Stand Up Child Of GOD!

Stand Up Child Of GOD!

Get up child of GOD.......... Make something happen!

Don't sit around child of GOD waiting for GOD to do something. How about you do something?

Stand up child of GOD!! Stand up............ Don't wait for JESUS to do something, you make something happen with him first!

Wake up children of GOD........... It is time to stand up now!

Maybe your thinking - Garrett doesn't understand I am being attacked with sadness and depression! Oh yes I do understand! I have been under attack by these evils my entire life starting at about age 5.

If your under attack by sadness, loneliness, depression or lust, it is ONLY A SPIRIT! It is only a evil spirit attacking you.

If you have terrible depression, there is NOTHING WRONG with you! It is only a evil spirit attacking you... That is simply all it is!

Wake up each day, shrug off these evil spirits as if they were flies! I am not saying this is easy, it will take grace from GOD, it will take some practicing. But start practicing shrugging off all of this evil!

Get up child of GOD........ Stand up already!

We are NOT going to allow sadness, loneliness, depression and lust take us down our entire life! I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH now!

Will you join me and say - Enough is enough satan............ I am sick and tired of this tormenting?

Will you say this with me?

You might say - Garrett, the sadness and depression seem so real.. I know child of GOD, boy do I know but it is only a evil spirit!

Maybe your battling against terrible lust............. Stand up child of GOD, get up, get going forward now! It is only a evil spirit!

Do not sit around day after day, month after month waiting on JESUS. Boy I have done that before - WHAT A WASTE OF time that was!

Get up, get dressed, go to church on prayer night and pray and worship for 2 hours!

Get up, get dressed, get out and start passing out food to the homeless one night a week!

Now I know child of GOD all of this takes grace.... Can we all say amen to that? It all takes grace or we can do NOTHING........ Without grace we are completely doomed, completely dead, completely sinful!

It is time to turn our internet games off child of GOD........ Stand up, get going forward now....... There is no more time for gaming!

Terrible judgments for the USA and the rest of the world are right around the corner, in fact they have already started! Just ask Peru, Haiti and Japan! Just ask the people who live in the Gulf of Mexico in the USA!

Now pray for grace, knowing full well the grace came immediately! Use this grace, work with the grace and stand up now.... Shrug off the demon of depression! Cast him away in the name of JESUS.

Now that the demon is gone, stop thinking bad thoughts, stop thinking depressing thoughts..... There is no time for this garbage anymore!

Wake up each day, shrug off the lust, shrug off the oppression just as if they were a fly flying around you!

Start practicing ignoring the evil spirits, ignore the depression, ignore the lust, ignore it all and get going in the kingdom of GOD! When I say ignore it, I mean repent your sins, repent for all of your bad thoughts, then cast the demon out and do not pay any attention to it anymore.

There is a lot of work to do in the last few years we have left here on earth... There is a MONUMENTAL AMOUNT OF WORK TO DO!

Are you going to help us? Or are you going to stand around on the sidelines watching the game?

The kingdom of GOD needs you!

We need you to help us.... We are weaker without you fighting with us..... We are MUCH stronger with you on our team!

JESUS needs you badly to start fighting back in this spiritual war we are in.... Will you enter the game?

Now put aside World of warcraft, put aside Battlefield 3 and why not ENTER THE REAL GAME NOW?

JESUS has disarmed satan and the demons.... They do not have their weapons anymore....... Do you realize this?

Now stand up child of GOD and slam them!!!

All the demons can do now is their tricky stuff........ Their shadow stuff..... Their lies and deceptions... They have NO WEAPONS ANYMORE! So let us make sure we STOP ALL BAD THOUGHTS & all bad imaginations so we do not give any demons permission to attack us.

Stand up child of GOD, shrug off the loneliness and start helping the homeless people.. Start praying for the persecuted church!

Stand up child of GOD and start passing out Christian tracts..... Start forming small or large prayer groups who will meet once a week!

If you are being overwhelmed in sadness and despair, there is nothing wrong with you child of GOD... It is only a few evil spirits torturing you! You have NO medical problems, you are fine, it is just the evil spirits who are living with you whom are tormenting you now.

Now repent for the bad thoughts, get on your knees and repent, cast out the demon and STOP ALL OF THOSE BAD THOUGHTS!

Get up! Get up!!! Get up child of GOD, stand up and get going...........

satan has been beating the tar out of us since the middle ages... Now can we say enough is enough? Who will join me?

I don't know about you, but I am so sick and tired of being lonely, depressed, sad, hurting and in pain.. I hate it! I Hate it! I HATE IT!

Now get up! Get up and start doing something about this.....................

It all starts with repentance, praying more, reading the bible more, casting out the bad thoughts, casting out the bad spirits.....

Every time I get down, every time I get oppressed and depressed, I fall down, I stop doing everything, I sit around waiting for JESUS to do something.


Get up, stand up, start moving somewhere forward with JESUS, the bible and ministry work!

GOD is going to completely take down satan's world wide kingdom here on earth over the next 8-9 years.........

Do you want to be a part of GOD taking down satan's kingdom? After everything satan has done to you and your family, do you want to enter the fight now?

Will you enter the real game? Are you willing to fight? Because step one is always abiding in JESUS!!! Are you willing to start?

I know when the demon of loneliness comes to me it seems so real, it feels so real, but it is only a spirit!!!What I mean is, I am NOT really lonely, it is just this evil spirit whom is tormenting me with loneliness, or he is literally attacking me with loneliness!

How could I possibly be lonely? I have GOD the FATHER living inside of me. I have JESUS living inside of me and I have guardian angels living all about me....  It is actually quite crowded here!!!

We have to keep telling ourselves its only a evil spirit next to me, we have to keep preaching to ourselves.. It is not real, IT IS NOT REAL, it is only a spirit attacking me.

The demons of lust, the demon of depression is making it seem real........... He is spiritually torturing us! Yes I know it feels real, boy do I know this, but it is NOT real. It is spiritual enemy attacking me!

Now do you want to keep watching porn? Do you want to keep internet gaming till late at night? Or do you wanna start fighting back?

After you repent your sins and STOP ALL BAD THOUGHTS, start calling down the blood of JESUS to rain down on you!

Start calling on the blood of JESUS to cover you, your family, your apartment, your pets, your electronics etc etc!

Do something...... Get up already....... Get up and enter the real game....... Enter the real fight!

We do not battle against Governments, we do not battle against other people - We are battling evil spirits who are attacking our world, who are attacking our families, who are attacking our churches and who are especially attacking our own lives!

satan's kingdom is anywhere on earth he is ruling..........

Step 1 is to abide in JESUS.

Step 2 is to get his kingdom out of you!

Stand up, start working really hard on getting satan's kingdom out of you! Now GOD will start using you to get his kingdom out of others!

You might be asking how is satan's kingdom ruling inside of you? Well, are you addicted to smoking? Drinking? Sugar? Masturbation? TV? Movies? Non Christian music? Drugs? Sex? Porn? How about fear? Sadness? Loneliness? Depression? Despair? Anxiety? Confusion? Lust? Doubt? These are a tiny example of how satan's kingdom lives inside of us children of GOD!

GOD will take down satan's entire kingdom very shortly.... Do you want to be a part of this fight? Will you enter the war?

You might say - Garrett - I am so weak, I cannot fight. That is true, we are all very very weak. But JESUS is POWERFUL, JESUS is incredible & YOU HAVE JESUS living inside of you O PRAISE GOD!

Step 1 is to always abide in JESUS day and night.. If your not abiding in JESUS day and night you cannot really fight against satan. I mean you could try to fight satan without much JESUS in you, but you will get JACK SLAMMED!

Now shrug off the sadness, shrug off the lust, shrug off your pride and cast it all away with one swoop of your hand like batting a fly away!

Start taking the bible super seriously, because the bible is your sword.... Did you want to enter this fight without a sword?

Praying a lot day and night are your machine guns, your grenades and your battle tanks!!!

Helping other people in powerful Christ centered ministry work are your - Artillery and your satellite weapons!!!

Praising JESUS are your ballistic missiles...... Singing to JESUS is your force field......

Humbling yourself day and night is your shield, your level 10 shields that nobody can penetrate, no evil on earth can!!! Yes humbling yourself child of GOD is THAT IMPORTANT!

Getting plugged into a church ministry helping the poor, feeding the hungry, laying hands on the sick are your nuclear missiles!

Worshiping JESUS with incredible loud Christian music on every night are your - Space age, future tech weaponry against satan and his demonic army attacking your mind, your emotions and your body!

Did you notice child of GOD all of your weapons are all centered on JESUS and the bible?

You are weak and I am weak, but JESUS and the Holy Bible are SUPER POWERFUL!

You cannot fight the spiritual demons, but JESUS and the bible promises can! You are weak, JESUS is strong... We need JESUS in us!

If you try to fight the demons without JESUS or much bible knowledge, call me when your in the hospital or mental institution!

JESUS and the holy bible are our only hope to fight back against invisible enemies whom some of them can be possibly 500 feet tall!

Now stand up child of GOD!!! I know the pain hurts, I know the loneliness crushes, trust me I know.... Stand up anyways! Put on your helmet of salvation.. Get going forward in this spiritual war we are in!

Sharpen your sword, you are about to start fighting... You better read the bible, I am warning you!

If you child of GOD refuse to read the bible, call me when your in the hospital or mental institution because satan and his demonic army will have no mercy on you whatsoever!

The bible is your weapon, JESUS is your shield, the bible is your ammunition, JESUS is your force field........

Now the demonic have been beating me up terribly for well over 40 years now...

 Who will join me and say -> Enough is enough dammit!

We must go to war against the demonic, we must go to war against the bad thoughts in our mind, we must, we have too, we will!

Don't you dare sit on the sidelines because the enemies do not play fair. Even though your on the sidelines they will run by & JACK SLAM YOU while the turn around and laugh at you because they think it is all hilarious when they ruin our lives, our families, our Christian walk and our faith!

Don't you dare tell me you will not enter this fight. GOD will be disappointed in you! Satan will laugh at you, you will die 10,000 deaths nightly by not entering this fight. 

That means that satan will have you locked down in spiritual chains while he tortures you night with a porn addiction, alcoholism, drugs, internet gaming, sadness, loneliness, depression, pain, hurting, anguish, fear, oppression, anxiety, cancer, colds, flu's, head colds, tumors etc etc etc!

Now get up, stand up, shrug off the enemies of lust, sadness, loneliness, depression, fear, rejection, hurting & pain!

Shrug it off, it is only a spirit. It is not real, you are under a invisible attack! STOP THE BAD THOUGHTS and repent, then cast the demon out of you in the name of JESUS. Call the demon by the name that he is attacking you with. So if your being oppressed in sadness, cast the demon of sadness out! If you are being attacked with fear, cast the demon of fear out of you!

By you thinking bad thoughts, you are giving PERMISSION for these demons to stay with you!

Man of GOD, you better open up your bible or you are going to be almost useless when GOD starts taking down satan's kingdom!

Woman of GOD, you better open up your bible dammit, or no real man of GOD is going to want to ever date you or marry you!

Man of GOD, you better open up your bible and start learning about JESUS and the bible promises. You will need them in this fight!

Women of GOD, you better open up your bible because when you and your husband start fighting back, you will need to know scriptures because the enemies HIT BACK!

If you have not memorized scriptures, don't even dream of entering this spiritual war! The demons will laugh and laugh and laugh at you!

DID YOU NOTICE child of GOD that when satan tempted JESUS, JESUS answered him 3 different times with bible scriptures?

If you are not hanging out with JESUS every day, you are actually satan's kingdom. You are infested with demons... Child of GOD JESUS is our only protection and if you are not taking JESUS seriously, then the demons will enter you and live in you!

The evil angels are real! They are just as real as the holy angels.... But your depression and sadness are NOT real! Your sadness, loneliness, lust and depression are only a evil spirit who is living right next to you or inside of you! He is attacking you!

Do not say I am depressed anymore dammit! Say there is a demon of depression attacking me. I must fight back!

Do not cry to your girlfriends anymore that your lonely dammit! Say instead there is a demon of loneliness attacking me and make a battle plan with her to GO TO WAR!!!

Don't tell me you have to level up your character in your online internet gaming.... Meanwhile the demons are leveling up inside of you! This war is very real, very vicious, very cutthroat, very evil and if you want to keep ignoring JESUS and the bible, wow you already lost brother or sister!

JESUS is our weapon, JESUS is our shield, the bible is our sword, the bible is our defense, the bible is our offense! And worshiping JESUS shatters the darkness not only in your life, not only above the earth, but it shatters it all in the universe!

Start forcing your worshiping if you cannot do it otherwise. Start forcing your bible reading if your under heavy oppression! Start forcing time with JESUS... Force it I say until you get your breakthrough!!! I am NOT saying this is easy, no no no. It will be hard, very hard sometimes but GOD is with you mighty warrior!

Incredible judgments have not only already happened, see Japan, but they are coming to the USA now too!!! We are next!

The demons are really building up in the USA right now.. I am not playing child of GOD... You better take this warning seriously!

There are most likely trillions of demons in the USA now... Why? Because of all kinds of prophecy and terrible things are about to happen!

Now get up already!!! Stand up dammit!!! Start doing something about this.... Step 1 once again is always JESUS............

I know it hurts, I know the loneliness hurts, I know the lust hurts, I know the depression hurts, amen! But get up! Stand up!

Don't you dare waste another day! NOT ONE MORE DAY lounging around in terrible pain... Get up, start helping the homeless! Child of GOD we reap what we sow. Start helping other people and GOD will start giving you more and more blessings too like spiritual breakthroughs.

Print out Christian tracts on your computer and printer and start passing them out on the street corners!

Work out a deal with Burger King, start buying 10 combo meals every night and pass them out to the homeless!

Work out a deal with a store, start buying 10 blankets a night or a week and pass them out to the homeless!

Start forming a small but powerful prayer group in your home, praying for yourselves, Christians, the USA, Israel and everyone else!

Start dating JESUS....... Start making dates with JESUS every week going out with him once a week and have a romantic date!

Start trying to master 1-2-3 books of the bible................... Start memorizing 3 scriptures a week for the next year!

If you memorize 3 scriptures a week, you will know over 150 of them one year from tonight! Now wouldn't that be amazing? Can you imagine how GOD could use you if you knew 150 bible scriptures?

Now when you have memorized some scriptures, now you are getting ready to start entering the real game, the real war, the real purpose!

When the demons show up looking like only who knows what in your bedroom late at night, you better know some scriptures. I am warning you!

The demons are showing up in peoples rooms looking like grey aliens, or little girls, or grown women, or hideous monsters!

I am warning you, this is happening now, their time is almost over and they are manifesting physically now.

If you do not know JESUS, they might take you away in one of their ships!

If that little girl demon shows up and you do not know JESUS, wow are you in trouble, WOW!!!!

If that evil demon who wears and hides in his black cape shows up tonight, wow you better know some scriptures!

Now get up dammit! Stand up out of the depression, stand up and move forward out of loneliness!! It is all a lie!

It is impossible to be really and truthfully be lonely because GOD the FATHER lives inside of you and JESUS his son lives in there too! It is actually very crowded with you because you have a 1 or more guardian angels living with you too! The reason why we feel lonely is because there is a demon of loneliness tormenting us in loneliness. It is all a lie, it is all a scam, it is all a deception!

You are not really alone so you cannot feel lonely. You are going to heaven soon where you will live for eternity in a brand new inter-dimensional body so you cannot really be sad. We have to get our minds off of our so called problems and keep our thoughts with JESUS the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us. 

We must win this battle that is being fought in our mind with our spiritual enemies!

Stand up child of GOD, STAND UP!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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