Maybe some of you are going through temptations at this time in your life.

Maybe you have even been going through temptations now for weeks or even months. Boy do I know all about that! That can be quite UN comfortable that is for sure.

Maybe during the weeks and weeks of temptations you have given in to a few of them! You said no to most of the temptations but you failed on a few of them too!

Keep repenting the best you can. That is if you have the gift of repentance!

You fought the good fight, you said no to the temptations the best you could, but you failed a few times on one or more of them! OK! Stand up, get back up, the LORD is with you, the LORD loves you dearly!

Do not focus on any failures you might of just encountered, instead repent, dust yourself off and move forward now!

Keep fighting the good fight and say no to the temptations the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you! You will get some victories and you will also experience some failures, GOD will make sure of it!

Do not focus on the last failure, do not focus on the last temptation you fell down into, instead repent, dust yourself off, get back up!

Get back up with JESUS again and keep fighting the good fight of saying no to the temptations!

Get back up now. Get back up with JESUS in faith the best you can. The LORD will help you for sure, he will even carry you on eagles wings!

Our spiritual enemies might try to push us to focus on our latest failure, so we definitely do not want to do that.

You might be asking - When will the temptations end?

Well they last as long as JESUS says they last, then they will go away for a while too!!!

So each day when you wake up, that could be the last day of the terrible temptations until the next time. Even though the LORD JESUS will make the temptations go away for a while, they will most definitely come back for sure.

The temptations will keep coming back off and on, off and on until we take our very last breath here on earth!!!

One thing we can do is to stay busy, stay busy with JESUS, the bible and the kingdom of GOD....... Stay busy during the times of temptations!

Staying busy with JESUS can simply mean having quiet time with him, or restful time with him, or huge prayer sessions with him.

Staying busy with the bible can mean Peacefully studying it very slowly, having a great time reading it as the temptations come against you.

Staying busy in the kingdom of GOD can mean - Going to church, doing ministry work, studying higher Christian learning, helping others etc.

Do not sit around focusing on your temptations, that is the last thing you want to do.

The temptations will be designed for you, just for you.... They will be quite hard and they will really tempt you! The temptations you are experiencing would not be real temptations unless they REALLY TEMPTED YOU!!!

So the terrible times of temptations you are going through are really going to tempt you do go back to the same old sins and addictions!

How hard the temptations come to you will be decided by JESUS.... Only the LORD OF ALL lords knows what is best for you!

So if your temptations are coming against you quite low, praise GOD he is teaching you very softly and easily how to say no!!!

Maybe some of you are going through temptations that are quite difficult. In fact, you are really REALLY being tempted now quite strongly....

Praise GOD if you are, the LORD JESUS says you can handle it........ Praise GOD you are growing in the LORD and getting stronger!!! As you keep saying no to these very powerful attacks, guess what? Your getting stronger and stronger in the spirit realm.

Maybe some of you are going through excruciatingly hard temptations now. Maybe it feels like you are being ripped in half!!!

Praise GOD!!!!!! The LORD JESUS says you can handle these super hard temptations. That means brother and sister -->>>

You guys are getting quite strong in the LORD AND THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! This is fantastic news.

You are NOT being punished by these temptations, no nothing could be farther from the truth!!

The LORD JESUS might be using these temptations to come against you to test you! To prove to satan you belong to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

Or maybe the LORD JESUS is using these terrible temptations to come against you to teach you warfare!! Praise GOD for this too. You are learning how to do powerful spiritual warfare! This is fantastic!

Or maybe the LORD JESUS is using these current temptations to give you a chance to practice endurance! Maybe he is allowing you chances to raise up your spiritual endurance.... Now that is great news brothers and sisters.........

Peter says - Do not , DO NOT think it is strange that you are going through this. No children of GOD, this is perfectly normal!!!

Going through temptations is something GOD has ordained for us to do since before the earth was ever created....

But let us praise GOD that each time we go through the series of temptations, they do not last that long.....

GOD knows how long to allow our temptations to come against us each time he tests us or trains us..... It wont last much longer child of GOD.

There is also a possibility that GOD is allowing the current temptations to come against you because of the terrible pride that lives inside of all of us!

Now that part is not too good.. I have experienced terrible temptations to come against me because of my pride!!! If you are going through terrible temptations because of your pride, arghhhhh that is not good at all. When the powerful temptations come against us because of our pride, we are going to fall down into these temptations!!! There is no doubt about it, GOD will use there failures we go through to help humble us, to help crush the pride that is lurking inside of us! We will not have the strength nor the power of GOD to say no to these types of temptations. We will usually fall down into them – Yikesssss!

Remember, just because your being tempted does not mean you are sinning! Sometimes when we go through temptations some of us feel like we are sinning, or we have fallen down into sinning. NOT TRUE!So when your battling against temptations, do not let any shame, nor guilt, nor condemnation come to you, because you have not sinned yet! 

So what can we do when the terrible temptations come? Well we can do a lot actually!!!!

I would say step one is - Pray for help!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for help and do not stop praying. We want to be praying day and night doing long prayer sessions 7 days a week the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us.

Another very powerful thing that we can do, that we must do is -> Humble yourself! Humbling yourself is a absolute MUST when in temptations. Many of the terrible times of temptations come against us because of the disgusting pride inside of us. So humbling ourselves day and night can really help to minimize how long we will fall down into terrible sin and addictions, or it can also help to minimize how strongly the temptations come against us! Humbling ourselves is a very powerful weapon!

Next -> Stay busy in the kingdom of GOD... Do not sit around your computer all night long thinking about these temptations. Do not sit around your room all night long thinking about all of the temptations you are going through! That is the exact opposite of what we want to do.

As the evil thoughts and temptations come to you all day, keep casting those thoughts back out and fight the good fight here!! We must cast these thoughts out of our minds! Out of our hearts. Out of our souls completely!!!

Next - Stay busy with JESUS, the bible and the kingdom of GOD...... Stay busy doing wonderful things.... Staying busy with JESUS, the bible & the kingdom of GOD is the exact opposite of sitting around your computer thinking of tempting thoughts! Remember, each day you so NO to these temptations, your a tiny bit stronger in the spirit realm! The LORD is using these temptations coming against you to teach you endurance, to help you to get stronger and stronger...... Or to humble you and to help get rid of the pride!

The temptations can also come from evil spirits trying to push us to go back to sinning! Why would they do this? Because the evil angels know that when we go back to sinning and addictions, they can come and live inside of us again which is what they want to do.

Keep saying no, keep saying no, keep casting out those bad thoughts. Sometimes even cast out the bad demons talking to you!!! Ask JESUS to protect your thoughts, to protect your mind, to protect your imagination and he will for he loves you!

The LORD knows the perfect timing for how long your temptations will last, you & I do not! You and I are always wrong, JESUS is always right.

Sure you and I want the temptations to end already, right? But if they did, how would we get more endurance? How would we get stronger? How would our pride get shattered and crushed?

Saying no to the temptations is just like lifting weights.... You will get stronger and stronger each time you say no to the evil!

Now James says that the temptations come from our evil heart...... Amen!

They want to live inside of you and I very badly!!! This is extremely important to them.... So they must get us to sin to be able to do this.

So as our own flesh and heart tempt us & as the demons tempt us, they are waiting and waiting for us to give in and say yes. So say yes to the sinning, to say yes to the temptation, to say yes to go back to old addictions so the demonic angels can infest us!

But as you keep saying no, no, no, no, guess what? You are getting stronger in the spirit realm! We all go through the times of tempting and testing, so did JESUS himself! Since GOD'S son went through this, surely we will too until we take our very last breath here on earth!

So brother and sister, just like Peter said - There is nothing strange happening to you.

If you will do all of that, GOD will bless you, now that is really cool!

Did you know JESUS was tempted in every way? It is true, he was.

Do you think JESUS went around town saying to the crowds, have mercy on me, I am going through temptations now & crying about it? Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt JESUS ever said a single word to anyone about the temptations he was going through. So now because of this - GOD blesses those of us who patiently endure testing and temptations!

Now GOD says - GOD blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptations! Now that sounds really good. So as your being tempted, stay calm, stay quiet......... Do not keep crying about it. As your going through the terrible temptations, do not keep telling everyone about it... Keep it to yourself, be patient.

Do not tell people you are suffering. Stay calm, stay quiet, stay peaceful............. Sure you can share the fact your in temptations and testing with a buddy or two, sure that would be fine. Then they can pray for you and the LORD will help you even more because of the prayers of your loved ones!

Next, you will notice when your long prayer sessions are over with, that the temptations are much lighter, much more distant away from you!

Know that JESUS overcame every temptation and because of this, he knows how to help you too! JESUS knows how to help you to say no to the temptations, and because of your long prayer sessions, guess what?

But do not keep crying about it, do not keep complaining.... Just patiently endure the testing and temptations and GO will bless you!!!

Know that children of GOD all over the world are going through the exact same stuff..... You are not alone in your suffering!

Every time you do your long prayer sessions during the temptations, when you are done, you will be stronger, more ready to say no! You will feel more encouragement, more motivation and more determination now to say no to all of the evil! You will be uplifted more in the spirit and emotionally, you will notice your endurance is a little stronger. You will feel better and better!

Know this - Any day you wake up could be the last day for this current test of temptations to end! At any day now when you wake up, it could be the last day.. Then times of refreshment come from GOD = AKA - Spiritual peak times!

Hang in there tonight!!! Keep saying no.......... It is almost over..............

I go through the exact same stuff you are going through, I know exactly how you feel.

Keep remembering the lake of fire!!! Keep remembering hell is real and this will help you to - Keep saying no to the terrible temptations and tests that you are going through!

Getting more fear of hell, getting more fear of the lake of fire can help you child of GOD quite extensively to keep saying NO!

Remember, when you overcome these tests and temptations guess what? GOD will promote you! You will get more power brother and sister! You will get more authority possibly. YOU WILL GET PROMOTED!

We must learn to say no to the temptations to move up IN POWER with the HOLY GHOST and ministry work possibly!

Does your ministry lack power? Does it lack authority? You do not see miracles? Are people NOT healed when you pray for them? Guess why?

It is possible you are falling into temptations still!!! So do I, I am not judging you.

We must learn to say no to our flesh and the demonic to be promoted! This is why we are still level 1 Christians!

If you wanna move up to being a level 2 Christian, you must learn to say no to the temptations. It will not be easy, but JESUS will help you for sure because he is madly in love with you!

Get more fear of GOD......... We fall into temptations BECAUSE WE DO NOT FEAR GOD ENOUGH!

If we feared GOD more - Oh boy would we say NO to alcohol, porn, drugs, world of warcraft, energy drinks, pills & smoking etc etc!

Getting - The fear of GOD is VITALLY IMPORTANT!

We keep falling down into the same old sin, addictions and temptations because we do NOT fear GOD enough!

Now come on...... Join me! Keep saying no, no, no, no and let us show GOD that we do love him the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us tonight!

If we say we love GOD but do NOT obey his commandments, we are really only fooling ourselves!

We have to show GOD and satan that we love JESUS... How? Let us say no to these temptations, no, no, no, no! And by obeying GOD'S commandments found in the bible, we prove to the entire spirit realm that we do love GOD!

We must prove to the spirit realm that we do love JESUS by obeying his commandments. This is very important! So when you say no to the temptations, not only will you be promoted, but you will be proving to the spirit realm that you do love JESUS!

Praise GOD!!!!! You will show GOD and satan that you love JESUS, and you will be promoted and blessed by GOD! This all sounds so wonderful, but first we must say no to these feisty temptations that are coming against us.

Now come on children of GOD, it will not last much longer. Keep saying no, say no to the flesh, say no to the evil spirits and be blessed! If you have messed up already, OK! Repent, turn away, come on back and continue in your testing and temptations!

I also mess up during the tests and temptations. Say no, repent, dust yourself off, come on back to the test and temptations!

Do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself, do not sit around in condemnation! That is exactly what satan wants you to do.

I know how the shame, guilt and condemnation come to torment us, boy do I know! I say - Screw that!!!

Repent, come on back home now, let us keep trying to say no the best we can tonight with the grace GOD is giving us!

Love, your servant Garrett

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