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Chapter 3 - Alien/UFO Technology?  Hmmmmm





Have you noticed how the design of the UFO ships have changed to coincide with the technology improvements of the USA or the rest of the world?



Here is what I am talking about. In 1945 the American troops were coming home fresh off of their victory over Nazi Germany in world war 2. If you were to look at pics of our fighter planes, tanks during this era, they would look quite old according to our modern standards of 2012. Have you ever studied pics of UFO'S that were filmed back in the late 1940's early 1950's? Here are a few of them. Look how old the UFO'S seemed to look compared to the pics that we see of them now. Look how the UFO'S seem to match the era of our military equipment.

 1950's Technology




OK, now let's look at a few pics of UFO'S we have collected from the same ERA ->   1950'S












Then, in the 1970's, as our American military was getting more and more advanced weaponry, look at how the UFO'S now seem to be more advanced looking too!



 Now please look at the pics I have collected of the UFO'S that date back to approximately the 1970's ->

The first pic up above is once again in Israel.
The second pic - I have seen a UFO just like that one travelling at Mach 11 through the sky.
The fourth pic was taken in England!

We can clearly see that as the American Military equipment gets upgraded, the so called UFO'S do too!



Now let's go to the year 2000. As our jet fighters and tanks get more and more advanced for the US military, notice how the UFO'S seem to match it! Look how the UFO'S seem to get more and more advanced too! Here we have the introduction to the US stealth fighter and stealth bombers which can look somewhat V shaped! Watch how all of the sudden we now have V shaped UFO'S appearing all over the skies. So out of nowhere, the UFO'S have changed from being disc shaped in appearance for the last 60 years or so to being V shaped or even shaped like a pyramid!

Here are some pics I have collected of American Military equipment dating around the year 2000!


OK now let's study very carefully some pics I have for around the exact same ERA, approximately the year 2000


 Pic 1 was an artists impression of an eye witness who saw this UFO in Illinoise!

Pic 3 was from another eye witness on the same UFO in Illinoise.

Pic 4 was taken in Belgium!


If these so called aliens are flying their spaceships through eons and eons of space, or if they are coming from another dimension, why do their ships match the technology of the USA military? This should really be making you wonder what on earth is going on here! The so called aliens are flying ships that technologically speaking, match our own US military technology in advancement? As the world gets more and more advanced equipment, so do the UFO'S for some reason............ Now this looks like, smells like and feels like a HUGE deception to me!!!



Let's think about this just for a moment. The so called aliens whom have claimed to be a very, VERY VERYYYYYYY old civilizations are flying ships that first match our word war 2 era, then they got upgraded and matched our Vietnam war 1970's era, then they started showing up V SHAPED as the US military UN leashed to the public our stealth fighter and stealth bomber which also happen to be somewhat V shaped!!!









Finally, lets look at the year 2012 that we find ourselves in right now. Here are some pics of some of our most modern military equipment at least that the US government tells us about. Watch now and see how the UFO'S ALSO LOOK MORE AND MORE ADVANCED!


Here are a few military pics I have collected with some very modern American military equipment ->

Now here are some amazing pics I have collected from the modern UFO ERA - 2012

Pic 1 - Is the artists rendition of the HUGE V shaped UFO that many people saw flying over Phoenix.

Pic 2 - Is incredible!

Pic 3 - Google Earth captures a very clear, very precise V shaped UFO..........

Pic 4 - Is once again the streamlined V shaped UFO'S popping up everywhere!

It is my prayer that all of you are seeing what I am seeing here. In a mere 70 years of time, the UFO'S themselves have seemed to get more and more advanced looking as every few decades pass by!

This is DECEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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