The LORD, Singless

The LORD, Singleness & Marriage!!!

The LORD, singleness & marriage!!!



Some of you are starving for love, some of you are just dying to have someone love you!!!



Some of you just want someone, anyone to love you no matter what it takes, no matter what the cost is............



Some of you would do just about anything, anything at all if only you could have someone to love you, to hold you, to share with you!!



What if I were to tell you that I happen to know someone who loves you very, VERY veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much!!!



I know someone who wants very much so to hold you hand!!!!



I know someone who wants to hold you real tight and he will never ever let you go......



I know someone who is constantly thinking about you day and night!!!!



I know someone who wants to date you, to hold you, I know someone who wants to marry you!!



I know someone who would love to marry you!!!!!!!!!!!



I know someone who is on fire for you!!!!!!!!



I know someone who is madly in love with you!!!



Let me introduce him to you now - His name is JESUS and he would love to have a fiery passionate & intimate relationship with you!!



You have a guy who just so happens to be rich, perfect & very powerful sitting right next to you who loves you dearly -> JESUS!!!



You don't have to be sad any longer, THE LORD is with you and he already loves you! The relationship is already half way done.......



Now you can do your part and start getting to know JESUS in a close relationship..... Starting to love him more & more!!



You don't have to be lonely any longer.... JESUS is right by your side at all times just waiting to hear a hello from you!!!



You don't have to be depressed any longer, the LORD still has many mighty plans for you to do for the kingdom of GOD....



It all starts with JESUS!!!



If your husband is not showing you enough love, go to JESUS because the LORD's love for you is perfect & holy!!!!



If your wife spends more time with the computer and work than she does you, start putting your heart into a fiery relationship with JESUS!



If your friends are only using you & you know they don't really care about you, go to JESUS.... He truly cares about you very much!!!



We Christian's cry & cry & cry to GOD that nobody loves us. Yet, GOD keeps telling you that his incredible son JESUS loves you!!!!



JESUS is not Swiss cheese is he? The creator of the universe loves you, can you let this sink into your heart????



We gotta try to get that evil bondage out of our heart and soul that pushes us to go after a guy or girl, man or woman instead of JESUS!!



I mean we already have someone who is very rich, very powerful & by the way, HE IS PERFECT who already loves you Do you need more than that?



You are not alone and you never ever have been alone. What we Christian's are trying to do is to replace JESUS with a man or woman instead!



You already have someone who is perfect who loves you dearly, who would love to spend quality time with you every single day JESUS!!



You are loved, You Are Loved! YOu ARe LOved! YOU ARE LOVED BY JESUS........................ You are NOT alone.............



We got to punch through these satanic lies, deceptions & satanic strongholds...... We are NOT alone, the LORD ALMIGHTY is with us!!!



GOD is with you might warrior!!! You might be asking if that is true, why are things so hard? Because they are DESIGNED to be hard by GOD!



GOD has designed all of our trials, tests, tribulations, sufferings etc etc etc... They were specifically designed for you to go through!!!



Nothing strange is happening to you! It is actually designed for you to go through & all Christian's are going through similar experiences!



These experiences are making us stronger, molding us, shaping us, making us more Christ like, they change us & are extremely needed!!



Your not suffering & going through these things because GOD doesn't love you... It is the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!



GOD is bringing these extremely difficult experiences to us on purpose to go through because of HOW MADLY IN LOVE HE IS WITH US.......



 Here is a wonderful article that goes into great detail about this topic



These fiery experiences are actually coming to us on purpose, sent to us by GOD.. Does he use satan? Sometimes yes!! But they are from GOD!



 If you feel you must have a bf or gf, please check this out




If you must, if you have to, if you are dying to have a bf or gf or spouse in your life, the truth is, that is satanic spiritual darkness!!



satan lies & lies & lies to me & I am soooo sick of listening to him....... Enough is enough!! Who will join me ????




I do NOT need a gf or wife. Yes, I want one, but I do NOT need one!!! NO MORE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more deceptions............



I have been single for 12 years now & although there were some very rough times, PRAISE JESUS I am doing fine, I am still here!!!!



You are still here.................. The LORD is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Enough with those satanic lies..... Yes I have been alone for 12 years now, but GOD has used that time for his kingdom!!!!



Now which one is better -> Having a wife for the last 12 years or working for the kingdom of GOD the last 12 years?



Let us say to GOD tonight ---- O LORD, we will give you 100% now. We will try, try to get the opposite sex out of our minds..........



Lord, I would like to get married in the near future, but your kingdom is sooooo more important than any selfish wants or desires of mine!!



Change us JESUS, change us from the inside out!!!!!! Get those satanic strongholds out of us we pray................



Yes, I have a very special friend named Alexandra, and it would be cool to get married in the future, but you are INCREDIBLE JESUS!!!!



Your kingdom far FAR FARRRRRRRRRRRRRR out weighs any selfish plans or desires we might have!!!



Thank you JESUS for keeping us single, thank you for using us for your kingdom the last few months, years or decades!!!!




Thank you for slowly teaching us about this kind of bondage, bondage to a man or woman, to a spouse or even to our friends!!!



Thank you for keeping women away from me so you could work in me and others here the last 12 years for the kingdom!!!



Thank you for purposely keeping me, for keeping many of us single so we could spread the good news of the gospel for you more efficiently!!



Now who will join me? Who will stop, absolutely stop worrying about finding someone to date and marry & focus on the LORD & the kingdom?



 Here is a wonderful article about being Christian & single




Now for those of you who are married, if you are obsessing on your spouse, if you have made them into an idol, that is just as bad!!!!



We do not want to put anyone or anything above JESUS in our hearts, souls & in our thoughts....



We Christian's are FAMOUS for trying to replace JESUS inside of us with out spouses!!! What an incredible satanic trap ............



Here is a common statement from a married Christian -> My wife doesn't love me and my ENTIRE LIFE is falling apart now!!!!!



Here is a common statement from married Christian's -> My wife ignored me today, I feel so down and depressed now!!!



We absolutely have to center our lives & our hearts on JESUS whether you are married, dating or single!! JESUS is our only victory!!!!



Your husband cannot save you, heal you, repair you, fix you, he cannot do much of anything at all for you except pray & fast for you!!!


We gotta stop replacing JESUS with our spouses, our bf's & gf's, friends, work, and everything else that we replace him with!!!



Only JESUS is truly safe to love, to give all of our heart and soul too......



Married couples can work for the kingdom too, Peter took his wife along sometimes... But Paul makes it clear, being single is even better!!



I would agree with GOD speaking through Paul that being single is the better blessing the deeper richer more spiritual way to live for JESUS



Being married is a great blessing, being single is a great blessing, this is absolutely for sure!!!


Married people cannot do for the kingdom what single man or woman can do... Paul makes this clear and it is true!!!



This is not to say that married people cannot do ministry work, of course they can and the LORD can move mountains through them!!!



Having GOD send a wonderful man for you to marry is a HUGE blessing... But you could give so much more to the kingdom if you stay single!!



Once you get married, you will have tons and tons of concerns pleasing your new husband, making sure everything is OK every day!!!



Paul makes this perfectly clear, I am not saying anything new that hasn't been in the bible for 2000 years!!!



Here is a common Christian statement I hear -> My wife wont have sex with me, I am sooooooo angry now!!!




Being married will have all kinds of stresses, concerns and problems in your life that you did not have before as single!!



But, being single can be excruciatingly hard too!!! So what do we learn? We need grace.... We need GODS grace badly in our lives!!!



So being married and being single are going to be extremely hard!!!



So if you get married, you will be busy day to day trying to please your spouse!! Now that is fine, it is a great blessing.........



But if you are completely single, you can spend 7 days a week pleasing JESUS, working for the kingdom, doing full time ministry work!!!

So be very very careful what you pray for!!!



I tell you straight, there are no perfect people out there to date and marry! You will have tons and tons and tons of issues with them...



You two will be so busy working out your differences, the flesh, the selfish wants & desires, you will be too exhausted to do ministry work!




If your single, be very very very careful about praying for JESUS to send someone into your life to marry!!!!




You probably don't even realize what your even asking for!!!!!




If your married, center your heart & soul on JESUS, not on your spouse!! By doing this, it will actually make your marriage stronger!!!



If your dating, stop obsessing on the guy or girl, stop it, STOP IT tonight! Start, START obsessing on JESUS for this is your only hope!!



If you are single, doing tons of ministry work, when you get married, you will be soooooooo busy trying to solve marriage issues!!!!!







Maybe you always wanted children like I did too.... How about adopting?



If your dating right now, and you have made him or her an idol in your heart, your relationship is in big BIG trouble!!!!




I would NOT want to get married to any woman if her and myself were NOT madly in love with JESUS first...... Its toooooo dangerous otherwise



I clearly said that getting married is a huge HUGE blessing!!!!!




I also clearly said that staying single is EVEN A BIGGER blessing!!!!



Both ways are extremely good if GOD is behind them!!!




But both ways will be extremely difficult too.... In fact, they are so hard, without grace the person or married couple will suffer & suffer



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