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Chapter 5 - Bible Codes

Chapter 5 - Bible Codes!



Now I would like to share something else with you. I pray that you will find this fascinating!


You might be thinking to yourself what on earth do bible codes have to do with this entire alien/UFO agenda?



Oh wow, keep reading and find out!!!



Some of you reading this HAVE heard of the bible codes. They were discovered by a Israeli mathematician using his computer software. What they found is, by using the software, they could search the scriptures using skip sequences and find some very important information that GOD seems to have hidden in his holy bible. For example → If you go into the book of Genesis and you start with the very first Tav letter, and if you then skip exactly 50 letters, it will spell out Torah over and over and over again throughout the book!!!


This is called skip sequencing. If you have not studied this yet, you might want to because it is absolutely incredible. For example, my friend David's name is in the bible, with his wife’s name crossing his, and their marriage date crosses both of their names!!! That is only one amazing example of how the bible codes work. What happened in the USA at 9-11 is in the bible codes, along with Osama Bin Laden, all kinds of important dates, important people, important events are quite often mentioned in the bible codes too.


In Isaiah chapter 53 – The bible codes have JESUS' name there, the 12 Apostles are named there, the 3 Mary's are there, also Pilate and every other major person during the time of JESUS are all located in this bible chapter!



Some people who have studied the bible codes extensively even claim that everything, every single thing in creation is mentioned in the bible codes.



Now, back to the topic of this article.



I want you to look at a few of the amazing bible codes we found pertaining to the so called alien/UFO agenda –>



Here is a bible code found from one of our brother's in the ministry named Fabrice. I don't have this amazing code memorized perfectly, but I feel I got it very close.

Look at this →



These bible codes are all from Fabrice's website.




Bible code → The aliens, all are demons. The UFO'S are Seraphim.






Bible Code → The aliens, all are seraphim. Many are UFO'S, all are demons, the wicked ones.




Bible Code → An alien is an evil Seraph.


Bible Code → UFOs are Seraphim; wrath of God.


Bible Code → The aliens - The wicked ones

Did you notice that the bible codes state that the UFO's and aliens are either demons or a seraphim? Well, what is a demon? Most of us would assume that the demons are the evil angels of different rankings. What is a seraphim? We would also assume that a seraphim is a evil seraphim angel. The same seraphim's talked about in the bible with 6 wings and eyes all over their bodies. Except these seraphim's it seems have decided to follow satan in his rebellion and now fight on the evil side against GOD and his creation.

So there you have it. A seraphim in this case would be an evil angel of the seraphim ranking and type mentioned in the bible except working with satan and NOT GOD. While a demon would most likely be evil angels of all different rankings and types.

Either way you have it, they are evil angels/evil spirits who now fight against GOD and his creation.

Now that we include the bible codes up above, I pray this is starting to make more and more sense to you!

Could it be that the darkness in my friends room submitted and left when my friend called out the name of JESUS, because they are actually evil spirits who have to submit to the name of the LORD JESUS who created them?

Most of us Christian people who have been with the LORD for a while have learned that the demonic has to submit to the name of JESUS and his authority.

Wow, what a coincidence that these so called aliens also submit to the name of JESUS. :)

It seems that the whole UFO agenda started in the USA RIGHT around the year of 1948.... This year is very important because this is also the year that Israel became a nation again. So as GOD drew the Jewish people from all over the world back to Israel to become a nation, we have out of nowhere the evil side starting up with UFO activity. This is very, VERY interesting to think about or meditate on!!





One very interesting topic is → Can a born again believe in JESUS CHRIST be truly abducted.


I have studied this topic on and off for 3 decades now, and here is what I found so far.


First my opinion → Just my opinion here, nothing else. I do NOT feel that a true born again believer who is repenting their sins and abiding in JESUS on a regular basis will be abducted, I truly do NOT believe this.




There are some claims by Christian people on the Internet who say they HAVE been abducted.


Here is my gut instinct → Many people call themselves Christian's but deep down inside, they are NOT walking with the LORD, or they are not repenting their sins when they get the grace, or they are NOT studying the holy bible, or if they do read it, they are NOT practicing it.



There are alllllllll different kinds of Christian people in the world.






When a person claims to be a Christian and they also claim to have been abducted, once again, my gut instinct would tell me that they are NOT truly walking with JESUS, they are not really believing the bible promises, they are NOT making the LORD a huge part of their lives.........



Both of the so called aliens and the demons submit to the name of JESUS. Here is what I am talking about.



My Christian friend Amy who lives in the North Western part of the USA was woken up late one night with an evil spirit hovering above her bed choking her. She woke up, was completely startled and started to panic because this evil entity was choking her and she could not breathe. Somehow, someway she was barely, BARELY able to whisper out the name of JESUS. When she whispered the LORDS name, the evil spirit stopped choking her and it went away.



I myself have been woken up in the middle of the night, usually around 3am in the morning by evil spirits too. They always, I say always submit when you start quoting bible scriptures, or bible promises, or when you command them to leave in the powerful name of JESUS. I have experienced this probably over 100 times and yes, the bible promises and commanding them in the LORDS incredible name do work!!!



Here is a scripture to explain what I am talking about →



Luke 10:19 – 19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.



If we look above very carefully, JESUS who is the Creator has given us authority over them. The serpents and scorpions mentioned above are two types of demons. In the next sentence JESUS claims boldly that NOTHING IN ANY WAY SHALL HARM US.......




Because we are a disciple of the LORD JESUS. Because we are abiding in him, repenting our sins, following him the best we can with the grace GOD gives us, because we are believing these bible scriptures.


Here is the key →


We must believe! We must have faith! We must truly believe these scriptures when we command this evil to leave us, or our loved ones, or our pets, or our houses and apartments.






The so called aliens/demons will measure our faith and if we do NOT really believe, they MIGHT NOT LEAVE...........


Oh, you didn’t know that the demons can measure our faith?


Oh yes they can and if you have faith, if you believe they must leave, they will leave.





But if you are doubting, if you do not believe you have this authority, if you have not studied the bible promises or the scriptures much, then that is when a Christian man or woman might be allowed to go through an abduction experience!!!



So this is why when you study on the internet so called Christian abduction cases why you might get some conflicting information →





Once again, I highly doubt that a true called and chosen person, a man or woman who has faith from GOD, who is repenting their sins, who is abiding in the LORD, who is really studying the bible as if it really mattered could ever be abducted. I still do NOT believe that!



Now here is a true story that I think you will find very interesting.


The so called aliens/demons entered a Christian person apartment. Obviously the person was startled or even quite afraid for a few moments. Then this person remembered that he had authority, that the name of JESUS is above ALL NAMES!!! This person commanded them to leave in the name of JESUS and this is what happened next → A moment later, these so called aliens/demons were being thrown by an invisible force back and forth against the walls of the apartment. It was as if a giant showed up and was grabbing these aliens/demons and literally throwing them hard back and forth against the walls. After being thrown back and forth like little puppets, they then slowly disappeared.


This true story above is one of the more amazing stories I have read, but here is the point →



If you will take time to study the truth of what happens when a TRUE born again believe comes across these aliens/demons, you will see case after case after case very similar to the one above.

You will see that these aliens/demons are subject, very very subject to the name and authority of JESUS.






Since JESUS gave us authority over ALL the power of the enemy in Luke 10:19 – consequently speaking,




YOU HAVE AUTHORITY OVER THESE beings as long as you are truly in CHRIST and believe.



We MUST believe to be able to use our authority over all evil beings no matter what they show up looking like..............




Look at this wonderful scripture →

Psalm 27:1 – The LORD is my light and my salvation, so whom shall I fear!








Psalm 34:7 – The angel of the LORD is a guard, he surrounds and defends all who fear HIM!



As we see above, if we fear GOD he has angels that surround us and guard us.



If you are fearing GOD, if you are in CHRIST, truly living with the LORD, if the aliens/demons try to enter your apartment to abduct you, you have powerful guardian angels guarding you....


Now that is wonderful news!



Here we have more assurance from GOD that angels are helping us →



Hebrews 1:1414 Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.




Do you have doubts that these aliens/demons are subject under JESUS?


Or do you have doubts that GOD's son JESUS has all authority over everything?



Look at this →



1 Peter 3:22
Now Christ has gone to heaven. He is seated in the place of honor next to God, and all the angels and authorities and powers accept his authority.



Isn’t this wonderful news?



JESUS has authority over everything and HE LOVES YOU!



So who are most of the 7,000,000 people who have gone through these hideous abductions or whatever else is being done to them?





People who do NOT believe JESUS is the Messiah, the chosen one, the savior of the world.



Here is another point now. Why would GOD allow the aliens/demons to appear in our homes in the first place? This is what I mean. You have been abiding in JESUS the best you can through the good and the bad, you have been reading the bible with the grace GOD gives you. You have been practicing your faith. You have been trying to help the poor or needy people in your neighborhood.


Now why would GOD allow these aliens/demons to enter into your home in the first place?


*Could it be to give you an opportunity to practice your faith and authority over satan?


*Could it be to introduce you to this very great deception being perpetrated by satan?


*Could it be to give you a chance to practice your spiritual warfare?


*Could it be to prove to satan that yes, you do have faith?


*Could it be to test you?




You do not believe that GOD would test us in this manner?



First look at this scripture →



Job 7:18 - HE examines us every morning, HE tests us every moment.



As we can see above, we are being tested every SINGLE MOMENT!



Does GOD give us tests in spiritual warfare? OH YES HE DOES!



Does GOD give us tests to overcome satan? OH YES HE DOES!



Does GOD give us tests of faith? OH YES HE DOES!



Does GOD give us tests to examine if we will use our authority in CHRIST, or if we even believe we have authority in CHRIST? OH YES HE DOES!






Does GOD allow these aliens/demons to come to some of HIS TRUE CHILDREN IN CHRIST, appearing in our homes almost always at nighttime?



It is quite possible HE does!!



Maybe these alien/demonic appearances are NOT happening to you, but they sure are happening to myself and many other people that I know. As our time winds down here on earth, it seems that the good angels and the aliens/demons are appearing more and more to people all over the world.





Here are a few wonderful scriptures I would like to share with you now →




Mathew 28:1818 Jesus came and told his disciples, I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.

Yes JESUS has all authority over everything!


Mark 1:27 - “What sort of new teaching is this?” they asked excitedly. “It has such authority! Even evil spirits obey his orders!”

As we can see right above, yes JESUS and his disciples have authority over all evil! All we have to do is believe it!


Isaiah 54:17 – No weapon formed against them shall prosper.

If you are a true called and chosen one of the LORD, if you are truly walking with the LORD, NO WEAPON that satan uses against you will prosper!




2nd Samuel 2:3-4 - The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; 3 my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. He is my refuge, my savior, the one who saves me from violence. 4 I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
and he saved me from my enemies.





Right here I would like to make a point. Out of the approximately 7,000,000 so called abduction cases taking place in the USA, I would like to guesstimate that just about all of them are done to the NON believers. The people who do not believe in JESUS, or do not want anything to do with him. To the people who follow other religions that deny the CHRIST, or deny his dying on the cross for our sins, or deny that GOD even has a son.



One of the many MANY MANY wonderful gifts that GOD gives us when we repent our sins and invite JESUS into our lives is → PROTECTION. Protection against all of our enemies. Now that does not mean that satan won't be allowed to come against us, because all of us know that HE MOST DEFINITELY WILL. But we can use our authority that JESUS has given us over him, over his aliens/demons and be protected by the blood of the Lamb and his sacrifice on the cross.



Yes my brothers and sisters, we are protected from this most terrible evil going on worldwide at this time.



Look at this scripture →




Proverbs 18:1010 The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.





There is a very important purpose for this article. As our time is winding down now here on earth for us Christian people, all signs seem to be pointing that some major UFO/alien event is just about to take place. Here are a few scenarios that I feel we could be possibly facing in the very near future.


You could wake up one day, take your morning shower, turn your TV on only to find out that a so called alien race has made official public contact with most of the governments of the world


  • Or another scenario that is also quite likely is → You get off of work and as you drive home, every single radio station on your car radio has our president speaking to the entire US population. Our president goes on to tell us that alien spaceships have now declared war on THE USA and other countries of the world and that all of the nations of the world must pull together to fight this so called alien invasion.


    Here is another very likely scenario we might be facing soon. The aliens/demons make official contact with most of the major governments of the world. Now is when they will start to share with the rest of the world that JESUS was one of them. Or JESUS did not die on the cross. They might even pull out some very advanced holographic equipment to show the world that JESUS never did die on the cross. Or they might also use this very advanced holographic equipment to try to deceive the worlds population on other lies pertaining to JESUS.



    THIS CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO MANY Christian peoples faith!



    Imagine this for a second. 30 days after the aliens/demons make contact with all of the governments of the world, every single TV station in the world will be covering this event. Now imagine if the leaders of the aliens/demons come on world wide TV with their holographic computer projectors to show that JESUS never died on the cross. That possibly he came down, or his disciples took him down. Imagine if these same holographic computers show JESUS marrying a woman a few years later and even having 3-4 children. Imagine if their holographic computers show that JESUS was actually one of them!


    I tell you straight, there is a good possibility that these scenarios up above might come true.



    If the LORD does allow these kinds of deceptions, Christian people in the millions and millions could possibly lose their faith, lose their trust in the LORD, lose their belief! I can see many MANY Christian people will be leaving the LORD during these times.






    The main purpose of this entire book, is to warn the children of GOD and even the Non believers that quite possibly many of these deceptions are being planned even right now to possibly come true in the next few years.



    What do you think would happen if the aliens/demons have very advanced holographic proof that they parted the Red sea. That they sent the fire down to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. That they had the walls of Jericho fall down so Joshua and his troops could take the city. What if they have super advanced holographic technology that even shows one of them talking to Adam and Eve in the Garden, usurping JESUS, or replacing the role that JESUS played there.



    CAN ANY OF YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MANY Christian people would lose their faith...



    Those are some of the main reasons for writing this book at this time, because our time is so short and satan is going to pull out his really big guns now!


    Some of you might be asking why on earth would GOD allow any of those deceptions?


    Possibly to test our faith, or to test our belief, or to see if we will trust what he says in his bible.


    Maybe GOD wants to see who will trust the bible when it says that GOD parted the Red sea. Or when the bible says that JESUS died on the cross for our sins etc etc etc........


    Maybe GOD wants to start separating the wheat from the chaff which he has not done yet. Maybe, possibly he will allow some incredible deceptions to take place for these very purposes.


    To see who will trust him, who will stick with JESUS, who will stand strong even though the entire world is leaving the LORD, who will say no to all deceptions that claim UN biblical lies!!


    There are many reasons why GOD could allow these things to happen. And here is the very interesting news →


    GOD has been allowing this alien/demon deception/agenda to go on since the early 1940's or quite possibly much, MUCH, MUCHHHHHHHH earlier!!!


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