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Powerful Christian Principals Here!

Some of us children of GOD are stuck in terrible sins or addictions or other bad things at this time in our lives!!!

The LORD has us constantly go through these difficult trials, tribulations and tests that is for sure!

The enemies will always come against us as long as we are living in a fleshly body here on earth!

Many times we are also our own worse enemies!!

That means this -->>

Many times it is not our flesh, many times it is not satan, many times it is you and me! The truth is, we want to sin sometimes!

Many times we want to get drunk, or we want to internet game all weekend long, or we want to look at porn!

Sometimes we want to do bad things, or things we know we should not do!! Sure you can blame your flesh if you want.....

So we have multiple enemies coming against us here on earth in our lives!

Step 1 - We want to realize we CANNOT overcome them, only JESUS can!

Step 1 - Cont -> We want to realize that JESUS has overcome them for us. And we need to learn to believe this, to trust this, to have faith in this fact!

We need to learn how to practice allowing the cross and the blood of JESUS to overcome these giants for us in our lives, because the truth is, we cannot do it! This is the system GOD has put in place for us here on earth!

This is all invisible, this is all done through faith, this was all done 2000 years ago, so because of this, it will be 100% grace! It will be 100% grace to understand that we need to know and believe and have faith JESUS overcame for us! When you were born again, you were crucified on the cross with JESUS... JESUS overcame your giants on the cross for you!

We have to believe this, we have to practice knowing this, we have to practice walking in this truth!

Even if your stuck in terrible porn this weekend, keep believing that JESUS overcame this problem for you! Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, and at just the right time, JESUS will set you free from this terrible addiction!

Now I am NOT talking about when we want to watch porn, when we purposely go and watch porn because we want to lust or masturbate or whatever. No I am not talking about that kind of situation!

I am talking about when we fall down, when we fail, when we get weak and sin, that is when JESUS' blood is covering us!

That is when we can know, believe & have faith that JESUS has overcome this addiction for us and we will be free from it any day!

Step 2 - We want to humble ourselves day and night... This will take practice! This will take grace from GOD...........

The truth is - Humbling ourselves is also invisible! We cannot see it, we cannot feel it, we cannot hear it.

Step 2 - Humbling ourselves will be 100% grace once again... And when we get this grace, we want to practice humbling ourselves day & night the very best we can.

Your flesh will fight back! Your flesh will not want you to keep humbling yourself so the war will go on day after day until we die!

The demonic army will not want you to humble yourselves either! Why? Because when we have pride, the demon of pride can live in us!

So as you are humbling yourself, this demon will also war against you and the demon of pride is NOT to be underestimated! Why? Because every single child of GOD on earth has pride in them. The demon of pride can see this in our flesh. Because he can see our pride, he can try to get permission to come against us and start tormenting us.

Step 3 - We want to have a fear of GOD.......... This is not a evil fear I am talking about because GOD is incredible and perfect and holy and righteous! Step 3 - Is having a reverent fear of GOD.... We want to pray to have - The fear of the LORD!!!

Once again, this will not be easy. Why? Because it is invisible.. We cannot touch this, we cannot hear it, we cannot see it!

Getting a fear for GOD can come to you through grace! It will be 100% grace, a free gift from GOD.............. The last time I got stuck in porn, an elder of mine suggested I start really REALLY PRAYING for - Having a real good fear of GOD.

I am praying to have more fear of GOD and the truth is, this is working! We need to have more fear of GOD in our lives, much more fear!

We children of GOD do not fear GOD enough, you know it, I know it, we all know it, GOD knows it too & so does satan. We want to pray for GOD to give us the gift of - Having much more fear of the LORD...........

This way when the temptations come, when the tests come, you and I will fear GOD more so, this will help us to say no!

The more we fear GOD, the easier per se' it might be to say no to temptations, to say no to wicked tests, to say no to all that is evil!

We children of GOD have got to fear GOD more, we have GOT to FEAR hell more... We have got to fear the lake of fire more!

Once again, not an evil fear, but a reverent fear! We need more reverence of GOD & a reverent fear of the lake of fire! I tell you the truth, if you are really and truly fearing GOD, you can say no to beer, you can say no to playing World of warcraft, you can say no to watching porn!

That way when your boyfriend or girlfriend pushes you to have sex, you will say NO! Why? Because your fear of GOD is growing & growing.....

Step 4 - We need to hate sin more!

I found out in the last terrible valley experience, I do NOT hate sin enough! I am still holding on to the world, to fun, to sin, to the flesh too much etc etc.

So GOD has been teaching me to start really working on getting - A real hate for sin.... We need to hate sin more & more & more!

Children of GOD, the truth is, we do not hate sin enough. No matter how much you hate sin tonight, it is not enough. We need to really, REALLY REALLY START HATING sin!!!! Sin is our enemy....... Sin can take us away from GOD & straight to the lake of fire if possible!

We want to start practicing to - Hate sin more & more! Now this will not be easy. Why? Because it is invisible.

Hating sin is invisible, we cannot touch it, we cannot feel it, we cannot see it or hear it.

So because of this, we know it will be 100% grace once again... Did you notice children of GOD that everything is 100% grace?

So we want to be praying for GOD to help us to - Hate sin more & more & more every single day that goes by!

If your addicted to porn, start praying for GOD to give you more hate for this sin, more hate for this addiction & GOD will for sure..

GOD never ever turns down self help prayers! When you pray a self help prayer it is a Kobe slam dunk YES!

If your addicted to alcohol, smoking, drinking beer or caffeine drinks, etc etc start praying for GOD to give you a real hate for these wicked things!

If your addicted to internet gaming, once again start really praying for GOD to give you a very strong, very healthy HATE of this wickedness and GOD will just watch and see!

Step 1 - We need to realize we cannot do it, we cannot overcome, only JESUS can and we must realize this and believe it!

Step 2 - We gotta humble ourselves, most of the issues we are having in addictions are because of our wicked pride! Pride is the MAIN REASON EASILY why we keep falling back down into the same old sins and addictions!

Step 3 - We need to fear GOD & the lake of fire more - More - MORE - more more more.... We need to fear GOD more! By fearing GOD more & more, we can start to say no to the terrible temptations and addictions that come against us!

Step 4 - We need to hate sin more! We children of GOD need to realize that these sins are trying to pull us away from GOD! We really need to hate sin more, we need to hate porn more, we need to hate masturbation more!

We need grace to do all 4 of these steps..... Everything is grace, every single thing in your entire life is & will be grace always.

So what do we do? How do we get grace? Well we ask for it. It is called - Praying! We need to pray more, much much more!

Step 5 - During the terrible sinning & addictions, force your praying.... Force bible reading, force worshiping JESUS!
Step 5 - No matter how bad things are, force yourself to pray, read the bible and worship JESUS still no matter what! Do not stop!
Step 5 - Force these wonderful things, force your ministry work, force your church attendance no matter how bad the lust is, no matter how bad the current addiction is, keep marching forward with JESUS and the bible. Now this will not be easy! Why? Because it is invisible...... Because it is invisible, it will be 100% GRACE from GOD! Ask GOD to give you the grace to keep praying, to keep reading the bible, to keep worshiping even during these terrible sinful times!

Step 6 - It is only a test.............. Not always! It is NOT always a test........ But many times it is simply a test. If your being tempted to go back to terrible sinning, it could be because of your pride, or it could simply be a TEST! Step 6 - It is only a test. Keep telling yourself this day and night as your flesh and the demonic tempt you, test you, torment you! Keep realizing it is only a test, it is only a test, it is only a test......... This test will go away soon... This test will go away soon! The test might last 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and hopefully not too much longer!!! It is just a test............

GOD is testing you and watching to see if you will put into practice all of the wonderful things you have been studying the last few months or few years. GOD is testing you to see if you will stand by what the holy bible says, if you will stand by your morals, your conscience etc etc.

It is a test - To test your spiritual warfare, to see if you will cast out the bad thoughts, to see if you will cast out the bad demons in JESUS' powerful name!

It could be a test to see if you fear GOD, or if you fear sin, or if you fear the lake of fire!

Step 7 - Do not listen to the lies............................. Do not listen to the whispers that are being said in your ears! When the demons tell you - nobody loves you - It is simply a lie. Do not listen to the lies..... When the demons whisper to you that nobody wants you - It is a lie! Rebuke the lies..... Do not listen to the lies! When the demons whisper to you to masturbate, it is a lie! You do not have to listen to the lies.... Rebuke the lies!

When the demons tell you - Hey, your lonely tonight - It is all a lie... Do not listen to the lies! You are NOT lonely...... How can you possibly be lonely when you have GOD the FATHER living inside of you & his incredible son JESUS too whom both live inside of you! If that were not enough, you also have a guardian angel or more with you too tonight. It is actually quite crowded with you!

When the demons tell you that you need a drink or a caffeine drink - It is all lies - do not listen to the lies, rebuke the lies! When the demons whisper to you - JESUS does not love you anymore - It is all lies, rebuke the lies, cast out the lies!

Step 8 - GOD blesses those who patiently endure ->

 Testing & temptations!

GOD wants us to PATIENTLY endure the times of testing and temptations that he allows us to go through at different times in our lives! Is this easy? No! Why? Because it is invisible...... We will need GOD'S incredible grace to patiently go through testing & temptation!

Pray for GRACE..... Pray for grace to patiently endure the testing and temptations and you will get this grace! Why? Because GOD wants to give you grace and with your faith, you will receive it!

Even though your getting the grace, it will still be quite hard to patiently endure the testing and temptations but GOD blesses those who do. This is the system GOD has put in place here on earth to raise up warriors in CHRIST!

So we want to patiently endure the terrible temptations and tests that are coming our way. Hopefully, prayerfully they will go away soon!

These are some Christian principals that we can practice during the terrible valley experiences or during the temptations and trials!

Whether you said no to the sinning & temptations, or you fell down into them, either way, practice these wonderful principals the best you can!

Practice your spiritual warfare day and night the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you and be more and more free from the evil that lurks in this world.

And one by one, we children of GOD will get satan's kingdom out of us! Out of living inside of us one demon at a time and we will be more & more FREE IN CHRIST!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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