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Chapter 10 - Work, Work & More WORK!!!

Chapter 10 - Work, work and more WORK!

Have any of you every stopped to think about, to meditate on, to realize just how much work satan has done on this entire alien/demon deception of his?

If we were to go back to the very beginning of radio, then TV,

and try to calculate how much money has been spent on radio

shows talking about aliens, TV programs, cartoons, movies,

magazines, books billboards, Walt Disney especially, Pixar

entertainment group, the 6 Star Wars movies, The countless

number of Star Trek episodes, the Outer Limits evil TV series,

Music, Music videos, internet websites, internet videos,

YouTube, internet pictures and everything else, could we even

begin to add up how much time, effort and especially money

satan has spent on this alien agenda? would it be even possible

to add up sums of money that large, that huge?
I mean if we

guessed 100 million dollars would we be even close?

What if we were to guess 100 billion? Or 100 trillion dollars,

would any of these figures even be close to what the actual

amount, the actual work, the actuality of the entire deception?


Pictures have been found on caves, ancient tablets and ancient

parchments depicting flying craft and alien Greys! Look ->




Obviously this entire alien/demon/UFO deception has been

going on for a very VERY LONG TIME!!!

It seems that this entire alien/UFO/agenda/deception has

been going on long, LONG before 1938!

I am not qualified to speak on this, but it would seem that

satan's alien/UFO agenda goes FAR back to bible times!

Did you know that Orson Wells during his nightly radio

broadcast on
October 30, 1938, air over the

Broadcasting System
radio network did an entire show on a

UFO alien attack on the USA?

From what I have studied, people all over the USA believed

that the attack was real!!!

We CANNOT POSSIBLY CALCULATE how much effort that

satan has put out on his alien/UFO agenda.

Did you know that the Flinstones Cartoon had a little green

alien character in it?

If you find all of this as interesting as I do, you might want to

study Walt Disney very, VERY carefully!

Use Google and start studying about all of the (I will call it) –

STUFF that the Walt Disney company was actually involved in.


Now besides the possibly millions of radio shows, thousands of

TV shows, hundreds of thousands of books, thousands of

cartoons, hundreds of billboards, hundreds of movies,

hundreds and hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos etc

etc etc................

What about the real work?

How many days and nights in a persons life, or in a family at

home have they spent thinking about aliens and UFO'S, talking

about them, dreaming about them, focusing on them, writing

about them, watching them, reading about them, day dreaming

about them, praying about them etc etc etc???


DEMONIC ARMIES do with us on a day to day basis trying to
influence us to think about this agenda/deception?

 Here are some pics of UFO architecture from all over the



Wow this is huge!


Much MUCH larger than any single one government!

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