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Chapter 2 - Medical Implants!

How Would You Like Him Experimenting On You?





Most people reading this article have probably heard about the next experience that many people who have been abducted have been subject too!



In abduction case after abduction case, many times when the people wake up the next day, they feel a strange object just under their skin in various parts of their bodies!!! Or other times, a few weeks, months or even a few years go by until they feel an irritation just under their skin.



Many of these people have gone to their doctors to have have these implants surgically removed.



In the video → The watchers part 3 by L A Marzulli, Mr Marzulli had one of his doctors examine an implant that was taken out of the patient. This implant was very tiny, yet extremely advanced. The doctor was not sure what the implant did, but by his educated guess, he stated that the implant was most likely changing the DNA of the person!



There you have it!



Some of these implants could be changing the very DNA of the person that it is put into.




Do you really believe that beings from other worlds fly eons and eons in their spaceships, abduct us against our will, take is in the dark shadows of the night, sexually abuse us, mechanically rape us, steal our children, preach a new age doctrine to us, slander JESUS, slander the bible, take credit for some of the greatest miracles in the bible, and now they implant us with a chip that could very possibly be changing our DNA?



Oh how nice, how nice of these so called aliens to first steal our babies, but because they care so much about our health, they put in a medical device that could very well be changing our DNA.



Many, MANY people have stated that the so called aliens are putting in medical implants in us because they know we are sick, or they know we will catch a disease soon, or they are doing this to save our lives or to prolong our lives...............



THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to support these claims.



I can think of someone very old, very ancient, very powerful who might be extremely interested in changing the DNA of as much of the human population as he can!




Can you think of who that might be?




Medical experiments and medical torture.



Besides the entire sexual topic up above, the single most common thing to happen during an abduction experience is to be medically experimented on. Or having DNA and other parts of your body taken out or surgically removed! I remember when I was younger, I found myself in the movie theater watching a movie that was based off of a real life abduction that happened in the USA. The star of the movie, the main abductee was pinned down on a table with some kind of very advanced instrument. He could not move. The so called aliens were around the table doing different medical experiments on him. Even putting very sharp instruments into his eye! During that scene, many people in the audience had to leave the theater including my own wife.


If you would take the time to go on Google and to start really studying what happens during these abduction scenarios, you will find that the number one thing being done to people are these so called medical experiments! According to the abductees themselves, many of the experiments hurt quite extensively! Even with no anesthesia if I can remember correctly!


This could be called a form of medical torture, or simply put, some men and women are actually being tortured by these so called aliens.



Can you name another figure or think of another person that torture is very important to?



Did you know that many of the real hardcore satanists would be very involved in torture, killing animals, hurting other people and even killing them?




Can you imagine waking up, finding yourself on a metal table stark naked with your legs spread wide open. First you are mechanically raped, then they steal your UN born fetus whom has been in your stomach for 5 months. Next they medically experiment on different parts of your body with much of this experimentation hurting you very much! Next they put a robe on you, walk you to another part of the ship and ask you to trust them as they tell you that JESUS was a phony, or that the bible is filled with lies, or JESUS was only a hologram.






I say it again → WOW!!!


There are FAR more things happening during a so called abduction, but for the sake of time, for the sake of this book, we are going to stop here!



Now lets take a look at what we have so far →



We have men and women being sexually abused, raped, mechanically raped, forced to have sex with these so called aliens, and a few reports of them being forced to have sex with each other.


The so called aliens preach a New Age Doctrine from the 1970's and early 1980's.


The so called aliens slander, downgrade, and speak badly about JESUS. Especially preaching against his deity! They even claim that either JESUS was one of them, or that he was a hologram.


The so called aliens preach to men and women they abduct going out of there way to slander the bible, taking away the authority of the bible.


The so called aliens often times take credit for the miracles in the bible that GOD did.


The so called aliens are stealing children, or stealing UN born children out of the mothers womb.


The so called aliens seem to be implanting men and women with tiny, very powerful devices that just might be changing the persons DNA or doing other hideous diabolical things to mankind.


The so called aliens do all different kinds of medical tests, probing, experiments and only GOD knows what else they do to the abducted person. With some of these tests hurting quite extensively according to reports! DNA seems to be taken quite often according to abduction case after abduction case.


Hey, that is NOT an alien!  Hahaha I love cats!!!!!


CAN YOU THINK OF SOMEONE VERY OLD, VERY POWERFUL, MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE who would want to take our DNA, our steal our children, or sexually abuse us, or medically torture us, or even change mankind’s DNA?


Have you even considered that satan might be behind much of this diabolical activity?





Please continue reading everyone because with the LORDS help, we are going to try to solve this mystery the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us. Be patient, as I go through a few more topics now.


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