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Something quite amazing happened about one month ago. I was at the tail end of a very long 4 ½ month valley experience when out of nowhere, one night the HOLY GHOST took me over and typed quite a few very short messages using my little fingers on the keyboard.


Here are the messages that GOD was typing through me. I pray that some of them will bless you, some will make you laugh, some might make you cry, some might lift you up, and hopefully above all else, you will see how much JESUS loves you!


Love, your brother Garrett

If your hurting and depressed, share your heart with JESUS so you could feel better tonight!!!

I cannot wait until we get into heaven and the loneliness, sadness, lust, pain, disappointments are all over with forever!!! Praise GOD.

One day soon JESUS will show us why it was so important to him that we people experience loneliness & sadness. It will all make sense then!

I know sometimes it doesn't make sense, all the pain, hurting, disappointments, sadness & loneliness! But, it will be over in heaven!!!

You could be married with 3 children, living in one of the largest cities & with many friends yet still be suffering in terrible loneliness!

I pray O LORD GOD that you will hold onto us, because we are definitely not holding onto you!!!

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We sin, you don’t JESUS. We are weak, you are strong. We get lonely, you are everywhere. We get sad, you are powerful. We need you!!!!


Have mercy on us JESUS, for many of us cannot stop sinning. You truly are our only hope to break free from this evil world. Be patient LORD.

Maybe a fellow Christian person, even a Christian of the opposite sex has crushed your heart, or hurt you badly! JESUS is with you warrior!!

Nobody can hurt us or crush us like a fellow Christian can, especially one of the opposite sex... JESUS truly is the only one we can trust!

Many of us are battling a terrible vicious spirit called - Rejection! When other believer's reject us, many times that demon will come to us!

We are filthy, but you are so holy JESUS. We are disgusting sinners, yet you never sinned. Heal our broken hearts JESUS. Mend our wounds!!

It seems to me that our hearts are going to be broken and crushed over & over & over again as long as we live & breathe here on earth!!!

It is very important to JESUS that we get our hearts broken over & over & over again. Praise GOD that in heaven there will be NO more tears!

Some of you might be going through terrible vicious loneliness at this time in your life. Even though JESUS is invisible, HE is with you!!!

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If you are sad or lonely, you are not alone. There are many MANY Christian people going through these difficult experiences at this time.

There are many Christian people completely isolated & all alone at this time in their lives. You are NOT alone in your suffering!

If you cannot stop sinning, you are NOT alone. All Christian children sin every single day of their lives. This shows how bad we need JESUS.

There will be Christian's who say that they don't sin every day. Well, they are only fooling themselves. What about sins of omission?

So what it comes down to is we are sinning every single day of our lives. GOD knows this so he sent his son JESUS to die for our sins.....

If you feel you don't sin anymore, when is the last time you helped orphans, or widows, are you praying without ceasing?

Some of us are addicted to porn, while others of us sin constantly in sins of omission. Is there really any difference? I highly doubt it!!!

We need JESUS badly, his love, his presence, his sacrifice, his blood covering us day and night which makes us holy & righteous.....

I feel like I walk with JESUS, yet I have NOT helped any orphans in my entire life as far as I can remember. Yes, we sin every day!!!

I do NOT pray without ceasing, I do not abide in JESUS from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. Yes, we all fall short!!!

So be humble, we are all terrible, filthy disgusting sinners who fall short of the glory of GOD. We need you JESUS so badly in our lives...

I know this isn't preached much, but yes, we do sin every single day of one kind of another. JESUS is our righteousness!!!

It seems that it is very VERY important to JESUS that we experience loneliness & even severe loneliness from time to time in our lives!!!

Before JESUS gives us our new powerful inter-dimensional body living in heaven, HE wants us to go through some difficult experiences first!!

No family, no friends, no spouse, no bf or gf can possibly understand what we are going through tonight in our lives. ONLY JESUS does!!!

If you are sad, lonely or feeling rejected, I know exactly how you feel. I care about you, the LORD cares about you. HE is for you!!!

The LORD is so merciful, so patient, so loving with us. After a season of tormenting & suffering, he will refresh us, strengthen us help us.

Help us JESUS, have mercy over our suffering, rain down grace to take us out of loneliness, away from lust, out of depression! Help!!!

Maybe you are going through loneliness, even severe loneliness! JESUS is with you, he cares, he sees what your going through. HE loves you!

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I think we should be very careful before we make statements like -> JESUS, you are all I need... Do we really understand what we are saying?

When we say -> JESUS you are all I need.... Do we, can we even understand what we are saying. We might want to be careful about what we say.

If you boldly say that JESUS is all you need. Watch out! The LORD might try you on that statement. I highly doubt you will be ready for that!

What if the LORD took your spouse away, your family, your friends, your children away to see if you could then say JESUS is all you need?

I guess it is OK to make those statements like -> JESUS is all I need, but I just feel we should be much MUCH more careful before we speak!

I found that we can't do anything, not a single darn thing without grace from GOD. If we lose that grace, all hell will break loose!!!

I found that we can't do anything, not a single darn thing without grace from GOD. If we lose that grace, all hell will break loose!!!

We enter into heaven through much suffering. A huge portion of Christianity is = Suffering. Many of us are suffering with loneliness tonight!

If you are sad and lonely, and if everyone in your entire life has left you. I want you to know that I care about you, but JESUS is with you!

If you are completely alone in your life at this time, it is because GOD has ordered this to happen. Seek out from JESUS on why????

Only someone with GOD like powers could have you living in a huge city, surrounded by people, yet be all alone. Ask the LORD JESUS why?

JESUS & JESUS only knows why you are going through loneliness. So because of this, HE is the one to find out why you are still alone?

Have you ever been so lonely that you felt you could not make it even another minute in your life? Praise GOD this will be gone in heaven!!

For many of us, we have absolutely no one in our lives. Thank GOD that JESUS is with us, otherwise, we truly would be alone....

JESUS truly is our only hope to overcome loneliness. I assure you, nothing else on earth can help us but the LORD!!!


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We have to ask the LORD why? Why? Why do you have us alone JESUS?

It is NOT satan that is keeping you alone, it is GOD who is sovereign over his entire creation. We want to ask JESUS why? Why r we alone??

Do not say -> satan has isolated me, he is keeping me alone. No, that is giving him too much credit. ALL power & authority belong to JESUS.

I have been frustrated with the LORD JESUS for keeping me single for so long. We don't want to hide this, we want to talk it out with JESUS!

Don't be angry at satan because your still single and isolated, what good does that do. satan is NOT sovereign, only JESUS is!!!!

If you are angry because you are single, all alone, very isolated, in a sense what your really saying is, your angry at GOD. So be honest!

I would rather be honest with JESUS that I am frustrated over this topic, then to let it simmer inside year after year suffering!!!

I use to blame satan for this or that going wrong in my life, until JESUS taught me -> No Garrett it is I who am doing this in your life!!

John 3:27 - A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from GOD. ....... satan has nothing to do with us still being single!!!

If your handling your marriage, that is grace from GOD. If you are doing well in singleness, that is grace from GOD. We need grace so badly!

I have had the empowering of JESUS fall down on me during singleness, and yet I have seen it taken away. Wow do we need his grace, wow!!!!!

When the enemy attacks our singleness, oh how we wish we just had someone to hold onto their hand. Just holding hands would be wonderful!

Being tormented with loneliness, many of us pray as hard as we can just for someone to hold hands with! Help us JESUS, help!!!

If your really hurting tonight, I care about U, I know how you feel, JESUS is still by your side even during these dark nights of suffering!

If your angry at JESUS deep down inside because he has not answered your prayer for a spouse, its OK, talk it out with him. HE cares!!!

JESUS understands your loneliness. After all, he created it! He has loneliness here on earth on purpose. Talk it all out with him!!!

If a Christian says they can handle singleness, it is only because of the grace of GOD they can. Take away that grace, Uh oh, watch out!!!


I pray that some of the short sentence above will help you to understand just a little bit better what you are going through, or what some of your loved ones are going through at this time in their lives!

Love, your servant Garrett

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