Drugs & Demons!

Drugs & Demons!

Hello everyone, I want to talk tonight about the connection between drugs & the demonic......... Yes the demonic angels!

When we children of GOD do drugs, the drugs alter the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act, the way we behave, the way we talk, the way we drive, the way we function at work, the way we treat our spouses or friends or co workers too etc etc!

In other words, when we do drugs, they change us... They change us from the inside out that is until the drug wears off! And even when they wear off, we might still have a lot of the altering being done to us. For example, when we get drunk one night, then wake up the next morning feeling hung over, or feeling terrible inside and out!

That can include drugs we smoke, drugs we drink, drugs we breathe in, drugs we shoot up us with a needle, and drugs we swallow!

It does not matter how we take the drug! drugs that alter the way we think, feel, talk, act, behave and speak are all drugs we want to quit! That could include illegal drugs like crack cocaine, or that could also include legal over the counter drugs like cough medicine or allergy pills & especially include psychotropic drugs!

GOD has given satan domain per se' over the drugs... When we take drugs, satan is allowed to come against us, to attack us, to torment us, to live inside of us!

I say it again child of GOD, when we take drugs, demons have permission from GOD and the bible to enter you & attack you!

This is very VERY SERIOUS!

Even though we drink alcohol, alcohol is a drug, it is a downer! It brings us down emotionally, spiritually, physically & mentally! It can also bring us down financially too. How many people have lost jobs because of alcohol? Countless millions probably!

Now why is caffeine considered a drug by GOD and myself? Caffeine is a drug that we swallow! Caffeine is an upper......

Drinking caffeine - Wires us, it make us anxious, it makes us irritable, it makes us short tempered, it changes the way we drive our car! Caffeine cause us to be jittery, and it is hard to concentrate when we are high on caffeine! Drinking caffeine can also bring a demon of confusion to us!

Drinking the drug called - Caffeine will most times more than not, allow a demon behind caffeine to enter you! 

I remember years and years ago when I got completely addicted to energy drinks. I could not quit, I could not quit for nothing in the world! There was not a single thing I could do in the universe to quit drinking energy drinks! Nothing!

I was being compelled to drink energy drinks every single day and I could not stop, in fact I could never ever stop until JESUS stopped it!

During that 2 year period is when JESUS really REALLY STARTED TEACHING ME spiritual warfare!

One demon was compelling me to buy energy drinks, while a second demon was enslaving me to them!!! Those two form an – Addiction! One compels us, the other demon enslaves us. The two of them together form an addiction!

Once we start doing drugs, whether smoking them, drinking, swallowing, breathing or shooting them, most of the time a demon will enter us if not almost always.

Someone might say - Garrett - What about over the counter drugs? Drugs for whatever illnesses we come down with at times!

I want you to know child of GOD, many of the nights you cannot sleep is because an actual real demon is purposely keeping you awake! He is tormenting you by keeping you awake and I bet 99% of Christianity does not even know that the demons do this!

Those evil spirits do this to us, if you can believe me, praise GOD, if you do not believe me, keep praying about it! Ask GOD if you can trust what I am saying and GOD will help you because if you ask, you shall receive! If you seek, you will find!

So during many of these terrible sleepless nights, I use to take a sleeping pill. An over the counter sleeping pill that anyone can buy!

I did not notice right away, but during  a 2-3 year period, JESUS slowly started showing me something when I took a sleeping pill!

Do you know many times when I took a sleeping pill, an actual demon tried to kill me! It is true!

While I was completely knocked out sleeping, an actual demon tried to choke me to death on many occasions!

But there is more to the story. Many times when I took a sleeping pill, an actual demon would come to my room and purposely keep me up!

He would try to keep me up hour after hour as the night passed by as I was being tormented terribly.... But there is even more!

Many times when I took a sleeping pill, the demons would attack me in other emotional, physical, or spiritual ways too!

GOD over the period of about 3 years taught me very slowly, that when we take drugs, the demons will come against us. Whether it was caffeine, alcohol, sleeping pills or whatever, it did not matter. Almost always a demon or demons would come against me when I took drugs of whatever forms!

Let me share with you what the demons do when you smoke cigarettes!

Many people who smoke a cigarette as they inhale, will receive a tiny bit of peace or relaxation or calmness! They say smoking helps them relax!

It is not JESUS helping you to relax, it is NOT JESUS giving you peace as you smoke, it is an actual demon! Let me explain why!

Each time you inhale, the demon does a thing to you to help you to relax and calm down, he does this on purpose to make you addicted. To form an addiction inside of you!!!

The demon is using this relaxation and calmness to form an addiction inside of you! I tell you the truth, that calmness is not from GOD, no no no nothing could be farther from the truth! You are being given a calming effect by the demonic because they are snaring a trap in front of you to get you addicted!

Anytime we are taking drugs that are changing our lives from the inside out, MOST OFTEN a demon will be allowed to torment you!

Drugs are off limits in the bible, but you know what satan did? He has hidden the drugs now in the fancy cans the energy drinks come in! Or satan has hid the drugs in fancy stores we call – Star bucks!

He has hidden the drugs now in over the counter pills that anyone can buy... It seems so harmless doesn't it? BUT ITS NOT HARMLESS PEOPLE! It is very diabolical!!!

Did you know one of the original names for alcoholic drinks is = SPIRITS! That's right in case you did not know that.

When we children of GOD drink alcohol, we are giving DIRECT PERMISSION FOR THE demonic to enter us! It is THAT SERIOUS children of GOD!

Now don't get upset with me, these are GOD'S commandments here, and there is no way we can change them! They are in the bible and no power in the universe can change these commandments!

satan is in charge of tormenting us when we take drugs, making us addicted to them and a slave to them! Not only that, many of the drugs we take whether we smoke them or drink them cost a lot of money! I have spent a fortune on drinks that have caffeine in them. If only I had that money back now........

If your doing drugs, drugs that change you and alter you, you can best be assured there are a few demons living in you behind these drugs!

If your taking allergy pills every day because they give you energy, there will be demons behind this living inside of you! If you do not believe demons can live inside of you, you have been lied to terribly! Oh yes they can live inside of you, in fact, JESUS said – If you are my disciple, you will cast out demons! For us to cast out demons, they must be inside of you first!

When you wake up if you MUST HAVE coffee, there will be at least 2 demons inside of you behind this caffeine addiction. As we learned earlier, real addictions we battle will have at least 2 demons behind them. One compelling you and another enslaving you! These two form an addiction!

Did you know in energy drinks there is a VERY HIGH amount of - Taurine, Niacin,  and other ingredients?

Now someone might be thinking - Garrett - What about aspirin, cough medicine, allergy pills etc etc etc.............

It depends on their chemical ingredient! Are you being altered when you take the medication? Is your mind, your thoughts, your will, your feelings, your emotions, your character, your body or actions being altered?

When you take NyQuil night time medicine and it knocks you out, that kind of stuff can be very dangerous to attract the demonic! The demonic loves to come by when we are knocked out on drugs and cause all kinds of trouble in us, or our dreams, or possibly our children!

If your smoking weed, cigarettes, crack or whatever, you will have demons living inside of you! You will for sure, NO DOUBT!

Remember, the reason why is, the drugs are altering our mind, they are altering our body, they are altering us emotionally, spiritually etc!

When we take drugs that are altering us physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in any other ways, watch out! All kinds of hell will rain down into our lives now.

If you are having trouble believing me simply bypass me and just ask GOD! That is all you have to do. Ask GOD if Garrett is telling the truth or not. Praise GOD!!!

I do not do these talks for me, this is very very hard work... I do this because of how much JESUS loves you! Because I love you!

So simply ask GOD if Garrett is telling the truth or not! So you can get your life to be more & more free every single day that goes by from now on!

Another point -> If you are taking drugs of any kind at all from cough medicine to coffee to allergy medicine, and you cannot stop ---->>> That is an addiction.... Any time you are addicted to something, the demonic are behind it.... JESUS came to set you free, FREE – FREE!!!

satan comes to tie you down in spiritual chains of darkness... One way he is doing this is by your drug taking! The drugs you smoke, drink, swallow, breathe and shoot up!

When we have to have coffee every day, caffeine is a drug that alters our mind, our body, the way we talk, think, act and behave!!! So when we have to have coffee when we wake up or an energy drink, that is = An addiction!

Believe me, I am an absolute expert on a caffeine addiction and I know those two demons ALL TOO WELL!

When you see the huge amount of coffee being sold in the super markets, in coffee stores, in Star bucks - You are seeing satan at his finest work!

When you see the US government approve cigarettes to the general population decades ago, you are seeing satan at his finest!

Everyone on earth who is addicted to smoking cigarettes will have those two demons living in them or more!

Did you know David Wilkerson - before he died, would NOT do a deliverance on a person for drugs as long as they were smoking cigarettes?

Do you know why David would not deliver them from crack cocaine or alcohol as long as they were smoking cigarettes?

Do you know why David would not deliver them from crack cocaine or alcohol as long as they were smoking cigarettes?

Because David also knew that there are demons behind the cigarette smoking and these demons OPEN DOORS for other demons to enter that person. So as long as the drug addict is smoking cigarettes, there is very little hope to be set free from the drugs. They go hand in hand!

This is very very serious child of GOD......

Do you know many times when a man or woman first becomes born again, do you know what JESUS does many times to them?

He sets them free from a coffee addiction or a smoking cigarette addiction! JESUS does this as a free gift for the person! And why? Because of the evil of these addictions and the evil that lives inside of us when we do these drugs!

Now I do not take the sleeping pills anymore... Now it is simply up to JESUS if I fall asleep or not!!!! I just leave it up to JESUS now! Yes I pray for good sleep every single night. Yes I pray for JESUS to guard me while I am sleeping. Yes I pray that JESUS will stop the demons from giving me nasty dreams of all different kinds....... Yes I will cast the demon out of my room if I can discern a evil spirit is keeping me awake. But at the end of the day, I guess I will simply fall asleep when JESUS says so and not one second earlier..... Taking a sleeping pill is not an option anymore!

When GOD teaches you that there is an actual demon keeping you awake, now you want to practice going to war against him too.

We need spiritual discernment very badly because many nights it is GOD who is keeping us awake on purpose! Do you know two nights ago JESUS would not let me sleep! He told me he was keeping me awake! I asked JESUS if a demon was keeping me awake and he said – No, I am keeping you awake. Talk to me. 

He said - Talk to me Garrett .................................. He kept me awake so I would talk with him and have fellowship! Did you know GOD does this?  He sure does brother and sister in CHRIST!

So we need spiritual discernment on who is keeping us awake and why!

Child of GOD, if you do not believe me. Did you know that Martin Luther use to go to war against these demons trying to keep them awake. He use to tell them → satan, I worked all day long and now I will go to sleep. This is my GOD given right!

Do you realize when you see thousands of thousands of Star bucks world wide you are seeing a GIGANTIC satanic chain or stores! Have you ever noticed the emblem and logo that Star bucks uses? Have you studied what that woman really means?

Star bucks are all about making money and getting people addicted to caffeine! Now, when that happens, the demons will be ALLOWED to enter us children of GOD that are drinking caffeine!!!

If you have addictions, you have demons living inside of you, this is why your addicted in the first place!

Your are only addicted to something because the two demons are compelling you and enslaving you to this addiction! You are being supernaturally attacked and they are tying you down in spiritual chains of darkness!

Now the only way I ever got free from the TERRIBLE caffeine addiction was the grace and mercy of JESUS & bible promises! There is no other way.... Geesh...

The only way I can get free from a life long on and off, on and off porn addiction is JESUS and the bible promises...... There is NO other way child of GOD!

If your drinking alcohol every night, you have at least those two demons living inside of you, most likely many more!

If your addicted to psychotropic drugs, you most definitely have a massive amount of demons living inside of you tormenting you!

Psychotropic drugs are used HEAVILY, HEAVILYY by satan to attack you, to addict you to, to torment you, to change you from the inside out away from GOD, away from seeking out JESUS to get better etc etc.

If your taking pain pills, & now you are addicted to them you will have two demons living inside of you or more who are making you addicted to this medication!

Satan's main goal against you is to get you to go to the Lake of Fire for all of eternity just like he knows he is going too.

How can satan do this? By getting his demonic army to live inside of you! As the demons live inside of you, they are working against you 24 hours a day to destroy your life, to destroy your walk with JESUS, to destroy your worshiping, to destroy your bible reading. And why? Simply speaking → To take you to the lake of Fire with them out of spite!

Why are we taking pills to solve a problem of depression when depression is a demon..... Can a pill make a demon go away?

Is that even possible. Is it possible for a pill to make a demon go away?

You know what the truth is? We are turning to drugs to cover up our spiritual problem of depression! We are turning to drugs instead of turning to JESUS, the bible promises and practicing our spiritual warfare!

For those of you who have ears to hear - Please hear this -->> Most if not almost ALL headaches are a spirit attacking you! Why are we taking aspirin to get rid of a demon who is putting pressure on our head? Will pills make him go away?  Now I know when we take aspirin, many times the headache does go away, I know this, I agree with you people.

That is simply JESUS having mercy on us, or that is the demon pretending to go away meanwhile he is still living in your head area! I would assume most of the time it is JESUS having mercy on this spiritual attack and allowing the headache to go away. I mean come on people, can an aspirin kick a demon out of your forehead?  Come on!

Most if not all headaches are a demon putting pressure on the various parts of your head, eyes, ears, nose area etc etc etc!

The next time you have a headache, I want you to start practicing to cast that spirit out of you in the powerful name of JESUS. Practice on headaches and just like practicing piano or guitar, you will get better and better praise GOD!

Please ask GOD if I am telling the truth. Do not trust me, do not trust anyone except JESUS and the bible... Ask GOD about what I am saying!

The LORD taught me POINT BLANK, those terrible head colds I get every few years or whatever is a demon attacking me.... This has been proven to me 100% without a single ounce of doubt! It is a demon who is giving us head colds, flu's, colds, sinus issues and more. Why? Because all of these ailments are a part of GOD'S CURSE and the demons administer the curse!

Your flu's are not medical problems, that is a demon or demons giving you flu like symptoms... All of this is part of the curse! GOD talks about the curse in Deuteronomy chapter 28 --- Guess what? The DEMONS ADMINISTER THE CURSE PEOPLE! It is the demons who are doing the curse here on earth, or at-least huge parts of the curse!

We have got to pray and fast about getting free from taking drugs! We cannot do this, but JESUS can inside of us..... Regardless if the drugs are illegal or legal or over the counter or for sell inside of Star bucks, let us pray against all of it!

Now in Galatians 3:13 - JESUS took our curses for us upon his own cross. JESUS took our curses, we CAN BE FREE NOW CHILD OF GOD! But we have to believe this, we have to really and truly believe that JESUS took our curses up on the cross with himself! If we truly believe this, we can cast these ailments out of us and GOD will set us free. Many of the reasons why these ailments come to us besides sinning, is because the demons are testing us to see if we really believe that JESUS took our curses up on the cross with himself. It is a test, and if we fail this test, we can expect the cold or flu or head cold etc etc to stick around a while!

We are taking drugs to get rid of demons? IT WILL NEVER EVER WORK FOR REAL.......UNLESS JESUS says for it to work! It is all grace so no man can boast. Do you realize child of GOD that if you take medicine, and it works, the medicine gets the credit and not GOD! This will not happen........ When we get free from our ailments either by taking medicine or by practicing faith and casting out the demon, GOD will get the glory because either way it was all grace!

Like when you or I have a headache, we take aspirin, the pain goes away.... That is simply grace from GOD or the demon hiding!

I say it again, depression, sadness, loneliness, lust, anxiety, fear are all demons attacking you. Pray about getting off of those drugs! Of course we need grace to quit all drugs, whether caffeine or smoking cigarettes, it is all grace so no man or woman will be boasting in heaven!

As the 7 year tribulation is about to start now is the time to pray & fast about getting off of all drugs whether over the counter or not, whether illegal or the drugs we buy in Star bucks!

As the demons are getting permission from GOD to come against us more so now, right now they are, now is the time to get off of drugs with the grace, mercies and blessings from GOD!

It would be better to have a sleepless night then to knock yourself out completely with sleeping pills and have demons hovering above you while you sleep, or giving you nightmares, or trying to put a new cold or flu on you, or giving you those defiling sexual dreams etc etc.

I have a friend whom while he sleeps, the demons come and try to choke him to death. He wakes up, has only seconds to whisper out JESUS! do you know this has happened to me about 20 times now...... We gotta get off of drugs, off of over the counter drugs too if at all possible, off of the drugs that liquor stores sell like coffee, alcohol and energy drinks!

I know its grace child of GOD, I know and worship JESUS because it is all grace for us to break free from things tying us down! There is no hope whatsoever of ever getting free from the addictions without JESUS' grace, mercies, blessings, favor and protection!

Get on your knees child of GOD and repent your sins. Pray for grace, pray for grace to get off of the pills, caffeine, cigarettes, crack, alcohol, allergy pills, tobacco gum etc etc!

If your a child of GOD, pray hard, HARD to get off of the psychotropic drugs, the pills that most of America is on at this time!

One of satan's greatest GREATEST victories in the world was having the Governments of the world approve the psychotropic drugs for their citizens to get addicted too. And these pills are very expensive, in fact they are so expensive we need insurance to pay for them most of the time. Now the insurance companies of the world are making billions and hundreds of billions of dollars off of us because we think we need these pills to save us from sadness, loneliness or depression!

All of the people in the world who are taking psychotropic drugs for depression, despair or sadness are saying that JESUS is not enough. Or they are saying that JESUS cannot conquer this evil. Or they are saying that they would rather go to medicine then to stop thinking bad thoughts instead. These people will have demons living in them! If we ONLY STOPPED THE BAD THOUGHTS, THEN the demons would leave us.......... The demons are attacking us with sadness, loneliness and depression because of the bad thoughts we think all the time. They are being attracted to us because of our bad and UN biblical thoughts we are thinking. I pray you have eyes to see what I am saying now.... I pray you have ears to hear what I am speaking now!

We Christians must EXPOSE these satanic attacks, lies and deceptions! We must expose his kingdom for what it is........... It is partially all about lies, deceptions, tormenting us and getting us to have more and more addictions so the demonic army can live inside of us!

Most of the energy drinks in the world have evil decorated on the cans! If you have not studied this, you need too!

Mark Cahill says there is a demon at the bottom of every beer can or wine bottle.... Boy is Mark right!

Drinking alcohol, caffeine, smoking, swallowing, shooting up drugs is giving the demons PERMISSION to enter you! Please be very careful what you put inside of your body from now on, there are much more spiritual ramifications connected to all of this than you knew about before!

Now come on, the LORD loves you child of GOD.... You are precious to GOD........ Precious I say!!!!

Start really praying, really repenting, really crying out for help to JESUS to set you free from illegal, or legal over the counter drugs!

The LORD loves you, he will see you repenting, he will see you crying out for help. This will move JESUS' heart tremendously!

The LORD will set you free child of GOD, then he will kick the demon out of you, or you can cast the demon out and be free O PRAISE GOD!

Praise GOD for you! The LORD loves you tremendously with a tidal wave of love for you!

Love, your servant Garrett

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