The LORD, Dating, Snares

The LORD, Dating, Snares & Traps

The LORD, dating, snares & traps!


Oh LORD JESUS all life is just so terrible without you in it. So sinful, so many addictions, so much pain and hurting and crying!


Heal us JESUS, heal us from the inside out!!!!!! Don't leave us the way we are tonight O LORD!!!


If you are single at this time, now is the perfect time to work on your relationship with JESUS!!!! I mean it is picture perfect.....


If the LORD has given you a new person to date and get to know, watch out!!! Do NOT start ignoring the LORD for he is ON FIRE for you!!!!


When the LORD sends a new person into your life, the most dangerous thing you could possibly do, is to start ignoring JESUS!!!!


If GOD sent you a new person to date, and if you have been ignoring JESUS now, I promise you this -> Your new relationship is doomed!!!


Whether we are single or dating someone or even married, we have to, we must, we got to make time for JESUS and the bible!!!!!!!


Maybe you have been in sadness, loneliness & depression so long, you forgot what its like to be free -->>>


Just because JESUS sends us a new man or woman to date & fall in love with, is NOT a license to start ignoring JESUS & the bible.....


Even when you ignore JESUS, he cannot, he will not, HE refuses to ignore you!!!


Even when you cheat on JESUS, he will NOT cheat on you... Even when you rather hold a guys hand instead of JESUS' HE still holds your hand!


Even though you rather kiss a woman you just met instead of kissing JESUS hand or cheek, the LORD will never leave you, never turn on you!!


You say JESUS is all you need, you say JESUS is all you want, but those words are all lies.... Inside your living in loneliness & depression


Let us NOT say JESUS is all we need unless we are absolutely SURE we mean it...... Because you might be tested on it!!!!


Maybe you have been obsessing on the new guy that JESUS just sent into your life... JESUS sees this..... JESUS is still obsessing on you!!!!


Even though you rather have your new girlfriend hold you real tight tonight, JESUS still will hold you real tight tonight never letting go!


You hurt JESUS' feelings all the time, but JESUS will never hurt your feelings!!!


You cheated on JESUS 1000 times but JESUS has been perfectly loyal to you!


You stabbed JESUS in the back but the LORD would never ever hurt you! Everything JESUS does for you is wonderful!!!!


You gab & gab & gab on the phone about your new boyfriend, while JESUS watches the entire thing and so soooooo sad...........


Don't you ever EVER say JESUS is all you need because you just might be tested on this... Then, when the tests start, wow will you be sorry!



You made JESUS cry, but the LORD has never ever made you cry by hurting your feelings or rejecting you. He brings tears of joy & love!!


Stop, stop it! Stop thinking about men and women and dating..... All of that garbage is exactly what satan wants you to do!!!!


It is not too late..... Turn it around... Turn your thoughts around, turn your ideas around, turn your goals around, repent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even though there is NO DATING in the bible!!!



JESUS sees how we rather talk on the phone with our new friend that HE sent to us, instead of fellow-shipping with HIMSELF.... It hurts him!!



Here is a wonderful article on Christian dating --->>>>



GOD wrote that article through my tiny fingers.... Why? Because of the blood, sweat and tears I had during trying to Christian date....


There is a reason why dating CANNOT be found in the bible!!!!!

Are we suppose to be focusing on the opposite sex in the first place? Isn't that exactly what satan wants us to do ?


Can any of you even start to realize how many times we hurt JESUS' feelings? I probably hurt him 1000 times..............


You spend all night long talking to your new boyfriend till 3am in the morning on the phone... Do you realize JESUS sees this? It hurts him!


Now who does GOD want us to focus on? Have you read 1st John? We are to abide in his incredible son JESUS!!!!


Where in the bible do we find all of that dating, kissing, holding hands, going to private locations with her, sinning, temptations????


GOD is holy and he is living inside of you!!!!!! You are to be holy too... Now I know its a process, its a process to be transformed!!!


How does hot and heavy dating help the process to be transformed into the very image of JESUS? It is actually helping satan's plans, NOT GOD


Did you know you are called to be holy? How does dating someone, letting them touch us make us holy?


Has dating every every every worked out for you to bring you closer to JESUS and the kingdom of GOD? Even once? I highly doubt it!!!


We go into relationship after relationship only to have them fall apart & why? Because we are suppose to seek the kingdom of GOD first!!!


GOD wants us to seek his kingdom first with all of our heart, soul, fire, mind and emotions....... But we keep doing it backwards!!!


We want a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse first, then we say to ourselves we will be able to abide in JESUS.... Now that is a satanic trap!


Why not try dating JESUS for 6 months straight day and night before you ever EVER pray for a new person to enter your life?


I mean if we are not dating JESUS, what makes you think your ready to start dating a new person who is going to be FARRRRR from perfect??


I promise you this -> If you are NOT truly & really abiding in JESUS 7 days a week, you are NOT ready for dating or marriage!!!


If your not willing to date JESUS & solely JESUS for 6 months straight, I promise you this -> You are NOT ready for dating & marriage!!


So if you want a new person to marry this is all you gotta do -> Start really & truly abiding in the LORD for realzzzzzz 7 days a week..


Abiding in JESUS is all we gotta do to get ready to marry someone. But, if you are NOT abiding in JESUS, you better stop dating!!!


We do not want to use a guy to take away the loneliness, we want to cling to JESUS to fill up that terrible emptiness inside of us!!!


If you seek the kingdom of GOD first, all other things will be added to you... Satan wants us to seek a guy or girl first!!!


How can we possibly love a new man or woman when we clearly do NOT love JESUS enough yet? It is all deceptions.......


If we try to use a man or woman to take away that loneliness, that is a sure fire snare and trap to take us to the lake of fire!!!!


We first need JESUS to complete us, to take away the emptiness inside of us, then & only then are we ready to think about dating!!!!



Would you be willing to date JESUS & only JESUS for 6 months to a year first?


If your answer is no, you really are NOT ready for dating a guy or girl!!


If your answer was yes, praise GOD for giving you the wonderful grace to start dating JESUS in a close, passionate & fiery relationship!!


Lust is an absolutely terrible reason to start dating......... We need to draw closer to JESUS and he will CRUSH that lust in us!!!!


I know the demonic comes to us & with our evil flesh, they tag team us and push & push & push us to seek out the opposite sex!!


Trust me I know all about this!!! I have failed this test over & over again.... This is why GOD is able to type through me to warn you!


Trust me I know all about this!!! I have failed this test over & over again.... This is why GOD is able to type through me to warn you!


The flesh & the demonic want us to obsess on the opposite sex.. GOD wants us to obsess on JESUS, ministry work, the kingdom!!!!

Passing Out Food to the Homeless!

Can you see the two differences clearly now ???



A new boyfriend is NOT going to solve your problems. He is only going to make everything worse!! JESUS is our only victory, not guys & girls


I’ve been single for 12 years now, and it sure has been rough.... But, there is no girl on earth who can heal my heart & soul, only JESUS can!


Thank you JESUS for loving all of us enough to teach us these truths!!!


Now do you see why the movies, TV, internet, music, videos, books, magazines & billboards push the opposite sex on us?

Yes people – satan!


You are in a war over your thoughts, over your focus, over your imaginations & dreams & goals & the enemies hate you more than I can type!


Can you name even one single time when a new bf or gf solved your problems? No,,,, of course not! Usually they lead us to sinning.. - satan!


Please tell me how are we FREE in Christ if we have all of this evil bondage to dating, our bf's & gf's & everything else? We are NOT free!


When we pray day and night for a boyfriend or girlfriend, how on earth is that being FREE in Christ? Actually it shows us were in bondage!



Can you see now that the enemy is lying to you?


We need to first get that darkness & emptiness filled up by JESUS & the holy bible, then & only then are we possibly ready for dating!!!


Please let us all do everything in the correct order!! What is the correct order that GOD wants us to do --->>>>

                                JESUS.... bible!!


If satan can get us to focus on dating, sex & the opposite sex, he already has one of our feet in the lake of fire!!!!!!!!!!!


Help us JESUS, teach us your truths O LORD GOD!! We messed up our own lives over & over again... We humble ourselves to you JESUS!!!


Our ways are allllll so terrible JESUS......... All we Christian people do is copy the world, the world that satan rules!!! Help us JESUS...


Tell the LORD you are committing the next 6 months to have a fiery, passionate dating affair with him. Then pray for grace to do it!!!


We humble ourselves JESUS. We do NOT know how to date, we do NOT know how to choose the right person, we need you JESUS badly!!!!



Help us JESUS, teach us O LORD, change us from our ridiculous ways we do things........ Give us more truths JESUS WE PRAY!!!



Please O LORD, keep the wrong guys away from us, please keep the wrong girls away from us for we are soooo foolish JESUS!!!!


Guard us from these wicked and deceptive traps from the enemies!! Be our LORD, be our protector, be our hero we pray JESUS......




Help us JESUS to stop making the same dating mistakes over & over & over again....... Teach us your real truths, not what satan teaches us.

 Sincerely, your brother Garrett

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