Pride / Porn!

Pride / Porn

So you might be wondering - How can I stop sinning? The truth is, you CANNOT! GOD has to give you grace to stop..... It is ALL GRACE!!!

You might be thinking -> I cannot stop watching porn. That is right, you CANNOT QUIT... You need GOD'S grace to quit!!!

It is all grace this way there will be no boasting in heaven!!!

Nobody can stop sinning, nobody can break free from addictions on their own... Only GOD can stop us from sinning!

Only GOD can shatter our addictions........ Apart from GOD we cannot do anything at all!!!

Why? Because our flesh and the demonic angels will come and JACK SLAM us!!!

Only GOD is more powerful than our flesh...... Only GOD is more powerful than the demonic angels!!!

And when I say GOD, that includes his holy son JESUS too!!!

So if your stuck in sin and addictions tonight and you cannot get out --- THIS FIGHT NO LONGER IS YOURS!!!!! This is GOD'S fight now!! Because this is true, let the guilt go..... Let the shame go.... Let the self condemnation go... The battle belongs to the LORD!!!

So you might say tonight -> Garrett, you do not understand, I fell down into porn again for the 20th time.... Duh!!! Of course I understand!

Everything is grace. We will stay in an addiction until JESUS sets us free at just the right time......... It is a gift, it is FREE!

But you might say -> I have been stuck in porn now for 6 months when will it end? It will end when JESUS says it ends!!!!

And since JESUS loves you, adores you, cherishes you, he will end it at the PERFECT TIMING!!!! Your addiction might last one day, one week, one month, 3 years, but it will end at the perfect time when JESUS says it will end! Why? Because JESUS knows what to do with you and your life!! You do not know, you might think you know but your only fooling yourself!!

But you might say -> I been stuck in porn for 1 year now, I am afraid I am losing my salvation..............

During the sinful times, keep talking to JESUS, keep repenting, keep humbling yourself, keep bowing down at HIS throne!!!

You keep doing this and you are saved!!!!

If your stuck in porn for a while now, do NOT stop praying, do NOT stop repenting, do NOT stop communication with JESUS!!!

I do not care what the Pharisees say. Even during sinning, keep repenting, keep talking to JESUS, keep humbling yourself and your saved!

Why? Because it is not your WORKS that saves you. It is your repentance, it is your fellowship with JESUS that saves you.

Do you realize that at any second HE wants to, JESUS can snap his finger and end your porn addiction? I pray you realize this.

So you might be thinking -> Well, why doesn't he end it then already?

Are you humbling yourself? Are you bowing down at his throne? Are you realizing just how pathetic you truly are without JESUS?

Maybe GOD is using the porn addiction to humble you, to teach you, to show you how you truly are without JESUS, to show you how weak you are!

Maybe GOD is using this porn addiction to give you a testimony? So you could preach to others who are stuck in porn in the future!

Maybe GOD is using this porn addiction to shatter your ego, to shatter your theological pride, to shatter your ministry pride!!!            

Maybe this is happening because of your pride!

Maybe GOD is using the porn addiction to teach you once and for all, you are NOT special............... Only JESUS is!!!!

Everything is grace!!!!! It is all a free gift, you cannot earn it................

So if your stuck in porn, what is the main things to do? Humble yourself!!! Bow down at JESUS' throne constantly!

Admit to the LORD how you truly are without him.. Admit to JESUS how weak you truly are. Admit to the LORD how sinful you truly are!

All of these answers have to do with humbling yourself!!!!

An elder once taught me - Even while your actually watching porn, talk to GOD!! Tell him how weak you are, how badly you need help! You do realize in the blink of an eye, JESUS can kick the demons out of you that are pushing you to watch porn right? So why doesn't JESUS do this for you? Man, you better go find out!! Usually it is because of pride, ego, self righteousness, etc etc!

The Christian church has so much theological pride, I cannot even type this out and explain it properly!!

A woman tonight came on Twitter in the middle of a long talk I was doing on Twitter. She missed the entire beginning! She asked me a few questions, but because she missed the whole beginning, she mis-understood what I was saying. You know what she did? She UN friended me and BLOCKED ME!! That is theological pride!!!!!!!!! Or pride in general.

When we have a lot of pride, self, ego, theological pride, ministry pride, watch out!!! Porn addictions are coming shortly!!!!!

Have you ever noticed how a man or woman will be used mightily by GOD, then 2 months later be back in a porn addiction again?

One of the most super DUPER anointed guys I know of on earth just fought a 10 year porn addiction!!!

This man I am talking about has AN incredible gift from GOD. So incredible, I will not even talk about it.......
Then --->>>>   10 Year porn addiction.... By the way women! His wife stuck by his side every step of the way......... She did not leave him! Hint hint!!

One problem with Twitter is, if someone comes online in the middle of your talk and they do not bother to scroll down, ouch!!!! 99 times out of 100 they will totally MIS understand your points your making!! Guess what happens next? In the blink of an eye they UN FRIEND YOU!!!!! Even though I sent her private messages with real actual bible scriptures to prove what I was saying, she still UN friended me!

Wow we need grace!! Wow I need grace.......... This end time church needs grace so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess what?

GRACE is coming!!!!!

Now when your addicted to porn, satan will tell you that your the only one, or that you cannot do the great things other Christians do!! Or you cannot be the man or woman of GOD that GOD intended you to be.

PURE lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Statistics show us that just about all Christian men in the USA are fighting against porn from time to time!

And for the few Christian men who are not fighting against porn, they are fighting against alcohol, world of warcraft and sex!!! And for the men who are not fighting against those, these men have problems with lying, cheating, masturbation, drugs, smoking and depression!! We are all the same........ Since we are all the same, let the shame go, let the guilt go, let the self condemnation go!!!!

I remember a while ago when I actually thought I was the only one that did these things... Praise GOD for teaching me himself the real truth! There is not a single Christian man or woman on earth who is special. Not Paul, not John, not you, not me, not David Wilkerson!!!

So if your stuck in masturbation, porn and sex....

 The key is = Humble yourself day and night non stop until JESUS sets you free!!!

The MAIN reason terrible judgments are coming against the USA is because of the PRIDE of the CHURCH!!!

You might say -> Garrett I do not have a pride problem, I have a lust problem..... If you say that, wow have you been deceived!!!!!

All people on earth have pride, especially Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pride is a MAIN ENEMY OF GOD'S!!!

satan was prideful............ This entire mess got started because of one angels pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have pride and pride in some sense you can say is our NUMBER 1 ENEMY!

So if you say - Garrett, I do not know why I keep falling into porn over & over again........ OH I KNOW WHY!!! PRIDE, EGO, SELF, SPIRITUAL PRIDE, THEOLOGICAL PRIDE, MINISTRY PRIDE & better than thou attitudes among other reasons too!

See children of GOD, this is what happens - We all get the HOLY GHOST, and he teaches us and gives us gifts and revelations!!

And when we get these gifts & revelations and ministry work to do, guess what? Pride starts building up inside of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the pride starts to build up inside of us, guess what? A porn addiction is right around the corner!!!!!

Or a masturbation addiction, or a sex addiction, or drugs, smoking, drinking, pills, depression or despair etc etc!

And why? Because of our pride, ego, self righteousness, spiritual pride, theological pride, pride in our ministry or in our church!!!

Countless millions of Christians have pride in their church.. Not in JESUS, but in their churches...... Watch out, a porn addiction is coming next!!!

I never knew why I kept falling into porn over and over again. I tried everything to stay away from it, but no matter how hard I tried →

Guess what? The addiction kept coming....... Over a period of a few years, GOD slowly started whispering to me ->
 Garrett → PRIDE!

Pride - Pride - Ego - Pride in ministry - Pride in theology - lusts of the flesh – Pride!!!

Pride is satan................................... Pride is flesh!

GOD wants a humble church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all honesty, we Christians have NO IDEA what that even means!!! The church in the USA and the western worlds are NOT humble!! They are prideful, arrogant with better than thou attitudes!!

They build denominations because a small group of people think they have better answers, or they think they know the bible better!!

So they leave their churches, buy a building a few blocks away and start a new church...... And why? PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LORD is NOT happy!!!!

We are in big big trouble children of GOD.

JESUS is very very very against satan..... JESUS is very against pride........ JESUS is very against denominations!!!!!

Pride is the Christian killer!!!!

Pride is the DESTROYER of Christian churches!

Pride is the DESTROYER of ministries!!!

Pride leads to pornography, masturbation, sex and all kinds of addictions too many to type here!!

Pride = The DESTROYER!!!!! The Destroyer = satan The Destroyer = The flesh living inside of us!!

Pride = One of the first sins if not the first sin..................

Who has pride? Everyone except JESUS!!!!

It is so cute when I speak to teenagers and they swear to me they have no pride! I mean it is so cute to see..... Not funny though!!

So if your stuck in porn again, pride will be the main culprit among other things inside of you.............

If you have fallen down into other bad addictions, always check for pride first, for ego, for selfishness, for better than thou attitudes!! Take a real good look inside of yourself, find out why these things might keep happening to you!

Who can overcome pride? Nobody except JESUS.

We know satan is prideful. And we know all humans on earth have pride, this clearly shows us how badly we need JESUS!

Do you children of GOD realize that GOD has purposely let the world wide porn industry stay up and floating on the internet? Why? Maybe to humble us? Maybe to be used as a tool against us to show us our pride! Maybe to show us a few things about ourselves? Maybe to teach us this is not about us, that everything in all creation is all about JESUS?

Maybe to give us reason after reason to cry out for help to the LORD? etc etc!

Go out to Africa, speak to 100,000 people, see 20,000 get saved, only to fly back home and go back to a porn addiction!!!!!!!!!

Why? Could it be your pride?

Get a new Christian recording contract. Sell some CD's. 2 months later fall again into a porn addiction! Why? Possibly pride?

We need help LORD...... Pride is an enemy far FAR TOO BIG FOR US TO OVERCOME........ Help us JESUS!!!!

Hear our cries JESUS, see our suffering, see how the enemy is beating up your church JESUS...... Stand up O LORD and fight we pray!!!

Rain down your fire JESUS into our souls, shatter the pride into a billion pieces we pray and scatter it throughout the universe!!!

 Set us free O LORD JESUS, set us free we pray!

Love, your servant Garrett

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