shootings took place with students and teachers losing their lives. And why? Because of pure evil that is why! Evil is very real and our entire planet earth is infested with it. When a school shooting takes place, it seems that every single news station in the country covers what happened day and night on TV, or in their newspapers, radio stations, magazines etc etc.

I remember when the last hurricane hit the East coast of the USA.... A few people died, many many more were displaced! These things are tragic, just terrible when people suffer like this! News footage of the terrible storm was being shown on TV day and night all over the country.

If you love GOD, if you have compassion, these things will really hurt you too right ?

I know when the elementary school children were killed a few months ago, this was all over the news, all over Twitter, all over Face book, this evil event seemed to be all over the entire internet constantly non stop. And you know what? It should be! When approximately 50 people are murdered, this should be covered by all of the news agencies in the USA........

It should be all over the news, it should be talked about constantly and prayed about, amen! Anytime when 10-25-50 people are murdered in a country, no matter how big the country might be, this should be all over the news, this should be all over the internet, this should be talked about on all of the really big websites like – Face book, Twitter, My-space etc etc........

But let me ask you this question please!

There are over 2000 UN born babies being killed every single day in the USA and nobody is talking about this! It is not on the news, it is not being talked about in magazines, it is not being talked about on the radio stations, in fact, even on Face book or Twitter, rarely are these 2000 deaths even mentioned.

Now 25-50 people were killed in the last elementary school shooting and that is a terribly vicious act of crime in itself amen!!!

But we have over 2000 UN born babies being murdered every single day in the USA. Why is it that this is NOT being talked about?

The doctors in the USA take small knives, or scissor like instruments and they actually stab and cut the UN born baby right there in the mothers stomach. The doctor will keep stabbing or cutting the baby over and over again until the doctor is sure that the UN born baby is officially dead. What a cold blooded form of murder is being done in these medical facilities and guess what? The news will not talk about it...... The US Government does nothing at all to stop these murders.

Can you believe this?

Can you believe that the murders of over 2000 UN born babies are not being reported by the news?

If Justin Beiber gets a new haircut, or releases a new music CD, or announces a brand new tour, millions upon millions of people will talk about this on Face book and Twitter. Or if a brand new Star Trek movie is being released by Hollywood, millions and millions of messages will go out on Face book and Twitter announcing the new movies released date, or showing off trailer videos of the new movie.

But over 2000 UN born babies are being murdered in the most gruesome way and the entire world wide internet is practically silent!

Do you know why this is?

Could it be because satan owns the world wide media? Especially the media in the USA? Of course he does! Since satan owns the media of the entire country, satan uses his human agents, yes men and women who are infested with demons to control all of the news agencies of the USA using a iron fist! Nothing and I mean NOTHING can get on the news unless satan through his human agents per-approves it first. And this is why the murdering of over 2000 babies a day, right in the mother's stomach is not being talked about, this is why it is being covered up, why it is being PURPOSELY COVERED UP by all the media outlets of the entire country!

Medical facilities are killing and murdering over 2000 UN born babies every single day in our country! Think about that child of GOD........... Think about how many babies that actually is. Try to use your mind and your imagination and visualize over 2000 babies being murdered with knives or scissors. 

Where is the out cry?

What are our police forces in each city doing about this?

What is the F.B.I. Doing about this?

What are our law makers doing about these murders?

What is our Government and our Government leaders doing to stop the murdering of over 2000 UN born babies every single day in the USA?

I will tell you what the law makers are doing. I will tell you what our Government and our government leaders are doing! They are all laughing about these murders behind closed doors as they worship satan late at night! That is exactly what most of them are doing, not all government leaders, but most of them.

What did our last 5 presidents do about the murdering of over 2000 UN born babies every single day in our country? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! That is what. They did = 0.

Do you love people like me? Do you love children like I do? Do you love babies and even UN born babies like I do? Of course you do!!!

Think about it children of GOD. Over 2000 babies are being killed in our country every single day yet it is not being talked about in our government, nor in the news medias, nor in most if not almost all of our churches, nor on Face book much and add Twitter to that list too!

But guess what? If 13 dolphins wash up on the shore in Florida it is all over the entire USA news outlets and circuits! Or if a few trees get burned down in Colorado, it is all over the entire USA news circuits too! Or if Lady Gaga announces a brand new world wide tour, the news agencies of not only the USA, but most of the world will talk about this on their news channels, radio stations, magazines, newspapers etc etc all over the world!

This is satan at his finest..... When the entire USA news circuit talks about the 13 dolphins that washed up on shore in Florida or Texas, yet not a whisper is ever said about the 2000 UN born babies being murdered, this is surely – satan at his finest!

Now I love dolphins, in fact they are my all time favorite pet, but I am trying to prove a point here to you.

Let me ask you child of GOD. What have you done lately to help stop abortions in your country?

You probably answered just like me - Not enough!!! I am not doing enough, you are not doing enough!

Can we be honest about this? Or do you wanna hide behind the cross of JESUS still and do nothing about this terrible tragedy that goes on every single day in the USA and the rest of the world?

Now I do not know what GOD wants you to do about the terrible murder of over 2000 UN born babies a day. But why not ask him? Do not say you cannot do anything to help. Do you realize ONE MAN PRAYED and GOD changed his mind about destroying the nation of Israel? One man prayed a few different times all by himself to the LORD and the LORD GOD changed his mind and decide not to destroy Israel! That one man was Moses of course for you bible students.

You can make a difference!!! You and JESUS together are more than enough to make a difference in helping to stop the abortion industries of the world........

Did you know satan himself has convinced the world to NOT call UN born babies - Babies? It is true! The world has been deceived into thinking that UN born babies are not babies!! That is a lie and deception from the pit of hell. You can make a difference as long as your truly abiding in JESUS. Satan wants the world to think that a UN born baby is a – Fetus............... satan has convinced the world that UN born babies are not yet babies because they have not been born yet. This is purely a lie but most of the world has fallen for this lie. A UN born baby is just as much of a baby as any other baby.

GOD used Gideon and a few extra men to take down a huge enemy army!

GOD used Samson to help take down an entire evil kingdom and their leaders in one stroke!

GOD used Peter to get the Jewish Christian church going, GOD used Paul and Barnabas to help get the Gentile church going!

GOD can use you to help stop this terrible satanic world wide abortion industry too..... Just watch and see!!! But you will have to be abiding in the LORD JESUS for GOD to use you more and more. Abiding in JESUS is the central point for GOD using a new testament Christian believer to do these mighty works!

Fight for the UN born babies child of GOD! How? I do not know.................. Ask GOD what to do!

You and JESUS are more than enough, far FAR more than enough to take down any evil industry in the world! Seek out JESUS with all of your heart and soul and just watch and see what GOD can do in the world using you as his holy servant.

What an incredible victory satan has achieved in convincing the world to murder their UN born babies. They are babies that GOD is fully expecting its mother and dad to take wonderful care of. GOD is expecting the two parents to raise the child in a very strict, godly manner to know and love his incredible son JESUS with all of the child's heart and soul.

If you are thinking of having an abortion, or if you are a man pushing your wife or girlfriend to have an abortion, please do not do that!

Do not murder your baby! Please do not do that. I know and believe that you will be sorry for the rest of your life for this terrible decision. Please re-consider, please pray about this, please talk to some of your godly friends about the topic of abortion. I am just sure if you will slow down on making this terrible decision, GOD will touch your heart and help you to re-consider having an abortion.

Do you realize GOD had a single man, his SON JESUS to take down an entire satanic way of life on earth? It is true!

If you have been thinking about having an abortion, I want you to know there are demons who are literally pushing you to kill this baby! You might not believe in the evil angels, you might not realize that they are real, or that they are with you, or that they are talking to you day and night trying to convince you to kill your UN born baby by having an abortion, but it is all real! This is exactly what the demonic army does every single day all over the world. Every single time the evil angels can get a mother to kill her UN born baby, it is a great victory for satan and evil in the world.

Yes mother, yes dad, it is a baby, a real baby GOD has created for you two to take care of!!! To raise properly!!! To help guide your brand new baby to know and LOVE JESUS.

If you have already had an abortion, I want you to know that there is full forgiveness in JESUS CHRIST & JESUS alone! So praise GOD, you can repent, you can be fully forgiven and washed clean of the evil you did in the past! If your a man and you pushed your wife or girlfriend to have an abortion in the past, there is forgiveness for you too! OH PRAISE GOD!

The LORD GOD loves his UN born children just as much as he loves you!

The UN born babies are extremely important to JESUS, I mean extremely!

satan got the people of the world to kill their children in the old testament and he is doing the exact same thing right now! History keeps repeating itself over and over again. Babies were being murdered in the past, now in our day and age, the same evil atrocities are happening over and over again!

It is quite strange. About 25 small children died in the last school shooting and the entire USA went crazy all over this news! Just crazy! All kinds of gun confiscation laws are being talked about in our Government, the news is covering the new gun control laws 24 hours a day on their news stations and the entire country is in a UPROAR. But we have over 2000 UN born babies being stabbed and cut to death in their mother's stomach every single day, 365 days a year and nobody seems to care. Are some of you starting to recognize how satan is at work?

Children of GOD what is wrong with us? Is it our pride that we do not care enough? Is it our cold, dark hardened hearts that prevent us from caring more, or from speaking out more? Is it because of the evil spirits living with all of us that we do not care more about 2000 UN born babies being cut with scissors to death?

Is it because we are too worried about what songs we are going to sing in church next Sunday to care enough about the UN born babies?

Is it because we are too worried about how many followers we have on the internet that we do not care more about the UN born babies being hideously murdered?

Is it because we are too worried trying to get our next Christian book written and published that we do not care about these UN born babies being murdered?

What is wrong with us children of GOD?

The USA has murdered approximately 50 MILLION UN born babies..... Think about that child of GOD! Think about that - 50 MILLION UN born babies have been cut with scissors and stabbed all over their bodies in a painful death and nobody is talking about this anymore.

How would you like to be slowly killed by someone stabbing you with scissors all over your body?

And the really strange thing is, many of you children of GOD do not believe that GOD is about to destroy the USA COMPLETELY!!! I talk all over the internet about the coming total 100% destruction of the USA, but oh wow how few people believe what I say.......... How arrogant of you to think that GOD will just sit by and do nothing while we kill 50 MILLION of his UN born babies in a hideous, very painful death and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT? You have to be dreaming child of GOD........ 

I tell you the truth, in approximately 8 years from now, the USA will be completely destroyed and there is no power in the universe that can stop it. Why? Because the destruction of the USA, the totally 100% destruction is prophesied in the holy bible in multiple locations!

GOD is going to totally destroy us 100% for many reasons. Many many reasons!

One of the main reasons is because we have killed over 50,000,000 of his UN born precious babies!

Now I am not judging you, I have done my fair share of sinning just like you have!!! But we have to ask ourselves this.......... What is wrong with us? What is wrong with us children of GOD when we are allowing over 2000 UN born babies to be murdered every day! Why are we not doing more to put an end to these satanic rituals? Yes the abortion industries are doing satanic rituals by cutting up and stabbing the UN born babies to death. This is all being done for satan..........

About 25 small children were killed in school a few months ago, and the entire US GOVERNMENT WAS READY TO RAISE HELL ABOUT IT!

Why does nobody care about JESUS' UN born children? Why are so few speaking up about this?

Could it be because we children of GOD are fighting alcohol addictions? Could it be because we children of GOD are too busy trying to get new armor and new weapons in our internet gaming games? Could it be that we children of GOD are too busy smoking weed to really and TRULY CARE ABOUT THE UN born babies? Could it be that we are too busy suffering in lust, porn, masturbation and sex so our hearts have grown stone cold now? Could it be that we children of GOD are too busy suffering in sadness, loneliness, depression and despair to care about the UN born babies?

Could it be that we children of GOD are too busy struggling in our own lives, in our own sins, in our own addictions, struggling each day just to make it through the day to really care about the UN born children being murdered?

Yes that is probably the case.

If you do not realize that the ENTIRE USA is going to be 100% utterly destroyed in less than 10 years, you are not studying the bible enough, or you are not studying end-time prophecy enough. And why? Why do we all have to die? Why is our country being singled out by GOD? I will tell you why! Because we have sat by and did nothing while satan has killed over 50,000,000 UN born babies right in front of our very eyes. We, we the church will be responsible for doing nothing about this.

satan has killed over 50,000,000 UN BORN babies right in front of your eyes, and most of you did nothing about it!

I am guilty of this too......

On my gigantic website, I have 1 lousy article about abortion... Oh wow!!! Yay for Garrett!!!! How sad.............

I have been speaking on the internet for over 11 years now almost full time, and I have only spoken about abortion maybe 10 times! How sad!!! What a terrible job Garrett....

Our destruction is on the way, so child of GOD, you better repent! You better get started in something on the topic of stopping abortion!

Your going to have to see JESUS face to face very shortly from now. You better go do something to stop abortion!

Would you be willing to pray against abortion? I mean really really pray?

Would you be willing to fast, that means to skip meals to stop abortion? I mean really skipping meals and showing GOD how serious you are?

Would you be willing to STOP VOTING for people who love abortion, who love killing babies?

If you voted for O'bama, you voted - YES TO ABORTION!! do you realize this child of GOD? Would you be willing to dedicate some of your internet time to educate other people on the sick, twisted and satanic topic of abortion?

Would you be willing to write letters to people who have some authority to possibly stop abortion in your town?

Would your church or yourself be willing to hit the streets with signs asking people to please re consider having a abortion?

Would you be willing to ask JESUS to fix your stone cold, dark, frozen evil heart so you would be willing to do more about stopping abortions? I know I need this kind of help from the LORD.

Would you be willing to spread the word to all of your friends and family that if they are considering an abortion, to please call you first, to please slow down, to please seek you out so you could gently talk to them about a different approach, a more godly approach such as giving up the new born baby for adoption?

Do you realize child of GOD how just about all of our Government leaders are walking hand in hand with satan? Child of GOD, do you even think about these things? I tell you the truth, JESUS is constantly thinking about these things! Child of GOD, you might want to spend the time and effort to go get super educated on what is really going on in the world, in your country, in your own governments.

These things break JESUS' heart!!!

Praise GOD for people like - Ray Comfort who constantly speak against abortion...... A baby is not a fetus child of GOD....................... A baby is a real baby that GOD has created, that GOD loves, that GOD designed to be uniquely special and different in so many ways.

The UN born baby has a soul and spirit!!!

The UN born baby has a inner heart! The spiritual heart!!!

The UN born baby has emotions!

Did you know child of GOD that many UN born babies try to use their tiny hands to push the doctor's scissors away? It is true! Many UN born babies try to take their tiny hands to push away the knives and scissors that are stabbing them! Even the UN born baby tries to defend himself, yet we people who call ourselves Christians do nothing to defend these satanic murders from taking place every single day in the USA!

Do you realize child of GOD even the tiny UN born baby in the stomach knows that knives and scissors are trying to kill it? How sad!!!

Daughter of GOD, you can still change your mind if your contemplating an abortion! You can still change your mind and have the baby!


Another 2000 babies were killed today in the USA.......... Did anyone notice?

Were you aware that 2000 babies were killed today?

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of planet earth is the fact that the USA kills approximately 2000 babies every single day!

The fact that 2000 babies are murdered every single day in the USA is one of the greatest crimes ever committed on planet earth!

 The fact that we never hear about this anymore shows just how well satan is doing his job. Wow!!!!!!!! What a cover-up satan has done hiding this terrible truth from the American population and even from the rest of the world.

One of satan's greatest victories =
 The world wide abortion industry!

satan has covered up the abortion industry so well, we children of GOD just about NEVER ever hear about this anymore. We have got to start talking about this incredible evil. We have too, we must, GOD wants us too!

We have killed 50 MILLION of the LORD'S little babies in the USA  and 100's of MILLIONS WORLDWIDE.

I do not know about you, but I AM SCARED!!!!

In the last 13 years of walking with JESUS, I have only heard two people who talk about abortion quite often.

Those two people are - Ray comfort & Randy Alcorn. I am sure there are many more than just these two fine godly men, of course there are more who are fighting against the satanic abortion agenda. I just personally have not heard any of them. Since I scour the internet full time, since I am always ready to study new sites, or under new godly people, or watch new videos etc etc, the fact that I have not heard from any other Christians who are fighting the abortion agenda, shows how little the church is actually doing to take down this satanic stronghold.

If it were not for Ray and Randy, I would never ever ever EVER EVER hear anyone talk about the genocide of 50 MILLION BABIES that is being done in the USA alone, not even taking into count all of the UN born babies being killed in the rest of the world.

Please add the topic of stopping the world wide abortion industry to your prayer list, please.......

Please start talking about the evil satanic ritual killing of abortion a little more with the grace GOD is giving you!

If you hear through the grapevine that someone you know might get an abortion. Please stop every single thing you are doing and go talk to that person with all of the grace and mercies that GOD is giving you!

I know when GOD uses us to help another person feel better, that is a huge blessing. And when GOD uses us to bring another person to salvation in JESUS, that is just wonderful too!!! But how wonderful would it be if GOD used you to save the life of a UN born baby? Wow.......................... Praise GOD!!!

When you hear of a person who might be considering having an abortion - Stop every thing you are doing and make time to have a heart to heart talk with that person! Share with them everything that GOD puts inside of your heart for this person to hear. Praise GOD, the LORD can and will use you to encourage that person to have their baby. Amen!


Please do NOT vote for anyone who supports abortion! I know many of you think GOD DOES NOT care if I vote for this man or woman even though they support abortion!

I tell you the truth, NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH............ GOD CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have GOT to get the LORD to take down the world wide abortion industry as fast as we can through prayer, through grace, power, mercies and especially LOVE!

Do not let the babies die without having a voice to cry out for them.

What if we added up the world wide statistics for how many babies are murdered every single day ??????


*1 baby is murdered in the world every 24 seconds.

*147 babies are murdered every single hour.

*3,542 babies are murdered every single day.

*24,865 babies are murdered every week.

*107,750 babies are murdered every month.

What an incredible INCREDIBLE VICTORY satan got by employing a world wide satanic industry of murdering babies!!!

Hundreds of millions of babies have been murdered in their mother's stomach! This far out reaches what Hitler did in Nazi Germany or what Stalin did in Russia!!!

Every single day when you wake up and get out of bed, another 2000 babies will be murdered again in the USA with a knife or scissors cutting them up in bloody pieces.

While you clock in at work, or get to college, or get to the super market in your car each day, another 2000 babies are being killed in the USA, and another approximately 1500 are murdered over-seas.

Where is the outcry among the Christian community in the USA?

Please start really REALLY PRAYING for the LORD to completely take down the world wide abortion industry and be ready to speak up too at any given moment if the LORD JESUS so wants you too.

True children of GOD are going home somewhat soon to heaven, please do all you can before you leave earth to stop the abortion industry! Let us start bombarding heaven with a avalanche of prayer missiles to stop the world wide abortion industry!

I do not know how the LORD will use you to help take down the abortion industries but I do know we can start by really praying. By really crying out to GOD to put an end to this evil. And GOD will use your prayers to take down these satanic rituals being performed all over the world by the murdering of innocent UN born babies.

Please do not forget about the 2000 babies every day when you wake up! Speak up for them. Talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to co-workers, talk to fellow students at school. The LORD can use you greatly to stop this evil, just be ready to speak up at a moments notice when needed.

If you are voting for someone who supports abortion, how will you explain this to GOD when you see him face to face?

Do not be intimidated child of GOD. GOD used a single man throughout many parts of the bible to change parts of the known world and GOD can use you too to take down evil satanic industries such as abortion. Just pray and watch and see.


Please child of GOD never ever say - GOD cannot use me. That is a lie. Yes he can, Yes HE can, YES HE CAN USE YOU.

If you know & are aware that 2000 babies are being murdered in your country every day, don't you think JESUS wants you to do something about this? Of course he does and he will encourage you and empower you, and strengthen you to be a part of the taking down of the world wide abortion industry!

If you know of a woman who is thinking of having an abortion, please stop everything your doing and go talk to her please! Take the time, make talking to her one of the most important things you have to do in your life outside of abiding in JESUS himself!

If your a man and your pushing your wife or girlfriend to have an abortion, please re consider brother! You will be sorry for the rest of your life if you continue to push your wife or girlfriend to go through with the murder of your UN born baby. Please reconsider brother. Please reach out to a godly person and have a long talk with that person whoever he or she might be in your life.

Brother, please encourage your wife or girlfriend to have the baby! You can be a great dad to this brand new baby with the LORD'S help.

Talk to people, share with them how much JESUS loves them, how HE will help them to raise up this new baby! Share with them how merciful JESUS is and how he will help this new couple to raise their UN born baby. It will be wonderful if you try!

What a great GREAT GREAT THING IT WOULD BE for GOD to use you, yes you to help stop 1 abortion in the world! Praise GOD!

Did you know GOD used 1 man named Samson, to take down the entire Government of a evil land all in one blow? It is true!

So never never say the abortion industry is too big, I am intimidated, I do not know what to do!!! NEVER SPEAK LIKE THAT.............. Sure the world wide abortion industry is too big for you to take down, but it is NOT too big for GOD'S SON JESUS to take down!

Start bombarding heaven with prayer missiles to take down the world wide abortion industry and let GOD decide how to do it!

Please get involved, please!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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