What Good Can Come From

What Good Can Possibly Come From Evil?

Let me ask you children of GOD a really good question!


Or is GOD a part time GOD?

Is GOD sovereign over his entire creation or not?

Is GOD sovereign over the good and the bad, the happy and the

 sad or not?

Is GOD sovereign over everything that is good and holy? Is he

 also sovereign over everything that is bad and evil and filthy?

Why do Christians make out satan and his demonic army into gods?

satan and his demonic army are NOT sovereign over anything, not a single darn thing in all of creation!

GOD is running, ruling, dominating and in total control of every

 single thing in ALL OF CREATION through his son JESUS THE


Look at this scripture children of GOD → Isaiah 45:7 – I form

 the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I am

 the LORD that DOETH all these things.

I want to explain something to you please.....

There are some demons around 50 feet tall.....

Yet there are other ones who are around 100 feet tall..........

I believe that there might be some demonic leaders who are even

 200-300 feet tall.....

OK compared to humans that is quite tall right?

But now check this out --->>>

GOD'S son JESUS is at least as LARGE as the universe!

Did you know that the bible says multiple times that JESUS is at least as LARGE as our universe!

Here is one of the scriptures → - Ephesians 4:10 – So that HE might fill up the universe with himself!

So we have demonic leadership possibly 200-300 feet tall, then we have GOD'S SON JESUS who is at least as big as our universe!

Why do we make out satan and his demonic army into gods?

Why O child of GOD why????

When you give satan and the demons all of the credit for ruining

 your life, for hurting you and making you go through suffering,

 you are literally and actually making them your gods. And this is

 something that Christians are doing all over the entire world!

There is only one GOD and one GOD only and he is running and

 ruling everything through his incredible son JESUS!

Here are some wonderful examples of just how big GOD'S SON

 JESUS is!

Be blessed -->>>


Children of GOD!

I want you to look at this scripture very very carefully please →

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light and create darkness. I make peace



I want you to read that over and over again and ask GOD to

 teach you what he is truly saying here please!

GOD created all of the evil, and he uses evil for his own perfect

 purposes! You do not believe me?

Look at this → Proverbs 16:4 – The LORD has created

 everything for his own purposes, yes even the wicked for the day

 of evil.

GOD uses evil like dumb farm animals to do his perfect will! All

 of creation is under the control of GOD! And I mean all of it!

Children of GOD......... Please read this very slowly over and over again!

Deuteronomy 32:39 - Look now! I myself am HE. There is NO

 other GOD but me. I AM the one who KILLS and gives life. I AM

 the one who WOUNDS and heals. Nobody can be rescued from

 my powerful hand........

Do you clearly see what GOD is saying there?

Read it slowly over and over again please and be more blessed!

GOD is saying he, YES HE is the one who kills us. GOD is saying

 yes he, HE is the one who wounds us! So why are we giving all

 of this credit to satan and his demons? When you do that you

 are making satan and his demonic army out to be gods in your

 life and we gotta stop doing that right away!

1st Kings 8:27 - Will GOD really live here on earth? Why even

 the HIGHEST heavens cannot contain you!

GOD is BIGGER than our universe!

There is only one GOD and one CHRIST. There are NO other!

GOD is GOD over everything, that means he is GOD over the

 good and the bad, OVER the happy and the sad, OVER the holy

 and the evil, over the righteous and the filthy disgusting things



There is NO other GOD.........

We have to STOP giving satan and the demons so much credit here!

They are not GOD.

GOD is 1000000000000% sovereign over everything he has

 ever created and he is controlling everything THROUGH HIS


So did GOD create evil?

Well what does GOD say about this?

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light and create darkness. I make peace



Yes children of GOD, GOD did create all the evil there is!

So does GOD kill?

Well what does GOD say about this topic?

Deut 32:39 - Look now, I myself am he, there is no other GOD

 but me. I AM THE ONE WHO KILLS and gives life!

We have to start to realize that GOD is SOVEREIGN over his

 ENTIRE creation!

Not anyone else, not anybody else!!!

Does GOD wound us?

Well what does GOD say?

Deut 32:39 - Look now, I myself am he, there is no other GOD

 but me. I am the one who kills and gives life, I AM THE ONE


We have to obey what GOD says and STOP making up theology for ourselves!

That is very very dangerous to do when we do that!

So does GOD use evil for his own perfect purposes?

Let's take a look at what GOD says →

Proverbs 16:4 - The LORD has created EVERYTHING for his

 own purposes. Yes even the WICKED for the day of evil!

All of creation is doing GOD'S will whether it realizes it or not!

GOD is GOD and there is no other GOD. No one and nobody can

 say no to GOD!

So is GOD powerful enough to use evil for his own perfect


Well let's take a look at what GOD says, not what Garrett says →

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen

 without the LORD'S permission!

As you can clearly see, nothing in all of creation can happen

 unless GODS' son gives permission!

GOD'S SON JESUS gives permission for evil to come against us


Now who is OUR in the above sentence?

The Chosen ones! HIS CHOSEN ONES!

GOD uses evil for GOOD in the Chosen ones lives!

Is GOD powerful enough to use evil for our good?

Well he better be otherwise he is not GOD!!!!!

So does GOD use evil for the good of his Chosen ones?

Well what does GOD say →

Romans 8:28 - And we know that GOD uses ALL things together

 for the GOOD to those who LOVE GOD and are called according

 to his purposes!

GOD uses evil for the good of the Chosen ones!

So when evil comes against you, GOD has planned it, GOD has

 for-ordained it to happen, GOD gives it permission, GOD

 controls it, GOD is sovereign over it, and GOD uses it for your

 good if you are a Chosen one!

So we can now have peace when pure evil attacks us!


Because GOD is in full control over it!!!

We can also have peace when we go through terrible suffering!


Because GOD is in full control over our suffering too! GOD

 controls every single aspect of the trials, tests, temptations and

 tribulations that we go through! Every single bit of it!

So how does GOD use evil for the good of his Chosen ones?

Well when evil attacks us real badly it causes us to do the following →

1). It humbles us!

2). It crushes our pride!

3). It causes us to pray much more!

4). It shows us just how badly we need JESUS in our lives!

5). It shows us just how helpless we truly are before GOD'S throne!

6). It teaches us that yes evil is real and we need to believe this more.

7). It shows us we better study spiritual warfare much more when GOD gives us grace to study!

8). The evil changes us and helps us to be much nicer to each other, kinder to each other and more understanding to each other!

9). GOD uses the evil experiences and terrible suffering in our lives so he can USE US in the near future to speak to others who are going through the same things!

10). It teaches us to bow down at GOD'S throne face down and

 not dare look up or move!

**GOD uses suffering in our lives to teach us to fear him and his CHRIST......... Not with an evil fear, but with a very healthy reverent fear of him!

Yes child of GOD, GOD wants us to fear him! This is all over the bible!

Guess what? When we go through terrible suffering we all of the sudden get a brand new reverent fear of GOD and this is a very very good thing!

GOD uses terrible suffering in our lives quite often to teach us to

 stop judging one another! To stop condemning one another! To

 stop looking down at others who are stuck in sin and YES ALL


One of the fastest ways pure evil will be ordered and sent to

 come against you is when you walk around judging other

 Chosen ones, looking down on other Chosen ones who are stuck

 in sin, condemning other Chosen ones to the lake of fire with

 your terrible theology etc etc!

We have to learn to stop doing all of that and to START loving

 one another!

One of the fastest ways to BEG GOD to send you through a

 terrible valley experience is to walk around thinking you are

 better than others, or that you are more holy than others, or

 that you are closer to GOD than others! As you walk around

 with that TERRIBLE PRIDE in you, you are just begging GOD

 to send you through another 6 month valley experience with

 tons and tons of tormenting and torture!

Up above is a very very small example of how GOD uses evil for

 our good! As you read the 10 examples of how GOD uses evil for

 our good, read them real slowly, meditate on them and start to

 learn more and more that evil is a huge HUGE TOOL that GOD

 is using in the lives of his Chosen ones!

I am sure you and I could come up with 30 more examples if we

 tried on how GOD uses evil and suffering for the GOOD OF


So how can all of this give us peace?

Well if you are battling cancer, realize that JESUS is 100000% sovereign over it!

If you are battling crack cocaine, realize that JESUS can kick the

 demons behind the addiction out of you in literally 3 seconds so

 you can be free!

If you are battling terrible pain, realize that GOD'S son is in total

 control of how long it will last, how bad it will get, when he will

 deliver you etc etc....

If you are battling a terrible porn addiction, realize that GOD'S

 son is in total control over this battle and that the battle belongs

 to the LORD not you!

If you are battling loneliness and depression, realize that GOD is

 using all of this evil for your good, YES YOUR GOOD!!!

If you are battling fear and anxiety, realize that JESUS is

 sovereign over this evil and he knows exactly what he is doing in

 your life........

And on and on and on and on!

You see Christians all over the world try to protect GOD'S reputation.


How? Here is one example -->>>

They give GOD all the credit for the good, but they give satan,

 the flesh and the world all the credit for the bad............

But that is NOT what GOD says!

GOD takes credit for the good and the bad, here are a few

 scriptures to prove it!

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I AM THE LORD THAT DOETH ALL THINGS!

Here is another one for you stubborn Christians -->>>

Isaiah 54:16 - I HAVE created the waster to destroy!

GOD purposely created evil because it is very very VERY VERY

 IMPORTANT in his plans, in his creation to have evil here!

In fact, the EVIL seems to be doing much more than the good!

If you took evil away, GOD's entire plan would fall apart!

We can start to practice having peace during the suffering as we study this topic of GOD'S sovereignty much much more than we have been!

GOD is in control, not you, not the world, not your flesh, not the demons!

GOD is in control so you can relax now and stop trying to save yourself!


Because you cannot save yourself, only GOD can save you through his son JESUS the CHRIST!

Yes GOD is using all of this FOR THE GOOD of his Chosen ones!

Now I am NOT saying it is easy to practice peace and trust in

 GOD during the terrible terrible suffering, no of course not!

This is one of the hardest things to practice on planet earth for a Chosen one!

Paul was a much much older man when he said he learned to be content in all situations!

Paul did NOT learn to be content in all situations as a young man, that is for sure!

And I highly doubt Paul learned to be content in all situations as a little bit older man too!

But GOD taught him throughout the years and decades to trust

 in GOD during the bad times, during the terrible times, during

 the beatings, during the imprisonment, during the torture and

 everything else!

GOD is also teaching us this slowly too! GOD uses evil for your

 good and GOD is using evil for your good right now child of

 GOD! The more you learn how much control GOD is over his

 entire universe, the more peace you can have during the terrible

 torture and suffering that evil brings into our lives!

One of the biggest lies that has spread world wide -->>>>>

MAIN: Prosperity preaching............. Pure lies and garbage from the pit of hell and pride in man!

There will be NO prosperity for the chosen ones!

One of the MAIN REASONS GOD put us here is to GO THROUGH SUFFERING!

Suffering is the exact OPPOSITE of prosperity preaching!

GOD uses suffering for our good!

JESUS had to go through suffering, Paul did constantly and so

did every single other chosen one on earth!

You are here to suffer! To go through suffering, to have GOD'S

grace help you make it through suffering and to be humbled by

going through suffering!

 am also not saying I can practice being content and trusting in

 GOD during the torture either, no I am not that good at this!

I still complain, bitch, moan, groan, murmur and everything else,

that is for sure!

But praise GOD he keeps ordering the suffering for us to go

through and by doing that, he is giving us chance after chance

after chance to practice all of those wonderful biblical scriptures

that we have been reading throughout the years.

Look at this once again very carefully → Lamentations 3:37

Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission.

Nothing in all the universe, nothing in all creation can happen

unless JESUS gives permission for it to happen!

We have to learn this, we must memorize this, we have to let this

sink in our hearts so we can have more peace and trust during

the good and bad times, during the happy and sad times too!

But maybe you are still second guess that GOD controls the evil in the universe?

Look at this please → John 3:27 – A man can receive NOTHING

unless it comes from heaven.

The word nothing up above in that sentence means = Everything

in the universe. There is NOTHING in the entire universe that

you can receive unless it is ordered by heaven, and that includes

all evil too!

Any evil or filthy or disgusting things that might attack you or come against you, were FIRST ordered by heaven!

We have to come to terms with this biblical truth so as to receive

more and more peace and trust in GOD when the bad things do


So when does GOD send the evil to attack you, or the suffering to

torment you, or the demons to torture you etc etc etc ?


How can we know it is perfect timing to suffer?

Because GOD and his son JESUS are perfect and they never make mistakes!

So everything they do is ALWAYS PERFECT including deciding

when it is time for us to go through terrible suffering again!

It is perfect timing always even though we hate it! Even though

we despise to suffer, it is always, ALWAYS PERFECT timing to go

through it because GOD is perfect!

Maybe your thinking -->>> Garrett! I though that our evil flesh,

the demons and the world bring the evil into our lives?

Yes, that is true!

GOD uses his entire creation to do his perfect will!

GOD uses vessels of honor and DIS honor to do his will!

GOD is sovereign over everything, over everyone, over all things

and all entities in his ENTIRE creation!!!

If this was not true, he would NOT be GOD!!!

So how can we be sure GOD uses evil to do his will?

Look at this again →

Proverbs 16:4 - The LORD has created EVERYTHING for his own purposes, yes even the wicked for the day of evil..........

GOD uses evil for his perfect plan!

Now you might be thinking -->>> Garrett! You have no idea what

I have fallen down into. You have no idea how bad, how evil, how

filthy it all is!

That is true I cannot know unless you tell me! Even though that


GOD is powerful and smart enough to use the very evil, the very

filthy, the very nasty for your good and he does this a trillion

times a day every single day in his creation!

Now you might be thinking → Garrett! GOD has me going

through worse suffering and torture than other people..........

Well! That might be true and it might not, most likely it is NOT

true, but the demons are telling you that to hurt you even more!

Even so!

The terrible things that GOD has you going through is GOD'S

perfect plan in your life! There is NOT one single mistake in this


So the suffering you are going through GOD is using to make sure

you are the EXACT man or woman of GOD that GOD has

planned for you to be before the universe was ever created!

The SUFFERING IS EXACTLY what you need to be this man or woman of GOD!

The demons are always telling us that GOD is picking on us, that GOD does not love us, that GOD is being unfair to us, that GOD does not really care about us..................... All PURE LIES!!!

The demons will tell us these lies when?

When we are going through terrible suffering, torture, and when evil is attacking us quite incredibly!

Watch out for those lies, they are lying to children of GOD all over the world about these such topics!

Maybe you still doubt that GOD orders all of the evil in the universe? Look at this →

Lamentations 3:38 – Out of the mouth of the most HIGH cometh

there not evil and good!

That means that GOD is ordering the good and evil in his

universe, in his entire creation!

We must learn that there is only ONE GOD giving all of the

orders, planning out everything, sovereign over everything he

created and giving permission for whatever does happen to


There is only ONE GOD! So you can rest now during the good

and bad times! During the happy and sad times! During the

wonderful times and the pure evil times too, you can rest!


Because GOD is in FULL, TOTAL, ABSOLUTE, DOMINATION OF HIS entire creation! And GOD loves you!

So what are some of the keys to remember while going through evil, filthy sinning, tormenting and addictions?

1). Humble yourself!

2). Let your pride go!

3). Pray for help realizing how helpless you are before GOD'S throne!

4). Realize how badly you need JESUS, much much MORE than you ever thought!

    5). Humble yourself again!

    6). Stop judging others and thinking you are better than others because you are not.

    7). And humble yourself even more!

Those are a few shortcuts we wanna practice while going through

the terrible valley of the shadow of death experiences that GOD

has ALL of his children go through on a semi-regular basis.....

I mean if king David went through them on a semi-regular basis,

you and I will for sure and GOD WILL USE THEM ALL FOR


Even though we hate it when evil attacks us, torments us, hurts

us, makes us cry, tortures us and temporarily ruins parts of our




Love, your servant Garrett

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