The Catholic Inquisition


The Horrendously Evil Roman Catholic Inquisition!

The Roman Catholic Inquisition was one of the greatest disasters ever to befall mankind. In the name of Jesus Christ, Catholic priests mounted an enormous effort to kill all "heretics" in Europe and Britain. Heretics is defined whichever way Rome wanted it defined; it ranged from people who disagreed with official policy, to Hermetic Philosophers [Black Magick Practitioners], to Jews, to Witches, and to the Protestant reformers.

Slaughtering one's enemies is clearly rotten spiritual fruit. During the early part of His ministry, Jesus was approached by two of His disciples -- James and John -- who had just returned from preaching the Gospel message throughout parts of Israel. These two disciples were upset, for some entire towns had refused to even hear their message; they asked the Lord:

"Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?" [Luke 9:54]

Jesus was horrified. He replied:

"You do not know of what sort of spirit you are, for the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them from the penalty of eternal death." [Luke 9:55-56; Parallel KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Let us repeat that most pertinent phrase: "the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives".

Nowhere in Holy Scripture did Jesus ever slaughter anyone who disagreed with him, nor did He ever advocate any of his followers doing so. Neither does any Apostle give this command to the Church later in the New Testament.

In another passage, Jesus reveals the kind of sweet spirit He is introducing to the world. Listen:

"Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease, refreshment, recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. For My yoke is wholesome (useful, good -- not harsh, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant) and My burden is light and easy to be borne." [Matthew 11:29-30; Parallel KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Our precious Savior never ordered anyone to be slaughtered for any reason, especially for hardness of heart against His message, nor for disagreeing with Him on spiritual matters. But -- and this is a very big 'but' -- pagans regularly move to slaughter their opponents, usually with great relish and hardness of heart. In such slaughters, murder is not enough; rather, before the victim dies, pagans absolutely relish inflicting maximum pain upon their victims. White and Black Magick practitioners believe that the pain inflicted before death transfers great occult power to them, so they try to draw out a person's death as long as possible, inflicting the greatest amount of pain possible before death comes. Skilled Inquisition executioners would bring a victim to the point of death many times, only to stop the torture so the victim could revive, so they could be tortured again.

Therefore, the monstrosity of the Inquisition stands before mankind as the ultimate evidence of the inherent Satanism of the Roman Catholic Church. For those who have the courage to examine this ultimate "rotten fruit", they will see the truth of the Catholic Church. And do not think Rome has changed, for the Bible tells us that a Leopard does not change its spots [Jeremiah 13:23], and Rome is always bragging that she never changes. A concrete proof of this fact is that Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) restored the Office of the Inquisition, renamed today as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ["Lives of the Popes", by Richard P. McBrien, HarperSanFrancisco, 1997, p. 282, 354]. Today, this nefarious Office of the Inquisition is headed by Cardinal Ratzinger.

Why would Pope Paul VI reinstate the Office of the Inquisition unless he knew it would soon be needed again? With all prophecies of the appearance of Antichrist coming true together, just as Jesus mandated [Matthew 24:32-34], the time must have appeared right for Paul VI to reinstate this bloody office, for even though the original Inquisition killed tens of millions in 1,200 years, prophecy tells us that the False Prophet will kill billions in 3 1/2 years! Since the Roman Catholic Pope was chosen as the future False Prophet [Read NEWS1052 and NEWS1285], it makes sense that the Office of Inquisition be reinstated.


We have struggled with the Inquisition details we have uncovered, for to write in such a way as to fully expose the barbarity and unchristian nature of the Roman Catholic Inquisition, we fear we might scandalize our wonderful Christian readers; we fear we might have to write and show pictures that will offend Christian sensibilities, in order to fully expose the terrible, and often pornographic, truth. This is one action we do not want to take.

In reading books from 50-150 years ago, we see Christian authors struggling with this very question; they decided to "sanitize" the truth so no Christian sensibilities are offended. Yet, their books hide the true horror of the Roman Catholic Church! In this End of the Age, where Antichrist is apparently near, when the False Prophet has been selected and he is the Pope, and when the Liberal Protestant Church is cozying up to the very beast that slaughtered up to 75 million Protestants, we have concluded that the time has come to take the "sensibility blinders off". We will quote Catholic documents just as they were printed, so you can see the true face of this beast that slaughtered 75-100 million people over 1,200 years; if you think you will be offended, do not read the rest of the article [rest assured we will not depict gross immorality, as we have filtered that out].

We present to the world a lengthy expose' on the true face of the Roman Catholic practice of occult worship in the guise of Christianity. By the end of this article, you shall see how it is possible that the current priestly pedophile sex scandals could occur and could be covered up by the Church hierarchy. You will see how hard of heart a priest had to have been to threaten his female penitent with the Inquisition if she refused to have sex with him; truly, such a priest had a "conscience seared as with a hot iron", and he represented the majority of Catholic priests [Read NEWS1675].

This is the face of Rome.


In NEWS1675, we revealed that priests threatened their female penitents in the confessional that, unless they would have sex with them, they would turn them into the Inquisition! So effective was this threat that one dying priest revealed in 1710, "by these diabolical persuasions they were at our command, without fear of revealing the secret." [Page 36, "MASTER-KEY TO POPERY", Father Givens]

Since so few people today have been taught even the rudiments of history, most do not know what the Inquisition was REALLY and TRULY like. Most people today have no idea of the rampant barbarism and torture wreaked upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Europe for 1,200 years! Most people have no idea how the entire population was consumed by fear, for a knock on one's door in the middle of the night meant immediate beginning of a torturous death at the hands of the Inquisitors.

Accusation equaled Guilty.

Therefore, if a priest threatened a woman that he would lie about her to the officers of the "Holy" Inquisition, she knew the type of torture and death that awaited her. The priest would probably report the woman to the Inquisitors as a witch. As you shall see in a few moments, the Inquisitors treated alleged witches with special relish, glee, and attention.

In this treatise, we have attempted to walk a fine line between Christian modesty and a fervent desire that you should know the fullness of truth regarding the Inquisition. Since many of the victims were stripped nude and tortured publicly, or stripped nude and raped privately, we have had to weed out numerous drawings that depicted such nudity; however, we have included a couple of pictures which, even though they depict the nudity of the victim, do so in such a way as to not depict sexual body parts. We hope your sensibilities are not offended. If you think they might be, you may stop reading now.


Many of the victims were simply burned at the stake, as you can see here. Such burnings were usually carried out in public, so the population would see with their own eyes what happens to anyone who crosses Rome. However, most of the people who were publicly burned were first privately tortured. All over Europe, Kings and his subjects knew that the Pope's torturers were absolutely the best; they could force "confessions" through such skilled torture techniques that a King knew he could call upon them if his own men could not get the confession. You see, confessions provided the thin facade of responsibility; a King could show a confession from a victim to the public to convince them that this torture and death was justified.

A secular historian -- John J. Robinson -- provides a unique glimpse into this dark, dank world of Papal torture and murder in the year, 1310. Writing in his book, "Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Masonry", Robinson reveals:

"Two years went by, and the Templars being questioned without torture confessed nothing, constantly reaffirming their innocence ... In response to a papal demand that torture be applied, [King] Edward replied that torture had never played a role in either ecclesiastic or secular jurisprudence in England, so that he didn't even have anyone in the kingdom who knew how to do it. Exasperated, [Pope] Clement V wrote, warning Edward that he must look to the fate of his own soul in thus flouting the direct orders of the vicar of Christ on earth, and saying that he would try just one more time, giving King Edward the benefit of the doubt. The pope was dispatching ten skilled torturers to England in the charge of two experienced Dominicans; now Edward would be out of excuses .... It says something of the Pope's resolve that he took time out of his holy office on Christmas Eve, 1310, to deal with the problem of the captive Templars. His Christmas gift to the people of England was the introduction into their legal system of interrogation by torture." [Page 148]

Even though Emperor Constantine (321) began the policy of suppressing all people and doctrine not in conformity to official dogma, most scholars place the beginning of the official Inquisition to Pope Theodore I (642-649), who began the practice of dipping his pen into consecrated wine before signing the death warrants of heretics. ["The Magic of Obelisks", by Peter Thomkins, p. 55]

In the book, "Lives of the Popes", we learn that the "consecrated wine" by which Pope Theodore I signed these death warrants was Eucharistic wine [McBrien, P. 105].

The Inquisition was started back in this period, and was aimed at the "heresies" of the Hermetic Philosophers, i.e., the Black Magick practitioners of Europe. In this picture, you can see the fear that the early Inquisition generated amongst the general population in the villages and cities; the officers of the Inquisition would march into the town, armed with the Papal Bull that authorized the top leader of the Papal forces that have entered the city. The top Vatican official would march to the city center square, and surrounded by heavily armed soldiers, would read the Papal declaration. Once the declaration from the Pope was read, the soldiers would begin to arrest the "heretics" -- defined as disagreeing with the Church of Rome. Roman dogma was the standard, not the pure Holy Bible.


Just as pagans have always done throughout every era, the Roman Catholics utilized pain and torture for the sheer panic it spread among the people. In this picture, we see a Catholic Bishop having his eyes put out for some type of heresy of which he was accused and for which he would not repent. Eye piercing was generally given to a learned person because their livelihood and their passion was academic pursuit. After their eyes were put out, they were usually destitute and could no longer influence people with their "heresy" any longer. Truly, these terrified villagers discovered firsthand that the yoke of Rome was horrible, heavy to be borne, and terribly oppressive. The light yoke of the Savior seemed like a distant memory, lost in the mists of many centuries, hidden by the veil of pagan Rome.

Once the "heretics" were arrested and gathered at the site chosen for the public executions, sheer hysteria would grip the soldiers of the Vatican as they began their slaughter. Occultists have no difficulty seeing the heavy, pervasive influence of the demonic host sweeping through these soldiers. Once they began to kill, they were suddenly seething with the sheer power of demons. Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, writing of his personal observations during the Communist slaughters in Russia and China wrote:

"Revolutions do not cause love to triumph. Rather, killing becomes a mania. In the Russian and Chinese revolutions, after the Communists had murdered tens of millions of innocents, they could not stop murdering, and brutally killed one another ... Communism is collective demon possession." ["Marx & Satan", by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, p. 107-108]

Black Magick practitioners will tell you that the entire 1,200 year period of the Inquisition represented the height of demonic infestation in all of European history. The "Holy" Inquisition was "collective demon possession", as you shall see after examining the Catholic document which undergirded the entire 1,200 years of murder. Stay with us, so you shall know the truth.

The death told was immeasurable:

"And so was inflicted on the south of France one of the ferocious massacres in history. Bands of northern brigands pillaged and plundered. In the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire, twelve thousand 'heretics' were killed ... Those who tried to flee were cut down and butchered. Thousands more were burned at the stake. At Toulouse, Bishop Foulque put to death ten thousand people accused of heresy. At Beziers the entire population of more than twenty thousand was slaughtered. At Citeau, when asked how to distinguish Catholics from Catherists, the abbe replied with his famed cynicism: 'Kill them all; God will know his own'." [Thompkins, P. 58]

It is no secret why the soldiers of the Inquisition chose burning at the stake as one of their favorite methods of execution. Satan literally trembles with fear at the thought of his ultimate home in the Lake of Fire. During this time, he loves to burn as many people as they can at the stake. He truly loved burning Protestants at the stake, for this very reason.

During such annual sacrifices as the 13-Day Sacrifice to the Beast -- April 19 - May 1 -- their human sacrifices must be by fire, and must produce as much human terror as possible. A sacrifice to Lord Satan that is most pleasing contains the following elements, with each element exaggerated to the highest possible degree

1. Trauma, stress, and mental anguish, sheer terror

2. The final act in the drama should be destruction by a fire, preferably a conflagration.

3. People must die as human sacrifices [Covered in NEWS1347]

After the slaughtering had begun, the Vatican decided the effort was so worthwhile that it needed to be systematic, not dependent totally upon local Catholic leaders. At this time, the Office of the Inquisition was established. Not only did this office provide central leadership to the slaughter, it was able to use the resources of the Catholic Church to better train executioners and, most importantly of all, to train carefully chosen sadistic men how to be the best torturers in the world.

While much of the killing was carried out in public, the torturing to obtain "confessions" was accomplished in secret rooms, usually in a dungeon within a church, specifically designed for torture. In this picture, we can see a man hanging by ropes tied behind his back, while an Inquisition official was preparing to torture a prisoner through the use of a hot tong that he would soon shove up the man's toenails. In the middle, a prisoner is on a stretcher that is being pulled by ropes and pulleys into a vertical hanging position, in which he would remain for hours, and vulnerable to all sorts of tortures through violence done to the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. From this position, as well as in the hanging you see in the upper left, a person's joints could easily be pulled out of joint, producing excruciating pain.

As we stated earlier, accusation of a crime equaled being guilty. No condemned person ever won their case, ever beat the charge and walked free. You can see this poor accused man before the priests conducting the show trial. The crucifix to which the friar is pointing is hanging to the right of the accused, as these men thought their torturous activities were really serving and advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Well did Jesus speak of these men when He said: "... the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." [John 16:2]

This prophecy describes the entire Roman Catholic Inquisition perfectly! For 1,200 years, hundreds of thousands of loyal Catholics tortured and slaughtered tens of millions of "heretics", thinking they were serving the Savior by obeying the cruel dictates of the Pope. They really thought they were "doing God a service".

Then, Jesus tells us why these men could do such terrible things to believers in the name of God.

"And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." [John 16:3]

There you have it, from the lips of the Savior; these poor deluded Catholics carried out these horrible tortures in full view of the Crucifix because neither they, nor the Bishops, Cardinals, and Pope knew Jesus Christ! They were the counterfeit Christians of which Jesus spoke: "... having two horns like a lamb, but speaking as a dragon". [Revelation 13:11]

Counterfeit Christians!

In this picture, you see a most common form of torture. This poor man has been bound with a tight broad cord around his neck and his waist, both of which are fastened to a small board resembling a door. Then, the man's feet have been placed in stocks, with the soles facing a very hot bowl of burning charcoal. This doomed man is going to be tortured with fire to his feet while his neck is going to be increasingly constricted by the band attached to the door.

The terrified expression on his face tells the full story, don't you think? Remember, in Witchcraft, greater occult power flows to the perpetrators of the Satanic sacrifice if the victim suffers horribly. Thus, a witch sacrificing the victim will go to great lengths to visit maximum pain to the victim as the victim is slowing dying from torture. All this hatred and all this planned torture makes a great deal of sense once you understand this principle of Witchcraft.



As the Inquisition rolled along, another demonic spirit swept through the Church and the people carrying out the Inquisition. This spirit was a spirit of absolute, diabolical hatred of mankind, accompanied by a corresponding love of torture. If you look closely, you can see some wealthy people sitting on the other side of the plate glass window, looking at this poor man being tortured, as if they were watching an opera! Women as well as men were watching this poor man slowly die as he rotated on this very sharp point.

The man is suspended with these many ropes so he can be rotated on that exceedingly sharp point sticking into his anus. The pain was incalculable and quickly unbearable. We have other pictures of women being suspended on this same type of sharp point, which is sticking into her female organ!

In the Inquisition, pain inflicted on sexual organs was very prevalent, another clear sign of the sexual obsession brought on by the perversions of celibacy. This type of sexual perversion has occurred in every Mysteries Religions in all of history: the Babylonian Satanic Mysteries, Egyptian Mysteries, the Greek Mysteries, and the Mysteries of Imperial Rome. Celibate Catholic priests were just the latest to feel the scourge of sexual perversion brought on by celibacy.


If a woman was accused of being a witch, she was in for very special torture from this sex-starved clergy. As you will discover when you read "The Malleus Maleficarium", women were specially targeted for persecution as potential, or suspected, witches. If a woman was merely thrown off a high place, as we see here, she could count herself fortunate to die a quick and relatively painless death. As we shall demonstrate, a demonic spirit of sexual obsession and deviant lust blew through this entire Inquisition after the introduction of "The Malleus Maleficarium"; Pope Innocent III issued the Papal Bull on December 5, 1484, that established this document as the standard by which the Inquisition was to be conducted. Celibacy had been in existence at this point for 361 years, enough time for priests to be truly sexually deviant.

This sexual obsession quickly grew to the point where a woman lived in fear that one day, out of the blue, she would be accused by some nameless wretch of being a witch; since accusation equaled guilt, that woman could expect a slow, torturous death at the hands of sexually deviant celibate priests. This statement is historic fact, and we shall prove it, through the official document of the Roman Catholic "Holy" Inquisition, "The Malleus Maleficarium".

We have declined to put in most of the pictures we have depicting women of this era being sexually abused, and scorned during the time of the Inquisition, simply because we do not want to show sexual body parts on this website; however, this picture does demonstrate the fact that women were sexually abused during the Inquisition, without being so visually graphic.

Here, you see a condemned woman, accused of being a witch, stripped naked and forced to crawl in front of the leering crowd to a crate where she will be placed and then hung up off the ground for all to see. Catholic priests believed that a witch lost her powers when she was suspended off the ground; therefore, when Soldiers of the Inquisition arrested a woman accused of being a witch, they would pull her physically off the ground and carry her to the dungeon of confinement. This drawing captures the essence of this ridiculous belief.

One of the most heinous of all torture devices used against women in the Inquisition were these "Witch-prickers", pictured here. As you can see, these are really knives. "The Malleus Maleficarium" declared that witches have a "Devil's Mark" somewhere on their body. This required the priestly investigator to indulge himself in carrying out closer scrutiny by stripping the poor woman totally naked and giving her a close inspection. This inspection was often carried out amidst a crowd of men who were merely acting as voyeurs, but ostensibly "forced" to witness this "inspection" because of their religious duty!

"To increase the number of hits [stab wounds], the subtle notion was concocted that the devil's mark left a spot insensible to pain, only discernible by an inspector probing with a sharp prick [one of these knives]. Thus was raised a whole guild of 'witch-prickers' paid only when they discovered a witch, which in turn led to the 'foolproof' system of using an auxiliary retractable prick. The official 'pricker', having painfully, and visibly, drawn blood from several spots on a naked victim, would painlessly plunge the substitute bodkin [knife] to the hilt, astounding the crowd, and ensuring his fee for a witch delivered to trial." [Thomkins, p. 391]

In other words, this retractable knife would not penetrate the skin when it was forcefully thrust upon the woman, but would retract into the handle as it was designed to do. But, the crowd would not know this, and would believe that the reason the woman did not scream, and did not pour forth blood even though she had just been stabbed, was because she was a witch.

These "witch-prickers" looked for other "Devil's Marks" on the woman's body as well.

"According to the Church, somewhere on the body of a female witch, the devil left his mark, the obvious of which was a supernumerary nipple -- 'sure sign' of dedication to the many-breasted goddess Diana, queen of the witches. And, as the modern medical profession estimates that three out of a hundred have such vestiges, the chances of 'netting' a witch were considerable. [NOTE: the dictionary defines "supernumerary" as having more than the standard; therefore, a woman with more than one nipple has a "supernumerary nipple"]

Certainly, celibate, "chaste" priests would be very interested in examining 100 women to find the three who had a "supernumerary nipple"! But, the "witch-prickers" would stab each and every one of these "Devil's Marks" with one of these "prickers", these nasty looking knives. Since the entire episode was conducted by a celibate, "chaste" priest, they would get mightily sexually aroused by "examining" women in this manner. Thus, you can understand the next revelation from Thomkins.

"... there was that depraved compulsion, described by Wilhelm Reich as the 'emotional plague', whereby a pox of sexually malfunctioning 'armored' individuals, unable to enjoy the pleasure of natural lovemaking, set about relieving their pent-up sexuality through ripping, tearing, and burning the very flesh they could neither kiss, caress, nor inflame with pleasure." [Ibid.]

Thus, Celibacy -- the "doctrine that demons teach" -- invaded and took over a huge part of the "Holy" Inquisition. Satan found it easy to invade the Catholic Church this mightily, for he had been moving them into the practice of witchcraft since 321 AD, when Constantine asserted his rule over the church. By the time this period of the Inquisition began, the Church had been separated from the True Vine -- Jesus -- for 800 years.

Therefore, the standing timber was very dry, susceptible to the fires from Hell that Satan blew, using the Inquisition. A Black Magick practitioner will tell you that the demonic spirit from the sexual demon, Larz, and his demonic host, virtually took over the Inquisition with their sexual lust and obsessions, a take-over made extremely easy by the imposition of celibacy. Priests became murderers, rapists, and sexual voyeurs. As many as 75 million people paid the ultimate price, while many millions more were intimidated, tortured, and forced into having sex by a priest wielding this terrible weapon at the woman with whom he was trying to get into bed!

Part 2


As we boldly proclaimed in the video, "Catholicism: White Sepulcher 'Christianity' ", predatory sexual sins by the Roman Catholic priesthood goes all the way back to the initiation of Celibacy, in 1123 AD. In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we traced these types of behaviors to the 1920-1930's and 1904, respectively. In this article, we shall find concrete evidence that priestly predatory practices go all the way back to 1710!

Further, you will discover that priests of this era threatened women in the confessional in a very special way! If a woman was resisting the sexual demands of a predatory priest, such a priest would threaten to turn her in as a heretic to the Office of the Inquisition! This meant that, the woman would immediately be arrested, tortured by the Pope's torturers, and murdered! What a weapon of "persuasion"! This revelation means that, in the next article, we shall have to educate you on the horrors of the Inquisition so you may fully appreciate the terrible threat this represented when a priest so threatened one of his female penitents.

This revelation sheds a completely new light on the sexual sins of the Roman Catholic Church brought about by Celibacy, does it not? Remember the adage Rome always brags about herself: "Rome never changes".

Let us now examine the pertinent information; we are quoting from a book entitled, "A MASTER-KEY TO POPERY: Giving a full account of all the customs of the PRIESTS AND FRIARS, and the RITES AND CEREMONIES of POPISH RELIGION, in four parts, by Anthony Gavin, one of the Roman-Catholic Priests of Saragossa.", Cincinnati: Published by B. Crosby, 1832.

One of the advantages of studying material researched and published this far back in history is that the author had a ready access to material of at least 100-200 years prior to the date of publication! Indeed, some of the instances detailed by this author, a Roman Catholic Priest of Saragossa, date back to 1710.

We will demonstrate that Celibacy drove priests into severe abuses and hypocritical living all the way back to 1710. We wish to point out again that this information proves that the current book, "Goodbye! Good Men", by Michael Rose, is spewing forth lies when it states that: 1) Celibacy is not the reason this priestly pedophile scandal has broken; 2) nor does the problem lie in the structure of the Roman Catholic Church. Rose then boldly states that the entire sex scandal can be solved and every wound healed if the Church would just go back to the Orthodoxy it practiced prior to 1962! You will discover predatory priests acting in 1710, some in a most shocking manner as they pressured their female penitents in the confessional to have sex with them.

Further, as we discuss these revelations, you will discover other unbelievable acts of the friars and priests, actions that completely run opposite to their outside pretensions of holiness, chastity and purity. Truly, the Roman Catholic Church has always been a "White-washed Sepulcher", beautiful on the outside, but full of dead men's bones on the inside!

  1. Pages 20-21, by Anthony Given -- Given's opening notes: "The confession of a young woman in Saragossa, whom I shall call Mary. And this I set down to show the common form of their confessing penitents. The thing was not public; and therefore I give it under a supposed name."

Note that Father Givens stated that this account of this woman to whom he gave the cover name, Mary, was the " common form of their confessing penitents"; in other words, these actions revealed here of a predatory priest against a woman occurred 
"commonly"! Now, let us go to Given's account:

"Confessor: Tell me, from the beginning, to the day of his death and to the best of your memory, your sinful thoughts, words, actions, nay, your very dreams about this matter.

Mary: Father, the gentleman was our neighbor, of a good family and fortune, and by means of the neighborly friendship of our parents, we had the opportunity to talk with one another as much as we pleased ... at last he discovered to me one day, when our parents were abroad, the great inclination he had for me; and that having grown to a passion, and this to an inexpressible love, he could no longer hide it from me ... ever since, we have lived with the familiarities of husband and wife. The effect of this reciprocal promise was the ruin of my soul and the beginning of my sinful life ..."

Confessor: How often did he visit you?

Mary: The first year he came to my room every night, after both families were gone to bed ... But my grief is double when I consider that, engaging my own maid into this intrigue, I have been the occasion of her ruin, too; for by my ill example, she lived in the same way with the gentleman's servant, and I own that I have been the occasion of all her sins, too …

Confessor: Did the effect of any of these visits come to light?

Mary: It would, had I not been so barbarous and inhuman to prevent it, by a remedy I took, which answered my purpose. [NOTE: This "remedy" spoken of here was a chemical that caused an abortion. Mary is saying that she took a chemical, called a "remedy" in order to abort the child she had conceived with this "gentleman", this "friend of the family"]

Confessor: And how could you get the remedy, there being a rigorous law against it? [NOTE: The laws of the land here absolutely forbade abortion by this "remedy", and all Roman Catholic officials were sworn to uphold the secular laws of the nations in which they reside. Therefore, Mary's next revelation is a certified bombshell]

Mary: The procuring it brought me into a yet wickeder [sic] life; for I was acquainted with a Friar, a cousin of mine, who had always expressed a great esteem for me; but one day after dinner, being alone, he began to make love to me, and was going to take greater liberties than he had ever done before. I told him that if he could keep a secret, and do me a service, I would comply with his desire. He promised me to do it upon the word of a priest. Then I told him my business, and the day after he brought me the necessary medicine; and ever since I was freed from that uneasiness."

This priest broke the " rigorous law" against abortion, and got the abortion medicine for Mary! This priest knowingly aided her in killing the baby within her womb! Not only did he break the secular law, but he broke God's moral law against taking of human life. Truly, this is a man of whom God spoke whose "conscience is seared" as with a hot iron [1 Timothy 4:1-3]; but why should we be surprised at this revelation, for all priests serve a religious system based upon a "doctrine that demons teach" -- teaching that people are not to marry!

But, Mary is not finished with her story:

"I was under such obligation to him, I have ever since been obliged to allow him many other liberties in my house ... he desired me to gratify his companion, too, several times, and to consent that my maid should satisfy his lusts; and not only this, but by desiring me to corrupt one of my friends, he has ruined her soul; for, being in the same condition I had been in before, I was obliged, out of fear, to furnish her with the same remedy, which produced the same effect." [P. 24-25]

Now, we can see that the priest exacted a very high penalty for the abortion assistance he had given Mary. Now, he insisted, on the pain of blackmail -- of revealing her abortion -- that she repeatedly have sex with him. But, not only with him, but with one of the other friars with whom he worked! Then, he insisted that Mary allow him to have sex with her maid!

That is a lot of sex for "celibate" priests to be having, don't you think? Mary gives no firm idea how long this arrangement continued, but it must have been quite a while. Some time thereafter, the maid became pregnant by this friar, and aborted the baby with the same "remedy", undoubtedly supplied by this same friar.

Now, the blood of two innocent children is on the hands of this friar, and of his friend who consorted with him and with Mary, and with the maid!

Remember what Father Given said at the beginning of this sordid tale of Mary: "And this I set down to show the common form of their confessing penitents." This occurrence was common amongst the priests, the confessors, and their poor female penitents!

But, Mary's confession of all her sins is not yet finished. Her true love, Don Francisco, came back into her life, and they started cavorting with one another all over again. However, this time, they sought out places other than her house, for her parents were really on guard now. Listen to Mary recount this part of her tale to her confessor:

Confessor: But as to Don Francisco, pray tell me, how often did he visit you since?

Mary: The second year he could not see me in private but very seldom, and in a sacred place; for having no opportunity at home, nor abroad, I used to go to a little chapel out of the town; and having gained the hermit with money, we continued our commerce [sex], that way, for six or eight times the second year."

Isn't this wonderful? Mary goes to a little chapel in the countryside, well away from the city, searching for a place in which she and Don Francisco could have sexual liaisons. She finds a little Catholic chapel, and bribes the priest in charge so he would not bother them while they had sex inside the chapel.

Don't you find this flabbergasting revelation more than just a little bit blasphemous? How could a priest, who supposedly is pure, chaste, and holy, accept monetary bribes from a couple who want to have adulterous sex in his church? I wonder if this "celibate" priest looked on? Mary does not tell us. Nor does she tell us if he tried to extort sex from her in order to keep their arrangement private.

Given's second recollection: "A private confession of a woman to a Friar of the Dominican order, laid down in writing before the Moral Academy, 1710, and the opinions of the members about it ... I call her Leonore."

Leonore: The confessor of our family was a Franciscan friar, who was absolute master in our house; for my father and mother were entirely governed by him. It was about that time of my life I lost my mother; and a month after her, my father died, leaving all his substance to the father confessor, to dispose of at his own fancy, reserving only a certain part which I was to have, to settle me in the world, conditionally that I was obedient to him. A month after my father's death, on pretense of taking care of every thing that was in the house, he ordered a bed for himself in the chamber next to mine, where my maid used to live.

"After supper, the first night, he came home, he addressed himself thus to me: 'my daughter, you may with reason call me your father, for you are the only child your father left under my care. Your patrimony is in my hands, and you ought to obey me blindly in every thing' ... we parted, and went each way to each one to our own room; but scarcely had an hour past away, when the father came into my chamber, and what by flattery and promises, he deprived me of my best patrimony, my innocence. We continued this course of life till, as I believe, he was tired of me, for two months after, he took every thing out of his house and went to convent, where he died in ten days time ..." [Page 29]

Once again, we see behavior very much at odds with the outside picture the Catholic Church always paints of its priesthood, i.e., celibate, holy, chaste, pure, caring for its parishioners. We can see how this priest confessor of the family used his position of absolute authority over this girl in order to worm his way into her bed, for two solid months! This poor girl believed he left her because he was tired of her; in reality, he probably was rather elderly, for he had been the confessor of her family for years, and he might have been feeling badly physically. He might have retired to the convent because he could sense the onset of death. We do not see a "deathbed confession" by this old priest, do we? He made no effort to set this sin straight before he stepped into eternity!

Leonore, however, is under enough emotional stress, she decides to go to another confessor, to spill out her sins to him so she can have spiritual peace. Let us now review how this confession went:

Leonore: "Then, resolving to alter my life and conversation, I went to confess, and after having given an account to my confessor, of my life, he asked my name, did promise to come the next day to see me, and to put me into a comfortable and creditable way of living. I was very glad to get such a patron, and so the next day I waited at home for him. The father came, and after various discourses, he took me by the hand into my chamber, and told me that if I was willing to put into his hands my jewels, and what other things of value I had got from the officer, he would engage to get a gentleman suitable to my condition to marry me. I did every thing as he desired of me, and so taking along with him all I had in the world, he carried them to his cell." [Page 30]

Now we see that this confessor had received a young woman in dire spiritual and emotional straits, wishing only to confess her sins so that she might obtain heart peace through forgiveness of her sin. But, this confessor was worse than her family confessor, as he greedily demanded all her family jewels and all other things she had that were valuable, and he got them only on the basis of his priestly standing within the Roman Catholic Church!! This is unbelievable extortion, and a major reason the Church is so very wealthy, since this confessor would pass all his possessions to the Church upon his death.

However, he did leave Leonore's home after giving her a promise: in exchange for all her possessions, he would look for a gentleman with whom she might marry. This request reveals Leonore's passion and her longing desire for a normal life. Thus did Leonore bid the confessor goodbye, as she waited for him to find her a husband.

She did not have to wait long to see him again.

"The very next day, he came to see me, and made me another proposal, very different from what I expected; for he told me that I must comply with his desire, or else he would expose me, and inform against me before the holy tribunal of the inquisition. So rather than incur that danger, I did for the space of six months, having nothing to live upon (for he kept my jewels), I was obliged to abandon myself to many other gentlemen ... At last he left me, and I still continued my wicked life, unlawfully conversing with married and unmarried gentlemen a whole year, and not daring to confess, for fear of experiencing the same treatment from another confessor." [Page 30]

The revelation is simply unbelievable, so much so I am frankly at a loss for words! After using his authority as confessor of the Holy Roman Catholic Church to steal Leonore's jewels -- which were her only means of support -- this priest comes back the very next day, seeking relief of his sexual lusts. Once again, this behavior is squarely at odds with a priesthood that is supposed to be holy, pure, chaste, and celibate. Leonore was even led to sexually satisfying other priests, which she called "other gentlemen". These priests then have just made Leonore their own private prostitute, for they had her jewels before beginning the sex.

Then, in order to gain access to this woman's body, this cold-hearted confessor then threatens her with torture and death! He threatens to lie to the Inquisition about her, so that she would be delivered into their hands for excruciating torture and death. I find this overwhelmingly repugnant, and I just cannot put enough exclamation points behind this statement!! For centuries, people have been able to look upon the "Holy" Inquisition as the ultimate in rotten spiritual fruit -- a subject we shall study in some depth in a following article -- but now an entirely new dimension has been added. Now, we see that priests of this era were sexually satisfying themselves with their female penitents by threatening them with the torture and death of the Inquisition!

Remember what this author stated at the beginning: "And this I set down to show the common form of their confessing penitents." In other words, this type of threatening female penitents with the machinery of the Inquisition in order to gain sex is "common form" among the priests of that time!

Revelations from Leonore are not completed. Let us review her conversation with her confessor one more time:

Confessor: I cannot absolve you now, but come again next Thursday and I will consult upon all the circumstances of your life, and then I will absolve you." Once again, what a difference between this pagan confessional of Babylon and the simple, sweet Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we breathe our prayer asking for forgiveness directly to the Savior, as we are instructed to do, he instantly forgives us, and completely cleanses us from all sin; He does not demand that we come back "next Thursday"!

Leonore: Father, I have more to say: For I stole from the church a chalice, by the advice of the said confessor, and he made use of himself of the money I got for the silver, which I cut in pieces; and I did converse unlawfully several times in the church with him. To this I must add an infinite number of sins by thought, word, and deed, I have committed in this time ..." [Page 31]

Again, we see a most unbelievable situation! The very confessor who had wormed his way into bed with this poor woman now was encouraging her to steal valuable worship articles from the church, cut them into pieces, sell the pieces, and give him the money! What did Father Givens say? "And this I set down to show the common form of their confessing penitents." This extortion and thievery was common!

But, now, we get to the point where this confessor decides how best to handle this situation with Leonore, for she has implicated at least two confessor priests in very severe crimes against God, the Church, and herself. The decisions made by this confessor will allow you to understand how the Roman Catholic Bishops and Cardinals of today did not act to remove pedophile priests, bring them fully before the court of law, and protect the innocent who were so badly abused. You will see that today's Bishops and Cardinals were simply following a practice centuries old!

Listen to how the Confessor decides to handle this situation as revealed to him by Leonore; I guess we should be thankful that he did not attempt to extort either money or sex from her! In making this decision, this confessor sought the advice and counsel of his hierarchical superiors.

Confessor: [Writing his decision; he is not talking to Leonore.]

"The first point to be resolved was, whether Leonore could sue the Franciscan convent for the patrimony left by her father in the confessor's hands? The president went through all the reasons, pro and con, and after resolved, that although the said Leonore was never disobedient to her confessor, she could not sue the community without lessening her own reputation, and laying upon the order so black a crime as that of her confessor ... it did seem proper to leave the thing as it was." [Page 31]

Just as today, Catholic Church officials were more worried about the reputation of its institutions than about the spiritual harm done to poor Leonore. As you will see from the rest of the deliberations, neither confessor was brought to justice! Just as today; truly, the Vatican is correct when it says, "Rome Never Changes".

"The second point to be resolved was whether Leonore was ... in the next occasion of sin, with such a confessor the two first months? Six members of the academy did think she was; for immediate occasion of sin signifies that a person may satisfy his passions toties quotics, 'without any impediment', which Leonore could do all that while. But the other members of this academy did object against it: That the nature of occasio proxima ... implies freedom and liberty, which Leonore did want at that time, being as she was, young, inexperienced, timorous, and under the confessor's care and power, so it was resolved that she was not two months in proxima occasione peccati."

Talk about theological rubbish! These high-ranking Catholic Church officials decided that Leonore did not sin for the two months she was being coerced by her confessor! She consented to this sex, even though she was coerced, and she knew she was sinning. It is unbelievable that, while the priesthood is totally ruining people's souls through a complete violation of their oaths and public pretensions, they are ruining souls by misapplying Scripture in not calling obvious sin, sin!

"The third point: Whether she committed greater sin with the second confessor, who threatened her with the incision? And whether she was obliged to undergo all the hardships, nay death itself, rather than comply with the confessor's desire? It was resolved nemine contradicente, that she was obliged for self-preservation's sake, to comply with the friar's desire, and therefore, her sin was less than other sins."

I find it repugnant that, while the panel recognized that Leonore had to submit to the friar's demand for sexual activity because she was under his threat to lie to the Inquisition panel about her, no mention is ever made that the friar needed to be punished. Nowhere in all this text is it even mentioned that her confessors be brought up on charges; no mention is made that the friar extorting sex by threat of the Inquisition did anything wrong! One can only think that this practice was so common amongst the priests of that day that this "Academy" of priests never gave the matter a second thought!

"And this I set down to show the common form of their confessing penitents." Father Givens was right!

"The fourth: was she obliged to make restitution of the chalice she stole out of the church by the advice of the confessor? The members could not agree in the decision of this point, for some were of opinion that both she and the friar were obliged to make restitution ... Others said, that Leonore was only an instrument of theft, and that the friar did put her in the way of doing what she never would have done, but for fear of him, and that she was forced to do it; therefore, she had not committed sacrilege, nay, nor venial sin by it; and that the friar only was guilty of sacrilege and robbery, and obliged to make restitution ... Leonore was free from restitution, taking a bull of pardons.As for the friar, his standing in the community, and having nothing of his own, and obliged to leave at his death, everything to the convent, he must be excused from making such restitution." [Page 32]

"The fifth point: Whether the church was desecrated by their unlawful commerce? and whether the confessor was obliged to reveal the nature of the thing to the bishop or not? As to the first part, all did agree, that the church was polluted. As to the second, four were of the opinion that the thing was to be revealed to the bishop in general terms; but sixteen did object against it, and said that the domincal, asperges me Hysopo, et mundabor, 'thou shalt sprinkle me with hysop and I shall be clean', applied here. When the priest with the holy water and hysop sprinkles the church, it was enough to restore and purify the church." [Page 33]

Now we know why today's priests justified not informing the bishop of their dastardly pedophilia! They reasoned, "asperges me Hysopo, et mundabor"! After committing sexual abuse against a young boy or a girl, they reasoned that they cleaned everything up by going to their church and sprinkling it with "holy water and hysop"! Further, you can see that they got the idea back in 1710 that their superior did not need to be told about the crime! And if the priest can reason thusly about informing the Bishop, you know the Bishop is reasoning thusly about informing the Cardinal!!

Thus, the current practices of deceit and cover-up within the Catholic Church regarding these sexual abuse cases are consistent with how the Church has been covering up such matters since at least 1710. "Rome never changes".

Father Givens continues:

"After which the president moved another question, viz: Whether this private confession was to be entered in the academy's book; as perpetuam rei memoriam, 'in perpetual memory of the thing'. And it was agreed to enter the cases and resolutions, mentioning nothing concerning the confessors, nor their orders." [Ibid.]

Cover-up, Cover-up, Cover-up, Cover-up, Cover-up!!! Why should we be surprised at the systemic cover-up regarding the sexual abuse crimes committed by current priests? Now we know the Roman Catholic Church has been covering crimes of its priests since at least 1710!

Now, you can better appreciate the enormity of the lie of the book, "Good-bye! Good Men". In returning back to the Orthodoxy of the Church prior to 1962, we return to the situation we see here in 1710. Cover-up!

Father Givens now recounts another case:

"The private confession proposed in the Academy, by father Gasca, Jesuit and member of the Academy: of a woman of thirty-three years of age."

"The case is this: a woman of thirty-three years of age, came to confess and told me, that from sixteen years of age, till twenty-four, she had committed all sorts of lewdness, only with ecclesiastical persons, having in every convent a friar, who, under the name of 'cousin', used to visit her: and notwithstanding the multiplicity of 'cousins' [other friars] she lived so poorly, that she was forced to turn procuress at the same time, for new 'cousins', and that she had followed that wicked life until thirty-two years of age." [Page 33]

The revelations here are staggering! This woman confessed to having followed an eight-year path where she was sexually satisfying only "ecclesiastical persons", having at least one friar in every convent! Further, when these friars allowed her to become destitute, even though she was having regular sex with each one of them, she was forced to prostitute herself even further by seeking out other friars for sex!

Truly, this is amazing behavior for priests who are whitewashed on the outside, pretending to the world that they are holy, chaste, pure, and celibate! Truly, former Father Vinet ["I Was A Priest", 1949] was correct when he said that Celibacy forced the priests to become "professional hypocrites" in order to survive the system! These friars not only cared nothing for this woman, they did all their thinking through the organ between their legs; truly, that phallic symbol -- the obelisk in St. Peter's Basilica -- is a more appropriate symbol of the priesthood than we originally thought! [Read NEWS1334 for full details]

Now, let us return to this story for another revelation:

"... last year, she dreamed that the devil was very free with her, and those dreams or visions continuing for a very long while, she found herself with child; and she protests, that she knew no man for fourteen months before. She is delivered of a boy, and she says that he is the devil's son, and her conscience is so troubled about it, that if I do not find some way to quiet her mind, she will lay violent hands upon herself ... Now I ask your wise advice upon this case ... another member said that there was in the case something more than apparition and devilish liberty, and that he thought that the father Jesuit should inquire more carefully into the matter and go himself to examine the house and question the people of it …"

"Most reverend and learned fathers, the woman was so strongly possessed with such a vision that she has made public the case among the neighbors and it is spread abroad. Upon which the inquisitors did send for the woman and the maid and this has discovered the whole story, viz: That father Conchillos, Victorian friar, was in love, but she could not endure the sight of him. That he gained the maid, and by that means he got into the house every night, and the maid putting some opium into her mistress's supper, she fell fast asleep, and the said father did lie with her six nights together. So the child is not the son of the devil, but of father Conchillos." [Page 34]

If a man today slips a woman a chemical that causes her to sleep so the man can have sex with her, that man is arrested and put in jail! Once convicted, he can spend a lot of time in prison. Yet, we see here a Celibate, holy, chaste priest collaborating with the maid to slip opium into the woman's food so she will sleep right through the sex that the priest then put her through!

Father Givens then recounts another confession, this one of a priest in the throes of death. The dying priest is talking:

"The private confession of a priest, being at the point of death, in 1710. I shall call him Don Paulo."

"... By this you may easily know that my money is unlawfully gotten ... There are in my parish sixteen hundred families, and more or less, I have defrauded them all some way or other. My thoughts have been impure ever since I began to hear confessions ... They have had in me a solicitor, in all emergencies, and I have omitted nothing to please them in outward appearances; but my actions have been the most criminal of mankind ... as you shall see, in the parish books, and observe there, that all these names marked with a star, the baptism was not valid, for I had no intention.: And for all this I can give no other reason than my malice and wickedness ... "

In other words, this priest confessed that he did not perform these baptisms with purity and honesty of heart; therefore, in the eyes of the Church, these baptism were not valid. This revelation is very serious for a church which teaches that people are saved through baptism! In the eyes of the Church, these people whose baptism was rendered useless because of the secret wickedness of the heart of the priest are in Hell.

The priest, Don Paulo, continued:

"As to the confessions and wills I have received from my parishioners at the point of their death, I do confess, I have made myself master of as much as I could, and by that means I have gathered together all my riches. I have sent this morning for fifty bulls, and I have given one hundred pistoles for the benefit of the holy crusade, by which 'His Holiness' secures my soul from eternal death." [Page 36]

This poor priest! Even as he lay near death, and obviously very sorry for his entire lifetime of crimes against his parishioners, trusted his eternal soul to the Pope, believing he had secured a place in eternal Heaven because he had paid 100 pistoles to the current crusades! This priest stepped into eternity thinking he might have to go to Purgatory, but would eventually enter Heaven because of his last-second payment of money to the Pope!

Well does the Bible declare to another person who thought he could buy eternal life: "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God." [Acts 8:20-21]

Rather than turning in Saving Faith alone in Jesus Christ even at this late time in his life, he clung to "Works" to the very end.

Now, this priest continues to confess a lifetime of sins:

"I have been the cause of many innocent deaths. I have procured, by remedies, sixty abortions ..." [Page 36]

Remember the earlier confession, where a priest repeatedly obtained the abortion "remedy"? We see this issue again, making us believe that the priest of a parish commonly served as an illicit source of this abortion "remedy" when their parishioners wanted it. Again, this sin of murder does not square with the profession of purity, holiness, and chastity . Once again, we see that Father Vinet was correct: the priests are professional hypocrites.

Don Paulo's confession continues:

"I have frequented the parish club twelve years -- We were only six parish priests in it; and there we did consult and contrive all the ways to satisfy our passions. Everybody had a list of the handsomest woman, remarkable for her beauty, in another's parish; the priest of her parish sent for her to his own house; and having prepared the way for wickedness, the other had nothing to do but to meet her there, and fulfil his desires; and so we have served one another these twelve years past. Our method has been to persuade the husbands and fathers not to hinder them any spiritual comfort; and to the ladies, to persuade them to be subject to our advice and will; and that in so doing, they should have liberty at any time to go out on pretense of communicating some spiritual business to the priest. And if they refused to do it, then we should speak to their husbands and fathers not to let them go out at all; or, which would be worse for them, we should inform against them to the holy tribunal of inquisition. And by these diabolical persuasions they were at our command, without fear of revealing the secret." [Page 36]

These six priests of this parish had a good sex racket going on amongst them, did they not? They would pass women around the parish, with the priest in whose parish the woman resided acting as a Whore House Madam, setting up the woman to be at the disposal of the sex-starved priest, and then preparing her psychologically and/or emotionally to submit to the visiting priest, sexually satisfying him.

If the woman resisted, she faced the torment of either having her husband and/or father set against her by the priest, or by having the priest lie to the "Holy" Tribunal of the Inquisition, so that she would be put to death as a heretic. Women of this era must have literally gone through emotional and spiritual hell, knowing that they were helpless against such an onslaught as this, for what woman would want to go through the exceedingly great torturous death at the hand of the Inquisition? In the article next, we shall discuss the Inquisition at length, so you may know the pressures these women were facing at the hands of these reprobate priests.

A Roman Catholic Instrument of Torture!

Are we not beginning to get the picture that this practice of forcing women to have sex with priests through the threat of turning them into the Inquisitors was a fairly common occurrence? We see that these six priests, representing 100% of the priests of that parish, threatened their women parishioners in this dastardly manner, and we have seen earlier reports of priests making exactly this threat. Further, we saw earlier that, when the hierarchical superiors were informed that one of their priests were extorting sex by threatening the women with the Inquisition, they took no action against the offending priests!

Well did the Apostle Paul speak of these men and their counterfeit Christian Church:

""But the Holy Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding spirits and doctrines that demons teach, through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared (cauterized), who forbid people to marry ..." [1 Timothy 4:1-3; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Now, this dying priest reveals how successful he was in ravaging the women of his congregation using these techniques; remember, he had 1,600 families in his parish, so he had several thousand women at his sexual disposal. Listen to his words:

"I have spared no woman of my parish, whom I had a fancy for, and many other of my brethren's parishes; but I cannot tell the number. I have sixty nepotes [relatives, children] alive, of several women. But my principal care ought to be of those that I have by the two young women I keep at home, since their parents died. Both are sisters, and I had by the eldest two boys, and by the youngest, one; and the one I had by own sister is dead."

Now, we see that this "celibate", "chaste" priest is guilty of the sin of incest! Not content with ravaging a potential pool of several thousand of his parishioners and those of neighboring parishes, he kept two young women as wives in his residence and he impregnated his sister!

Rather than think that this priest is an aberration of that time, we remind you that the other five priests in his Parish Club were doing the very same thing to their women, plus remember that Father Given stated at the beginning that these incidences were "common".

Now, let us examine how this dying priest has decided to atone for his sin:

"... if any of them [his children] should die before they are settled in the world, and if all should die, I leave the money to the treasury of the church, for the benefit of the souls in purgatory. I order that all the papers of such a little trunk be burnt after my confession is done (which was done accordingly) and that the holy bull of the dead be bought before I die, that I may have the comfort of having at home the Pope's pass for the next world." [Page 37]

What pagan nonsense! This priest is again trying to buy eternal life! He thinks that the Church will really pray for the souls of his children in a pretend Purgatory after they have pocketed his money? He should know better, for many former priests confess that there is no way that priests say the enormous number of Masses for which their people pay every year! He should know better.

And, then, we see him placing his confidence of eternity in Heaven in the Pope and his Babylonian system rather than in the simple Son of God, Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.


This dying priest did die the very next day after his long confession to Father Given. Then, Given laments at the rotten spiritual fruit of these priests, and the many others just like him.

"Hear, O heaven! Give ear, O earth! And be horribly astonished! To see the best religion in the world turned into superstition and folly; to see, too, that those who are to guide the people, and put their flock in the way of salvation, are wolves in sheep's clothing. O God, open the eyes of the ignorant people, that they may see the injuries done to their souls by their own guides!"

This priest had a fine heart of a shepherd, but even he could not see that this tremendous amount of rotten spiritual fruit testifies to the reality that the entire Roman Catholic Church is a rotten tree, from the roots to the treetop! Father Given had not contemplated the true meaning of Jesus' Words in Matthew 7:16-20; had he properly contemplated Jesus' warning, he would have gotten out of the Catholic Church, and certainly would not have still believed it to be the "best religion in the world". Too many Catholics today are making the same spiritual error, to the eternal ruin of their precious souls, souls for whom the Lord Jesus died. Too many of them are ignorant of the order Jesus gave to the participants in a rotten fruit organization. Listen:

"Come out from her, My people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues." [Jesus, speaking in Revelation 18:4]

Then, this honest Father tells us about the good priests who do not violate the sanctity of their oaths of celibacy, holiness and purity. Listen:

"I do not write this out of any private end, to blame all sorts of confessors; for there are some who, according to the principles of their religion, do discharge their duty with exactness and purity, and whose lives, in their own way, are unblamable and without reproach among men. Such confessors as these I am speaking of, are sober in their actions: they mortify their bodies with fasting over and above the rules prescribed by the church, by discipline, by kneeling down in their closets six or eight hours a day, to meditate on the holy mysteries, the goodness of God, and to pray to him for all sorts of sinners ... They sleep but few hours ... they live poorly ... I knew some of these exemplary men, but a very few." [Page 38-39]

"I knew some of these exemplary men, but a very few."

Father Givens knew of but a "very few" priests who were truly celibate, chaste and holy. The rest of the priesthood fell into the category of sex-starved priests, either to a small degree, or to a large degree.

When he meant to or not, Father Givens has also given us an excellent look into how these few men were able to overcome the normal sexual desire God placed within every man of every era, a desire God intended to be satisfied within marriage to a woman. In order to overcome this sexual desire, and not sin, these few priests followed this daily regimen:

"... they mortify their bodies with fasting over and above the rules prescribed by the church, by discipline, by kneeling down in their closets six or eight hours a day, to meditate on the holy mysteries, the goodness of God ... They sleep but few hours ... they live poorly..."

What a waste of a zealous religious life! I find it incredible that these priests had to go to these extremes to overcome a desire that is normal and that God has given a way to satisfy it! No wonder the doctrine of Celibacy is a "doctrine that demons teach".


Up to this point, Father Givens has given us a look upon the many ways that predatory priests preyed upon women; now, he turns his attention to the position Nuns take in this whole mess of sexual scandal. Listen to Father Givens:

"By the constitutions of their order, so many days are appointed, in which all the nuns are obliged to confess, from the Mother Abbess to the very wheeler, i.e., the nun that turns the wheel near the door, through which they give and receive everything they want. They have a father confessor, and a father companion, who live next to the convent, and have a small grate in the wall of their chamber ... In all those grates the nuns confess their sins..."

"Many gentlemen send their daughters to the nunnery when they are some five, some six, some eight years old ... and when they are fifteen years old ... they receive the habit of a nun, and begin the year of novicate, which is the year of trial, to see whether they can go through all the hardships, fastings, disciplines, prayers, hours of divine service, obedience, poverty, chastity, and penance's practiced in the monastery …"

"After this they have the liberty to go to the grate and talk with gentlemen, priests and friars, who go there as a gallant goes to see his mistress. So when the nuns begin to have a notion of the pleasures of the world, and how they have been deceived, they are heartily sorry, but too late, for there is no remedy. And minding nothing but to satisfy their passions as well as they can, they abandon themselves to all sorts of wickedness and amorous intrigues." [Page 40-41]

Thus, you can see that nuns struggle with celibacy as well, and for the same basic reason as do men: they cannot avail themselves of God's plan that they be satisfied through a marriage relationship, so they "satisfy their passions as well as they can", which means that they usually "abandon themselves to all sorts of wickedness and amorous intrigues".

Father Given then reveals that each nun has her "devoto" a "gallant or spiritual husband" among the priests! Many love letters are exchanged between the nuns and their devotos. Given concludes: "... there are warmer expressions of love and jealousy between the nun and the devoto, than between real wife and husband". [Page 42]

Father Given then gives one example of the love between a nun and the priests:

"Now I come to the private confession; and I wish I could have the style of an angel, to express myself with purity and modesty in this confession." [Page 42-45]

Nun: I do confess that ever since I did not care what should become of me, I have abandoned myself to all the sins I have been able to commit. It is but ten months since I made my profession and bound myself to perpetuity, though as I did it without intention, I am not a nun before God ... and of this opinion are many other nuns, especially the young nuns, my intimate friends, who, as well as I, do communicate to one another, the most sacred things of our hearts."

"Each of this assembly has her devoto, and we are every day in the afternoon at the grate ... now coming to my greatest sin, I must tell you, that a nun of our assembly has a friar her devoto, the most beautiful young man, and we contrived and agreed to bring him into the convent, as we did, and have kept him two and twenty days [22 days] in our chamber. During which time we went to the grate very seldom, on pretense of being not well. We have given no scandal for nobody suspected the least thing in the case."

Confessor: Pray, tell me, how could you let him in without scandal?

Nun: One of the assembly contrived to mat all the floor of her chamber and sent for the mat-maker to take the measure of the length and breadth of the room ... When the mat was there, and the man paid for it, one day in the evening ... the friar [who had asked leave of his prior to go into the country for a month's time and disguising himself in a layman's habit] came into the Sexton's room, and rolling himself up in the mat, the porters brought the mat to the door where we were waiting for it; and taking it, we carried it up to one of our chambers." [Page 44]

Now, this is ingenious! When a priest and a nun are sex-starved as celibacy makes them, they can get pretty ingenious in contriving a scheme by which they can get together! This is odd behavior from nuns and priests who have taken oaths of perpetual celibacy, holiness, and purity.

Again, we get the picture of the professional hypocrisy spoken of by Father Vinet in his book, "I Was A Priest", published in 1949, in which he recounts his experiences in the decades of the 1920's – 1930's.

Quoting Father Vinet:

"... priests who are bound by celibacy, solve their sex problems in defiance of the laws of God and country. Therefore, this vow of celibacy is the greatest hoax invented by Romanism. Priests who are avowed moralists become professional hypocrites in order to conceal their romances and the discrepancy between their teachings and their private lives." ["I Was A Priest", Page 25]


As these nuns were planning their 22-day sex orgy with this young priest, they recognized a potential problem: the porters who delivered the rolled-up mat to their door were likely to realize that a human body was inside; after they had delivered the rolled-up mat to the nun's door, they could just troop right over to the Mother Abbess to report their suspicions. Both the friar -- who had lied to his superiors -- and the nuns would be found out and exposed.

Therefore, the nuns conceived a murder plot. Listen:

"We were afraid that the porters would discover the thing, but by money we have secured ourselves from them; for we hired ruffians to make away with them." [Ibid.]

Therefore, this sex plot has just claimed the lives of the two porters who innocently carried the friar to the nun's door!

But, more murder was going to occur. After having sex with this young man for 22 days, some of the nuns found themselves in a "delicate condition".

"A month after, three of our friends began to perceive the condition they were in, and left the convent one night, by which they have given great scandal to the city, and we do not know what has become of them; as for me, I design to do the same, for I am under the same apprehensions and fear; for I consider that if I do continue in the convent, my unusual size will discover me, and though one life shall be saved, I shall lose mine by the rulers of the our order in a miserable manner …"

She was afraid she would be killed by her superiors in the order! Further, she must have been afraid that she would die at the hands of the Inquisitors, for she confessed her fear that "the rulers of the our order" would kill her " in a miserable manner".

She continued with her plan:

"I am fully resolved to prevent my ruin and death by a strong operating remedy. This is all I have to say, and I do expect from you, not only your advice, but your assistance too." [Page 45]

Now, this pregnant nun has decided to abort her baby, and she is demanding of her confessor that he get the "strong remedy" by which she can abort her baby! When the confessor resists this demand, this nun gets really ugly with him.

"I am resolved for all events, and if you refuse me this comfort, I shall cry out, and say, that you have been soliciting and corrupting me in the very act of confession, and you shall suffer for it in the inquisition." [Ibid.]

The tables are suddenly turned, are they not? Instead of a priest threatening a woman in his confessional that he will turn her in to the Inquisition unless she has sex with him, this nun is threatening her new confessor with the Inquisition! Such a threat must have been occurring quite regularly amongst the priests during this period. Evidently, a nun who claims that her confessor sexually corrupted her through the confessional carries enough weight with the officers of the Inquisition that she could get him torturously killed.

Further, sexual corruption through the confessional must have been such a common occurrence among the priests that when this nun threatened to so lie about him being the father of her child, the officers of the Inquisition would find that accusation to be entirely plausible.

Of course, this is exactly what Cutting Edge has been saying for a very long time; when you establish a church upon a faulty spiritual foundation of "doctrines that demons" teach and doctrines copied directly from the Satanic Babylonian Mysteries, you are asking for spiritual disaster; and History is full of just such spiritual disaster, for the Catholic Church has subjected its priesthood to predictably terrible mental and emotional tortures through celibacy.


The official lie -- the ultimate spin -- is in place. Not only are priests telling their faithful that celibacy is not the issue, but the book, "Goodbye! Good Men" [Michael Rose, author] is effectively repeating that lie. Michael Rose goes on to strongly advocate a return to the Traditional Orthodoxy of the Roman Catholic Church as the solution to the priestly pedophilia now plaguing the church the world over. Rose is advocating that the problem is that, for the past 40 years, militant, activist gays have infiltrated the Church and nearly taken the priesthood over. That means that Rose considers the period prior to 1962 to be free of priestly sexual abuse and scandal.

But, now, we see that this sexual abuse has been going occurring all the way back to 1710, and that the priests regularly threatened their female penitents with torturous death through the Inquisition if they did not submit to his sexual lusts.

We have seen that priests regularly procured the chemical abortion "remedy" for women, especially women fathered by priests. There seems to be no end to the sins that spin off from this sexual corruption that is the Catholic Church.

The exceedingly high level of sexual disaster confronting the Roman Catholic Church today may also be a cumulative process spoken of by God in His Old Testament.

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