Denominations!  Hmmmmm

Denominations?    Hmmmmmmm




Change the way I love O LORD, help me to love more like you do!





Help us to have compassion JESUS... Fix our hearts we pray O LORD!!!





Give us compassion O LORD, help us to care, help us to really care about others, about strangers, about people who really need help we pray!





Help us to love one another O LORD Stop this silliness that Christian people do breaking friendships & fellowship over doctrine differences!






Stop the church division we pray JESUS.... Help us to walk as one in you O LORD...... Change us JESUS!!!!





Why is the church arguing over the rapture...... Who cares.. Stop the division O LORD JESUS, teach us how to love one another we pray!!!





O LORD help us to learn how to love another.... Help us to let the pride go that we have in our silly theologies we pray!!!!





Does it really matter if we agree on when the rapture happens or not? Or if demons can live in us or not? Can't we love each other anyways?





Change us JESUS, change your church, change your children O LORD. Don't leave us in the despicable place we are in right now we pray!!!





Change us JESUS to love like you love, to accept like you accept, to be patient with one another, to have compassion and sympathy we pray!





UN conditional love is the most powerful things..... Who cares when the rapture happens, who cares about our differences!! Let us love!



The Baptist church feels they have the truth... Hmmmm



Can we please stop fighting about which church is right, which denomination is right, which preacher is right and just simply love?





Help us JESUS, help us out of division, out of backstabbing, out of gossiping, out of all of this satanic fleshly mess we pray O LORD!!!





How long must our division, the darkness in our hearts GO on O LORD? When will we learn to accept one another regardless of our opinions?





Denominations make GOD sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Did you not read that JESUS wants his followers as ONE just like HE and his FATHER are ONE?





Denominations, backstabbing, bickering, ending Christian friendships is all from satan...... None of it is from GOD!!!!





Who cares that your sister in Christ understands a scripture differently than you, it is soooooooooooooooooooo NOT IMPORTANT!!!!!





Love is what is important, compassion is what is important, caring is what is important, giving to others, helping others, blessing others!




And the honest truth is 99% of the time BOTH OF YOU got the meaning to that scripture wrong anyways, so why end your friendship & fellowship?




All denominations are wrong........ ONLY JESUS is right and nothing else, and nobody else.... So why are we fighting?





We are all wrong........... Only JESUS is perfect, holy and righteous... How dare we say to someone else you are wrong... How silly!!!





That is like two filthy, disgusting, evil slaves fighting with each other about which of them is right or wrong..... They are both wrong!


The Presbyterian feels they have the truth - Hmmmmm



You and I are those two filthy, disgusting evil slaves!!! The only thing good about us is JESUS living in us.........





Col 1:27 - Christ lives in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




People always ask me what religion am I? I always tell them I simply am trying to follow JESUS and the bible the best I can!!!





JESUS doesn't want our religion, it makes him sick.... He wants your heart in a fiery, passionate love affair!!!!!!!!!!!





Oh children of GOD, boy has satan infiltrated the world wide churches.............. It is so sad to see........ Help us JESUS!!!!





The Baptists think they are right, so do the Pentecostals, the Catholics, the Mormons etc etc..... WE ARE ALL WRONG --- ONLY JESUS IS RIGHT!





We are ALL WRONG about hundreds and hundreds of scriptures, it is all so pointless to argue with one another. We R acting like demons here!





Everyone on earth is wrong except JESUS... This is why the bible says - Nobody is seeking GOD, NO NOT A SINGLE PERSON!!!!





If we can keep reminding ourselves that we are filthy, disgusting, evil slaves, this could help us to stop silly scripture arguments!!!





Only JESUS truly knows the bible, you do NOT, I do NOT, nobody on earth does except JESUS!!! So why are we arguing about the rapture?





Yes, study the bible the best you can with the grace GOD gives you, but honestly speaking, you do not know the bible, neither do I!




Only JESUS walked as GOD wants us to walk, you and I do not! So why are we arguing about the topic of - Once saved always saved?





Why are we losing Christian friends because we disagree on the timing of the rapture? Is it really worth it?





I don't wanna lose you as a friend because we might disagree on the timing of the rapture...... Can we put aside our silly differences?





Will you teach us to love one another O LORD, I mean really teach us how to love, the way you love JESUS we pray?




Show us JESUS just how much you hate it when we argue over silly difference of opinions in the bible, then we stop calling each other!!!


The Pentecostal church feels they have the truth - Hmmmm


How can we learn to love JESUS, how? Show us the way O LORD!!!!





I say the rapture happens at that time, you disagree with me and say it happens earlier.... Are we going to end our friendship now?





Church split after church split all across the country, all across the world just because a few people disagree with a few scriptures!!!




Can you imagine the Apostles fighting over the timing of the rapture in the book of acts, then splitting and forming different churches!!!




Can you even imagine this? Wouldn't that be THE MOST SHOCKING thing we have ever seen if that happened? Of course it would!!





So why are we doing it?




One denomination breaks away because they speak in tongues, the other church members who don't form a different church now!! How satanic...





satan has mind raped the world wide church on so many topics of division, dissension, back biting, slandering and gossip!!!





O LORD teach us how to love the way you love, to have compassion the way you care, to put aside our pride we pray!!!





Maybe you believe in - once saved always saved, maybe I don't, what now we cannot be friends anymore? How satanically sad!!!





I have never ever ever seen nor met, nor know of a single person who truly knows the entire bible... So why are we arguing over scriptures?




It is sooooooo silly and when we do this, the demons laugh at us, oh boy do they laugh when we break friendships over doctrinal differences!




satan would be behind the church divisions, slandering, gossiping, back biting, ending friendships & fellowship over scripture differences!





satan and our flesh........... That pride, that pride that lives in our flesh, oh wow does it cost us many friendships, oh wow!!!




There is not a single man on earth who knows the entire bible perfectly, only JESUS does..... Not you, not me so let us not argue, OK:?




We never want to separate from Christian fellowship over doctrinal differences. In fact it is a sin talked about in Hebrews!!!




If we would just love, no matter what our bible doctrines are, if we would really care, if we had compassion for each other...... Oh wow!!!




I tell you the truth, satan has completely infiltrated the world wide church!!!!




So what do we do?




Why don't we simply love each other.......


The Mormon church feels they have the truth - Hmmmmm


If we start loving each other, the demonic will get cast out of the friendships, out of the fellowships, out of our churches!!!




People on earth will know your a true follower of Christ by your love, not by your silly denominations!!! It is all about love.....




Love, loving each other will stop denominations, slandering, backbiting, gossiping, arguing and those silly debates on scriptures!




If you want to debate a scripture, try doing it in love!




Iron does sharpen iron, this is true but only if there is love in between the iron!!!




If there is no love in between the iron sharpening iron, now the demonic is in between the iron... Now you two will argue soon enough!!!





It is always good to talk about in love what the different scriptures might mean. Let us do it humbly because we are all WRONG!!!!




Only JESUS truly knows the bible! Not you, not me, that is for sure. So why are we arguing about the rapture?




Why are we arguing about if the demonic can live in us or not?





Why are we arguing about the topic of - Once saved always saved etc etc etc Meanwhile, demons all over the world are laughing at us!!




And why are the demons laughing? Because they know we do not love!!!




Because they know that their silly whisperings to us has worked 100%!!!



The Methodist church feels they have the truth - Hmmmm


Because they know we are cursing ourselves when we break fellowships and friendships over doctrinal differences!




Because they know in a few short moments, there will be fighting and screaming and they will get permission to attack us!!!




So the demons laugh and laugh and laugh at us all over the world!!!!





Our churches are so backwards now, they have just about NOTHING to do with the book of Acts!!!





Could you just imagine Peter & John arguing over the timing of the rapture, grabbing their followers, starting separate churches?




So why do we do that?




Nowhere in the New Testament do we have a Pastor leading a church, it CANNOT BE FOUND..... satan is mind raping us Christian people!!!




Nowhere in the New Testament can we find Associate Pastors, or youth Pastors etc etc etc.... We are NOT doing the book of acts people!!!




And these are some of the reasons why the GREAT & TERRIBLE tribulation is starting very very shortly now!




Help us JESUS, teach us JESUS, show us how to love we pray! Show us how to love...........




If you are in a church & they are thinking of splitting in two, be very VERY CAREFUL on what you do next!!!!!!



The Lutheran church feels they have the truth - Hmmmmm



Do you realize when a church or fellowship group or friends split, that is breaking apart the body of CHRIST!!!




Do you really think that JESUS is happy about having his body broken up and split into many different pieces?




Please think about this very carefully!!!!




All of us together are making up GOD'S spiritual temple that he lives in!! Do you think it is OK to break this up and split it up?




Do you think it could be extremely dangerous and sinful to end fellowships, friendships and church groups over silly scripture differences?




Please think about this very carefully because judgment is coming, in fact it is already here!!!!!




It is a sin to end fellowships and friendships over doctrinal differences!




So how can we stop this? Love!!!




Love will stop all of the plans of the enemies!!!!!!!!




Maybe you have no love right now...... Pray to the LORD for he is love!!!!





Ask JESUS to fill yourself up with his spirit and love and he will!! It might be a process like he is doing for me, but he will do it!!!


Hillsong United feels they have the truth - Hmmmmmmm



Maybe you want to love but you cannot, ask JESUS to help you and he will!!!




JESUS will never ever turn down a self help prayer!!! If you ask for the gift to be able to love, it is a slam dunk YES!!!!




But he might do it over a period of time, or again he might simply snap his finger and wow......... You love!!!!




Paul talked about these early churches causing divisions.... satan started it even way way back then!!!!




GOD wants us to be like one! satan wants us divided and arguing with lots of pride oozing out of us!!!!!




GOD wants us to be humble, thinking of others as better than ourselves!! Can you see the polar opposites?




Nowhere in the new testament do we have one man speaking and running the entire show like we do now with our pastors in our modern churches!




We are so backwards, we are soooooo far away from the book of acts we will need an INCREDIBLE tribulation to straighten us out now!!





Now is the time O LORD, right now!! Teach us how to love now JESUS we pray!!!!


The Catholic church feels they have the truth - Hmmmmm


Teach us how to care O LORD, teach us how to really and truly care about one another!!




Give us compassion JESUS.... Give us this incredible gift so we can have compassion for the things you are compassionate about!




When our churches split into two, it hurts the LORD JESUS incredibly!! This is the exact opposite of what the LORD wants!!!




We are not allowed to split because of doctrinal differences! It is a sin people!





There is no church in the entire world that is correct on everything, only JESUS is the word of GOD! Only JESUS was obedient to the FATHER!





Since this is true, why are we fighting? We are fighting because of our pride, egos, self righteousness and all kinds of other darkness!




Have mercy on our souls O LORD, for only you have the words that lead to life JESUS!!!




Have mercy on us JESUS for we are weak, we have pride, we are wrong all the time yet we argue with others as if we are right!!!




Only the LORD of all lords & the KING of all kings is always right, only HE can teach us, only HE knows the truth for JESUS is the truth!




Help us JESUS, help your very VERY sick end time church O LORD for we have fallen down completely!!!!




Pick us back up we pray JESUS, for we are too prideful, too sick, too weak to get back up ourselves!!!!!





Teach your end time church O LORD how to love, how to put aside silly differences, help us to overcome the pride we pray!!!




O JESUS we pray shatter the darkness, give us the grace to walk as one with one another like you walked with your FATHER as one!


Teach us O LORD JESUS that you are the TRUTH!!!!

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