Demon Of Loneliness - 2

 The Demon Of Loneliness – Part 2

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JESUS is with you child of GOD!

JESUS is with you! Look at this -->>> Col 1:27 - Christ lives in you!

Look at this too -->> Romans 8:10 - Christ lives within you!

JESUS is with you because he is living in you!

Yes GOD's SON JESUS is actually living in you if you are a chosen one!

So this is what we have here -->> We have GOD living in us with his HOLY GHOST, and we have JESUS living in us too!

You have GOD and his son JESUS living inside of you!

GOD and his son JESUS are making a home inside of you! You are a family with them! They are your family!

Why though? Why not be lonely anymore? Because you are NOT alone! You have GOD and his son with you at all times!
They are your real spiritual family that is! Along with other Chosen ones that you might be fellow-shipping with!

GOD lives in you with his HOLY GHOST and JESUS lives inside of you with his spirit too!

Because GOD and his son JESUS are living inside of you, you do NOT have to be lonely any longer!

Even though this is true, there is even better news!

You also have at least one holy angel with you too, possibly even more!

So we have GOD, we have GOD'S son JESUS, and we have at least 1 holy angel with you at all times and guess what? It gets even better....

They will never leave you nor forsake you, not ever!!!

GOD and his son JESUS will never leave you not for all of eternity. Now that right there is some really really good news!

Because this is true, you do not have to feel lonely any longer!

Did you notice the key word in the last sentence was -->>> Feel! We feel lonely sometimes! Feelings, ummmmmmm yeah!!!

You cannot be truly lonely because GOD and his son JESUS and at least one angel are with you! You cannot be truly lonely that is impossible...

So what are those lonely feelings that we feel at times? I will tell you what they are....... They are evil spirits attacking you! They are lies and deceptions! That is what the evil spirits are trying to get you to believe!

There is such a being as a -->> Demon of loneliness and he does attack the chosen ones at times! 

OR GOD is using a demon of loneliness to draw us back to his son JESUS closer and closer because maybe we have been ignoring him lately!

Chosen one, how can you be truly lonely when you are not alone? You cannot right? So what we have here is a deception!

JESUS zapped these trillions and trillions of holy angels and turned them into monsters.
You are being lied too child of GOD, you are being lied too by pure evil!

These evil spirits were once holy, but they rebelled against GOD and GOD'S son zapped them and turned them into monsters!

When some holy angels rebelled against GOD, GOD'S son JESUS stood up from the throne and took matters into his own hands!

Now what we have are some evil spirits that go by the name - The demon of loneliness!

I know these demons of loneliness are real because I have been battling them for about 45 years now! Yes they are real! You better believe they are real!

Child of GOD you cannot feel lonely tonight because you are not alone! It is impossible to be truly lonely when you are not alone.

You can tell when you are under attack from a demon of loneliness and yes these attacks are very very real! The attack is real that is for sure, but you are not alone, so there is deception and lies built inside of these attacks!

Yes these demons of loneliness can make us feel lonely, they can make us believe we are lonely, they can make us believe we are all alone, but all of the attacks are a lie!

How though? How do they do this? They talk! And talk, and talk, AND TALK TO US and talk to us even more! And this demon torments us in the torture of feeling lonely! Whether we are alone or not, and of course we are NEVER alone, yet he can torment us into feeling that we are lonely!

You see child of GOD, JESUS disarmed the demons! He took away their ability to use weapons against us! TO have authority over us!

So now what the demon of loneliness does is, he talks to us! And if we listen, if we listen to his evil words, guess what?

Loneliness will start to grown inside of us and it can get worse and worse and worse if we continue to listen to the lies that the evil spirits are telling us!

Believe me, I know from first hand experience! The loneliness can get so bad, you will be doing drugs, drinking, having sex, porn & much more too if it gets real bad!

When he tells you that you are lonely, YOU HAVE TO REBUKE HIM and tell him you are not alone, that GOD and his CHRIST are with you!

You have to speak back and say I am not alone, I have holy angels with me too! In fact it is quite crowded where I am!

I am NOT alone because it is crowded with me at all times. My family is with me! My DAD and my LORD are always with me!

And by preaching to yourself that you are NOT alone, you are exposing his lies! By preaching out loud, you are refusing his lies and he will get weaker and weaker....
He will get weaker because his lies are not working with you anymore!

The more you expose the demons to the light of the bible and JESUS, the weaker and weaker they get!

You cannot honestly speaking ever be lonely because you are never alone! I pray you have ears to hear this tonight!

You cannot truthfully be lonely because it is crowded with you at all times! Your FAMILY is with you always and they will never leave you not ever.

Now the tormenting CAN be real, amen to that right? Being tormented in loneliness CAN BE REAL! That means that the demon of loneliness attacking you with heavy feelings of being lonely are REAL attacks, this is for sure! But they are based off of lies and deceptions!

But you cannot truthfully be lonely, because you are never ever ever alone!

So besides exposing the demon of loneliness to the gospel truth that you are not alone, what else can you do?

We have to spend more time with JESUS. By doing that, he fills up our heart more and more and more and we feel complete!

Spending more time with JESUS can absolutely crush the so called lie of loneliness that is being used to torment you by the demon of loneliness.

Spending more time with JESUS will get rid of the loneliness, just watch and see! Try it this weekend, it will work!

But what else can we do too? How about spending more time with the bible? Will that work too?

GOD'S spirit lives in the holy bible, and as you read it, GOD inhabits your reading in supernatural ways!

GOD is there when you read the bible, he is there with you in you, in your room, all around you, in the words too!

Reading the bible can absolutely crush the lies of loneliness that are attacking you!

Is there anything else you can do though too?

Yes! You can stop repeating what the demons are saying to you! You can STOP entertaining their bad thoughts that they are attacking you with.

When they tell you that you are lonely, you say no! I am not alone, GOD is with me and JESUS is too! I am not alone, I never have been alone and I never will be either!

When they tell you that you have no friends in your life, you tell them no! JESUS is my friend. I have a great friend in JESUS!

When the demon of loneliness tells you that nobody loves you. You tell him NO! GOD loves me for all of eternity because of what JESUS did for me on the cross.

When the demon tells you that you will always be alone your entire life, You say NO! GOD will be with me my entire life!!!!

We have to refuse those lies that the demon of loneliness is using against us! We want to preach to ourselves the actually literal truth that we are NEVER EVER EVER alone!

If we agree to his lies that we are truly lonely, the demon and the tormenting will get stronger and stronger and we will find ourselves battling some very serious attacks of loneliness now!

And that tormenting of loneliness gets stronger and stronger, you might start to entertain thoughts of killing yourself a short time later! Believe me, I know!!!

As you preach to yourself that you are not alone, that you were never alone, that you will never be alone guess what happens?

The demon and the loneliness will get weaker and weaker and weaker! Just watch and see it will work for sure!

So what we can practice is this --->>>> 1). Expose the demonic lies that you are NOT alone, expose the demon to the light of the truth!

2). Start spending much more time with JESUS, yes 1 on 1 time and HE will crush the loneliness for he loves you dearly!

3). Spend more time with the holy bible and GOD'S presence will fill up your heart and soul as you read the bible!

4). Refuse all bad thoughts, refuse to agree with the demon in what he is saying to you! Rebuke the bad thoughts flooding into you!

5). Do NOT, NOTTTTTT call a boyfriend or girlfriend and waste time on the phone with them to get rid of the loneliness, that is what satan wants you to do...

6). Do not, NOT call any human beings to help you get rid of the loneliness, that is what satan wants you to do!

satan wants you to turn to men, women and friends to help get rid of the loneliness... That plan will never ever ever work! GOD is the one who will NOT let that demonic strategy work because GOD wants you to turn to his son JESUS and his bible instead for healing.

Talking to your new boyfriend will not make the demon of loneliness leave you, OF COURSE NOT......   And that is why satan wants you to turn to men and women and sex to try to get rid of the loneliness!

But GOD wants you to turn to his incredible son JESUS and the holy bible TO CRUSH THE LONELINESS!!!

Can you see the differences now? Satan wants you to turn to people - GOD wants you to turn to his son and his holy bible!

Do you see the two different strategies that satan and our LORD GOD use to get rid of loneliness in our lives?

satan's plan is to get you to focus on guys and girls and sex so his demon of loneliness can entrench in you deeper and deeper!

satan wants you to turn to men and women and sex for the loneliness so you never ever ever ever turn to JESUS and the bible.

GOD wants you to turn to his son JESUS in a close, fiery, romantic relationship and by doing that, the demon of loneliness will leave you!

GOD wants you to turn to the holy bible so you can learn more truths and by learning more, this exposes the demon more and more!

As you read the bible more, and you expose the demon more, he gets weaker and weaker in your heart and soul and he will fly away!

GOD wants you to turn to helping people in Christ like ministry work to get rid of the loneliness too! But why?

Because as you show the love of CHRIST to other people by helping them, GOD will heal your heart too! GOD will heal your soul!

As you bless other people in Christ like love, you reap what you sow, so you will sow back GOD'S love in your heart and soul and GOD'S love will really heal you from the inside out as you bless other people too.

And when GOD's LOVE enters your heart and soul this will crush the lies of the demon of loneliness and he will fly away!

I pray for those of you chosen ones who have ears to hear this, HEAR IT and be super blessed!!!

The demon of loneliness is very sneaky! He will have you actually thinking you are lonely when in reality, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE because you are not alone.

This demon is so sneaky, he will have you entertaining his lonely thoughts flooding your mind before you even know it.

You will be entertaining these bad & lonely thoughts before you ever realize it, & by doing that, this demon is sticking his claws into you.

This demon is so sneaky, that even though you have been spending time with JESUS, this demon will have you feeling lonely out of nowhere.

This demon is so sneaky, he will absolutely convince you that you are lonely, I mean 100% for sure like he has done to me many times too.

This demon is so sneaky, he will have you laying in bed with no strength to get out, even though you are singing in church today!

And why? Why are you stuck in bed? Because you listened to his bad thoughts, you entertained his bad pictures he put in your mind and now -> 

Now he is slamming you with loneliness and you are stuck in bed too weak to get out! Too weak to answer the phone when your friends or family are calling.

You are now far too weak to worship GOD, nor praise JESUS, nor read the bible. Believe me, I know all about these kinds of attacks by this demon.

This is why when his lies first attack you, YOU HAVE TO EXPOSE THEM AS LIES because you are NOT alone, YOU NEVER HAVE BEEN.

This is why we have to spend more time with JESUS, we must, and the LORD will fill up our heart more and more.

This is why we must read the bible more, so we can learn more truths that GOD is with us, that GOD loves us, that GOD will never leave us, that we are NOT alone!

We have to read the bible more so we can get MORE LIGHT to shine on top of this evil demon's head and he will fly away!

This is why we have to help people more in loving Christ like ministry work, so the LOVE OF GOD will RAIN DOWN ON TOP OF OUR HEAD!

I will practice this this weekend, will you join me and practice all of this too? But why?

Because this demon of loneliness has been kicking our butt for years and decades now and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Enough!!!!!!

Let us practice everything that we just talked about and with GOD'S grace let us OVERCOME this evil spirit we call a demon of loneliness.

Practice these things child of GOD and overcome this evil spirit with the grace of JESUS CHRIST.....

I finish up by saying this -> You are NOT alone, you have never been alone, you will NEVER be alone in the future too!

You Are Not Alone....................

Love, your servant Garrett

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