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Chapter 6 - Holograms!
(Non Lethal Technology Weapons)

Chapter 6 - HOLOGRAMS – Non lethal technology weapons




About five years ago I was watching one of the most fascinating videos where Bill Schnoebelen was speaking on many different secret topics. This is where I first learned about Hologram weaponry. Back then they were calling this holographic weaponry – (Non lethal technology weapons). Bill went on to state that the US government was working on weaponry to where they could place a huge, HUGE hologram of something in the sky to where all of the people down below in the city could see it. The implications were incredible. If I remember correctly, one of the visual attacks that the government could use these weapons for was to place a three mile long UFO up in the sky, and how these holographic weapons could even have sound. In other words, they could make it so the UFO would have strange sounds coming out of it.



Most of us reading this book have seen all of the pictures in other books or on the internet of the so called Grey aliens/demons. What if the US government placed a huge HUGE hologram up in the skies over every single city of the country depicting an alien Grey up in the sky speaking to us. Yes, from what I have studied, these hologram weapons will be even able to speak. I will go into further detail on this topic shortly. Imagine if we wake up to see a gigantic alien Grey up in the sky speaking to us. Claiming that he and his civilization created us, and how JESUS was one of them, how they parted the Red sea etc etc etc................


If this were allowed to happen, or if this does happen in the near future, can any of us even imagine how many Christian people world wide would lose their faith? Leave the LORD JESUS? Walk away from Christianity forever? The numbers could be staggering!!



Since many of the huge so called UFO'S up in the sky appear, then they disappear. How on earth could we ever know if they were already using this holographic technology?


Just imagine if we wake up next Monday morning and every single major city in the USA has a ten mile long mother ship UFO hovering up in the sky above it. Now imagine if a booming voice from every single one of the mother ships booms down to the citizens of the city boasting about the above mentioned lies? Can we even calculate what that would do the faith and belief system of the people down below who are trusting in JESUS AND THE BIBLE?



Did any of you know that a 1 MILE LONG UFO hovered over Phoenix Arizona in broad day light moving only 5 miles an hour?







I tell you straight, there are others who know all about this.



In the year 2012, with our government having weapons and technology that the average US citizen could not even dream of, WE REALLY CANNOT trust a single thing we see up in the sky. It doesn’t matter how real it looks, or what sounds it might be making, or how well the video of the craft is shot on, we still CANNOT trust anything that we might see on film, TV or even up in the sky at this time in our lives.......

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