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Chapter 8 - Hypnosis!


Chapter 8 - Hypnosis!



I am sure many of us have seen talk shows late at night when their special guest was a hypnotist. Usually the hypnotist would grab a person from the audience, hypnotize the person, then either make the person bark like a dog, or walk around like a monkey, or have the person do any of 100 different things on national TV.



Yes hypnotism is real, and it could be used for good, while at the same time it could also be used for bad or evil too.



Once again have any of us considered that hypnotism could be used from extreme evil?



I know that there is a therapy out there where hypnotists will hypnotize the person and do therapy with them to help them to quit smoking. I had a good friend a while back who actually use to do this. If you were to study hypnotism, you would probably come across stories on the internet claiming some of the most amazing results. Even if some of these are lies, there would be enough incredible stories to read to realize that wow, some really amazing things are being done with hypnosis.


Now some of you reading this might be wondering where am I going with this topic.



OK check this out →



*If we men and women, we humans can achieve such incredible results using hypnosis,






Could we even imagine what the Seraphim angels and the Cherubim angels could do to us in our minds using their incredible HYPER powerful hypnosis?



Now here is where I am getting at. Do we really believe that 639 ships are hovering above major cities of the USA 7 nights a week abducting people against their will?




Would it make even more sense to think that when the aliens/demons enter into a person apartment in the shadows of the night, that they immediately start using some very powerful hypnosis to make the person THINK that they are being taken into a metallic ship.



What if these aliens/demons/evil spirits were using hypnosis on most of these so called abduction cases? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier than actually physically abducting 639 people every single night 7 nights a week, week after week, month after month, year after year?



Now I know if any people who have been abducted are reading this, they will say – Garrett, your wrong! I am so sure that they took me into the metallic ship. I felt the cold, steel table underneath me that I was laying on. I felt them probe me, do medical examinations on me, I saw these alien humanoids as clear as day........



YES I realize that you believe it is all real, I realize that you did feel the cold steel table, I do realize that you did feel the medical examinations being perpetrated on you, but since this could also be done by human hypnotists, can we even imagine what the angel beings can do?



IF A HUMAN HYPNOTIST COULD MAKE A PERSON THINK THEY WERE A MONKEY, having them hop around the stage on the tonight show with Jay Leno,



Can we even imagine what a Seraphim angel could make us believe was happening? Even though it was only happening in our minds!


I am NOT saying that all abduction cases are only very advanced hypnosis, no not at all! I definitely do believe that in some cases, men and women and children are taken to a real location.



But I am starting to get the impression inside of me that many if not most of these horrible abduction cases are actually being perpetrated in the persons mind using some very advanced angelic hypnosis.


Now yes, people are having some implants put into their bodies and yes, some people have had their children stolen from them and yes, some people do have the marks on their bodies where they were medically experimented on, this is a fact!!!


Even though this is true, I STILL FEEL there is some very VERY advanced hypnosis being used on the abducted by these evil angelic beings to simulate an abduction experience all being done in their minds!


For further reading on this incredible phenomena, there is a wonderful book called →



GOD'S Ghost busters.  You can find this book on Amazon!



I WOULD HIGHLY recommend everyone buy it! It has the most wonderful chapter in it all about the possibility that most of these abduction cases could possibly be done using very advanced hypnosis!

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