The Real Battle!!

The Real Battle

Right now the military troops of the USA are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and multiple other places in the world. Is that the real battle we face? Is our real enemy the Islamic people who are attacking, torturing, imprisoning and even killing Christian people in various nations all over the world? Is our real enemy our spouses who just left us, or our friends that just stabbed us in the back? Is our real enemy our bosses who just fired us, or co workers who are constantly talking bad about us? Maybe for some of you, you might have some fierce enemies even located in your own church that you go to?

I want to share with you who I feel our real enemies truly are. I have singled out 12 of the largest enemies that I could think of that are trying their hardest to destroy true children of GOD all over the world. Surely, I most definitely did leave out many other enemies that I could of mentioned. I wanted to only go over these 12 that I feel are the biggest, baddest and most fierce enemies that we true children of GOD face day to day in our lives.

I pray that this short article will bless you greatly in so many different ways!!!!!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

The Real Battle

*Weeks dragged by turning into months, the months turned into years. The years turned into decades as I was slowly being tortured by - (sadness, loneliness, depression & despair.) Nobody ever bothered to help me. Nobody ever shared with me what to do to be free. Then, out of nowhere - JESUS! He started teaching me that these evil emotions have a real evil spirit behind them. JESUS taught me that we have to go to war, real HARDCORE WAR, over the evil thoughts that the demons are speaking to us.

We have to fight back in this spiritual war using the weapons that GOD has given us. Casting out all bad thoughts and all evil spirits out of us in the name of JESUS!

This is the very essence of spiritual warfare!!

 Practice your spiritual warfare so you could be free from sadness, free from depression and pain. The LORD JESUS loves you dearly, and so do I.

*When we were born here on earth, we were THROWN right into the middle of a VICIOUS spiritual war. If we do NOT recognize that we are in a war, we could die. If we do not fight back, we could die spiritually, we could die emotionally, we could die financially, and for some of us, we could lose our spouses, family members or even our own lives. We must fight back against sadness, loneliness, depression, greed, lust, despair, feelings of rejection & condemnation, & all the other lies of the enemy!

One of the greatest lies of the enemy is when they try to convince us that GOD doesn't love us. Pure Lies!!! CAST OUT all bad thoughts & all bad imaginations and by doing that, the enemy will flee and strongholds inside of you will be torn down – OH PRAISE GOD!!!

*Satan's kingdom is located anywhere that he is ruling. So, if we are living with sadness, loneliness, depression or lust etc etc, satan has a part of his kingdom ruling in us. We want to practice our spiritual warfare & with the LORD'S grace, we can slowly & surely take down this evil kingdom that has been living inside of us for a very long time. As we continue to watch very carefully what we are thinking about, satan's strongholds inside of us are being destroyed! The more we abide in JESUS, the more we will be set loose from the darkness. JESUS is our freedom, JESUS is our victory, JESUS is the only one who can help us to overcome the strategies of the devil.

We have got to start kicking satan's kingdom out of our hearts, souls and minds....... We cannot just sit back year after year allowing demons to torment us with sadness, loneliness or depression. We must do something about this. We must practice our spiritual warfare and take down satan's kingdom out of us and get rid of it.

The LORD doesn't want you suffering with sadness, loneliness and depression year after year. That is not his plan for you! His plan for you is to do something about it with the grace that he gives you.

This is Spiritual Warfare 101

I am going to single out 11 of satan's biggest weapons that he is using not only against the Holy Children of GOD, but also against the entire world. Yes, there are many MANY more demonic attacks that satan can and will use to destroy you and I, but I am only going to talk about the 11 below because I feel they are his -->>

Big Guns!!

Let's start with #11

11). I want to talk about one of satan's big weapons. I am going to start this all off with the evil spirit of (Rejection!). The evil spirit of Rejection is living with most of the church body world wide. When this spirit attacks you, it will tell you that nobody loves you, that even GOD does not love you, that nobody cares about you, that nobody will ever want you. It will point out to you how your friends ignore you, how they never call, how they never email you or text you. & most of it is all lies! This evil spirit will even cause you to fear being rejected further by new people entering your life. It will use rejection to beat you down, to make you feel helpless, to make you feel worthless, to make you feel COMPLETELY UN WANTED in the world. This evil spirit will start to tell you that even JESUS rejects you and doesn't love you! This is a very, VERY DANGEROUS spirit to have living inside of us!



The evil demon of Rejection can also be a root demon. He can be one of the first demons to try to enter you. Now, after he is living with you, one of his MAIN goals besides tormenting you, is to open up a door in you for the next demon to enter. The door that he tries to open quite often inside of you, is for the demon called – (Fear of Rejection) to enter you! When we have the spirit of Rejection living inside of us, quite often his partner the Fear of Rejection is also in us.

We cannot just sit back and allow the evil spirit of Rejection to torment us month after month, year after year. We have to fight back doing our own private spiritual warfare!

Our spiritual warfare is talked about in great detail all over the New Testament! It all starts with ABIDING in JESUS. Casting out all bad, evil & UN biblical thoughts. Then, casting out each demon by name according to the evil emotion they are tormenting you with! We must practice our spiritual warfare, and if we do not, they will slam us for years and years and even decades like they did to me!!!

Bad thoughts, the Christian killer. Click here!


10). The demon of Rejection has a close brother he works with. That is the demon of (Condemnation) or even (Self Condemnation)! The demon of self Condemnation usually comes to us when we are condemning ourselves over possibly sinning, or an addiction we fell back into, or even simply over a failure of ours. He will tell you how worthless you are, how other Christian people are better than you, how you have failed the LORD, how you are a hypocrite & not even a real Christian. Those are all lies! He will talk to you constantly day and night reminding you about your most recent failure or sinful action that you just committed. Even after you have repented, he will talk to you over and over again by reminding you of your sinful behavior the night before, or last week!

Many times the demon of Condemnation or Self Condemnation will come into a person first, then he will try to open a door for his partner, the demon of rejection to come in next!!

The demons of condemnation, self condemnation and rejection are root demons quite often. These three demons can quite often be the root of the evil that started to grow inside of us. One will work quite hard to get his brother in, then those two demons will work on you real hard to get a third demon in. This will go on and on until you could be completely overwhelmed with even 10 – 15 – 30 demons living inside of you and all around you.

These are very real, and they are in most of the world wide church body during this end time generation! We have to practice our spiritual warfare every day. If we don't, they will slam us! If we do with the LORDS help, we will learn how to fight back by casting out all bad and UN biblical thoughts, and by casting out each individual demon as the LORD points out to us that they are in us.

This is the very essence of spiritual warfare!

JESUS is the only one who ever overcame the world, so he knows how to teach us and help us to overcome the evil spirits and the evil emotions that they torment us with.

To study about the demon of condemnation and Rejection more, click here!!

9). The demon of LUST is one of the most powerful weapons satan is using for this End - Time generation. The demon of lust is tormenting children of GOD all over the world right now. He will point out to you attractive co workers at work, or attractive people on your facebook friends list that you never bothered looking at before. He will point out to you as you drive your car attractive people standing on the side walks & street corners. He can quite often give you an exciting lustful feeling inside of you, even making your heart beat slightly faster.

The demon of lust will encourage you to look at bad websites, bad pics, bad profiles & bad magazines. He will also encourage you to listen to bad music that causes even more lust!!! He will wake you up at 4am in the morning out of a dead sleep to go look at bad websites, or to lay in bed thinking of lustful thoughts. This demon can bring so much lust, it will be nearly impossible to pray, read the bible or worship JESUS anymore. He will try to flood you with lustful thoughts day & night & while he does this, he will give you an exciting feeling in your heart and soul that all of this is good. All of this will happen while he slowly destroys your walk with JESUS. He is wrecking marriages world wide, destroying faith, bringing condemnation into the body of CHRIST through our lustful failures.........

We ABSOLUTELY have to GO TO WAR over this lust, and with the grace from GOD, start casting out every single lustful thought, every single lustful imagination out of us in the powerful name of JESUS.

8). The demon with No Name! There is a demon out there that will come against us & take away our motivation to fight back. He saps the energy out of us somehow to do our spiritual warfare! For example, you could feel the sadness or lust come against you, but you are not willing to fight back, or to say no to these evil thoughts or evil spirits. This demon makes us complacent, spiritually weak & lackadaisical to cast out all bad thoughts, all bad emotions, all evil spirits that we know are attacking us.

When you feel like your motivation has been sapped away, & you know you lost your initiative to fight back in your own spiritual warfare, you NOW KNOW that this is a continued demonic attack against you! You can cast a demon out of you even if you do not know the name he goes by. I do this all the time. Just recognize what is happening to you in the demonic realm, & use your authority that JESUS has given you over the demonic to command that evil spirit to leave you!

7). The Demonic & Addictions! Just about all of the addictions that we have in our lives have a specific demon behind it pushing it on us harder & harder. We have to learn & understand, whether it is cigarettes, alcohol, porn, gambling, caffeine or whatever else, there is an Evil Angel with us trying to tie us further & further down into the addiction we are battling. We have to COMMAND the demon behind our addictions to get out in the name of JESUS so we can be FREE!

The church is NOT teaching this to us, so many of you reading this are hearing this for the very first time. I assure you, THERE IS a demonic angel behind most if not all of your addictions. When that demon is kicked out of us by the LORD, or when we command him to leave us, it is SHOCKING how the entire addiction is completely out of us even 100 percent. I have experienced this probably 50 times now, and it is true! When the demon is kicked out, we are free, we will think freely, we will feel free and the addiction or addictions we have been battling, will be LONG GONE!

For example, we have to go to war against the demon who is behind the cigarette smoking, and when we cast him out, and we are adamant that we do NOT want to smoke any longer, JESUS will give you grace to quit!! We need grace from the LORD first and foremost, then we need to agree that GOD has given us authority over the demonic realm and use it to cast the evil spirit behind nicotine to get out in the name of JESUS. When you do this, know without a doubt that he must leave! Now use the grace JESUS gives you to be adamant against smoking, and more and more grace will come to you!


Here is another example. We all know that Marijuana comes from a plant, we know that GOD created everything so therefore, GOD created the plant. But the real problem is what people do with GOD'S creation. As of right now, Marijuana is still illegal in the USA unless the person has a medical card so it could be used for medical purposes. The topic I wrote about today is how just about all of our addictions have a demon behind them. So, if a person is addicted to marijuana, and we know that a huge portion of American's are, that those people would now have an evil angel pushing this addiction even harder!!

Christ came to set us free, satan wants to tie us all down in addictions and spiritual chains of misery!!

 The addictions tie us down...........

 We are a slave to our various addictions that we are battling.

The reason why these addictions are so hard to break, is because there is an evil spirit behind them enforcing them on us!

6). To continue talking about Satan's Big End Time Weapons! Let's talk about the evil spirit behind ALL GAMING! There are close to 600,000,000 million people in the world right now Computer or Internet gaming at this time! What better way can satan get us to ignore the LORD, the bible & doing ministry work then to get us children of GOD addicted to Internet gaming! If you are gaming at this time, you most likely have at least one evil spirit behind the gaming.

As we learned in the post below this one, just about ALL addictions we battle against have an evil spirit behind them especially GAMING. Some of you might be thinking - (Well I am only gaming a little). That would be the same thing as saying I am only looking at porn a little, or I am only getting drunk a little etc etc etc......... Look, I post these messages because I love you! Because I care about you. Because you are sooooooooooo important to the LORD and me. Yes, I tell you straight, all gaming whether on computer, console or Internet have demonic angels behind it!



There are only two spirits in the world. There is GOD'S SPIRIT, and then there are the demonic spirits under satan. 

We have to ask ourselves the following -->> Is GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT behind the creation of gaming in the world, or is it satan's demonic spirits that are behind creating the gaming phenomena?

In gaming, we kill, shoot, knife, we do spells, black magic, there are demonic games, cartoon evil games, sexual games, games where you get more points for head shots with your sniper rifle etc etc etc etc......... I think it is safe to say that satan and the evil spirits following him are most definitely behind all gaming in the world today.

1st John 5:21 Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.


Anything that takes our time or our heart and soul away from the LORD is a sin. GOD makes this clear in 1st John. So if we are playing basketball day and night 7 days a week, ignoring GOD, ignoring the bible, ignoring our spiritual lives, ignoring doing our ministry work, that is just as much a sin as gaming all the time!


Every hour we spend gaming, is another hour that satan has stole from our lives. And we cannot get that time back!! That time is lost forever. Surely, looking at this topic from that angle clearly shows us that GOD is NOT for gaming, especially for his children of GOD to be wasting their lives playing pretend characters, pretend armies, pretend snipers, pretend farmers etc etc etc...... We know that satan comes to steal, kill and destroy! One of the things he does with us gaming is he steals our lives from us 1 hour at a time.......

A small portion of the 600,000,000 million people gaming are Christian, this is for sure. And yes it is true, not all of us are called to do the same ministry work, bible reading or anything else. But I assure you, all people who game, whether they are Christian or not will most definitely have the associated evil spirit living with them whether they know it or not! This is the sad part, this is the true tragedy.

Now, that spirit that is in charge of gaming in a persons life, will try as hard as he can to get another door opened up in that person for another evil spirit to enter. He will try to open a door for a lustful spirit to enter, or a spirit behind alcohol etc etc and they will keep going until they can slowly destroy a persons life!

Each time I was addicted to gaming, the demon in charge of the gaming addiction would try to open a door for a demon of lust to enter me. The demonic does NOT use the same strategy with all people though. For you for example, the demon in charge of gaming might open a door for a spirit of depression to enter you. For others, it could be a spirit of loneliness etc etc etc.

Warning people is loving people! If you love your family, you warn them when you see them doing wrong. Or if you love your co workers or bosses, you warn them when you see 600,000,000 million of them going wrong. How much MORE should we warn our Christian brothers and sisters about the evils behind gaming?

I do agree that GOD understands that we do need down time. But, here is the key -->> We should not use any down time to do sinful actions & behavior! So we would not want to use our down time to watch porn. We would not want to use our down time to get drunk. We would not want to use our down time to go gambling. I really feel the LORD would like us to use our down time for spending time with our family, or JESUS, the bible, ministry work, studying more about the kingdom etc etc etc than to allow satan to steal any more of our life than he already has.

There are Christian people who have the gift of (Discerning of Spirits) - That gift is one of the 9 gifts listed in 1st Cor chapter 12. These people can know when a person has an evil spirit with them, and these people can also know what spirits are behind certain things in our lives. We know that there are only two spirits in the world, so we have to ask ourselves this -->> Is GOD behind the gaming phenomena in the world? Or is it satan? Same with music bands. Is GOD through his HOLY SPIRIT behind the music of a band, or is it satan and his spirits behind the music? We have to learn to call what is wrong, WRONG! And not be afraid to do this. The main sin among many MANY we could talk about in gaming is, satan is stealing our time, he is stealing our life one hour at a time. GOD could ask us to account for what we did with the time that he gave us here on earth. IF GOD does this, those who spent large hours gaming, are going to be speechless in front of a HOLY & RIGHTEOUS GOD!

Praise GOD we can repent with all of our heart and soul and be washed clean by the BLOOD of The LAMB.........

I feel the topic of gaming can be much easier discerned by looking at what is being done in the gaming. We are either killing, robbing, shooting, use swords, arrows, tanks and planes for destruction, doing magic or black magic, demonology for example like in World of Warcraft, We are using potions, scrolls, stones and tablets etc etc etc........ The fruit of gaming is most definitely evil! Now, there could be about 70,000,000 million people playing Farmville. And, as they play every night, their marriage is going downhill, no time is being spent with their children, the bible is not being studied, not quality time is being spent with JESUS, no ministry work is being done whatsoever.... And why?

 So they can have a better farm in a pretend cartoon world? This does NOT please the LORD!

I promise you this Christian people. Quit gaming completely, burn your games, throw them away, command the evil spirit behind gaming to leave you immediately in the name of JESUS - AND YOU WILL FEEL IMMEDIATELY BETTER!

I mean literally in minutes you will notice a huge difference not only in yourself, but in your house or apartment too! Watch and see.

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5). Satan is also using Greed in a big, BIG way to destroy many parts of society. There are 100,000's of people in prison because of greed. It is greed that helps to corrupt governments, businesses, destroy churches & cause church divisions. Christian people being tormented by greed can get themselves into big, big trouble. Greed can cause churches to change the way they preach for fear of a loss of tithes which are UN biblical anyway. Greed can cause churches to expand even though GOD never told them too. Greed can lower our our morals, change the way we think, lower our integrity and even cause us to break the law! And why? Because we want more more more more. This is Greed!

This is a demon that is not talked about too much, yet the demon of greed is wrecking havoc worldwide right now. Greed, the spirit and emotion of greed would be the EXACT opposite of how GOD wants his Christian body to be behaving. GOD wants us to give. Greed wants us to take, to covet, to even break the law to get more!

To read more about what Greed can do, click here!!

4). Fear & Anxiety! Two of satan's main guns! Fear & Anxiety are in huge portions of the world wide Christian body. Fear & Anxiety will make it close to impossible to pray clearly, to worship JESUS, & they will make it nearly impossible to read the bible. They will push you to have fear & anxiety over your bills, your bosses, your jobs, medical problems, ministry work & everything else that they can! Fear & Anxiety are the opposite of practicing FAITH & LOVE. We must go to war over these two demons.



When you are under attack from the demons of Fear & Anxiety, you will notice that it is hard to focus or concentrate. It will be hard to think clearly and we are much more susceptible to making terrible decisions when battling these two demons. I have a lot of experience with these two demons and I tell you straight, they are very real, HUGE end time demonic weapons of satan, and they can wreck HAVOC in our lives, in our walks with JESUS and just about everything else..........


When we fear and have anxiety, not only are the demons living with us, but in many cases, we are also sinning. When we fear, we are telling GOD that we do not trust him. We are saying that GOD is not able to handle our current situations. We are throwing away everything that JESUS has done for us to earn our trust and choosing to fear instead. When we are being tormented with the two above, in many cases we are going to have to repent for these sins as soon as grace comes to us.


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Now We Get To Even Bigger Enemies!!

3). I am getting towards the end of satan's big guns. I want to write about the demons of (Sadness, Loneliness & Depression.) These three demons are tormenting people all over the globe. It is hard to read the bible when we are feeling sad or lonely. It can be quite difficult to worship JESUS when we are depressed. These demons will try to stay in you as long as they can, tormenting us for years & even decades if possible. We ABSOLUTELY have to go to war kicking out sadness, loneliness & depression.

Every single night all over the entire world, many Christian people are feeling sad, lonely or depressed. I think its possible that one demon can exhibit all three emotions in us, but more likely it is three separate demons attacking us. I found when we get sad, loneliness is right around the corner. Now when we are sad and lonely over a period of a few hours or days, depression comes to us. These three are so prevalent living in the body of believers world wide, I cannot express how much damage they are doing to us. We must first fight these three by kicking out all sad, lonely and depressing thoughts. We must hold every single thought captive, kicking out all UN biblical thoughts the best we can with the grace GOD gives us. Next, we have to command the evil spirits to actually leave us if they are not gone already. This is the very essence of spiritual warfare!!

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2). There is a world wide corporate body of demonic spirits wrecking havoc on society, marriage, relationships & tearing people apart. The name of this corporate body of spirits is - JEZEBEL!

Jezebel is MOST noticable in women, but can possibly be found in men too. This terribly evil spirit will encourage women & wives to be excessively jealous, very controlling, manipulative, quick to get angry & pushing the women to try to completely take control of their own marriages.

This corporate body of evil spirits will push the women and wives to try to take complete financial control over all monies coming into their marriages. One of the main purposes of this spirit in my opinion is to use their female host to wear down, to take down, to slowly destroy their Christian husbands faith and relationship with JESUS. Yes this spirit will also destroy the marriage itself, for divorce is one of its main goals. But I noticed that this spirit especially tries to use the woman to slowly wear down her Christian husbands faith, trust, prayer life and just about everything else good about him. Many of the women who are being controlled by Jezebel are not even aware of it. Jezebel makes it nearly impossible for the woman to abide in JESUS, read the bible seriously or have any kind of prayer life. This spirit is too busy encouraging the woman to be jealous, controlling, obsessive over every single aspect of her husbands or boyfriends life, agitated, aggravated etc etc etc...............

Having this spirit living inside of us is a very, VERY VERY serious issue!!!!

To study more about Jezebel, start at 1st Kings 16:31 and be blessed more and more by the LORD for gaining knowledge about this world wide evil that is destroying lives.

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Now number 1!!!

  1. Is there a demonic enemy larger than Lust?

    Larger than Condemnation & Rejection?

    Is there an enemy larger than Sadness, Loneliness & Depression?

     Is there an enemy larger than Greed?

    How about larger than even Jezebel?


    WOW what an enemy Pride is. Pride can & will take a Christian person straight to the Lake of Fire if possible. Pride can be found in all of us, & I mean everyone at one level or another. Pride will cause church divisions, & will break up Christian friendships.

Pride will tell you that you are smarter than other people, that your theology is much better than your Christian friends. Pride will tell you that while you are talking with your friend on the telephone, your ideas are far more important than theirs are. Pride will cause a person to dominate a telephone call. Pride, self righteousness and ego can all be deep rooted poisons inside of us. Pride makes us think that we are always right, and everyone else is always wrong. Pride makes us think that we know it call. Pride hates to be corrected! Pride hates it when our friends or family call us and tell us that we are going down a wrong path. Pride can even make us think that we are know it all already. Pride can also hide itself in us and cause SPIRITUAL PRIDE. 

Practice your spiritual warfare brothers and sisters.................

The Real Battle!!

Is there a enemy even larger than satan? Even larger than Pride?


 This enemy is so powerful, there is no escaping him.

His name is (The Flesh Man) living inside of us. He is that Sinful Carnal Nature that every baby is born with. Pride can be found in him, so can Lust & everything else that is evil can be found in that Sinful Carnal Nature inside of us. This enemy is so powerful, there is NO way on earth to overcome him except for supernatural Grace, Mercies, The Cross & the Blood of JESUS!

GOD spoke to a friend of mine about 1 year ago concerning how the demons interact with the Flesh Man living inside of us. I will use Lust for example. GOD told my friend that the lust inside of us, living in our sinful carnal nature acts like a beacon. The demon of lust picks up on the beacons signal and now we have a living, thinking demon of lust with us. The two interact together and this is a very formidable enemy.

These two enemies working together are sooooo powerful, we cannot overcome them without a HERO helping us.

JESUS can help us to overcome the flesh, satan and the world. With JESUS we CAN overcome...........

 Without JESUS, there is no hope and we are already dead!!!!

*Did GOD know that 1/3 of the holy angels would rebel? OF COURSE HE did! This is all part of HIS plan from the very beginning. The demons are EXTREMELY needed here on earth. Here is a tiny list of what GOD is having the demons do for his church body. They tempt us, test us, kill us, they steal & destroy. They accuse us, they put fear of GOD in us to stop sinning, fear in us to rebel against GOD, fear in us to leave the LORD.

The demons administer the curse for GOD!

The demons also torment us and can wreck havoc in just about every single area of our lives. While the demons are tormenting and raining down hell on us, GOD knows that this will cause many, MANY of his children to repent their sins and to come on back to JESUS. Yes, the demons are extremely needed here on earth for GOD to raise up holy men and women to be his TRUE children. The last time few times I got drunk, the demonic activity in my apartment was very active. These things can encourage a person to stop sinning. The last time I got stuck computer gaming, the demonic activity was OFF THE HOOK terrible. I am NOT planning on ever gaming again!! Yes, GOD can use the demons for our good, and he does day and night every single day.

Take a look at two scriptures please.
Acts 10:38 - Then JESUS went around doing good and HEALING all who were oppressed by the Devil......... 

Yes, the demons DO administer the curse that GOD put in place in Deuteronomy chapter 28. 

Here is another scripture......
Luke 13:10-11 - One Sabbath day as JESUS was teaching in the synagogue, he saw a woman who had been crippled by an evil spirit. She had been crippled for 18 years..............

Here we have a daughter of GOD being crippled by an evil spirit for 18 years.

 Do they do this?

OH YES THEY DO, millions of times a day 7 days a week here on earth. It is the demons who are administering the curse.

One of the main purposes of having a HELL created, and for GOD creating the Lake of Fire, is to use FEAR. So GOD's true children would be afraid of sinning. So they would be afraid to rebel against the LORD. So that they would be terrified to ever ever EVER leave JESUS whom is our salvation. It seems to me that fear is used constantly, I say CONSTANTLY in the Old Testament especially, but in the New Testament too.

*One time when I had completely fallen down, I was about to look at a picture of a woman on the Internet. Obviously this is a bad picture and bad website for children of GOD to ever be looking at. The second I looked at her, I mean the very second, an evil spirit touched the back of my right leg where my calf is. YES, they are watching us 24 hours a day waiting for us to break GOD's commandments and laws explained to us in the bible.

I heard Francis Chan speaking last night on the topic of hell and anguish, wow was that powerful. Wow did that create a reverent fear to obey GOD, to seek out JESUS, to be clinging to the LORDS robe day and night. The demons are still here because they are fulfilling GOD'S purposes for them. They are as needed as anything else here on earth to raise up sons and daughters of GOD. In fact, without them, this entire system that GOD has in place would not operate correctly! That is why they are still here, and they are NOT going anywhere until GODS purposes for them are all finished!


*I suffered through sadness, loneliness & depression for years & even decades in my life. Nobody ever bothered to tell me how I could be free, as the suffering & torment went on & on & on. We have to do something people! We have to practice our spiritual warfare. Don't just sit there letting depression ruin your life month after month. Do something about it! We want to repent our sins, this is most important. Then, we need to forgive all of our so called enemies. This way GOD will forgive us.

After that, we want to fight our spiritual warfare every day as if our very lives depended on it.

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Spiritual Warfare 101

  1. 1). We want to cast out all bad thoughts & all bad imaginations out of our minds. We need to do this day and night 7 days a week. Do NOT let any thought or imagination stay in your mind that is contrary to the bible, holiness, righteousness and JESUS.



    2). We want to cast out all bad emotions & all bad evil spirits that are behind these evil emotions. We need to cast them out in the powerful name of JESUS. If for example you are feeling sad, CAST that Sadness OUT in the powerful name of JESUS. Do NOT doubt, and it must leave...........



    3). We want to work on closing all doors in our lives that could allow the demons to enter us. For example, we want to watch very carefully what music we listen to, what websites we visit, what TV shows we watch, the words that come out of our mouths, and we want to especially watch all thoughts that come into our minds.



    4). We want to be putting on the full armor of GOD which you can read about in Ephesians chapter 6. We cannot fight this spiritual warfare without putting on the armor of GOD daily.



    5). Last, surely not least, we want to be abiding in JESUS from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. This abiding in JESUS is by far the MOST IMPORTANT part of our spiritual warfare. Please for the sake of GOD, for the sake of your own life, for the sake of love, fight back against this evil attacking you and say enough is enough!!!!


How to get closer to JESUS, click here!!


I want to end this important topic with a single scripture.



  • Luke 10:19 - JESUS says -> Behold, I have given you AUTHORITY to trample upon the Serpents & Scorpions & over ALL the power of the enemy. And NOTHING in any way shall harm you!


    *The Serpents & Scorpions mentioned above are two types of demons that attack us. Every child of GOD should have Luke 10:19 memorized, speaking it out loud over and over again while it slowly sinks into your heart!

JESUS speaking in Luke 10:19 not only gives us authority over the demonic serpents and scorpions, but if you keep reading the next sentence he gives us authority over ALL the power of the enemy.

JESUS finishes up by saying that NOTHING in any way shall harm you. Some of you might be wondering, if this is true, how come satan is tormenting me so viciously, or why is my entire life falling apart?

The key is this -->> We have to believe what JESUS said.

Up above is a bible promise to us. To get this authority to work in our lives, all we have to do is believe this and to be truly abiding in JESUS. It is our faith in this bible promise that makes the promise come true for you and me.

Satan and his demonic army are NOT above us, GOD says WE are ABOVE them!!! In fact, we are so far above them, JESUS says we can TRAMPLE the demonic...........

Let us use our authority and start casting satan's kingdom out of our lives, out of our minds, out of our hearts and souls!

Be free...........................

 Be free in CHRIST. Be free in your heart, your soul, your mind, your body!

BE FREE, JESUS loves you and I care about you soooooooooooooooooooooo much too!!

Love, your servant Garrett