A Warning For You

Children Of GOD!

 A Warning For You.

Hello everyone! I praise GOD for all of you wonderful & glorious children of the living GOD.

I noticed throughout the years of doing ministry work that a very common theme keeps coming up.

Over and over again children of GOD contact me because they are having problems either with their non believing fiancee', non believing boyfriend or girlfriends, non believing friends, or even their non believing co-workers at work.

I want to show you very nicely, kindly and lovingly what GOD says about all of this. Please read the following very slowly and I pray GOD will super bless you more and more with these biblical truths.

The Temple of the Living God

2nd Cor 6:14-18 → 

Verse 14 - Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?

*GOD here speaking through Paul first points out for us to → 

1). Never team up with Non believers. That would include the following → Do NOT marry non believers. Do not form ministry partnerships with non believers. Do not date non believers. Do not form business business partnerships with non believers either.

2). GOD then states how can righteousness be a partner with wickedness.......... Children of GOD! We cannot form partnerships of any kind whatsoever with non believers, and when we do, all hell will rain down on our lives. Believe me, I have learned this with first hand experience.

3). GOD then states → How can light live with darkness. You, yes you child of GOD are the light in the above biblical scripture. The non believer is the darkness. You have JESUS living inside of you who is the light of the world. The non believers are infested with demons who are the darkness here on planet earth. GOD is saying we cannot live with the darkness. That means once again, we cannot marry the non believer, we cannot move in with the non believer, we cannot date non believers, we cannot do business or ministry work with non believers either.

Verse 15 -  What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can a believer be a partner with an unbeliever?

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). There will be NO harmony between you and your non believing fiancee', boyfriend or girlfriend, friends or co-workers either. In fact, GOD is hinting here he will NOT allow any harmony either. In fact, GOD will make sure there is no harmony between the two of you, or between you and your non believing friends. Why? For the same reasons states up above. You have JESUS CHRIST living inside of you and they do not. The spirits living inside of them are at war with JESUS living inside of you. Yes child of GOD, there will be NO harmony, none whatsoever as GOD teaches you to obey the holy scriptures.

2). Once again, GOD is stating here that believers in JESUS CHRIST CANNOT be partners with non believers.

Verse 16 -  And what agreement can there be between God’s temple and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. 

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). GOD is making it crystal clear here that you are GOD'S temple. That is right, you are literally GOD'S temple here on Earth and the non believers are literally idols. They are being controlled by satan through his demonic army and are infested with demons.

2). GOD is stating here that there will be NO agreements with you the temple of the living GOD with the non believers. You and your non believing Fiancee' will not be able to come to agreements on JESUS, nor the bible, nor praying, nor church attendance, nor doing Christ like ministry work etc etc.
You and your non believing friends will NOT agree on scriptures, on Christian principals, on sinning and just about everything else having to do with the kingdom of GOD.

Verse 16 Cont. As God said:

“I will live in them and walk among them.

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). GOD is living inside of you, and he is experiencing every single thing you go through as he walks among us here on earth. That means when you kiss your non believing spouse on the lips, you are forcing GOD to experience the fact that you are kissing a person infested with demons. When you go out to dinner with your non believing friends, you are forcing GOD to live through the entire night with all of the course jokes, the bad words, the filthy things they think and say out loud and GOD is not pleased with this one bit.

Verse 16 Cont. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). GOD is saying he will be your GOD and you will be his son or daughter.

Verse 17 -  Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the Lord.

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). GOD orders us to come out from among them. So what does that mean? That means to call off your wedding plans with your non believing spouse. That means to break up with your non believing boyfriend or girlfriend. That means to break up all of your friendships with your non believing friends. That means to break off all business partnerships with your non believing business partners etc etc etc.

Verse 17 Cont. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you.

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). What does GOD mean when he orders us to stop touching their filthy things? It means that we better stop touching the private parts of our non believing fiancee's body, or to stop kissing non believers, or to stop holding their hands on dates, or to stop watching the same TV or movies that the non believers watch, or to stop listening to the same music that the non believers listen too, or to stop reading the same garbage that the non believers read, or to stop doing the same things that the non believers do, or to stop all hobbies that we do that our non believing friends taught us to do that are anti-god, anti-christ etc etc....

2). Then GOD says he will welcome us. As you see there is a condition here. GOD will not welcome us if we continue to rebuke his holy scriptures here in 2nd Corinthians.  GOD clearly says if we STOP touching their filthy things, THEN HE WILL WELCOME US. This is conditional and we should take this very very seriously.

Verse 18 -  And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.

*GOD here speaking through Paul once again states → 

1). GOD is stating that if we listen to him here, if we obey him in the above scriptures, he will be our FATHER and we will be his sons and daughters.

So we want to take the scriptures above very seriously where GOD is speaking through Paul and ordering us to COME OUT from among the non believers. This is not a joke here, GOD is not joking and in fact, GOD spends an entire huge paragraph on this topic.

OK so what CAN children of GOD do with the non believers of the world?

* We can preach to the non believers. We can share with them the GREAT NEWS of the Gospels of JESUS CHRIST.

* We can pray for them and we should as much as possible.

* We can bless them. Yes we can bless them in the powerful name of JESUS.

* We can pass out clothing to them.

* We can lay hands on them and have GOD heal them through us or once again lay on hands and bless them too in JESUS' name.

* We can feed them. Feeding the hungry, feeding the homeless is one of the greatest things you can do as far as helping humanity in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

* We can answer their questions and give them wise biblical advice.

* We can cast demons out of them ONLY IF GOD TELLS US TOO......... We only cast demons out of the non believers when we are sure that we are sure that GOD is telling us too. Why? Because they are not walking with JESUS CHRIST yet, they are NOT filled up with the HOLY GHOST yet, their temple is filled up with demons and there is no GOD inside of them yet. So we only cast demons out of non believers when we are sure GOD is telling us too.

* We can read the bible with them, or read the bible to them if they want us too or ask us too.

* We can help them! That means if they need help moving from one apartment to another, or if they need help to fix their car, or if they need help because their mother or dad is sick etc etc.

In other words, if they have emergencies we can help them!

I pray you children of GOD are starting to get the idea here of what GOD is expecting us to do with the non believers.

Did you notice everything that we CAN do with them and for them is ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD?

If you still are not sure what you can do with the non believers, just always remember that it should be about the kingdom of GOD.

We CAN do kingdom of GOD things for them and to them and with them.

Here is a very short list of what we CANNOT do with the non believers → 

*We CANNOT marry them, we cannot get engaged with them, we cannot date them, we cannot and should not be touching their bodies or allowing them to touch ours.

*We CANNOT kiss them, we should not be going out to dinner with them, we cannot go out to movies with them, we cannot go out to the mall with them or anywhere else for that matter.

*We CANNOT form friendships with them, we CANNOT do business partnerships with them either.

*We should NOT hang out with them just sitting around killing time.

*Remember if we ever ever hang out with the non believers, it has to be about kingdom of GOD things!

*We CANNOT go to concerts with them, nor plays, nor shows, and we should never be hanging out at their house and likewise, they should never be hanging out at our house either...........

*We CAN only do kingdom of GOD things with the non believers, nothing else!

That is all JESUS did and that is all we should do too!

Now to finish this short article, here is a very short and true story of an experience I went through a few years ago on this very topic.


Three years ago I found myself with very little money. I was working only 2 days a week and simply speaking, it was not enough work, not enough money to pay my bills. A non believing co-worker from work realized that I was broke and he wanted to help. His name was John. John started inviting me out to lunch or dinner with himself because he was worried I had no food or money. 

On the one hand, GOD really blessed me with lunches and dinners by having John who was a NON believer pay for my meals. On the other hand, GOD was also going to teach me and reinforce some Christian principals in my life that I had already learned but was simply speaking, not practicing.

So keep this true story very short, this is what happened → 

I would wake up, pray and I would be feeling really good spiritually speaking. Then John would come by, pick me up in his truck and take me out to lunch or dinner. Now John did not want to hear about JESUS, nor the bible, nor anything else having to do with GOD because I think he was very angry at GOD. So because of this, I was not allowed to say anything about JESUS nor the bible because it would offend John.

Because of this, our hanging out together had absolutely NO JESUS and NO kingdom of GOD in it whatsoever. So after lunch or dinner, John would drop me off and I started realizing something over a few weeks>

Each time John would drop me off, I was no longer on fire for JESUS, or my spirituality was starting to feel very funny emotionally speaking.

In other words, each time John dropped me off, I had one or MORE of his demons now with me.

Yes children of GOD it is true, the non believers can pass their demons to us when we hang out with them and THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON WHY I FEEL GOD DOES NOT want us hanging out or socializing with the non believers.....

During our time hanging out at lunch or dinner, John whom was a non believer would tell very nasty jokes, or say very nasty things that children of GOD just do not repeat. In fact, it got so bad, I had to tell him over and over again to stop talking this way.

Time and time again, when John would drop me back at my apartment, I felt absolutely terrible. It took me a few weeks of this to realize that John was passing his demons into me. I am NOT saying John was doing this on purpose, of course not. 

But here is what I learned → 

The NON believers can pass their demons into us by association. So as we hang out with non believers in our lives, the demons have permission to enter us and attack us.

Here is the really sad news. Even though GOD made it clear to me that I was under attack each time I went out with John, and even though GOD was patiently warning me to stop doing this, I still continued to go out to lunch or dinner with John.

I knew what I was doing, I knew I was wrong, but I was not taking all of this seriously enough. I did not realize JUST HOW DANGEROUS THIS TRULY IS for a child of GOD.

So to finish up the story, this is what happened →

A few months went by and John and myself started to argue a little bit. Then the next time we went out to lunch, there was NO grace whatsoever and we felt even more friction........

This all culminated during the last time we went out to dinner together. We got into a shouting match at the restaurant and we almost got into a fist fight.


Even though we would work together for another month or two, we never went out again, I stopped talking to him on the phone and our friendship, YES OUR ILLEGAL FRIENDSHIP was finally and completely over............

Child of GOD!

As you read 2nd Corinthians Chapter 6 up above and in your bible, you better take what GOD is saying DROP DEAD SERIOUSLY.


Because when GOD tells you to separate from the NON believers, GOD is not joking and the demons who will attack you for sure are not joking either..........

I pray this short article will help you, bless you, and open up your understanding more and more to the very dangerous topic of what we can do, and what we CANNOT do with the non believers.

Love, your servant Garrett