Give us peace tonight we pray JESUS!!!




Bring our joy back to us O LORD GOD, we need your blessings so badly JESUS!




Make us willing to obey you JESUS, change us from the inside out we pray!!!




Change our hearts we pray JESUS just like you changed king David's heart........ Have mercy on us too we pray!!!!




I am sick and tired of DIS obeying you JESUS... Create in us a clean heart O LORD, renew in us a loyal/right spirit we pray JESUS!!!!




You can go out and picket abortions centers if GOD tells you to, or we can pray for GOD to change our hearts and all abortions will stop!!




Change our hearts JESUS, help us to be more like you, help us to change the way we think, speak, type and act we pray FATHER in heaven!!




It seems to me that GOD revealed to king David that we need our hearts changed so that we could finally stop doing evil filthy things!!




Then David says in psalm 51:11 - Do NOT banish me from your presence, don't take your HOLY SPIRIT away from me!!!




OH JESUS don't banish me from your presence, for I know how I really am without you. Don't take your HOLY GHOST away from me/us we pray!!




Keep us JESUS, keep us in your loving arms for we are so fast to want to walk away from you, even running away from you!!!




Then David said in psalm 51:12 - Restore to me the joy of your salvation, make me willing to obey you!!!!




Did you know we cannot obey GOD unless he gives us the grace? It is true!!!




O FATHER in heaven, look down on us in mercies, blessings and favor we pray. Give us the ability to obey JESUS and the bible we pray!!




So O LORD JESUS we need you to create in us a clean heart, make us willing to obey you, do not cast us away, do not take the HOLY GHOST away




Restore to us this Sunday the joy of your salvation and please please PLEASE make us willing to obey you we pray JESUS!!!




If you do anything O LORD JESUS, change us, if you bless us in any way, make our hearts more like yours we pray!!!




Now David stole someones wife, then killed off her husband, then kept her and married her!!!!




Now if JESUS is cool enough to completely change David's life around, I cannot even imagine what he is doing in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Help us O LORD, we are just like king David in sooooooooooooo many ways!! We are just like king Saul in so many ways... Heal us JESUS!




How many wives, gf's and money have we stole? How many things have we killed off just like David did? Have mercy FATHER, we repent!!




We need the joy of your salvation so badly JESUS...... We cannot make it in life without that incredible joy you send to us we pray!!!




So because we need a new heart, a new way of thinking, because of how filthy are garments are, we repent JESUS!!!!




We repent, we repent we repent for we have been so wicked O LORD GOD!!!




We fall face down at your throne FATHER not daring to move, not daring to say a word, not daring to lift our heads! We repent!!!




We are wrong for the things we did this weekend, for the things we said, for the things we thought and imagined O LORD GOD, we repent!




We repent for all of that darkness that is deep inside of us that nobody knows about, not anyone except you FATHER!!! Help us...




We are so sorry JESUS for all of the people we have hurt! For all of the people we rejected when you never rejected loving anyone O LORD!!




We are sorry for the terrible things we have allowed our eyes to see! We were wrong, I am wrong, it is wrong, forgive us JESUS!!!




We repent for all of the gaming we have done on the computer/internet/console. For those who have ears to hear, we were wrong, we are wrong!




Forgive us JESUS, forgive us for wasting so much time out of our precious lives!!!!




While we were watching TV, movies, gaming etc etc we missed so many ministry opportunities O LORD GOD!!!




Will you forgive me FATHER will you forgive us for all of the missed opportunities because we were too busy living in darkness & selfishness



Will you forgive us JESUS for all of the people we did NOT help because we were too busy living in sin and filth? Have mercy JESUS!!!




Forgive us O LORD, forgive me for not feeding the hungry, for not clothing the homeless because I was too busy gaming on the computer!



Forgive us for caring more about our own dating lives than we care about the homeless women and children in our city O LORD GOD!! Help...



Forgive me, forgive us for drinking alcohol many times instead of turning to you JESUS and the bible when we were sad, lonely & depressed!




We are so weak JESUS, we are so sinful, we are never searching for GOD, not EVER EVER unless you send us grace first!!!!




Forgive us for obsessing on our brand new bf or gf for two months while the homeless people were starving out there in this summer heat!!!




We repent for all of those sexual thoughts, sexual images in our mind, for putting so much emphasis on sex and not much at all on you JESUS!



Wash us clean O LORD GOD in heaven by the blood of the LAMB we pray FATHER... I am and we are despicable & we need JESUS badly!!!!




Oh FATHER in heaven, we are just like king David, like king Saul, like solomon, even like Ahab which is so sad.... Heal our hearts JESUS!!




Bless us with repentance just like you did David in psalm 51...... We need that psalm 51 repentance right now JESUS, right now we pray!!!




Give us that incredible wonderful super important gift of repentance so we can say we are sorry to you right now JESUS!!!!!




How many people did I miss ministering too because I was too busy leveling my characters in World of warcraft? Oh how sad!!! Help JESUS..




And LORD we will never ever ever get that time back, that time we wasted watching TV and movies.... Rain down your blood over us JESUS!!!




Cover us in your blood right now as we say we are sorry for all of it, for everything, for being so cold, so lukewarm, so in your site!!




We need to repent, we have to repent, we got to repent or incredible TERRIBLE judgments are right around the corner!!!!! Help JESUS!




Give us the ability to repent JESUS, bless us with this, have mercy on us and please please give us repentance before we go to sleep!!!




When some of us lay down tonight, it is not guaranteed that we will wake up in the morning... Give us repentance JESUS right now!!!!!




Give us tears O LORD, give us the ability to cry we pray, tear our hearts in two until we care like you care, until we love like you love!!




Create in us a clean heart O GOD, renew a loyal spirit in me/us we pray!!! I am sick and tired of going my own way JESUS.....



I am sick and tired, we are sick and tired of being pin cushions to the demons... Give us repentance tonight so we can be free JESUS!!!



Destroy that shame living in us JESUS, destroy the guilt, dis arm the demons with us by giving us repentance we pray O LORD!!!!



Help us to cry, heal our stoney cold dark hearts.... Give us the ability to cry again over the things that we say and do and think JESUS!!



We bow down right now at your throne JESUS, we are holding on to your scarred feet, we repent.... We are wrong, we admit it!!!



Let me be first O LORD, let her be first, let him be first, let us repent now before we go to sleep so we can be like a true child of GOD!!!



Give us repentance O LORD and destroy that rejection living inside of us so we can worship you with holy hands lifted up on high!!!



Change me, change us, change your servants JESUS for we need to, we want to, we must be living more like you!! We repent.......




Give us repentance we cry out to you right now so the flesh and the demons tormenting us will be DIS armed we pray!!!!




Why are we obsessed with dating men and women, yet we are not obsessed with feeding and clothing and preaching to men and women?



Why are so we obsessed with sex O LORD GOD when a second after we die, there will never ever ever be that sexual action again? Help JESUS!!!



Why are we obsessed with leveling characters in a game when you O LORD have a real leveling system in place for our souls in real life?



Who can save me, who can save us from being the wretched sinners that we are? Nobody and nothing but JESUS and his blood!!!




O LORD you knew us and loved us even before you created the universe. Yet we must be like you, we need to be more like you - Help JESUS!!




We pray you will change our hearts so that nobody will want to have abortions any longer!!!



We pray JESUS that you will change our hearts so that we will NOT want to waste anymore time on TV, bad movies or bad internet gaming!!




Forgive, forgive us we pray FATHER!!!!



Forgive us for being more obsessed with reading the news than we are reading your inter-dimensional holy bible!!



Forgive us JESUS for taking your bible for granted, letting dust accumulate on it, going months without picking it up! Forgive LORD!!




Forgive your children for being too busy watching movies made in Hollywood, and not repenting our sins so Hollywood would never exist!!!




Forgive us LORD for spending countless hundreds of billions of dollars on the gaming industry when there are so many poor people with us!!





I am sorry!!!!!




I wanna be different LORD, we wanna be different. We are NOT happy with the way we are tonight........




Forgive us LORD for spending billions of dollars on dating a new guy or girl, yet when homeless ask us for change, we say no!!!!




Forgive us FATHER, we are sooooooo wrong.............. I repent!



We repent, many of us repent right now!!!!!!




We are obsessed on Hollywood stars much MUCH more than we are about your incredible royal son JESUS!!! Forgive US FATHER!!!!



I am sorry, we are sorry for buying their Hollywood movies, renting them, buying music cd's from Hollywood!!! Forgive us FATHER!!



Give us the ability to cry tonight, please FATHER!! Please JESUS..........



Our hearts are so lukewarm, so cold we cannot even cry about these tragedies!!




The way we act and behave especially me is UN acceptable O LORD JESUS. Change us, change us we pray, we beg, we ask, we plead!!!



We do not wanna go another month, another week, another day, not even another hour like the way we are...... Rain down grace FATHER!!!!



Forgive us for NOT memorizing scriptures FATHER. Forgive me, forgive us for not even caring enough about the bible to memorize any!!!



Forgive us for taking the bible just like ever other book or movie or gaming DVD that sits on our shelf!!!



O LORD, I don't want the coming tidal waves to be because of judgment because of me, because of my sins, because of my darkness!!!



I don't want the coming starvation and lack of drinking water to be because of me... Forgive me I pray JESUS............




I don't want the coming earthquakes and pestilence to be because of me JESUS, or because of us....... We repent, we are wrong O LORD!!!



Can you forgive us O LORD for the hours we wasted away with movies, gaming, sex, porn, drinking, smoking and drugs? Forgive us JESUS!!



Restore those lost hours somehow O LORD, those hours that were stolen from us from the enemy within... Wash us clean JESUS in the blood!!



Our ways are wrong O LORD, we repent... Your ways are always right. Your bible is always right!!!! Change us JESUS from the inside....



O LORD GOD, why don't we take the bible seriously? What is wrong with us FATHER? We repent, we are sorry, we are wrong FATHER!!



O LORD, let the coming tidal waves NOT be because of me O LORD, I don't want to be responsible!! Have mercy on us, change us JESUS!!



Take these terrible curses off of your children FATHER WE PRAY, we are sorry, release us O LORD...... We want to change...




Why do your children who get sick FATHER run to medicine, why dont the bible promises work for us? Give us repentance we pray!!!




Give us repentance we pray JESUS so the bible promises will work in our lives, in our hearts, and when we do ministry work we pray!!!!



Oh how filthy your bride is at this end time generation JESUS, especially me, starting with me!!!!!!!!!



Why O LORD JESUS are your children sick with curse after curse all over the world? Please give us repentance, we are sorry O LORD!!!



Start with me, start with us tonight.... We want to be like you O LORD no matter what it takes JESUS. You are incredible JESUS!!!



Your church is so sick, so diseased, so weak, so lowly, so dark, so cold, so lustful JESUS... We repent!!!!!!




I don't want that coming starvation to be on my head, to be because of my terrible darkness... I/we repent! We are wrong JESUS!!!



Hear our prayers again FATHER, take away the curses that are plaguing your church we pray! Give us repentance, give us a clean heart!



I don't want the 50 million babies who have been aborted in the USA to be because of me!! I repent, I mean like right now!!!!!



I am not wasting another second here, I am wrong in many areas of my life and I repent, I walk away from them, I am sorry!!!



Tell the 50 million babies in heaven that I am very very sorry for my part, for my evil actions, for doing things my way & not your way!!!



I love people O LORD, I don't want to be responsible for all of the hell that is starting to rain down on us now O LORD GOD!! We repent!!!



Move LORD, move in our lives, create in us a clean heart, make us willing to obey you finally we pray JESUS!!!!!



O LORD, when I look at Hollywood, or the leaders you have given us in the USA, or the abortions, I cry out that I repent, I am sorry!!!!



I am sorry for my sinning, my rebellion, my darkness, my coldness towards you and the bible that allowed these evils to flourish!!!!



All of the time I wasted in sin JESUS practically built Hollywood from the ground up.... Wash me, wash us clean, for we are wrong!!!



Our ways are always wrong O LORD, for only you JESUS are good, only you are holy and righteous!!!!!!!!!



How many times did I come home with 4 movies from Hollywood that I just rented.... Who can wash away our filthy sins? JESUS!!!!!!!




I don't want that MAN MADE starvation of the continent of Africa on my head.... No way, I am sorry, we are sorry, we are really sorry GOD!!



I don't want that poison they are spraying in the sky that we call chem-trails on my blood.. I am sorry for my sins JESUS, release me I pray!



I don't want that fluoride that they are killing us with in our water and toothpaste on my blood. I repent for taking you for granted JESUS!




What else can I say HOLY GHOST? You and the bible are right, and I and all of us are always wrong!!!!




You gave us all of the plagues in Deuteronomy chapter 28 that you said you would give us FATHER!! Why? Because of my sinning......




Deuteronomy chapter 28 curses are raining down on the USA all because his child/me keeps taking JESUS & the bible for granted!!!!



Forgive me, forgive us, wash away our sins, help us to be like your incredible son JESUS we pray tonight GOD in heaven.....   Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love, your servant Garrett

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