A Twisted Sexual Demon

A Very Twisted Sexual Demon

Hello everyone, praise GOD for all of you! Amen to that!

There is a demon out there, oh yes there is. This demon hides in the shadows and very very very few people on earth know about him....

In fact, I have never, not ever seen another Christian talk about this demon, nor write about this demon, or make a video about this demon either.

So guess what?

GOD is going to use me, yes little ole Garrett here to start to expose this demon to the Christian world!

GOD is going to use me to write articles about him, to make videos about him, to share on the Internet all about this very twisted sexual demon....... Lucky me!!!!


This article is going to have some X rated type language in it. The article has to have a little bit, because this demon is a – Twisted Sexual demon. So to talk about this demon, to warn people about this demon, to share with you about this demon, to expose some light on this demon, I am going to have to share with you what this demon does, how he operates, how he tortures people etc etc etc. And because of all of this, I have to warn you ahead of time that this article will have a little bit of XXX rated language in it!

So! If you get embarrassed easily, ask GOD if you even want to read this. If you get offended easily, ask GOD if HE wants you to study this.

And I praise GOD for you! I love you!

Chapter 1: Hiding In The Shadows......

I have no idea what this demon is truly called, maybe GOD will tell me, maybe not. So I have named this demon a →

Twisted Sexual Demon!

This demon is hiding inside of people all over the world. Yes this type of demon is world wide. This type of demon is living in people from every country, every city, every town, every village, and most likely every island too!

This – Twisted Sexual Demon most likely lives in the throat of a person! This demons mouth is literally inside the mouth of the poor man or woman that he lives in!

I am NOT saying the entire demon is inside of the man or woman's mouth, but I am saying that the MOUTH of the demon is also inside the mouth or throat area of the man or woman that the demon lives in!

Since nobody and I mean nobody is exposing this demon, since nobody is talking about this demon, since most people in the world do not even know about this demon, this Twisted Sexual demon has been able to stay secret world wide! And when a demon, or a type of demon can remain secret, he rarely ever gets kicked out of a person!

As long as a demon can remain hidden in a man or woman, that demon could live in that person their entire life without ever being kicked out, unless JESUS kicks him out!

One of the most powerful ways of kicking a demon out of yourself, or out of other people is by first of all -

Exposing that he is real!

When you expose that the demon is real, it is like shining the light of CHRIST on him. And usually speaking, when you start to realize that yes this demon is with you, he will get weaker and weaker quite often!

So! Because this demon has been able to stay hidden throughout the decades and even centuries, because this demon has been able to stay in the shadows, he has been able to live in men and women all over the world unhindered!

Why? Because very very few people know about him!

Chapter 2: What Does This Demon Do?

This is a Twisted Sexual type demon of lust...... So this demons category would most likely be as a – Twisted demon of lust, but this demon operates a tiny bit differently than many other types demons of lust.

Not only is this demon lusting inside of you, pushing you to lust, causing you to lust, encouraging you to lust, no no no, this demon does MUCH more than that unfortunately for the poor man or woman he lives in!

This type of Twisted Sexual demon is lusting after → A man's semen! Yes, when a man has a orgasm, this demon wants to eat and swallow the liquid!

This demon is lusting incredibly after the sexual fluids of men and women worldwide!

This type of Twisted Sexual demon is craving, YES CRAVING the cum that comes out of men and women when they have a orgasm!

Now child of GOD, if you do not believe me, if you do not believe this topic, if you do not believe this demon is real, it is perfectly OK.

I love you! I love you and I praise GOD for you!

But this type of Twisted Sexual demon is very very real, and he is world wide! Yes! World wide living in men, women, and many many millions upon millions of teenagers!

This type of Twisted Sexual demon is not only lusting after the sexual fluids of men and women, this demon is not only craving for these liquids, but this demon is literally freaking out inside of you to taste, to eat and to swallow those sexual fluids as much and as OFTEN AS HE POSSIBLY CAN!

Now! Check this out → How can this demon taste, eat and swallow the cum from men and women?

How can this demon eat it?

How can this demon swallow it?

This type of Twisted Sexual demon has to enter into a man or woman, and put his evil throat inside the throat of the man or woman he is living in!

But that is not nearly enough, no no no!

Now the demons have to push the man or woman, they have to encourage them, they have to compel them, they have to TEMPT the man or woman to start meeting with other men or women to have sex with!


BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED, THIS type of Twisted Sexual Demon does the same exact thing with women, and with Lesbian sex!

So this demon has to enter a man, and position himself in the man so his throat is in the man's throat too! And he and his demonic friends start to tempt this man in this very very nasty sexual type of torment!

This demon will start to encourage, push, motivate and compel this man with a brand new interest in other men! This man will now start to get a new interested in the sexual parts of other men.

This type of Twisted Sexual demon will now start to plant nasty sexual thoughts into the man's mind! Thoughts of other men, thoughts of their penises, thoughts of having sex with them, thoughts of tasting another man's sexual fluids, thoughts of swallowing another man's cum while having sex!

And this Twisted Sexual demon will if possible, compel this man 24 hours a day to try to find other men to have sex with! Or if not full blown sex, at least to have oral sex with men now so this demon can taste their sexual fluids, so the demon can eat it, so the demon can swallow a man's cum!

I pray for those of you who have ears to hear, will hear, amen to that!

Chapter 3: The Demon In Operation!

Is this type of demon real?

Can I give you hard core evidence this demon is real?

I believe with GOD'S help I surely can!

There are potentially millions of men in the world who are living a homosexual lifestyle!

Many many many of these men love to swallow the sexual fluids of other men. Yes, they love to swallow cum. They want to swallow cum. They need to swallow it. They crave, YES CRAVE to swallow it as much as they can in their lives!

When these men were younger, most of them, if not almost all of them would never, YES NEVER EVER even think of doing this. In fact, just thinking about it would of made most of these men sick to their stomachs when they were younger.

Most of these men when they were younger never thought about having sex with men. They never even imagined having sex with men. Most of these men when they were younger never in a million years would of ever thought of swallowing a mans sexual fluids while having sex!


But but but!

Something happened!

Something happened to these poor men to change the way they think, to change the way they imagine, to change what they are sexually attracted too!

Something happened to these men to start to give them a BRAND NEW interest in the male penis. A brand new interest in tasting a man's sexual fluids. A brand new interest in swallowing a man's cum...

REMEMBER EVERYONE – Tens and tens of millions of women are attacked by this too!

But I am only going to use a mans perspective here otherwise the article will get too messy!

All of the sudden like out of thin air, a man will start to think about another mans penis. He will start to imagine doing oral sex on another man. He will start to have an interest in tasting a man's cum. In swallowing it.

And children of GOD............ This is not happening because of magic, no no no!

This is happening because this – Twisted Sexual type of demon is very real!


And we better know about him! We better talk about him! We better pray against him! We better teach other Christians and even NON believers too about him! We better inform the Christian world about him! We better expose some light, yes the light of JESUS CHRIST on him!

We better!

I am warning you!

Now → Out of nowhere, the teen guys, or young men, or middle aged men, and yes, even old men get a brand new interest in the male penis. In tasting the penis, in tasting the cum, in swallowing it and this is being done to men and women world wide in every single place on earth!

This happens in prison. This happens jails all over the world! This attack happens to men who are free living everywhere in the world!

There are millions upon millions upon tensssssssss of millions of men, women and teenagers who love to taste, eat and swallow the sexual fluids of men and women!

There are men who are attacked by this Twisted Sexual demon who will start to love to swallow a man's sexual fluids............

Then there are men all over the world who will get attacked by this Twisted Sexual demon who will start to love, start to crave to swallow a woman's sexual fluids!

You see children of GOD, before this demonic attack, the child of GOD did not want to do this! The child of GOD did not want to taste it from a man or woman! The child of GOD did NOT want to swallow the sexual fluids of a man or woman or both!

But, BUT when the same child of GOD or the NON believers get attacked by this demon, all of the sudden out of nowhere, this same child of GOD now has a very very powerful interest in tasting the cum from men and women during sex!

And this is how this demon operates!

To finish up chapter 3 → A man will grow up, and honestly speaking, he cannot stand doing oral sex to a woman......... I should know, I cannot stand doing oral sex to a woman either! It is just too nasty, too messy, to filthy for me!

But this same young man will grow up, and for whatever reason, he gets attacked by this Twisted Sexual demon!

Now all of the sudden, this man will get thoughts about doing oral sex to women, to men too! All of the sudden this man will have a BRAND NEW INTEREST in doing oral sex, in tasting the fluids, and in swallowing the fluids!

Why? Because this demon is a very nasty type demon. This demon is lusting after the sexual fluids of men and women. And this demon has to use you to get it! This demon has to use your body, he has to live in your body and PUSH YOU and ENCOURAGE YOU to go meet other men and women for sex.

This Twisted Sexual type demon has to use your mouth to taste the cum, he has to use your mouth, to eat and swallow it!

This Twisted Sexual demon is lusting after the sexual fluids of men and women so much more than you think, so much worse than you could imagine! This type of demons is craving, Craving, CRAVING to eat and swallow it!

This demon can attack men and women so strongly, that the poor man will be thinking about tasting and swallowing the sexual fluids 24 hours a day non stop. He will dream about it. He will wake up from sleeping and immediately lust for it!

This poor man can get attacked even stronger, and start contacting strangers on the Internet to have some very quick sex at their house, or at a hotel room, or even in the car!


But we are using men only to keep the article simple here.

This poor man will even contact strangers to have oral sex in the car in a dark Walmart parking lot!

This craving for the sexual fluids of men and women can get so bad, that the poor man who is under attack will start shaking inside from this type of sexual lust. He will be literally shaking as if he drank 5 cups of very strong coffee!

This type of demonic attack can get even worse. The attacks can get worse so the poor man under attack will start to offer other men small amounts of money just so he can do oral sex on them! So he can taste it, so he can swallow it!

But just when you think the attacks cannot get worse, OH YES THEY CAN and they do to millions of people world wide every single day!

This demon will not stop there, unless of course JESUS stops him!

These Twisted Sexual type demons can lust even more! They can push the man, they can encourage the man, they can torture the man to the point to where the man is now --->>>

Tasting his own cum!

The poor man under demonic attack is now putting his own cum in his mouth!

But the attacks can get even worse!

When the attacks get even worse, the poor man or woman under attack are now →

Swallowing their own sexual fluids, yes they are swallowing their own cum!

The attacks can get so bad, that the poor man is now growling, yes growling to taste and swallow cum! When this happens, this is that Twisted Sexual demon growling out loud inside of the man. Or in other words, the demon is growling like a wild animal to taste and swallow more, more and more, and because the demon is growling, now the poor man is growling too!

If you do not believe me, there are thousands upon thousands of porn videos where people are swallowing their own cum!

This is a real demon!

This is a real fleshly demonic attack!

It does not matter if you believe me or not, this is all still real!

And dammit! Someone needs to talk about this. Someone needs to type about this. Someone needs to teach about this. Someone needs to shine the light of CHRIST on this very important topic!

Praise GOD www.tearstojoyministries.org will do it!

Praise GOD!

I know of a woman who runs a huge website................ The website is all about encouraging other men and women to swallow cum!

The website is very popular! This woman loves to swallow a man's sexual fluids, and she is teaching other women, and even men all about the advantages of swallowing cum!

There are millions of women who love, who crave, who have to, THEY HAVE TO swallow a man's cum, or a woman's!

There are millions of men who have too, who want too, who love too, who are craving to taste and swallow the sexual fluids of other men!

This is the Twisted Sexual Demon at his best! At his worse!

This is the → Twisted Sexual Demon!

Chapter 4: Darkness

There are Christians all over the world who think that this could never happen to them!

Brothers and sisters, if you think that, your pride is so out of control, you are already deceived!

There are Christians out there who think, who actually think that JESUS would NOT allow this to happen to his children!

If you believe that, your theology is so bad, that you are already deceived!

I know Christians who told me they could never be turned gay! And there are millions of Christians out there who would swear to you, who would tell you, who would state to you that they would never swallow a man's sexual fluids!

That is pride, yes PRIDE at it's best!

That is evil pride living deep inside of those Christians!

The incredible Christian music artist – Dennis Jernigan got turned gay! The incredible Christian singer Tonex' got turned gay!

Who do you think you are child of GOD to state out loud that this could never happen to you!

Who do you think you are?

Ending: So What Can A Child Of GOD Do?

We have huge articles all about these topics located here →

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To give a short quick answer, we want to do the exact same things as we would do if under the attack from porn, masturbation, fornication etc etc............

Humble yourself!

Stay in contact with JESUS!

Try to pray whatever amount you can during these terrible attacks!

Try to remember during these attacks that YES GOD LOVES YOU!

Try to remember during these attacks that JESUS is with you and he will never leave you!

During these terrible attacks, let all shame, let all condemnation and let all feelings of being guilty leave you immediately! GOD is not shaming you, GOD is not condemning you, and GOD is NOT holding you guilty!

Why? All because the blood of his son JESUS is covering you! Because the righteousness of JESUS is covering you like a beautiful robe...

GOD sees JESUS in you!

Oh yeah, HUMBLE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray for those of you who have ears, hear what GOD is saying here and be super blessed by more truths!

Love, your servant Garrett

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