It has taken me over ten long years to get this article started. I thought about writing it from time to time throughout the years, but the grace, education and blessings that I needed from GOD to write the article was simply stating, just not there!

My fascination with the entire UFO/alien topic started in the early to mid 1980's. I was a very young man at the time and since my entire life had fallen apart, I was hating life, hating the world and I was willing to do just about anything to get out of here! Where did I want to go? I had no idea, but I was in so much pain, emotional and spiritual, that I figured anywhere in the universe would have to be better than here.

When I was 16-17 years old, I was having some severe problems with the girlfriend that I had at the time. I loved her very much, or at least I thought I did, and when my mom noticed how much emotional suffering I was going through, my mother made me an offer that would change huge portions of my life.

My mother offered to introduce me to her friend who was a powerful psychic. Since I was only a teenager, and I was under some incredible emotional suffering having to do with my girlfriend, I decided to take my mother up on the idea.

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My mother called her friend and asked her if she was willing to try to help me with the emotional problems I was going through in my life.

Later that week I had my first appointment to meet with my mother's friend who for the sake of privacy, I will call her Judy! Little did I know, but that first meeting that I had with Judy in her house, would be the start of a 20 year long period of my life where I would pay so called psychic people money, lots and lots and LOTS of money to talk to them about the various issues that might be going on in my life.

At the time of the first meeting, I was between 16-17 years old.

A few years later at about the age of 19, the same girlfriend spoken about above broke up with me in a very messy and evil way. She was the first love of my life and when she broke up with me, cheating on me, lying to me, tricking me etc etc, my entire life, my world, my universe came crashing down.

It was at this time, at about the age of 19, when the topics I would speak to Judy about in her home each week changed!

At about this time, New Age book stores had been opening up in Southern California, and being a somewhat normal American teenager at the time, I found myself very VERY attracted to these brand new stores.

My fiance' was gone now, so on my days off of work, I had nothing to do. I quite often drove to the newest psychic stores opening up all over and I was fascinated by all of the different new age topics being spoken about in the books for sell. I read everything I could get my hands on, or in other words, I read as many books as my limited amount of money would allow me to buy. I studied all kinds of different psychic topics from astral projection to telepathy and everything in between. Eventually I found out that I could get most of these books at the library for free with my library card.

In each new age or psychic bookstore, they almost always had one entire row of books dedicated to UFO'S or aliens. I found the topic of UFO'S and aliens to be far more interesting than just about anything else available in the stores. I was reading quite a lot at this time, meditating at home on this entire topic, thinking about it constantly day and night as a year or two of my life went by.

Then one day it happened. I had so much sadness, loneliness, depression, despair and even suicidal thoughts, an idea came to me.

I thought to myself → I wonder if I could make contact with the aliens and hopefully, if possible, leave with them in one of their ships. I got excited about this! I had a new goal in life, I had a purpose to wake up each morning, there was now something I could work towards each day. The only question was, how could I make contact with them? What book could I read that could teach me how to contact the aliens and get them to take me out of here, out of my miserable life?

I wondered to myself, was there anyone at all that I knew that I could get advice from on how to contact the aliens. Then it hit me! Of course there is, I bet Judy might know how I could make contact with the aliens. I called Judy on the phone and told her I had something important I wanted to talk to her about. I made an appointment to meet her at her house just like usual, and after hanging up the phone I was so excited, I just knew that she would know how I could contact these so called alien beings.

Excitement was building up in me as each day passed by leading up to my appointment to speak with Judy. Finally, the day was here. It was a day off of work, as I proceeded to take a shower, get dressed, get into my car and drive about ten minutes away to Judy's house.

I remember sitting down at her table, the same table that we always sat at while we talked the last 5-6 years. I was so nervous, yet so excited at the same time just thinking about the possibility that Judy might know how to contact the aliens. As we sat down, I spent about 5 minutes just saying hello like I usually did, being courteous and making small talk. Judy didn’t like small talk, she liked to get right to the point usually. So she quickly shrugged aside all of my small talk the best I can remember, and asked me point blank, what was this very serious topic that you wanted to speak to me about?

I proceeded to explain to her my situation, how my life was going, how I was feeling emotionally, how I had started reading these books about the aliens and I said “Judy, can you help me or teach me how to make contact with them”?

Well low and behold, she assured me that she MOST DEFINITELY knew how to contact them, that she could teach me how to do it too, but it would be quite difficult and it would take a lot of practice. Judy spent many, MANY more sessions in the future speaking to me about this topic, teaching me how to make contact with them. I am NOT going to explain what she taught me to do, but I will tell you this. It was very hard, it takes a lot of practice, most people will NOT be able to do it, and it is very serious.

These exercises that Judy taught me to do to make contact with the aliens were NOT fun to practice. The thing is, I wanted to get out of my life, my existence, my world so badly because of the sadness, loneliness and depression, I was a very motivated and willing student of hers. I was practicing the exercises that Judy taught me about seven days a week for one hour a day the best I could. They were extremely hard to do, in fact, they were so hard, weeks could turn into months without seeing much progress at all.

Praise GOD that the LORD JESUS had a plan in all of this.

Romans 8:28 – GOD will work all things together for the good, to those who love GOD and are called according to his purposes.

The exercises were so hard, many days I simply did not feel like doing them. I will tell the reader this, these were NOT physical exercises to do. Even though I did skip many days of practicing, as weeks turned into months and months turned into years, I was slowly, ever so slowly getting better.

As the years were passing by, quite often Judy would test me to see how good I was getting. She never could really offer any information or in depth technical advice for what I was practicing, or how good I was getting, or what to expect next etc etc etc! During this time of my life I was now somewhere between the age of 26-28 years old. I had married during this time, and my wife was also somewhat interested in both of us contacting the aliens to see if we could leave here.

*During the years I practiced these exercises, I did have some encounters with the aliens which would then RE energize me to keep practicing these exercises, to keep having hope that one day they would take me out of here, out of my current life. The encounters were very rare and far between from happening to one another, but they seemed to come at the perfect timing to keep me motivated and interested in contacting these so called aliens!

I praise GOD so much tonight that he was restraining these evil things from happening with his powerful hand.

I am going to end the intro to this brand new book right here now.

I will go into much greater detail on some of the encounters that I had with these beings towards the end of the book!

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