Hard Truths About Dating

Hardcore truths about –
 Dating, Sex, Lust & Marriage.

Chapter 1

Why are you touching your boyfriend's body daughter of GOD when he is never going to marry you anyways? Why touch? What good does that do?

I just want you children of GOD to know that I am 100% against sex before marriage!

I am also against kissing one another before marriage too!

Some of you might be surprised by that statement. Please just simply keep reading further and I promise by the time you are done reading this short article, you will completely understand what I am talking about!

Why on earth would you put your lips on someone else's mouth whom you are never going to marry anyways?

I mean think about the past. How many guys or girls have you kissed whom you did not marry? I know I kissed tons of women whom I never married, how sad!

I am also against touching one another's body before marriage too!!! Keep reading and all of this will be explained in great detail shortly!

I am also against hugging one another with my chest on her chest before marriage too!

Sisters in Christ! Why on earth would you put your chest on his chest when he is never going to marry you anyways? Does it make sense sisters in CHRIST to have your chest touching your boyfriend's chest when he was actually kissing and hugging another woman just a few nights ago?

I pray some of you are getting some understanding here little bit from GOD.

I am also against kissing his or her body before marriage too!

Brothers in CHRIST JESUS! Why on earth would you let your girlfriend kiss your body when her lips were on another guys body just last weekend? Or when she is going to be kissing another guys body next weekend.... Why would you do this?

Or brother in Christ - Why on earth are you kissing her neck when she was kissing someone else's neck last weekend?

Man of GOD do you realize you are holy?

Man of GOD! Do you realize that GOD is living inside of you? Yes the same GOD that created the entire universe! The same GOD that created the earth, the sun, and you too!

Why would you put GOD through that sexual mess? Why would you make GOD sit back and watch as you kiss your girlfriends body? Do you think GOD is happy with this type of behavior?

Another thing I do NOT do before marriage is hold hands........

Daughter of GOD, why are you holding hands with your boyfriend, showing GOD you are in union with him when he is not going to marry you anyway?

And even if your boyfriend does marry you, you are pretending you are in one union with this man before GOD has married you too! Now that is NOT wise to do!

Brothers! Why would you hold your girlfriend's hand when she was holding another guys hand 2 weeks ago!

So why are we holding each others hands when in 2 weeks from now, we will have an argument and never talk with our boyfriends or girlfriends again!

Why are we children of GOD doing this? Why are we behaving this way on our dates?

Why is it OK to hold your boyfriends hand when you are not even holding JESUS' hand everyday?

Why are we doing this, what is this really about?

I mean are we holding the LORD'S hand all the time to begin with?

Some are, but most if almost all of you are NOT!

So why is it safe to hold the LORD'S hand but not your boyfriends hand before marriage?

Because JESUS is going to marry you for sure, for he is faithful and true and he will never leave you nor cheat on you! JESUS will never lie to you, nor play games with you, nor manipulate you either!

But other men and women in the world CANNOT be trusted. They will lie, cheat, steal, play mind games, use manipulation, control, jealousies and all kinds of other types of evil against you at different times in your dating relationships or marriage too!

It is PERFECTLY SAFE to hold JESUS' hand!

So what is the point of holding hands before marriage? What is this all about in reality?

It is not safe to hug, kiss, hold hands, have sex, oral sex or touching any guy or girl before marriage, in all actuality, it is very very dangerous!

Many of you reading this so far are not happy with the article. I mean these topics are the last thing on earth you ever wanted to read.


Because you do not want to be convicted of these sexual issues in your dating lives. You want to keep on dating the way the world, satan, your flesh and Hollywood have taught you to date.

Wow how I wish that someone would of told me to stop kissing, touching, hugging, holding hands, sex, oral sex with women before marriage, OH wow I wish!

When in your life did GOD tell you that he wants you to date, or have sex, or oral sex, kiss, touch, full body hug, or hold hands with guys and girls before marriage?

I am serious here, when did GOD tell you to do this?

Let me ask you brothers and sisters -> DID GOD even tell you that dating is OK to do? That he wants you to try to date? Can you find this in the bible?

Or did satan tell you to do this?

Or did your own evil flesh tell you to do this?

Or did the demons of sadness, loneliness and depression tell you to start dating?

Or did Hollywood tell you to start dating?

Or did the music you listen to tell you to start dating?

Or did your family members and friends tell you to date, kiss, hug, touch, sex, oral sex and hold hands before marriage?

I am really REALLY serious here. When did GOD tell you to go date and do these things?

You are a Royal priest child of GOD!

You are a holy priest!

You have the HOLY GHOST living inside of you child of GOD. Since this is true for you Chosen ones, where is your fear of GOD when you are dating, where is your reverence of him, where is the respect he deserves?

Let us be real here? Did GOD tell you to hold hands with your new sexy boyfriend when you are not even holding hands with his son JESUS EVERY DAY?

Did GOD tell you it is OK to kiss each woman you date... Or does GOD want you to learn how to get on fire for his son JESUS instead?

Let me ask you this -->> Did GOD tell you it is OK to hold hands with that guy even though he is breaking up with you in 60 days from now?

Did GOD really tell you sister in CHRIST that it is OK to touch your boyfriend's thigh?

Or sister in Christ -> Did GOD tell you it is OK to touch your boyfriend's stomach. I mean just because he has muscles on his stomach is that any reason for you to defile yourself and touch his stomach before marriage?

Children of GOD, the demons are just drooling over you each time you go out on dates!

Why? Because as soon as you sin, they can and will enter you and attack you and get their own LUST fulfilled through you!

Chapter 2 - Lust

Can holding hands with a hot woman create lust in us men? OH YES IT CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    AND OH YES IT DOES................. 

Can giving that hot woman a full body hug goodbye, your chest on her chest create lust in both of you? OH YES IT CAN and OH YES IT DOES.

Can kissing your hot new boyfriend goodbye at his front door for 10 minutes create lust in you sister in Christ? OH YES IT CAN.....

Now you might be thinking - Garrett! So what! So what if I get a little lust! What is the big deal Garrett? You are going overboard here Garrett, getting a little lust inside of me is not a big deal....

Well if you feel that way, keep reading a little further and you are about to see just how big of a deal it is for a child of GOD to battle against lust!

Brothers and sisters, lust is so dangerous, how can I possibly try to explain the dangers of lust in this little article when we have a whole website that has tons and tons of articles, videos and books about battling against lust?

But here is a tiny example of just how dangerous battling lust truly is -> 

Once a true child of GOD gets sexual lust in them, it will be nearly impossible to read the bible anymore until the lust is gone!

But why? Reading the bible is the EXACT OPPOSITE of sexual lust...... So those two will battle fiercely over you!!! When you read the bible you are powerfully feeding your spirit and your spirit will get stronger. When you do lustful things like kiss, or oral sex, or watch porn or have sex, you are feeding your flesh man inside of you and your flesh will get stronger. The spirit and the flesh are at war inside of you!

Once you are battling lust, you will notice you will stop worshiping JESUS, or at least worship him much much much LESS than you were before the lust entered you. Lust will not let you worship the LORD, it will do everything in its power to stop you!

Once you get more sexual lust in you, it will be hard to pray for long periods of time!


 Because your mind will be under attack! The demons of lust and your own flesh will attack your mind with thoughts and imaginations that will feed more lust into you! That will feed your flesh more and more..... This right there opposes praying for long periods of time!

Can we be honest here for a moment?

How many of you have fallen down like me into terrible porn addictions?

Have you noticed when we are addicted to porn it is just about IMPOSSIBLE to read the bible anymore?

Have you noticed like I have that when we are battling terrible lust it is almost impossible to worship GOD now with wonderful Christian music on?

I sure have noticed this and I pray you will be honest here too!

Once you get more sexual lust in you, you will start masturbating and that will open up doors for even more demons to enter you! The demons of masturbation will live in your hand or the private parts of your body or both and they will wreck havoc in your life!

Once you get more sexual lust, you will NOT feel like going to church anymore, nor hanging out in church type home groups either! Now that you have more lust, it will attack your mind more, your heart more, your soul more, your thoughts and imaginations more too.... As you try to get ready to go to church, the demons of lust will attack you and try to stop you from going!

Now! As you get a little more lust in you, you will start to watch porn on the Internet, believe me I know all about this kind of attack....... As we watch porn, even more twisted types of sexual demons will enter us..... Now we have the demons of lust, of masturbation and even more types of twisted sexual type demons in us and all hell will rain down in our lives, in our souls, on our bodies etc etc and especially in our minds!

Now as the lust inside of you grows stronger and stronger and stronger this is what will happen -> 

Even more types of twisted sexual demons will attack and enter you now! They will push you and encourage you to watch twisted kinds of porn. To watch types of porn that you would NOT normally want to watch even when you fall down into lust. They will get you to go to porn websites that are very defiling, that will create a lot of shame in you, that go against the way GOD has designed people to have sex...

And guess what?

These fleshly demonic attacks can and will get worse and worse and worse if the LORD JESUS allows it.

Does this actually happen?

 This is happening to the church WORLD WIDE RIGHT NOW!!!

Once you get even more lust, you will be masturbating multiple times a day as the demons get their lust fulfilled using your body! Now how sick is that. The demons are sexually getting off by using your hand and your private parts, and by pushing you to watch porn websites so they can get turned on, and then get sexually fulfilled somehow by using you as a puppet?

Is this OK with you?

This is NOT OK with me!

I am furious about this and I pray you are too!

Once you get even more lust inside of you, you will be a slave to porn, masturbation, and wicked and the most terrible thoughts in your mind 24 hours a day! I know, I have battled against this many many times myself... These attacks are real and children of GOD all over the world are going through them every single day here on earth!

But why? Why did all of this happen in the first place?

All because you started doing things a while ago that feed the flesh, that allowed a demon of lust to enter you, that are making the lust inside of you stronger and stronger!

Now what I just typed about lust is a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny example of what lust can do to a true child of GOD! 

Chapter 3 – Even more hardcore truths

Now let me ask you a question again! Why are you kissing your brand new boyfriend on the mouth? Or on his neck? Why?

The chances of this brand new boyfriend marrying you are very very small, the odds are surely against you that this will lead to marriage!

So why use your soul and kiss his soul? What is the point here? Or are you trying to get lustful? Are you doing this because you are under an attack of lust? Or are you doing this because you are battling loneliness or depression?

Or are you trying to get your brand new boyfriend lustful so maybe he will invite you inside his apartment. I have done tricks like this while under incredible lustful attacks and even more!

Would any of you now agree with me that we should wait until after marriage to have sex?

And wait until after marriage to do oral sex?

And wait until after marriage to kiss each other's bodies, or to kiss on the lips?

And to wait until after marriage to give each other full body hugs where your chest touches my chest?

And to wait until after marriage to hold hands with each other, showing the entire spirit realm that we are in one union?

Of course we should wait until after marriage, RIGHT?


Why are we holy children of GOD copying the world on the way we date? Why are we copying the non believers on these topics of how we date, what we do on dates, what is OK to do on dates and what is not etc etc?

If we copy the world in how we run our dating lives, we will reap back what the world reaps back. And that will be sinning, fleshly desires, lustful desires, being infested with demons, having our prayer lives shut down, having our bible reading shut down and it will be impossible to worship GOD anymore as the sinning and lust inside of us grows stronger and stronger!

I have battled many many many types of demons, just like most of you have too!

Now I am not saying the demon of lust is the worse of all the demons, no! But he IS ONE OF THE WORSE! Amen to that can anyone agree with me here?

The last thing on earth we ever ever ever wanna do on a date is to do anything at all that might create lust in us!

And daughter of GOD, if you are trying to use lust or kissing to get your new boyfriend to get him to marry you, wow are you in BIG BIG BIG TROUBLE!

And little brothers in CHRIST, if you are trying to use lust to get that hot new woman to marry you, you are already infested with demons and all kinds of evil inside of you!

We do not use manipulation, sinning and lust to try to get people to marry us. Instead we wait on the LORD, we trust the LORD that he knows who we should marry and have peace about it while we wait!

We never ever ever want to do anything in our lives that feeds our flesh, or gives demons permission to enter us, or might create lust in us, not ever ever ever...

I pray this is helping someone here tonight, I really do!!!

Chapter 4 – Did GOD really tell you to do this?

GOD did not tell you to date and have sex, oral sex, kissing, full body hugging, or even holding hands... GOD DID NOT TELL YOU TO DO THIS!

You are simply doing what the non believers do and by doing this, you are defiling yourselves and hurting not only your bible reading, not only your prayer life, not only your worshiping life, but you are also hurting your relationship with JESUS himself!

Now I have done all of these sinful things too so I am not judging you, that is for sure. But this is how I know so much about these topics, because I have fallen into all of these traps myself too!

So do you wanna get rid of the lust, while trying to date your new Christian friend? Learn how to do CHRIST LIKE dating!

Here are a few examples of how to CHRIST LIKE DATE -->>>>

Never touch her/him! Not until after marriage.

Never ever kiss her/his mouth, or anywhere else on their body until after marriage!

Never touch his/her body, not his legs, nor his thighs, nor his muscles on his stomach, never touch him anywhere until after marriage!

Never ever do full body hugs with your chest touching his or her chest!! Not until after marriage!

Never ever do oral sex until after the wedding day!!!! There can be no excuses here!

Never ever have any kind of sex whatsoever until after marriage! You are inviting sexually twisted types of evil angels to enter you, to attack you and to take over your life!

Never ever take your boyfriend or girlfriend to a movie with sex in it, Nor killing, nor rape, nor torture, nor anything else that is wicked and demonic. Never! By going to those kinds of movies, you are giving evil angels permission to enter you and attack you!

Never ever ever go on dates where you two will be COMPLETELY ALONE, not ever!!! Not until after marriage!

Why waste time holding hands with someone who is most likely not going to marry you? Do not hold hands with anyone until after marriage......

Try to do Christ like, kingdom of GOD and biblical things on dates to get to know each other, mostly in the day time! Why do you have to go out at night time anyways? Why not simply go out in the day time and follow the plan below and be super blessed as you two work towards getting married!!!

Up above are 10 short cuts to help you to date more safely while working towards marriage and I pray they these little shortcuts will really bless you and your spiritual life!

As I end this chapter – Did GOD even tell you that dating was OK to do for you in your life? Or did you just start trying to date all on your own with no guidance from the LORD at all?


We are to be CHRIST LIKE as much as possible, NOT behave like satan.

We are to come OUT OF THE WORLD even though we live in it!

We want to have GOD to make us bear more and more CHRIST like fruit in our lives! But how can we bear more Christ like fruit in our lives when we are defiling ourselves on our dates with other Christian people? We cannot!

Are some of you starting to see just how serious this all is now? I pray you are!

How can we bear Christ like fruit when we are putting our mouth on Susans Monday, Lisa's mouth Wednesday and Tina's mouth on Friday?

How can you bear Christ like fruit sister when you are allowing John to touch your chest on Monday, Steve on Friday, and Dwayne on Saturday?

Did you know child of GOD that your body is the temple of the living GOD? Of course you do!

Did you know that GOD uses your mouth, yes the same mouth you use to kiss guys on the lips, to preach the gospel of JESUS Christ to people?

Your body is a holy temple, start treating it like one!

If your new boyfriend will not date you because you will not kiss him, let him KICK ROCKS and go away as fast as possible O PRAISE GOD!

If your new girlfriend dumps you because you will not touch her chest, let her go as fast as possible away from you and be super blessed!

If your new boyfriend will not date you anymore because you will not let him hug your whole body, praise GOD let him go, go away, go fast away!!!

We do NOT want to date guys and girls like this do we? At the same time we do NOT want to be men and women of GOD who act this evil way either do we?


We never ever want to marry men and women who insist on kissing and touching and hugging while dating, that shows some real lust!!!!!! That shows some spiritual immaturity, that shows that they are infested with demons most likely, that shows us so much danger, that we want to really think about what we are doing with that person in the first place!

That shows you daughter of GOD that that guy is not on fire for the LORD....

How can you be on fire for the LORD when you are kissing John on Monday, Steve on Wed, and Tim on Saturday? How can you be on fire for JESUS when you are behaving like a fleshly, lustful worldly person?

Brother! How can you be on fire for JESUS when you were touching Lisa's chest last night on your date? Come on people, come on here and let us be honest!

We have to STOP doing what the Gangsta rappers are telling us to do in their songs. We must instead start acting like JESUS CHRIST! We have to stop doing on dates what Britney Spears tells us to do in her songs, and start doing what the HOLY GHOST is telling us to do!!

You are a Royal priest so start acting like it.

You are a Holy priest too, so let us walk in holiness.......

There is a time to do all the kissing you want too, that is AFTER your wedding day!!!

There is a time you can do all the hugging you want....... That is after your wedding day!!!

There is a time to hold hands week after week, month after month, year after year, that is after your wedding day!

There is a time when you are allowed to have sex and oral sex, that is after your wedding day!

OK chosen ones! I pray this talk will help, bless, heal, edify, encourage, motivate and give you a new purpose in your walk with GOD'S son JESUS!

I pray all of this will really make you RE- think about all the things you are doing on your dates and really get your attention here!

I pray this entire talk will make some of you cry tonight, and to repent and turn away from all of this evil! I really do!

I pray that this article will motivate some of you to change the way you are doing things in your life, I mean completely change!

And I pray that GOD will help all of you to overcome the sadness, loneliness, depression, lust and despair!

I pray in the powerful name of JESUS CHRIST that GOD will help all of you to overcome those evils, those evil spirits, amen!

Be blessed child of GOD and remember that your body is a temple where GOD lives in!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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