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Chapter 9 - Is The C.I.A & Hollywood Involved?

This is a computer generated photo of what the ships might look like!

Chapter 9 - Is the CIA & Hollywood involved?



I first heard of a few very VERY interesting hypothesis about five years ago concerning exactly where the people who are abducted were actually being taken to.



I wanted to add some of these hypothesis in this book because I feel all of you are going to find this very interesting.


One of the very smartest most intelligent Christian people I have ever heard of feels that the CIA is the one who is behind the abduction cases. He feels that parts of the CIA are using some extremely advanced equipment/weaponry/techniques to simulate an alien abduction on the man or woman being abducted. When I first read this, I found this idea very interesting. This would explain all of the sex, rape and sexual abuse going on. This would also explain a little better why they are taking fetuses or actually stealing babies out of the arms of the mother. This would also explain MUCH BETTER why the men and women who are abducted, are being preached to a simple New Age message dating back to the early 1980's. This would also explain much better why JESUS and the bible are constantly being slandered by these so called aliens........


If I remember correctly, it was also the same Christian person mentioned above who stated that most likely, the CIA had built some very advanced movie sets. These movie sets were to look just like an alien ship might look. With the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the tables and equipment being used on each person abducted to simulate as close as possible to what an actual advanced alien ship might look like. He went on to state that the men and women abducted were merely being taken to some very advanced movie sets to where in the mind of the person abducted, it would seem 100% real!!! In 1990, I went to a movie theater with my wife where a brand new UFO abduction movie was playing. Now remember, this was 22 years ago. The UFO'S in the movie looked great, the ships corridors looked real, the different rooms and locations in the UFO looked real too. CAN WE EVEN IMAGINE what they could do today in the year 2012 on their movie sets using hyper advanced technology? Now this would explain why we do NOT see 639 ships hovering over all of the cities of the USA on a nightly basis. This would also explain why there is so little film, actual film footage of huge UFO'S flying over the cities of the USA. In fact these two ideas by this Christian person, if true, would solve many MANY of the questions that we have about this entire topic! I am NOT saying that I believe this person hypothesis completely, no I am not quite ready to state that. But he sure does have some incredible ideas on what could possibly be happening in the USA and the world. Many of his ideas would solve quite a lot of the confusion that pertains to this entire alien/demon agenda being played out on citizens of the world.


Is there a possibility that a little of both are mixed in together? This is what I mean. Is there a chance that the alien/demons are working together with a small and very elite part of our government to perpetrate these evils on the American public?






YES! I feel there is quite an excellent chance that the alien/demon + secret government agency are working together executing these abduction cases on the American population. Using the above hypothesis that yes they are working together would EXPLAIN MORE OF THE questions we have up above than any other idea.

A UFO at Area 51




We know that entities are coming into our homes, into our apartments in the late shadows of the night, we know that they are subject to the very name JESUS CHRIST, we know that sex is very important to them, we know that altering the human DNA is very important, we know that they are stealing babies and we also know that they slander JESUS and the bible every chance they get. But what if these evil alien/demons were working in close partnership with a real US agency, working hand in hand together on a huge HUGE agenda being played out by the puppet master himself – satan!



If you go past your local police department, past your local Mayor, past your Senators and Congressman, past your President, past the elite secret agencies of the US government, past the elite groups of the world, somewhere in the world, there must be a few men and women who are in direct contact with satan. If they are NOT in direct contact with satan himself, then it would be with one of his high ranking generals!


This satanic plan that is being executed here on earth is sooooooooooooooooo FAR more complicated than what mere men and women could ever dream of doing in a million years.



Yes, I do believe somewhere in the world, there are some very elite men and women who are in direct contact with the highest parts of satan's military rank if not with satan himself!

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