A Warning To Christians

A Warning To Christians!

Will JESUS, the Bible and Christianity Be Illegal in about 4 years from now?

Many people asked me tonight – Garrett - Why do you think the bible and JESUS will be illegal in the USA and the world in about 4 years from now! People were asking me because earlier tonight on the internet,I had stated publicly that these things would happen in about 4 years from now.

The reason why is simple -> The 7 year tribulation is JUST ABOUT to start..

At the half way point of the 7 years Great tribulation,  which is 3 1/2 approx. The Governments of the world will install the mark of the beast!

At the Mark of the beast, JESUS, the bible & Christianity will be illegal! They will round us up, imprison us, torture us & kill us!

Since we know that the 7 year tribulation is just about to start any month now - We can also know that the Mark of the beast is about - 4 years away approximately speaking. Henceforth, this tell us that - JESUS, the bible & Christianity will be illegal in about 4 years from now all over the world....

Many of you are thinking - The USA would never ever persecute, imprison, torture and kill Christians... I know many of you think this!

I tell you the truth - With GOD as my witness -->> The USA will be the world wide LEADERS of rounding up Christians, imprisoning us, torturing us and killing us.

The USA will persecute us, imprison us, torture us and kill us MORE SO THAN any of the other countries of the world!

In the book of Revelation, the woman who is riding the beast and is drunk from the blood of the saints is best defined by - The USA!

The USA is the woman on the beast in the natural and we can clearly see in the text she is drunk from the blood of the saints......

You might be thinking - Garrett - How can that possibly happen? Everything seems to be kind of normal in the USA right now!

Yes brother and sister in GOD, it might SEEM to be normal in the USA, but it is not!

The demons are possessing more and more people now in the USA every month that goes by. Evil is SPREADING all over the country and the world right now like we have never seen before! No brother and sister in GOD, things are NOT normal right now, no far from it!

Just like what happened is Nazi Germany is going to happen in the USA... The demons are going to completely take over the leadership of USA and it is going to happen in the blink of an eye.

Some could make a viable argument that this has already started!

The LEADERSHIP of the USA are going to completely lose their minds. They will become - Demonically possessed!

Children of GOD, this can and will happen in the blink of an eye.

Can this be found in the bible? Yes it can!

King Nebuchadnezzar - The king of Babylon lost his mind for 7 years........... The USA is Babylon of the old testament!

The leadership of the USA are also going to lose their minds to the demonic, in fact this seems to be already started!

This is why the US Government has bought millions of coffins.... This is why the US Government has built prisons all over the country!

Fema Camp Locations!!!

Next the Government is going to take our guns.......

But that is OK , we Christians who truly love JESUS should never ever own a gun to begin with! FOR THE LORD fights for us. Vengeance is MINE SAYS THE LORD.

I tell you straight... The USA is the physical representation of the  Woman who rides the beast and is drunk with the blood of the saints!

They have put up cameras all over the USA for a long time now! There will be no hiding at all as far as the Christians are concerned once the Mark of the beast is put into effect, UNLESS GOD himself hides us and he will sometimes. Unless were hidden supernaturally O PRAISE GOD!

They have made praying in school, reading the bible in school and having the 10 commandments in public ILLEGAL for a long time now!

Laws are being passed late at night with no congressional people allowed to witness that are anti GOD, anti Christian, anti freedom!

Now our president is going to Israel very soon to try to force a peace agreement! 

Is this the - The peace agreement that starts the 7 year tribulation? Probably not!

WE do not feel that the US President has the authority to sign an agreement for all of the world leaders all by himself!

But - The U.N. does! Watch for some kind of world wide agreement to be made in the U.N most likely in this current year 2013, but possibly next year!

This huge world wide agreement might be a world peace agreement, or possibly a peace agreement with Israel and her neighbors, or possibly even some other kind of agreement!

We are waiting for this huge world wide agreement to trigger the start the 7 year tribulation!

Because of all of this information --> We can and do know that JESUS, the bible and Christianity will be illegal in about 4 years from now give or take one year possibly. The math that were using to calculate this is that we are expecting the 7 year Great tribulation to start in about 6 months from now give or take a few months. This means that the Mark of the beast will be installed all throughout the world in about 4 years from now.

I pray this helps some of you in whatever way possible! I really do.

Fear - Godly fear can be a huge motivational tool for us to get right with JESUS and the bible.....

I tell you the truth... Our Government is EXTREMELY ANTI Christian, anti Jewish, anti Israel....

I know this is a no brainer... But please let me remind you -->> We are NOT allowed to take the mark of the beast!

We cannot take the mark of the beast hoping we can repent later.... NO, GOD will not allow any repentance for anyone who takes the Mark of the beast!

If you have to die for not taking the mark of the beast, simply go and die then. Let them kill you and rejoice, you will be in heaven! Why? Because if you take the Mark of the beast, you will go to the lake of fire for SURE, there is no way you can repent for taking it. Repentance will not be given!

I know most Christians know this, but there could be some very very new Christians reading this...

The Government will probably use Walmart's or local churches in each city to administer the mark... Possibly even D.M.V'S!

So new Christians out there -> The Governments of the world will force everyone to take a mark on their right hand or forehead! WE children of GOD are not allowed to take this mark for any reason whatsoever... This mark has spiritual implications going into eternity!

No matter how tempted you are, no matter how afraid you are, no matter how much anxiety you have, we CANNOT take the mark!

Now we talked about the mark of the beast quite extensively in the past so we will not do that tonight.

But the Mark has spiritual and physical implications to it... This is why it is soooooooo offensive to GOD!

Now what are we allowed to do? JESUS said we can run away!

We children of the LIVING GOD are allowed to run away.... But we are not allowed to fight... WE are NOT allowed to fight back or hurt anyone.

So we children of GOD do not need guns or weapons... We need more JESUS and more bible knowledge..... Our warfare is spiritual not physical. Why? Because our enemies are spirits....... Not people......

The USA will use their drones, their cameras, their underground bases and they will UN leash star wars type technology on Christians!

All of the star wars and star trek technology that the USA & Russia & possibly Japan have in secret will be turned against the Christians of the world!

So we want to re dedicate ourselves to JESUS tonight, even right now repenting our sins, falling face down at his throne, I know I need to do this constantly!

There is no need to move, you cannot hide from the 7 year tribulation. The reason why is - GOD is the one bringing it! GOD is the one sending the Great tribulation to the world. GOD is the one bringing the 7 year tribulation, not satan, not the demons, not the US Government.... It is GOD doing it!

There is one place that is safe and one place only... Let me share it with you -->>> Abiding in JESUS!

JESUS is the only safe place on earth you can hide in.... There is no other place to go.

If you do not know JESUS, boy you better go get him!

If you do know JESUS, boy you better go get him more!

If you are close with JESUS, boy you better stay there!

What is going to happen starting in about 4 years from now is - In the USA and the world, IT WILL BE WORSE than what Nazi Germany did..... JESUS tells us this clearly in - Mathew chapter 24 - Luke chapter 21 and Mark 13... It will be worse than what Stalin did to Russia!

And the truth is, I am not ready.... You are not ready... None of us are ready for what is coming soon!

SO........ We want to try to get ready..... How do we do that? With JESUS --- IN JESUS --- All about JESUS and the bible too!

You cannot physically get ready for the 7 year tribulation that is impossible! We can only try to get spiritually ready....

Since our enemies are evil spirits, we can only get ready for the tribulation by abiding in JESUS and the holy bible.

The LORD has been giving some people messages in our ministry. The U.S. will be taking us children of GOD and killing us underground! They will be doing this on purpose to hide from the world what they are doing to us Christians!

We have got to start taking JESUS much more seriously!! I have too....... You have too..... We all have to do this.

GOD'S son JESUS is going to be our only hope during the 7 year tribulation and there will never be any other!

You can clearly see the U.S. Government turning against Christianity right in front of your eyes... I pray your eyes are opened to this!

Fear can be a wonderful WONDERFUL motivating force to get us right with JESUS, to get us reading our bibles again.......

I am not talking about demonic fear.... I am talking about godly reverent fear!

I pray this short talk has helped some of you to understand why JESUS, the bible and Christianity will be illegal in about 4 years from now!

Remember this -> The German & Jewish families were neighbors, their children were playing together and sharing food back and forth!

Out of nowhere, the German people turned against the Jewish people and starting turning them in to the secret police.......... Why?

Because the demonic entered the German people, that is why!

The same exact thing will happen in the USA and all of the rest of the world too.... The people will be possessed by demons and will start telling on Christians, reporting Christians, turning in Christians to the secret police forces of each nation. This will happen!

This will happen in the blink of an eye and ALL OF THIS IS GOD'S PLAN!

Here are all of our rapture articles all on one page --->>> http://www.tearstojoyministries.org/Rapture_Articles___.html

Most Americans think that the USA is going along normally right now. While many others know that something is very very wrong in our country! Others have spiritual discernment... They can see and feel the HUGE ONSLAUGHT OF ENEMY demons here in the USA & the world.

The USA is absolutely INFESTED WITH demons......... It is so dark here right now, we better get on our knees and turn to JESUS!

If you do not have these gifts, trust your other brothers and sisters in CHRIST that do.... All hell is about to break loose in the USA!

Possibly starting with some very LARGE earthquakes........

Love, your servant Garrett

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