If I Am Free, Why Am I

If I Am Free In Christ, Why Am I Stuck In Bondage?

If I am FREE in Christ, why am I still in bondage?



Why do we struggle so hard when JESUS said his yoke was easy!!! We gotta get our eyes off of ourselves & our problems & on to JESUS!!!



So if your stuck in sin, stop condemning yourself! That is what satan wants you to do. Get your eyes on JESUS during the times of sin!




Even as you struggle against terrible addictions, keep your eyes & heart on JESUS day & night. Even during the struggling!




So if your addicted to porn, drinking, drugs etc etc, KEEP JESUS with you at all times, even during sinning events! Stick with him 24/7......




And if you are free from porn, drinking, drugs etc etc, you are no more clean or holier than anyone else! We are all equal in THE CHRIST!!!




Yes children of GOD, that does mean what I wrote. Even while you are sinning, during the act, keep JESUS with you the best you can!!!




Maybe your too embarrassed to keep JESUS with you in your heart and soul during sinful events, try it anyways for the LORD loves you dearly!




The church does not teach sanctification too often it seems.......




This means even though we are cleansed by the blood of CHRIST, he is going to take us through a process as we become more & more clean!




It is true our sinful nature is crucified up on the cross, amen, but the sanctification process will be done over time for most of us!




Or over a period of time!




So if your stuck in sin and addiction tonight, keep the LORD with you closely even during the sinful acts knowing that he is working in you!




People say - I though I was free in CHRIST!!! You are free, yet it will be a process as our soul gets transformed into JESUS' image!




It is a process for many of us over a period of time......




This is why some of you are confused tonight. Wondering when will you be free! Spiritually, you are free, now your soul will be sanctified!




The LORD is slowly teaching us how to be an over-comer! We do not just repent our sins and snap we are an over-comer, no no no!!!




Learning to be an over-comer in CHRIST is for many of us or most of us going to be a process of many different kinds of experiences!




Now here is the truth ->> Only JESUS has overcome the world, nobody else can. So we need JESUS living in us to teach us how to overcome too!




So if you are stuck in terrible sin, stop condemning yourself. Keep your eyes on JESUS during the sinning, knowing you are saved in CHRIST!




I know it seems complicated, even though we are free in CHRIST many of us are enslaved in sinning and addictions!!!




As we live in CHRIST, GOD has washed away our sins as far as the east is from the west... Now GOD will teach us how to overcome the enemies!




GOD will teach us slowly how to overcome the flesh, how to trust bible scriptures and promises that give us our freedom!




We know that our flesh has been crucified up on the cross with JESUS, so keep reminding yourself this even while you are stuck in sin!




Have you noticed we go from spiritual peaks to spiritual valleys over and over again GOD is giving us practice sessions to overcome darkness....




Many valley experiences GOD is giving us some experiences to practice overcoming! So we can get stronger....




When we agree with the bible that our sinful nature is crucified up on the cross & we use our faith to believe this, GOD will make it happen!



How fast will GOD do this? No idea! It is a process..........




If you will practice believing the scriptures with faith, even when you are stuck in sin & addiction GOD will see you in Christ as righteous





Romans 8:1 - There is NO condemnation for those in Christ JESUS......... So even in sin, keep JESUS living in your heart and soul!!!





When we repented we got a born again spirit from GOD.... Now GOD is sanctifying our soul, changing our soul into the image of JESUS!!





So as you struggle in sin and addiction, step 1 would be to humble yourself! Step 2 keep in constant communication with JESUS!!!





Yes people, that means even keeping in constant contact with JESUS even while watching porn, doing drugs, drinking alcohol etc etc etc!!





Keep the LORD with you even if you are having a drinking problem at this time in your life. Even while drunk, keep JESUS with you!






The LORD will turn all of this around for your good, he will turn around all of your tears, pain and hurting for GOOD, just watch & see!!!






Can we keep JESUS with us even during sinning? Even during addictions? Yes we can for he loves you much MUCH more than you think!!!





GOD loves you far above the shame you feel during your sinful acts. HE knows the truth why your sinning, you most likely do not!!!





Even if you feel shame, guilt and condemnation, keep JESUS with you during your addictions, step by step for he adores you so much!!!





While your watching porn, say -> O LORD look at me, I have fallen, the enemy has overcome me, have mercy on me JESUS... Keep  JESUS with you....





Never leave the LORD, not even during sin, not even during addiction, not even during the act... For he adores you so much!!!





All Christian people on earth are struggling with something, It is NOT just you! JESUS loves us all equally!




JESUS' love for you far FAR FAR out exceeds your sinning or addictions..... Talk it out with JESUS even during the sinful acts!





Keep your faith that at the right time, JESUS will deliver you again just like he has all of the other times too!!!





Many times these terrible times of sinning & addictions happen because of our pride. Pride could be the #1 reason why!!!





Have you noticed when we fall into sin and addiction how much it truly humbles us? Now being humbled is a very VERY GOOD thing!!!





That pride, oh wow that pride is a vicious VICIOUS enemy!!! Possibly one of our biggest enemies if not the biggest.. Pride in the flesh!





So step 1 is let us try to humble ourselves, yes even humble yourself and keep in contact with JESUS even while watching porn or drinking!





HE loves you, he will not be shocked by your sinning... He has seen it a hundred billion times before, you will not shock JESUS!





Either we are masturbating, drinking, pills, smoking, movies, bad music, TV, porn or whatever!! The LORD knows how bad his church needs him!





We all fall short of the glory of GOD, every single one of us does!! Only JESUS is perfect, only JESUS never sinned. Only JESUS is good!!!





Don't you dare let satan convince you that JESUS does not love you! Pure lies!!!






The enemies are always telling us that GOD does not love you, that GOD has forgotten about you, that you are doomed.... Pure lies!!!





JESUS loves you so much, he will leave the other 99 who are walking righteously, pick you up & carry you back to the sheep fold!!!





JESUS loves you so much, he left heaven where he was KING, was born naked in a manger, died naked in a terrible death for you!!!






Do you think your porn watching is surprising the LORD or shocking him? He knows why you are watching it, you probably do not understand why.....





JESUS knows everything about you, why you smoke, why you drink, why you feel lustful!!! So let us start humbling ourselves!!!





If you are in the valley of the shadow of death right now, rejoice because a wonderful spiritual peak is right around the corner!!!






If you are on a wonderful spiritual peak right now, get ready, tighten your belt and your shoes up, the valley is right around the corner!





I know satan tells you that your the only one who is struggling in this, boy do I know the demonic does this -> Pure lies!!!!





We are all learning how to do spiritual warfare in the world, we are all learning how to be an over-comer!!!





As we practice overcoming and as we continue to fail, we are learning just how DARN TOUGH JESUS actually was aren't we?





As we fail over & over & over again, knowing that JESUS never failed. We are learning some tiny glimpses into how incredible he was!!!





How incredible JESUS was as he walked on earth in the flesh as a man!!! He was far FAR FARRRR more powerful than we ever thought!!!





So if your in the dark valley right now, the spiritual peak is coming soon, humble yourself and speed it up!!!!!!






If you are in wonderful spiritual peak, keep humbling yourself, maybe the LORD will pro long a little bit the next valley coming to you!!!






Every single time we fail, and we fail all the time, we are getting another tiny glimpse into how incredible JESUS is!!!





You and I know darn well that satan sent everything he had at JESUS........ Yet JESUS never failed, never sinned!!!!!!!!!!





So your porn addiction is not making JESUS blush, and it is not shocking him, and it is not surprising him either!!!!!





Keep in constant contact with JESUS while your drunk, while your watching porn, while your doing drugs, why? HE loves you!





JESUS is all you got!!!!!!





If you think you have your spouse, wow are you deceived!!!





If you think your children have your back, wow are you deceived!!!





If you think your best friend has your back, wow are you deceived!!!




If you think your pastor has your back, wow are you doubly deceived... He cannot even overcome his own porn addiction!!!!





If you think that your church members have your back, wow have you been deceived!!!!!!!




JESUS is going to teach us once and for all that HE is all we got!!! We need to learn this truth..........




GOD will even make darn sure that everyone fails us, just to teach us once and for all that HIS INCREDIBLE SON JESUS is all we truly have!!




So stop being ashamed of talking to JESUS even while you watch porn, you think he doesn't already know everything anyways?




Keep the LORD with you whether in prison, or free, in drugs or smoking, in porn, or world of warcraft addiction, in tears or laughing!!!





If you lean on your husband or wife or children, wow are you going to get crushed very shortly!!!!





JESUS is the only one who is strong enough for us to lean on, for us to hold on to, for us to talk to even while watching porn!!!





JESUS is incredible, far FAR more incredible than you think!!! He knows sister, he understands brother why you do what you do!!!




And since JESUS is incredible, he will help you through this, he will walk you through it, he will CARRY you through it to the next peak!!!




JESUS is the only one who can truly understand your porn, drinking, smoking, drugs, movie, gaming or relationship addictions!!!!!!




So since JESUS truly understands 10000% why you are looking at porn, drinking, smoking or drugs, you can talk to him while doing it!!!




Don't be afraid, don't be embarrassed!!!!!!! Practice this new thing, keep in constant contact with JESUS even during very embarrassing sin....




So if you are free from porn, drinking, drugs etc etc tonight, watch out, tighten your belt, your next valley is right around the corner!




And if you are in deep, dark, evil sinning & addiction... Guess what? Your spiritual peak is right around the corner !!! Praise GOD.....




GOD is NOT embarrassed to hear from you even during the act of watching porn, GOD loves you so much more than that!!!!!




Once again, the number 1 reason I feel that we fall into such terrible sin and addiction is because of our pride!!!




Yes children of GOD, pride is that big, pride is that big of an enemy! Pride in our flesh might even be our biggest enemy!!!




If your stuck in porn at this time, duh, about 60% of the church is... JESUS is not shocked brother, he is not embarrassed at you sister!!




Did you know porn only exists because GOD gave the evil permission to create it? It is true, I pray you have ears to hear this!!!!




GOD is going to use porn to teach us how to practice being humble!!!




GOD is going to use porn to teach us to be slow to speak next time, quick to listen to others who need help!




GOD is going to use our porn addictions to teach us once and for all we better stop playing around with JESUS and his blood!!




GOD is going to use our porn addictions to teach us once and for all we better stop judging others!!!




GOD is going to use our porn addictions to show us just how badly every single second of our lives we need his incredible son JESUS!




GOD is going to use our drinking, smoking, drugs and sexual problems to give us practice!!! Practice overcoming the world and evil!!




Did you know one of the reasons you were created was to be an over-comer? it is true!!!




As we battle these difficult problems, JESUS is working in us, teaching us, empowering us how to overcome them slowly!!!




GOD is going to use this for your good!!! You just watch and see!!!




Romans 8:28 - GOD works all things together for the good to those who love GOD & are called according to his purposes!!




GOD will use these terrible dark nights, these terribly demonic nights for your good....... Just watch and see and praise to GOD!!




Maybe you criticized another brother in your heart, in secret when you heard about his porn problem......



Well guess what? Now it is your turn brother, now it is your turn sister!! Does GOD do this? Oh YES HE does!!!!!!!




Maybe you said to another Christian you would never look at porn ever again? Well, you stole glory from GOD so now its your turn!!!!




Maybe you were kissing your gf in your car all alone and touching her body.... Well, now you have a porn addiction!!!




Yes children, things do work this way!!!!!




If you are touching your bf, gf or whoever doing things you know darn well you should not be doing, don't b surprised at your porn addiction....




Things do work this way and I pray some of you have ears to hear tonight!!!!




You are incredible JESUS, you are powerful!!! Though I make a thousand mistakes, you love me, you love us always and forever!!!




Though I fall, you stand up large JESUS. Though I sin, you live in light brighter than a billion suns!!!!




Though I fight my giants, getting slammed quite often, you never lose, you never lost, you never lost a single battle O LORD JESUS!!!




Now is the time O LORD JESUS, give us the breakthroughs we need so we can follow you, so we can follow your ways.





Give us the grace we need JESUS so we can love, so we can love others, so we can have compassion in our lives....



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