The Real Game!

The Real Game!

You are the LORD JESUS and we are not.

You are the savior of the world JESUS and we are not!

You are everything JESUS, we are nothing!

You never sinned JESUS, we do!

You said no to the demons O LORD JESUS........ We say yes quite often... Sad but true LORD.

LORD, you never had to repent, not once...... We do!!!

You are strong JESUS, we are weak! We make a good team.

You are invincible JESUS, we break sometimes.

You cried JESUS, we cry too.

Hold us tight JESUS we pray and never let go!

You died on the cross JESUS for us, we did not. We worship you JESUS!

Help us JESUS with our issues, with our many issues we battle against we pray!

You are our only hope O LORD GOD!

Thank you for loving us JESUS! Praise GOD.

Shatter the addictions JESUS we pray! We do not want them anymore O LORD.

You never sinned JESUS yet we do, we need you badly!

You love us JESUS, yet we love you sometimes, or not enough, or very coldly......... Thank you LORD for loving us, thank you JESUS for being on fire for us.

We need you more JESUS, more than we think we do! Help us LORD.

Save us LORD, save us we pray because we cannot save ourselves that is for sure!

Help us to break away from the darkness JESUS for you are our master, you are our redeemer we pray!

You are our freedom JESUS..... We need you!

For many of us, you are the only friend we have JESUS!

Praise to the Lamb of GOD who took away the sins of the world – JESUS!

You O LORD JESUS are our only hope to quit sinning. Thank you JESUS!

We need you JESUS badly, yet you love us badly JESUS! It is sounding real good so far..

You O LORD are our light that shines in our darkness! Thank you JESUS.

With you JESUS in our lives, we can make it through this thing we call = Life!

Praise to the one who loved me before he ever created me... Wow , that is cool hahah.................................... JESUS!

There is no hope without you JESUS!

You died for us JESUS, we are trying to live for you! It sounds like this just might work................. Praise GOD!!!

With you JESUS in our lives, we can make it through tonight.

No matter what happens, you love us JESUS! Now that is real good. No matter how many times we fall back down into terrible sin and addictions, you will never stop loving us O LORD GOD!

Rain down your blood over us JESUS......... Shatter the darkness into a billion pieces and scatter it throughout the universe we pray!

You are good JESUS, I am bad sometimes, or quite often, together, this is starting to look better and better!

Send motivation I pray LORD, motivate us to keep going forward JESUS in our lives!

Please send encouragement to us JESUS, we could really use some more encouragement at this time in our lives we pray!

Send determination to us JESUS we pray! Help us to be more determined to say no to sinning and addictions we pray!

Send love I pray JESUS!

You are incredible JESUS! The entire universe revolves around you. The stars in the sky tell your entire gospel story O LORD GOD!

You are holy JESUS............ You make me holy! Now that is great teamwork LORD!!

LORD, my uniform does not fit right, I keep falling back into the same old sins JESUS and the game is about to start!

JESUS, you want me to be a starter? I do not feel ready to play in this game sometimes.

LORD the game is about to start, the referees are calling us to center court and I keep failing over and over again in my own personal life.

That first quarter was very tough O LORD GOD, send more grace and help me to learn how to play this game better by your rules, not mine I pray!

LORD JESUS I feel so dehydrated, I feel like I am running in circles on the court out there.

Throw me the ball JESUS, I am about to slam dunk on the darkness!

Pass the ball LORD, I gotta shoot a three pointer over the lust, over the sadness, over the depression that is attacking our team.

Lord JESUS, you are winning the game for our team..... Keep going LORD, win this game we pray!

Coach JESUS, your plan is working good, we are winning. I pray we can follow your plan for our lives better and better.

Take me out of the game coach JESUS... The enemies jack slammed me. Send me some Gatorade JESUS we pray! Rain down your blood.....

Put me back in the game JESUS, I am rested up now! Praise GOD for the good times of rest and spiritual peaks....

Raphael Raynor, throw the ball, stop ball hogging, we gotta slam dunk this game and win this game over the evil spiritual enemies we are playing against!

Raphael Raynor, set the screen buddy, I gotta shoot a 3 pointer so we can get out of this game we call = Life!!! And get to heaven.

Frank Moor, are you ready to enter the game?

Hold us JESUS, hold us tight we pray and never ever let go.

satan, your team looks kind of tough and quite tall. JESUS, put me, Raphael and Frank moor in the game.... Rain down your blood JESUS and call what play you want our offense to run!

O LORD JESUS, what play should we run?

LORD JESUS, the enemy is playing UN fair, they are upper cuttting us, rabbit punching us, and elbowing us... Rain down your blood JESUS, cover us with your loving arms we pray and shelter us from their evil offense they are running against our team.

Coach JESUS! The enemy team is using their sexy cheerleaders to attack me, Raphael Raynor and Frank Moor! Send grace, send grace we pray!

Coach JESUS the enemy team is attacking our defense with sadness, loneliness & depression. Rain down grace, mercies & blessings we pray JESUS!

Coach JESUS - The enemy is attacking our zone defense with - lust, despair, anxiety and fear. Help us coach we pray, rain down your fire over our lives JESUS and consume our enemies.

Rain down A POWERFUL ZONE DEFENSE all over our lives we pray JESUS! We need you badly!

Help us to make it through this game we pray JESUS! Even though we are winning the game, sometimes it seems that we are losing in our own personal lives LORD!

How can we attack satan's zone defense LORD, you are our only chance JESUS!

Coach JESUS, the enemy is using their sexy cheerleaders on us men of GOD... Intentional foul, intentional foul...... We need you JESUS! Shatter that lust O LORD, crush it completely we pray.

O LORD, the enemy team are using elbows, knees, illegal defense, their cheerleaders & blatant fouls! What do we do JESUS?

THANK GOD it is halftime. That first half JESUS was quite rough... I am bleeding all over my body from the cuts and bruises of the enemies attacks!

Give us a strategy JESUS for the second half of the game or we are going to lose. We are going to lose without you LORD!

O LORD JESUS, I really struggled the first half of the game. What can I do differently in this up coming second half of the game we call life?

LORD, the second half is about to start and I am still so tired... Rain down peace we pray, rain down joy again.

Coach JESUS, their offense is so strong, so dirty, so sneaky, so evil, what do you want us to do JESUS in the second half of this game?

LORD, we are winning the game by 300 points at halftime but why does it feel like we are losing sometimes?

I realize were winning the game JESUS, but I am broken, bruised & bleeding.. Send the bandages JESUS, heal our wounds O LORD!!!

Lord, the second half of the game is about to start and I do not feel ready. There are those cheerleaders again! Send grace JESUS!

LORD - Sometimes the ball feels so flat as I try to dribble down court... Send some refreshing times to us we pray JESUS!

Sometimes my uniform doesn't fit right, my shoes feel so UN comfortable, the basketball just doesn't feel right. Help us JESUS we pray, help us in every single area of our entire lives.

O LORD, since we are winning the game so decisively, why does it feel quite often that I am losing. Teach us JESUS, help us O LORD GOD, show us how to overcome this kind of attack we pray!

Shield us JESUS, get us ready for the second half, the enemy team looks as big and bad as ever before. Cover us JESUS in your loving arms and never let go we pray.

Coach JESUS, show us the film of the first half of the game. Show us where we are going wrong, show us how the enemy is attacking us we pray.

Show us JESUS, coach we need your help. Why does the enemy attack keep working over & over again? Teach us JESUS we pray!

Pass the Gatorade LORD, I am feeling weak & dehydrated! Refresh us FATHER, lead us to JESUS more, lead us to the bible more we pray!

Coach JESUS, they attacked us with loneliness over and over again shattering our zone defense. Teach us LORD what to do!

Love, your servant Garrett

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