The Flesh!

 The Flesh!!!

Children of GOD.............. We have an enemy! A huge, powerful vicious enemy!!

This enemy is so powerful, if not for incredible supernatural happenings, this enemy would take us all straight to the lake of fire!

No child of GOD, I am not talking about the demons..........

No child of GOD I am not talking about demonic generals either!

No child of GOD I am not talking about the leader of the demonic army satan! No!

The enemy I am talking about is much more powerful than satan!!!

The enemy I am talking about is called ->

 The flesh!

This is that evil, sinful carnal nature that is put inside of us when we are born!

This is that sinful carnal nature that wants to feed itself, it wants to grow bigger and more powerful so it can take over our entire lives!

This enemy is so powerful, every man, woman and child on earth would go straight to the lake of fire if GOD did not do something about this!

When Adam sinned, GOD cursed the world.................Now when we are born, we are born with that sinful carnal nature inside of us!

The failure of Adam and Eve is what started this mess!!! We inherit this curse basically speaking from Adam and Eve because they disobeyed GOD long ago.

I am not picking or judging Adam and Eve, I also have listened to the lies of satan over and over again in my life!

Since that time, every single baby born on earth has been born with this sinful carnal nature.....

I am not an expert on this, but from what I studied, this sinful carnal nature is passed on to us through the blood, from our parents, from their parents and on and on throughout history!

Now you and I who are living tonight are living in the very last generation on earth... Our time is just about over for us children of GOD!

JESUS died on the cross for us for probably 10,000 different reasons!!!

One of those 10,000 reasons was - When JESUS was up on the cross, HE ALSO TOOK OUR SINFUL CARNAL NATURE up on the cross with him!!!

Even though JESUS did this 2000 years ago & even though we are alive tonight, JESUS still took your sinful nature up on his cross too!!!

Galatians 2:20 - I have been crucified with CHRIST. It is NO longer I who live, but CHRIST living in me!

So how does this work? Well, our flesh was crucified on the cross with JESUS, but it tries to climb down all the time! Our flesh is constantly trying to get us to feed it so it can become stronger. This is some kind of spiritual nature that is quite evil, in fact the flesh in us is created AFTER THE IMAGE OF satan!

Our flesh that sinful carnal nature is at war with our spirit. They war every day and whichever one we FEED THE MOST, will grow stronger!

So we want to starve our flesh and feed our spirit so our spirit is ruling our body. Our spirit is where GOD lives in us!  The flesh in us is where satan can live inside of us!! GOD has given satan the flesh..................

There are many things we can do to feed our spirit like -> Praying, bible, talking with JESUS, ministry work, worshiping JESUS etc etc!

As we do these wonderful things, our own spirit and GOD's presence will get stronger and stronger in us...

If we do not do these wonderful things, our spirit will get weaker & weaker & weaker... Guess what happens then?

As our spirit gets weaker & weaker, now our flesh is getting stronger and stronger........ This is the war we are in!

You might say that satan is our real enemy.... No child of GOD...... The flesh is our real enemy!

satan comes against our flesh... So as satan sees lust in our flesh, now a demon of lust will come to us!

As satan sees greed in our flesh, now a demon of greed will come to us.

GOD has given satan our flesh to attack, to live inside of, to come against, to tag team us!!!

It is usually our flesh that wants to look at porn first... Now with a demon of lust, they tag team us and we get slammed!!!

It is usually our flesh that looks at beautiful people all around us where we live, now a demon of lust or defilement might come to us too!

We must believe that our flesh has been crucified on the cross... When we believe this, GOD gives us victory over our flesh! GOD honors our faith to believe scriptures like

Galatians 2:20 and starts to work it our in our lives during our sanctification process!

WE must know that we have been crucified with CHRIST.... Not us physically, but our old man/the flesh/the carnal nature inside of us has been crucified! 

If we feed our flesh, it can get stronger & stronger & stronger & stronger and eventually take us straight to the lake of fire!

GOD told us about 4 years ago that our flesh acts like a beacon to the demons. Our flesh is shining on and off, on and off to attract demons to it, literally like a shark being attracted to blood.

There are probably 10,000 ways we can feed our flesh......... Here are a few of them and I pray this will help you a little -->>

The following feeds the flesh big time -> Porn, gaming, drugs, alcohol, over eating, BAD TV, BAD movies, BAD videos, BAD music!

The following feeds the flesh -> Sex, masturbation, ALL BAD THOUGHTS, looking at magazines, looking at pictures, looking at bad things! If we continue to look at men and women, a defiling type of demon might come to us and push us to start thinking gay thoughts! If we continue to look at bad things or people, or sexy pics, a defiling demon might start to talk to us and compel us to have gay feelings!

All computer, console and internet gaming feeds the flesh big time. DRINKING caffeine feeds the flesh!

Feeds the flesh -> most types of dancing, hugging, kissing, touching all feeds the flesh!!!

Walking through the mall looking at sexy people feeds the flesh big time, in fact in no time at all a demon will be with you and that will not be good!

Eating desserts can feed the flesh man, not only your body, but it also can feed the sinful carnal nature at times!

Eating a lot of incredible food a lot can not only feed your body, but it feeds your fleshly nature too!

Reading, watching and listening to conspiracy TV, websites or radio feeds the flesh man!

There could be 10,000 things that feed our flesh, I only named about 30 of the most popular!!

Yes child of GOD, when we eat it not only feeds our body, but it feeds our sinful carnal nature too!!!

If you do not believe me, go try and see how hard fasting is!

We need grace so badly to go to war against this evil flesh that we are all stuck with! We MUST believe that is has been crucified! We must believe that this flesh was crucified on the cross with JESUS, now when grace comes, lets use the grace and starve this enemy out!

Starving the enemy out means – Saying no to masturbation, no to TV, no to all bad music, no to all movies etc etc etc..........

We cannot have mercy on this enemy, we cannot show any grace to this enemy that lives inside of us......... If we do, he might climb down from the cross and start to really come against us!

One of the reasons why internet gaming is a sin among 1000 of them is, it feeds the flesh man!!!

Not much feeds the flesh more than playing World of war-craft......... That is for sure......... Except porn or sex or masturbation itself!!!

JESUS says 8 different times in the book of Revelation that we must be an – Over-comer!

What JESUS is talking about is - We must overcome the flesh, we must overcome the world, we must overcome satan!

What he is saying is - We must overcome sin!!! And the truth is, we cannot! Only JESUS can living inside of us!! It will be ALL GRACE!

This is the war we face, this is the war we are in!!! IF WE HAD NO FLESH, the demons would have no power over us!

Since your flesh was crucified on the cross, simply believe this................ Keep believing you are dead to sin like Paul talks about Romans chapter 6 in great detail!

Use faith to believe and know that you and I are dead to sin and GOD is making it happen! Then, use GOD'S grace that he is giving you to go to war against the flesh, against everything in our lives that causes the flesh and feeds the flesh making it stronger and stronger!

GOD is making this happen because of what JESUS did on the cross, because of his grace, because of your faith, because the bible says so! Every single child of GOD should memorize

Galatians 2:20- as soon as we can for this is a very important scripture!

Watching porn or looking at sexy pics can be super SUPER dangerous child of GOD... We can not tell what kind of demon might come to us!

It could be a demon of masturbation, it could be a demon of sexual lust, it could be a demon of homosexuality, it could be a defiling demon!

These things are very VERY dangerous to do and if we continue, all hell might rain down on our lives!

If your a woman, please for the LOVE OF GOD, take down all sexy pics on your profiles and put up stuff that wont attract attention to you! Child of GOD, woman of GOD, girl of GOD, what are you doing putting up sexy pics of yourself? Do you even realize what your doing?

If your a man of GOD, take down your sexy pics on your profiles, replace with with a cross, or JESUS, or miracles, or heaven etc etc! Why are you advertising yourself man of GOD? Doesn't the bible say you are a holy priest? A royal priest? Of course it does!!!   So start behaving holy, start acting holy and take down your silly pics with no shirt on, or with your pants falling down etc etc!!  How silly brother.......

We always hear people talking about the demonic, I know, I do it quite a lot too, but the FLESH is our real enemy!

JESUS had no flesh in him, and this is our goal too!

Gal 2:20 - You have been crucified with CHRIST, it is no longer you who even live anymore, it is CHRIST living in you!!!  Your flesh is dead now! It is crucified, do not let it come back down from the cross, do not feed it, not even a little!

We must go to full all out war against this powerful enemy!

The flesh can be destroyed because of JESUS, the cross, the blood, his mercies, his blessings, your faith,  his love for you and the bible promises!

So if your flesh is acting up tonight in whatever ways, start humbling yourself! Get on your knees and spend time with JESUS and the bible!

repenting and humbling ourselves would be step 1... We have to be humble because JESUS holds our entire life in the palm of his hand!

We have to realize we cannot overcome the flesh, that evil flesh that wants us to watch porn, or wants us to look at sexy pics! Only JESUS can overcome this. Because of this, this is very humbling to learn! We are completely helpless child of GOD without JESUS!

This is why we children of GOD should never ever ever judge NON believers and if you do, you will be sinning and cursing yourself!

You have CHRIST, the blood, the cross, his mercies and blessings to help you! The Non believers do not, so never ever ever judge them!

I know LORD JESUS, I cannot overcome anything, you have proven this to me over and over again!

But you O LORD are the only one to overcome the world. You did it JESUS and nobody else!

Teach us how to believe more LORD, show us how to overcome too, please give us the strength to overcome our giants we face!

Please JESUS, give us the mercies and blessings we need to overcome the flesh, to believe, to truly believe it has been crucified!

We are so helpless without you JESUS! You truly are our only hope in life to overcome the flesh and the demonic whispering to us....

Help us JESUS to overcome the lies of the flesh & the demonic. No we are not going to turn gay satan! We will walk with the LORD GOD...

No flesh, no demon, we will NOT play world of war-craft anymore!!! We will not internet game anymore for we are holy!

No flesh, no satan, we will not look at sexy pics anymore!!!!!!!!!! For we are royal priests, we are servants of the MOST HIGH GOD!

No flesh, no demon, we will not drink caffeine anymore, we will not take drugs anymore for we are children of the CREATOR!

No flesh, no demon, we will not think those gay or defiling thoughts anymore! We refuse you completely in the powerful name of JESUS!

Child of GOD, we are too close to the Great tribulation now for us to continue feeding the flesh and listening to the lies of the demons!

No flesh, no demon, we will not look at porn, we will not look at bad pics anymore for we have JESUS living inside of us!

No flesh, no demons, I do not need a girlfriend or wife!! I do NOT NEED ONE.... I would like to have my wife, but I do not need one!

No flesh, no demons, I do not need to drink beer tonight................ JESUS loves me, I can make it through tonight, through this week!

No flesh, no demon, I am not lonely, I am not alone, JESUS is with me, FATHER GOD is with me, a guardian angel is with me! I am not lonely!

No flesh, no demon, I will not over eat........ I will just simply eat my food each day that GOD is so gracious and so loving to give us!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need to masturbate........ I am holy, I am righteous in JESUS, I am more than a conqueror in JESUS CHRIST!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need to have sex.................... I need to spread the gospel of JESUS! I need to ask people to repent!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need a new friend to be happy! JESUS is suppose to be all I need and I am praying for help to believe this! No flesh, no demon, I do not need a new friend to be happy! I am not even working on my friendship with JESUS enough now first!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need to take psychotropic drugs... I am not depressed, I rebuke you demon of depression in JESUS' powerful name!

No flesh, no demon, I am sick and tired of the addiction to sugar!!!!!!!!!! I do not need to eat sugar anymore.. Unless I choose too!

No flesh, no demon, who gives a damn how pretty she is! I am so sick and tired of this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need JESUS more...........

No flesh, no demon, I need to get to heaven, I do not need a girl, I do not need a woman, I do not need new friends. I need JESUS period!

No flesh, you cannot come down from the cross.... JESUS will send me grace and mercies and blessings to continue practicing to believe this!

No flesh, no demon, you cannot, you will not, you BETTER NOT try to confuse my mind anymore! CHRIST will attack you if you do! I am free in Christ, my mind is free in Christ JESUS!

No flesh, no demon, I will not touch my body anymore in sexual ways. I need to help people, feed people, pray for people, bless people!

No flesh, no demon, I rebuke the anxiety and fear... I have nothing to fear because GOD loves me.......I will NOT fear anymore!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need a woman to hold me and cuddle with me... Forget that crap because I have JESUS holding me!

No flesh, no demon, I do not need to play World of warcraft anymore... I need to start playing the real game - The spiritual warfare game!

Love, your servant Garrett

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