AA Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Wow!

A UFO plays tag with a Israeli Fighter Jet

Chapter 1 - Wow!



Approximately 2% of the population of the USA claims to have been abducted by UFO's or aliens.


As of April 1, 2012 the population of the USA hovers around 350,000,000 people.


So what we see here doing some simple math is, about 7 million people in the USA claim to have been abducted by these so called aliens/UFO's.



This means that every night for the last 30 years in the USA, there were 639 abductions taking place, 12 average per US state.



Looking at the statistics above, the SKY MUST BE BUZZING WITH SPACESHIPS.




These statistics do NOT include the other countries of the world!



If we were to include the other countries of the world, we could estimate that there would be thousands and thousands and thousands of SPACESHIPS IN OUR SKIES EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!



Now we have to put aside our prejudices and ask ourselves a simple question →



Are approximately 639 abductions taking place in the USA on a nightly basis right before our eyes? Or could there be something even more sinister happening to the citizens of the USA and the world? Something even more dark, more evil, more deceptive than we could even imagine?

A Pic taken in the forest in Bulgaria


I know many of you reading this will be saying to yourself that the UFO ships come from a different dimension. That they don’t actually fly here, they appear here out of another dimension. Well, some ships are most definitely flying in the sky while appearing to be a ship made out of nuts and bolts. Other ships do actually have a spiritual other dimension type look to them. We can clearly see in some of the pics included in this book that both types of ships are up in the skies.



In the year we live in 2012, most people have smart phones that include digital cameras and even a camcorder right inside of their phones. Many American families own cameras, camcorders and some people even have surveillance equipment installed in their homes.



What about all of the people around the world who own telescopes?



Now what about the incredibly Hi-Tech surveillance equipment that our own US government has in space such as satellites, or on the ground in each city?



If there really were 639 abductions taking place every single night in the USA, how on earth can this go on day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade without spouses, siblings, neighbors, children or surveillance equipment catching these evil events on their phones, cameras, camcorders or spy equipment?



With a large percentage of the 350,000,000 people in the USA owning easy to get cameras, is it even possible that there are 639 SPACE CRAFT hovering in the skies of the USA night after night, month after month, year after year without being detected?



Do you really believe this?



Do you still believe in Santa Claus too?
Santa = satan



Instead of there being 639 spaceships in our skies abducting people each night out of their beds, out of their homes, could there be actually something else going on?


Would you even consider that there could be something else happening besides what the movies, books, magazines, talk shows and internet sites tell us?



If you are wondering why I keep using the term – (So Called Aliens) up above, keep reading and I pray that your spiritual eyes will be opened more and more by the LORD.




Now lets think about a few different scenarios for a moment.



Let's pretend that the aliens are real beings from another planet.



      1. Now let me get this straight. They hop in their spaceships, they travel thousands and even millions of light years to arrive at our planet earth, only to sexually abuse the men and women they abduct.


Oh wait, you didn’t know that a huge percentage of the people who are abducted are sexually abused against their will?


Please keep reading →



Are the aliens that lustful to travel eons and eons through space to then sexually abuse men and women against their will? Or like many people believe, are the aliens traveling through a higher dimension to our little, cold rock in space we call earth only to sexually abuse men and women against their will?



This JUST DOESNT make sense!



There MUST be more to this evil story than what the eye can see so far.



Now some of you are saying to yourself that most of the Americans who claim to have been abducted are lying!


Well, that is very VERY POSSIBLE............ So let's look at some more simple math.



Over 7,000,000 Americans claim to have been abducted by the so called aliens against their will.



Now let's also pretend that 90% of them are lying.



That leaves us with 700,000 real life Americans who have had an evil strange experience that could be explained by an abduction against there will!



Think about this again → We are pretending that 90% of the reports are out right lies..............

That still leaves us with a WHOPPING 700,000 people who are telling the truth. And this huge number is only counting the American people, not the rest of the world.



I have a very good Christian friend whom I have known for over ten years now. He was laying in bed one night when on his ceiling, darkness started to open up. This was happening on the ceiling of his bedroom. When this darkness first started, my friend was paralyzed! He could not move, he could not speak, he was frantic at this time. I will continue this story in a few pages from now on what happened next.



  1. The aliens have been known on many occasions for example – (The famous abduction by Whitley Streiber), to have put instruments into the mans anus, thereby actually raping the abducted! Now think about this. These so called HYPER intelligent beings either fly through eons of space, or come from another far away dimension to simply use devices to sexually rape a man against his will? You can rent the movie called (Communion) and see for yourself! It is the real life story of what happened to Whitley Streiber starring the famous actor Christopher Walken.



Wow!!!!!!! Really? I am not second guessing that someone or something from time to time is really raping men against their will............... What I am hoping the reader will start considering is → WHO IS doing this to citizens of the world?



Are we going to blindly believe the garbage that books, magazines, movies, talk shows and the Internet have fed us that these are little aliens from another planet doing this?



OR ARE WE GOING TO START USING THE HOLY GHOST inside of us to find out what is really happening here?



On many other occasions, these so called aliens have put mechanical devices on the men they abduct, forcing them to ejaculate. Too many stories like this to even mention here. Story after story after story has to do with sexual abuse of many different kinds, including forcing men to ejaculate into machines or mechanical devices!



Did you know that the aliens many times during an abduction will force the man they abducted to actually have sex with one of the aliens on board the ship? From what I studied, women are also forced to have intercourse with the so called aliens too from time to time.


Did you even know this was going on?


Do you even care?



Sure, we have all heard some of the lies in the books we have read that possibly these aliens need the sperm to repopulate their planet, or maybe they have had some catastrophes happen among their own populations and need this sperm for various reasons!






Are you sure you believe that? It sounds to me like something much more diabolical is happening here!



On many MANY other occasions, the men and women who are abducted are even forced to have sex with an alien, even ejaculating in the alien. These stories have been going on for years and even decades now. I am not making these up. For those of you who have never studied what happens during the abductions, most of you are in shock right now reading this. This could be the very first time you have ever heard these claims and I pray you are just as appalled at what is going on during an abduction as I am............ Yes, sexual abuse and rape are some of the main activities being played out during an abduction by these entities!



I could go on and on and on forever with these strange sexual stories.


The point I am making is this →


Do you really believe that these beings hop into their spaceships, fly eons and eons through space only to then abduct a man, and rape him with mechanical equipment?



Do you really believe this?



Or could there be something or someone located much closer to earth, something or someone mentioned in the bible that could be responsible for these hideous acts?



Have any of you studied the occult, or real satanism, or rituals? What you would find is JUST HOW IMPORTANT SEX AND SEXUAL RITUALS ARE in most of these practices. Even I was surprised to learn that sex, intercourse, sexual rituals and even sexual abuse are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to groups and people who practice witchcraft, satanism, magic etc etc etc...........





Let's continue pretending for a moment.



Besides sexual abuse, rape and mating with men and women, what would be the other really HUGE message that the so called aliens bring to the men, women and children they abduct?



Here it is →



They actually preach a New Age Doctrine to the the men and women they abduct!



Many people reading this article are learning this for the very first time.



OK here it is again →



They hop into their spaceships, fly eons and eons through space, then, in the middle of the night, 639 of their ships abduct men and women against their will, only to preach to them a simple New Age Doctrine that we could read for ourselves in any cheap 3.99 cent new age book. These cheap new age books are in every single bookstore of the USA, yet these aliens FEEL THE NEED to fly millions of light years through space, to preach to us a simple new age doctrine that we could find in thousands of books already published in the bookstores of the USA. This is not to mention that many of them can be read for free on the Internet!



If they were so powerful like people claim, if they were so HYPER intelligent like the books tell us, if they were so ancient like they claim to be, why is their new age message the same old message we have been hearing since the 1970's and early 1980's?







I could easier believe that Santa Claus is real, than to believe that these so called hyper intelligent beings travel through space to either sexually abuse us, rape us, or to preach to us UN biblical doctrines.



Here is another example among many others of what these so called aliens say to their abducted.



Time after time after time, these so called aliens preach to the men and women they abduct, UN biblical doctrines, or they speak against JESUS being deity, or they take credit for some of the miracles in the bible like – The part of the Red sea!



Time after time, the so called aliens will tell the female that they abducted that JESUS was only a Prophet!



Can you believe this?



Isn’t that exactly what the Muslims and people of many other religions say too?


Uh oh, wait a minute!


We found a clue here → Many of the messages that the so called aliens teach people who are abducted is exactly what people of the Muslim religion believes. Many other religions of the world also believe that JESUS was only a mere prophet.



3). They hop in their spaceships, travel eons and eons through space, take a woman out of her bed against her will, and now they preach to her that JESUS was only a prophet, or JESUS was one of them, or even that JESUS was only a hologram etc etc etc..........


Maybe you didn’t know that the so called aliens tell many of their abductees that JESUS was one of them, or merely a prophet, or even just a hologram.





  1. They hop in their spaceships, travel eons and eons through space, take a man out of his bed against his will to simply tell him that they were the ones who parted the Red sea, or they were the ones who did another of the great miracles in the bible.


If these so called aliens really were HYPER intelligent, why do they feel the need to take credit for parting the Red Sea? Doesn’t that sound kind of prideful to you?



*Who else can we name that is famous for having pride? Didn’t satan have a problem with pride?



The so called aliens are taking credit for miracles that we know GOD did. Can you think of another person who quite often tries to take credit for things that GOD does? Would you agree that satan would fit nicely into the scenario of a person who tries to take credit for many things that GOD did?






If the so called aliens are so advanced, and if they wanted to tell us that they parted the Red sea and that it was not GOD, why do they have to take us against our will, in the middle of the night, in secrecy and deception to tell us this? Why cant they tell us this without sexually abusing us, without raping us with mechanical devices, without forcing us to fornicate with one of their own beings?



If they are so advanced, why isn’t there a much MUCH more advanced way of them telling us their lies and deceptions besides abducting us? If they are so advanced, if they are really beings from another planet with this much power, why cant they give us these new age doctrines which are UN holy and UN biblical by projecting them straight into our minds?


Why do they have to have 639 ships flying all over the USA abducting people against their will in the shadows of the night to give us this 50 year old new age message dating back to the 1970's early 1980's?



Have you and your family considered all of this very carefully?




Why is it so important to these so called aliens to preach to us the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the bible says about JESUS?

Here is the being that Whitley Streiber claims abducted him over and over again!

Does this being look like a humanoid from another planet to you?

Or does it look much MORE sinister than that?



If the abductions are really taking place in spaceships, and I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT TOPIC A LITTLE FURTHER, do you realize just how much work it would be for these so called aliens to give a single person this very old 1970's new age message?


I am sorry people, this does NOT add up, this does NOT make sense one bit!



Think about how much work the beings aboard the spaceship have to do to abduct one single person. Why couldn’t these so called aliens simply teleport one of the old new age books found in every single book store into the persons apartment instead? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier?



Obviously, very obviously there is much MUCH more going on here than we think!



They take us in the middle of the night against our will, in secrecy and deception, they sexually abuse us, they rape us, they force us to mate with them or their machines,






Wow, I don’t know about you, but they don’t sound very smart to me.



Honestly speaking, they actually sound quite evil and demented. They sound almost insane.



Here is the insanity part → The steal us out of bed, they rape us, or force us to have sex with hideous beings or with machines, or force us to have sex with other abductees, now all of the sudden, they want us to trust them as they say the EXACT OPPOSITE to us of what the Holy Bible says?


Now that is insanity!!!



These are NOT HYPER intelligent beings from another planet or dimension.






No I will not be a part of this scam, I will not believe in any part of their deceptions.



Think about this →



30 minutes earlier, they had us naked on their metal bench raping us with mechanical devices. Now they dress us in a robe or they put our own clothing back on, they slowly walk us through their space ship, and now they preach to us that JESUS is NOT GOD'S son, or JESUS was only a prophet, or JESUS is one of them, or JESUS was a hologram etc etc etc..............


And if it is not JESUS they are degrading, they will preach against Christianity, or the bible, or the miracles in the bible even taking credit for some of the miracles in the bible.



Now let me ask all of you some serious questions!



Can you name another figure who likes to have men and women raped and sexually abused?



Can you name another figure whom the topic of sex and sexual intercourse is EXTREMELY important to? Have you studied how important sex is in the practice of satanism?



Can you name another figure who loves to downgrade JESUS, even speaking evil about him, slandering him every single chance he gets?



Can you name another figure who loves to take credit himself for the wonderful miracles that GOD did?



Can you name another figure who tries as hard as he can to speak badly about the bible, or to claim the bible is all lies, or to slander the bible, or to twist the scriptures?

 Would satan fit the above descriptions ALMOST PERFECTLY?


Hopefully your getting grace from the LORD now and that the LORD is opening up your mind and your spiritual understanding to see that yes we have been lied too!



Now I want to talk about something else that seems to happen when people are abducted. It would seem that in story after story after story, children are being taken. Or I should say, children are being stolen....... They are either being taken out of the mothers womb surgically, or actually literally being taken out of the mothers arms as they hold their infants, or even taken out of the house where the abduction is taking place.



This phenomena of children being stolen happens far, far FAR too many times for us to ignore this as a lie or deception. There are women all over the USA tonight who have lost their UN born or new born babies to these so called aliens.


You could use Google, type in (babies stolen during alien abductions) and read account after account of real life American people who have had their babies stolen from them. According to the number of documented cases, there is no way we can possibly turn our backs on this topic that yes, babies are being stolen from families all over the world.


What Would He Want With Your Children?






*If this is the first time you are hearing about this, obviously you are in shock right now, you don’t want to believe this is real, you want to close your eyes or even close this entire article!



From what I studied, yes, it does seem children, many children, MANY MANY MANY fetuses and babies and small children are being taken by someone or something!



Does the USA government know about this? I could only guess.



My guess is →






I would assume that the high ranking members of the US government know about this, but I am only guessing.




Oh how nice! How nice of these so called HYPER intelligent beings for them to sexually abuse us, use mechanical devices to rape us, tell us that the bible is filled with lies, slander JESUS, take credit for some of the miracles in the bible, and finally, if that was not enough, then they steal our UN born fetuses or our brand new babies just born.




Can you name someone else that might be very interested in stealing fetuses or new born babies for his own evil and UN godly, UN biblical, supernaturally sick and twister purposes?


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