A A Chapter 11

Chapter 11 
Does Anyone Know The Real Truth Out There?

Chapter 11 - Does anyone know the real truth out there?





Most likely, very VERY, VERYYYYYYY few people on earth know exactly, and I mean exactly what these aliens/demons are............... Sure we can simply say that they are beings from another planet or another dimension but that would most likely be just plain wrong. Some might say that they are simply demons/evil angels, but there is a possibility that this answer could be partially wrong too. Let me go into greater detail what I mean here.



Here are a few reasons why I am stating this, or why this topic can be soooooo impossibly confusing to understand or to finally get to the truth. Check this out →



Most of the world claims that these beings are simply humanoids from another planet, another galaxy or even another dimension. Well, this entire book goes into great detail why I do NOT believe this.


Now the opposite idea → Many people are now claiming that these alien/demon visitors are merely demonic spirits. Now this point could very well be true. They surely are most likely our demonic enemies portraying to be alien visitors from another planet. But here are a few points that we must consider.


Point A What about the crash landings of some of these so called UFO'S? There is story after story of how we either found some of their dead BODIES, or how we also found some of them alive, and have kept them in isolation over a period of time. The key word above is, we found their dead bodies, not spirits, but bodies. What about the pics and videos I have seen myself of these real creatures being interrogated by US officials? So before we state that they are simply demonic spirits, lets continue to read below further.



Point B What about the alien/demon bodies we found dead and have done autopsies on? If it was merely an evil spirit or evil angel, how can we explain the body that is left behind that are put on cold steel tables to do full autopsies on?



Point C I want to share with you one of the most amazing UFO stories I have seen. Here is the very short version of what happened. Three male friends were out in the woods camping. A large fiery UFO appeared above them, shot out a beam of light, and transported them up above into the ship. One of the men woke up inside of some kind of strange cocoon type of material. He broke his way out and started walking throughout the ship. He went down a few corridors and found a room off to the side that he entered. Upon entering the room, he saw what looked like space suits that were up on hooks. Each hook up above had a space suit hanging down from it. Now here is the amazing part → Would you like to know what each suit looked like?





These were merely empty suits hanging up on hooks inside of one of the rooms of the ship.



So, as we can see here, this has got to be one of the greatest secrets, mysteries, deceptions, lies etc etc etc going on here on planet earth.



ONCE AGAIN → The amount of real men and women on earth who know exactly what these beings are has got to be very, very, very, very tiny!!!



Here are some things to think about →


Maybe satan and his demonic army change their bodies to form into a real physical body that looks like the alien/demon Greys!


Maybe satan and his demonic army have manufactured these alien Grey bodies to live in! To where they actually built these space suits, or build a real physical biological body to indwell?


Maybe the little alien Grey body are actually a real people, a real civilization somewhere that satan and the demonic angels fully live in, fully possess, fully inhabit!


As we can see once again, this topic has deceptions inside of deceptions inside of deceptions.


Did you know that different US government officials have stated that these beings always lies! That they constantly lie and deceive us? Yes, I have studied this.


Do you know who is the father of lies?


That is right, satan is!!!



3). Are the so called UFO ships a nuts and bolts ship, or are they a Seraphim evil angel changing his shape to look just like a space ship, or could they be even something else.




There is quite a lot of evidence that there are nuts and bolts ships crashing, in different countries of the world. Many of the people who live close to the crash sites have even collected some of the debris from the crashed ship. Many people who have seen a UFO up close, have even seen the little Grey beings inside looking out at them through the windows of the ship.


Yet other times, the UFO ships look quite spiritual in nature. Many times theses ships change shape right in mid air. Other times the ships themselves blink in and out of reality. That means as they hover in the sky, they slowly blink out to be invisible, then after a few seconds, become visible again going back and forth over and over again.


What about the UFO ships making hard angle course changes at super sonic speed? If the Grey beings inside were a real physical entity, why aren’t they crushed by gravity?



One of the most amazing videos I have seen was →


I watched a video that either took place somewhere in Montana, or even possibly in the Arizona desert. The ship was up in the sky out in the distance at about the altitude of low flying clouds. So obviously it was not that high up. This ship was traveling through the sky at the MOST incredible speed of – (Mach 11). I saw about 5 seconds of this amazing film and watched in awe as the ship flew from the right of the screen to the left. Here is one of the most amazing things. As the ship was scorching the sky at a speed of Mach 11, it was actually changing shape. This ship looked 100% spiritual. In other words it did NOT look like a ship that was made out of nuts and bolts, yet it was very bright white in color. We then watched the video at slow motion and it was incredible to see that the ship was changing shape as it rocketed through the sky.




Here are some important things to think about now →



*We can clearly see that many of the ships look like they are nuts and bolts ships. Ships that are manufactured somewhere, by someone using real materials!


*Can a Seraphim angel change his shape to look exactly like these metallic UFO'S, even adding windows to his body, having fire coming out of the ship, or other lights of different colors flaring out of the ship? Can a Seraphim angel even create the appearance of having Grey alien/demons standing inside the ship looking out at us through the windows?


*Can the evil angel change his body into a very intricate looking UFO ship while having some of his demonic partners change their shapes into alien/demon Greys, and then stand inside of the Seraphim angels body and look out at us from the windows?


*We can also clearly see that many of the ships do have a spiritual appearance to them. These ships look like a spirit almost, changing shapes, changing colors, changing appearance completely, and blinking in and out of reality. Turning invisible right in front of the person eyes, then, re appearing a few seconds later somewhere else.


*Many if not MOST of the ships we see in the sky now in the year 2012 are actually owned by our own US government!



I will end this chapter with a most incredible story by Bill Schnoebelen.



Bill Schnoebelen claims that at the very beginning of the first US Iraqi war, the US military brought out our own UFO type ships. Our American owned UFO ships flew to where the elite Iraqi guards had dug into the sand in front of our US troops. The ships were blinking in and out of reality. Once again, every few seconds you could see them, then they would be invisible. Then you could see them again, then they would blink back out of reality. These American owned UFO ships fired their huge HUGE laser beams right at the thousands of elite Iraqi troops totally decimating them. Bill Schnoebelen claims this was caught on film by many Many camcorders that some of the troops were using to film this military action. Bill goes on to say that the higher ranking officers then had to go and collect ALL of the camcorders that were owned by the us troops close to the front lines. Therefore collecting all of the film evidence of these amazing American UFO type military craft!



So, as we can see here, lets slow down our own ideas, our own perceptions, our own thoughts on what we say the Grey aliens might be!



Let's slow down and be careful what we say the so called UFO'S in the sky truly are!



I WILL SAY IT AGAIN → VERY VERY FEW PEOPLE on earth know EXACTLY what the Grey aliens are, or EXACTLY what the UFO ships are, or EXACTLY how all of this is working.



*I want to share my opinion now on our spiritual enemies. It seems to me that satan is FAR more sneaky, FAR more deceptive, FAR more evil, FAR more sinister, FAR more powerful, having FAR more anger inside of him than what we children of GOD could POSSIBLY IMAGINE!





My entire plan here was to write a very short, very direct in your face article on what I feel is happening here on earth with these alien/demons................



Well, almost 50 pages later low and behold, I have an entire book here now. There is so much more I could write, so much more to talk about, so many more amazing stories to share, but honestly speaking, the book would be closer to 500 pages.



The truth is, Christian authors, scientists, Pastors etc etc are now writing these very books.......



So, I decided that I will end this short book with a true encounter that I myself have had with these alien/demons.


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