Pride & The Demon Of Pride!

A woman UN friended me today because she did not believe Isaiah 45:7 was true. Another Christian woman UN friended me a few days ago because she did not believe me when I told her Ebola was man made from a laboratory........ Welcome to End time Christianity and yes all of that is pride

Hello hello children of GOD............ How are all of you doing?

I wanted to talk tonight about pride and the demon of pride!

During this book I will be going a little bit back and forth about the evil pride living inside of us and also about the entity we call

 – A Demon of pride.

All people on earth have pride! Everyone who was born as a human being has pride inside of them except JESUS.

JESUS is the only person who did not have pride inside of him amen praise GOD!

When we become born again, our brand new spirit is now in the image of JESUS CHRIST!

But our flesh, that evil carnal nature living inside of us is created in the image of satan!

satan is all about pride and pride is a huge part of the reason why satan turned evil, it was all about pride!

Because satan is all about pride, that sinful carnal nature inside of us is all about pride too!

Some Christian elders claim that pride is at the root of all of the sinning that we do!

That could be very close to being correct, pride seems to be at the root of almost all of the evil that we do!

Many times I have heard a person or even a teenager say to me

 - Garrett! I do not have pride!

Now that is funny and that is very cute when someone says that! I have actually heard that often!

The reason why people think they have no pride is also pride!!!

Another reason why some people think they have no pride is because they are not yet studying the pride inside of them!

Or in other words, the person is not yet learning from GOD all about the pride that is dwelling inside of them yet! The pride that they are living with has not yet been revealed to them so these people actually walk around day to day thinking they have no pride in them. Talk about huge deceptions, wow!

I remember years ago when I asked GOD to show me the pride inside of me and guess what? He did, he is, and he is continuing this lesson! And believe me, when GOD starts showing you the hundreds and hundreds of different forms of pride inside of you, it is quite shocking.

We have so much pride inside of us children of GOD, that it can take years and years and years and years for GOD to reveal this evil to us.

Pride is the biggest enemy we face!

The enemy of pride is a much MUCH LARGER enemy than satan could ever dream of being to us!

Whether you recognize the pride inside of you or not, child of GOD you are infested with pride!

But as time goes by, GOD is sanctifying us. GOD is changing our soul slowly year after year of our lives.

Our spirit does NOT need sanctification. Our spirit is in the image of JESUS CHRIST!

But the flesh living in our soul is in the very image of satan, and GOD is sanctifying our soul as we live each day here on earth! GOD is slowly changing our soul to also be in the image of his incredible son JESUS and for some of us, this is a very slow sanctification process.

Our soul is where the evil carnal nature is located with the pride lurking inside of it!

Pride is in satan, and pride is in our flesh, the flesh man living inside of us!

There is also a demon of pride. He goes by that name because he instigates pride inside of us, yes even more pride inside of us than we already have.

Many times right after GOD uses us to do some ministry work a demon of pride will attack us!

For those of you with spiritual gifts, you can sense the pride is attacking you quite often after you do powerful ministry work!

I have experienced this countless times after doing ministry work. After having successful ministry work done, now a demon of pride will come and attack me and try to instigate even more pride in me. This seems to be quite common in us children of GOD especially after having GOD do some successful ministry work through us.

So now we have huge amounts of pride inside of our flesh, and to top it all off, we have a demon of pride attacking us now too!

Now working together they tag team us with pride!

Child of GOD this is real, and I promise you that most if not almost all of you are going through this too whether you realize it or not!

The demon of pride will try to get us to feed the pride, to entertain the pride, to start thinking prideful thoughts in our mind and heart!

And when we do that, now we will start to quite possibly curse ourselves as we think of ourselves more highly than others!

Or as we start to think we are more important than others!

Or as we start to think how valuable we are to the kingdom of GOD, which in all reality, is pure nonsense. We are NOT important at all to the kingdom of GOD, we truly are not and this is also why Paul said we are not.

The demon of pride will try to plant prideful thoughts in us, prideful pictures in our imagination and to encourage us to feel prideful!

The demon of pride might even try to get us to start boasting, maybe not out loud, but in our heart!

Some of us children of GOD actually do boast out loud to others, wow how offensive to GOD and to his CHRIST!

When you start to entertain those prideful thoughts, when you actually think you are special, when you actually think you are better than others, or more valuable than others, now you will be cursing yourself and even more demons will attack you, just watch and see.

Why? Because GOD uses the demons to administer his curse here on earth, so as you curse yourself, you will get more and more attacked be the evil spirits.

So when you are doing ministry work, watch out! The pride in you, or the demon of pride will be right there ready to start uplifting you, to start puffing you up more and more so as to get you to actually believe you are special or better than others.

If you think you have no pride, you are greatly deceived! I mean greatly REALLY TRULY LIVING IN DECEPTION!

GOD said that Moses was the most humble man on earth, yet I guarantee he had pride too!


Because Moses was not perfect, only JESUS was perfect.

GOD created the pride - GOD created the sinful carnal nature inside of us and GOD also created the holy angels where some of them turned into demons of pride.

Since GOD created all of the kinds of pride we battle against, GOD is also able too and willing to help us to be free from the pride!

But I promise you this, it will not happen overnight for most if not almost all of us!

If I were to take 10 minutes, I bet I could name 100 different kinds of pride that we all battle against.............

Now if I could name 100, I would not be surprised if we have over 1000 different kinds of pride inside of us at all times!

Here are a few of them I want to point out to you!

We Christians battle against - Theological pride.... That is pride in our own theology and our own bible beliefs!

We have pride in our relationship with JESUS!

We have pride that we are born again and that GOD chose us!

 We have pride in our ministry work!

We have pride in our own so called achievements!

We battle against pride in our successes that GOD gives us!

The more we learn - The more pride we get too which is perfectly biblical and king Solomon talks about this I think in Ecclesiastes Or in other words, the bible tells us that knowledge puffs up.

For those of you children of GOD who internet game, most of you have pride in your gaming!

In other words, if you are playing World of warcraft, you have pride in your dungeon fighting or pride in your PVP abilities, or pride in your own characters armor and weapons.

Many children of GOD stuck in sin actually have pride in the fact that they can find the best porn sites online!

Many children of GOD have pride in the way they have sex...... Yes it is true, you can have pride in your sexual abilities!

Many children of GOD have pride in their own good looks which JESUS gave them!

We can even have pride over the fact that GOD gave us a incredible vision while we were wide awake!

And guess what children of GOD?

All of this pride is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF JESUS CHRIST!

As you can see, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of pride that we have living inside of us!

Now when I say living inside of us, I am talking about the evil carnal nature and the demons of pride!

I know when I was internet gaming I had a lot of pride in my PVP ability and how great all of my characters were in the game!

that kind of gaming pride is from the evil flesh inside of us and from demons who are feeding us that pride in our own sinful gaming ability. The evil is trying to destroy us from the inside out and the evil is using pride, yes pride


I say it once again! Everyone has pride, whether you know about it or not you have it!

JESUS had no sinful carnal nature inside of him so of course JESUS had no pride either.

I say it again. Stop everything you are doing and battle against that EVIL PRIDE as fast as you can immediately speaking!

Start humbling yourself immediately, start remembering how much JESUS has done for you! Start remembering how you keep falling back down into the same old sins!

Start remembering how many times you mess up, how many times you fall down, how many times you battle addictions over and over again and humble yourself!

We have have pride in our jobs........ Amen especially us American children of GOD can surely have pride in our pay checks!

Many times when you lay hands on someone and JESUS heals them, pride will attack you! When you are under attack from the demons of pride, STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING!!!

The pride can be that evil pride living in our flesh, or it can be a demon of pride attacking you. But most of the time, it is probably both of them double teaming you!

The demons of pride want to feed you even more pride than you already have and open up doors for more demons to enter you!

Many times when we write a new article or book and other Christians attack it, we get really upset because they are hurting our pride!

In other words, you write a new article but you get a lot of negative feedback, most of us get upset because our pride is under attack! Our ego is under attack. Our better than thou attitudes are under attack. And it hurts, it hurts us real badly because we have so much pride in all of us, when someone attacks our pride, it literally hurts.

Or if you record a new Christian song like I do, yet most people do not like it, that can really hurt our pride too and we can get our feelings hurt if we are not practicing our spiritual warfare and trying our best to keep our pride in check with the grace GOD is giving us.

As some of you are starting to see, pride is an enemy far FAR FAR TOO BIG for us to overcome!!!

But the good news is, JESUS created the pride of the flesh, and JESUS created the holy angels where some of them later got turned into demons of pride!

And JESUS loves you, he cares about you and you are being sanctified slowly over a period of time!

So guess what? As you battle against the evil pride that is all over you and in you, JESUS is helping you to slowly overcome it!

If you walk around thinking you do not need JESUS that is the sin of pride!

If you think reading the bible is a waste of time that is the sin of pride!

In other words, you are so prideful, you do not think you need GOD'S son in your life or you do not think you need to study the holy bible.

Once again, many Christian elders can trace most if not almost all of our sinning back to pride as the root!

The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil! And the love of money and what it can do for us is about pride!

Now we can cast the demon of pride out of us in the powerful name of JESUS but the pride of our flesh is still there lurking inside of us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

But do not feel hopeless tonight, even though this enemy we call pride is GIGANTIC!!!

JESUS is very big himself, in fact he is larger than the universe and he knows how to help us to overcome pride amen to that! JESUS will help us, encourage us, teach us, show us, empower us and give us grace to overcome this giant we face in our lives we call pride!

I want to share with you now a few more examples of pride we battle against.

Many of you children of GOD who are into marital arts, have pride in your fighting ability!

Many of us children of GOD that experience GOD writing articles and books through us have pride in that fact that GOD writes through us!

Many of us children of GOD who have a super model boyfriend or girlfriend have pride in them too!

Many of us who own a special car, or a special motorcycle can have pride in this vehicles too!

Many of us children of GOD have pride in our watch collections, or our perfume collection, or how incredible our clothes are that we own!

Many times GOD will set us free from the sin of masturbation, and now all of the sudden we have pride in the fact we do not do that anymore.

Then when we hear about others who are still battling against masturbation, now we secretly look down upon them, or we judge them, or we condemn them either out loud or secretly in our inner heart!

Many times when GOD sets us free from porn for a while, we start to get pride that we are now free from porn and look down on others who are still battling it. I have had men come online and look down upon me because I was stuck in a certain sin or two that they were now free from!

They actually think they are free from that sin because they are special, or more holy than others, what pure deception they are stuck in, what a diabolical trap that has been set or them!

Or some of us feel GOD loves us more than other people who still watch porn because after all, we have been free for 1 year now!

These are extremely dangerous ways of thinking that many of us do and it is 100% UN biblical too.

Now how can we know if it is pride of the flesh or a demon of pride? It will take some spiritual discernment!

It will take some grace from GOD to start to practicing to learn the differences between pride of the flesh and an actual evil spirit that is attacking us.

But check this out child of GOD........ GOD has given the flesh to the demons!

I say it again, satan is allowed to attack and devour the flesh! I am talking about the sinful carnal nature inside of us!

So if we have a lot of pride in our flesh like most of us do, the chances are fantastic we already have a demon of pride in us and with us!

If you are free from porn now yet you look down on others who are stuck in porn, oh wow are you in big trouble !!!

Or if you think you are stronger than they are, or holier than them, or better than they are, wow have you made a terrible mistake here.

All of that is pride and that pride will take you down, so far down into a terrible valley, you will be so sorry 6 months later when you have crashed back down into the same old sins and addictions once again.

Most of our terrible valley experiences that we children of GOD go through are designed by GOD to crush our pride and to humble us!

Most of the time that we are battling a terrible porn addiction, it is because of our pride!

Likewise, most of the time that we are battling a terrible masturbation problem is once again also because of the terrible pride living inside of us.

I am not saying it is always because of our pride, but more times than not our pride is the reason why we are battling the same old addictions over and over again in our lives.

It is all about PRIDE!

As some of you are starting to realize now, pride is such a large enemy, JESUS is our only hope to overcome this terrible evil! There is no other way to overcome it, there never has been and there never will be. Even one of the great holy angels fell down into pride too and he is now our adversary that we call satan.

When some children of GOD buy a brand new guitar, they actually start to form pride in the fact they own this guitar.

Others of us who can play piano or guitar really well, have pride in our own playing ability that JESUS gave us!

Many times when we hear JESUS speaking to us in our heart or mind, we can even get pride about that message! Or we can get pride in ourselves over the fact that GOD'S son is speaking to us.

How it works is, we call our friends and contact everyone we know about the incredible message that JESUS gave us!

And as we talk and talk and talk about it, pride starts building up in our hearts over the fact that GOD'S son gave us a personal message!

There are so many kinds of pride, what human being on earth could possibly name them all or type them all out!

Are you children of GOD starting to see just how badly we need JESUS in our lives? Just how badly we need his death on the cross and his blood covering us day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute of our lives?

I do not know what the demon of pride looks like, but he is real, he is attacking you much more than you think he is and you want to ask GOD to start revealing this evil pride in you more and more!

We have to constantly monitor ourselves to make sure our pride is not getting out of control again!

And if we do not monitor ourselves, another porn addiction, or another old addiction will be attack you right around the corner, just watch and see, it will happen like clock work.

GOD is using all of this evil to humble his church because our pride is sooooooo FAR OUT OF WHACK NOW!!!

One of a possible 10,000 reasons why the entire church IS GOING through the 7 year tribulation is because of our pride! GOD will use the Great 7 year tribulation to humble his world wide church and from the looks of things, we need this real badly in our lives!

We are the end time church, the church that has completely fallen down and why did we fall down?

Partially or possibly mostly because of the HIGH HIGH HIGH LEVEL OF PRIDE INSIDE OF THIS END TIME CHURCH!!!

So guess what children of GOD? GOD is going to use the beast to overcome us and GOD will also use the beast to humble us!!!

Pride is such a big enemy that all people have, there is no way to use English words to explain it!

And here is the real key! We cannot even humble ourselves unless GOD gives us the gift! Or in other words, we cannot even try to humble ourselves each day unless GOD rains down the grace in our lives so we can practicing to humble ourselves.

We are completely 100% helpless as GOD holds our entire lives in the palm of his hand! And the truth is, it is very humbling when we learn these truths.


O LORD we need your grace so badly to overcome these giants, we really really do!!!

Children of GOD, keep trying to humble yourselves the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you!  Humbling yourself day and night, day and night is one of the greatest blessings GOD can give you!

As you continue to humble yourself, you will become more and more Christ like! And as you become more and more Christ like, that is one of the greatest things anyone could ever receive from GOD AMEN TO THAT!!!

Watch out children of GOD, pride is trying to destroy you!

Keep a watch on the pride, monitor it, watch it, fight against it with prayer, and with the grace and mercies of JESUS CHRIST!

Be humble at all times the very best you can with the grace GOD is giving you and be super blessed!

Love, your servant Garrett

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