The Illuminati

The Illuminati!

Here is how some people think the Illuminati are ruling the world

I personally feel the Vatican being run by the Jesuits would be near the very very top in my opinion!

Some people think the Royal family in England rules the world.................. There seems to be some merit to that point of view!

Once again, in my opinion it seems that the Jesuit run Vatican would be real high on the religious section ruling most things of the world along with England, and the 13 families who make up the Illuminati!

Here is a example right up above that I am GUESSING might be closer to the truth!!!!

This chart in my humble opinion seems more accurate, with the Vatican/Jesuits and England ruling most things in the world!

Here we have some opinions on who the 13 Ruling Illuminati family names might be.

These 12 men are powerful people in the world, but not all 12 are Illuminati blood lines in my opinion.
Please look below -->>>

Look at how the Illuminati/Masons designed Washington DC

Here we have satanic pentagrams inside of pentagrams inside of even more pentagrams!!!!!

All of Washington DC is designed by pure evil!

Look at the American Dollar bill now!

From what I have studied, it sure seems like the Jesuits who control the Vatican, seem to be ruling most of the world.........

Look at some of this now -->>>

The Black Pope rules and leads the Jesuits!

Here are some pics of the last two Black Popes!!!

From what I can tell, it seems US Presidents, Congressman, Senators, Police Chiefs etc etc etc are all taking orders from their Masonic/Jesuit controllers and leaders above them!

Of course these orders are coming from over seas..........

Yes people, the USA is completely run it seems from Foreign men and women who hate the USA!!!

Look at where the Bush family blood line can be
 traced too 

Look at who Adolph Hitler was

Out of all of the evil men in the world, I will single out this one man -->>>>
  Bill Gates............ You might want to go study and find out what he has been doing with his
 billions of dollars!!!

Here are some artists who either claim to be Illuminati, or work for the Illuminati!

The TRUE blood Illuminati leaders are billionaires if not TRILLIONAIRES.............. They stay hidden as much as possible and live all over the world........ These people are much MUCH wealthier the the top 10 wealthiest people on Forbes list!

The pop and rap stars are just using the name Illuminati for marketing purposes!

I am NOT saying that satan, through the Illuminati is not using these music artists, actors, directors, producers etc etc

 BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look who owns some of the worlds most important resources

Look at what some of the past world leaders have said about all of this 

Here are some of the Illuminati corporations..... Or at least most of these will be run by their parent companies who will be taking orders from the WORLD'S ELITE RULERS!!!

In my opinion, here is a little bit better example of how the Illuminati are running the world

Here are some of the SPACESHIPS that the Illuminati can probably use anytime they want..... And they own these ships and are in full control of them from what I can tell!


Through secret parts of the US military, possibly the Russian military, and most likely secret parts of certain European military facilities too!

Now in my humble opinion, here is how I feel the world is being ruled...............................

1). GOD, ruling through his son JESUS is using satan and the demons like dumb farm animals to do their very will!

2). satan comes next ruling through his huge demonic army of most likely trillions of evil spirits.........

3). Next most likely - Possibly 13 Illuminati families spread out throughout the world..... Where each family leadership might be in direct contact with satan himself, or with high ranking Generals who are giving these family members their orders!
I feel these 13 families might be the wealthiest families in the world controlling almost all of the world's money.......


3). The Black Pope, ruling the Jesuit order who now controls the Vatican! It seems the Jesuits are the MILITARY ARM of the world rulers, while the Illuminati family members might be the financial arm!
Yes who has more money than the Vatican whom the Jesuits now control?

4). The English Royal Family members might possibly come next as I am guessing here!

5). The Illuminati owns most of the most powerful SECRET SERVICE AGENCIES OF THE WORLD, and these agencies take their orders from different world powers........ Possibly from the Jesuits/Vatican, Or the 13 families etc etc etc...........

The US military seems to be completely run, owned and controlled by these super powerful FOREIGN AGENCIES!!!


Because the 13 families, or the Jesuits/Vatican/Masons totally control the US government!!!!!!!!!!!

I will stop my chart here, because after there, it starts to get too complicated!!!!

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Love, your servant Garrett

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