A A Conclusion






It was just another very normal cold, dark, lonely, depressing night in my tiny room where I lived. Just one more night of suffering among 10,000 that I have had so far in my life.. I had been practicing those very hard exercises for many years now. Yes the same exercises that my psychic friend Judy had taught me five years earlier. The exercises that would supposedly help me make direct contact with the alien/demonic Grey beings. It was around 11pm at night and I was laying in my bed contemplating possibly going to sleep. Then, out of nowhere, this incredible evil was at my window. The presence was very powerful. The window to my room was right above my bed off to the left side about two feet. At first, I had no idea what it was. Then, I had realized that YES, some visitors had paid me a visit. There was incredible fear in my room, or I should say it was an incredible spirit of FEAR! At first I was quite excited that they were coming to make contact with me, hopefully getting me out of my terrible life I had been living so far. The problem was, the sense of evil, fear and anxiety was soooooooo strong, that any excitement that I had moments earlier about this visitation was now LONG GONE.



I was practically paralyzed in bed by the fear. I could not move. I was NOT being held down like many other people have experienced, but I was so afraid, I was literally paralyzed in my bed. I did not DARE move! They were at my window making noises out there. It is slightly hard to remember, but I think they were tapping the window glass with their finger nails or claws, while there were also other strange and scary noises out there too. Seconds were now turning into minutes and I was scared out of my mind. This was not at all what I was hoping for or even asking for from the Grey beings.



I didn’t budge in my bed during this entire time. I never moved to the window to say hello, I never moved period in fact. The presence of evil was so strong, so demonic, so much fear was involved with them, that there was no way in the universe I was going to stand up and look out the window let alone open the window.


I cannot say for sure how long this visitation lasted, but I would guess about 15 minutes of pure terror.



Finally, they slowly left, or I should say, their presence slowly left and things went somewhat back to normal in my room that night.



I want the reader to know as of tonight 3-25-2012, many decades later, I have had 100's of experiences just like the one above. The only difference is → It is the demons who pay visits to me late at night! Most of the time throughout the years when they would enter my different apartments, it is while I am sleeping. But JESUS is giving me a gift now to recognize when they are with me even while I am awake, or even during the day time hours.


As I finish this book now, I want to leave the reader with two short messages.



Whether it is the so called Grey alien beings, or the demons, both experiences in an apartment are ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL..... Same fear, same anxiety, same evil presence, same foreboding feeling of pure evil, same paralyzing of fear happens!






I LOVE all of you very much, and I dedicate this book to you, my brother's and sister's!!!





JESUS is our only protection, our only hope, our only love, our only salvation!!!





Love, your servant Garrett


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