Demon Of Loneliness

The Demon Of Loneliness!

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Hi everyone! Praise GOD for all of you!

I wanted to talk about a very specific demon.

I figure what better night than Saturday night to talk about the demon of loneliness here on Twitter....

Is there such a monster as a evil spirit of loneliness? Oh yes there is and he is very real!

Most children of GOD all over the world battle against this specific demon at different times in their lives!

In fact, the type of evil spirit that attacks humans with loneliness might be one of the most prevalent types of demons on earth!

I am not saying the demon of loneliness is more prevalent than all the other demons, but surely he is one of the most!

I mean who doesn't get attacked with loneliness from time to time in their lives?

I myself have been battling against the demon of loneliness on and off, on and off from about the age of 7 all the way to now, over 50 years old.

I have been battling against this specific demon so I thought maybe tonight I will talk about this demon a little bit with the grace of GOD and see if we can shine some light on this very dark entity we call – The demon of loneliness!

I usually call the demons by the name associated with how they attack a human being!

So a evil spirit that causes a person to be attacked with the feeling of loneliness, I simply call this evil spirit -  a demon of loneliness!

Boy when some of the holy angels rebelled against GOD, GOD zapped them somehow and turned them into monsters, that is for sure!

Now we have a certain type of evil spirit who causes human beings, even little children to be overcome with the feeling of loneliness!

I first started feeling these attacks when I was a little boy. So please never tell people that children cannot have demons, that is a lie and it is most definitely untrue!

Children can and most of them do have demons inside of them, especially in this end time generation. I did too as a little boy, that is an absolute fact!

The demons of loneliness and possibly a demon of rejection used to attack me even when I was around 5-6 years old!

I use to go into the bathroom as a little tiny boy and cry a lot. Nobody in my family knew what was wrong with me! Little did they know I was under severe attack from the demon of loneliness among a few other demons too! GOD has really blessed me in that I can remember my childhood very clearly in some areas. I remember the tormenting clearly that the demons use to do to me as a little boy even now, 45 years later. Now that I have been studying spiritual warfare a lot, I can clearly see that I had a demon of loneliness attacking me as a little boy, with a few other demons in me too unfortunately for me!

For little children, the demon of loneliness can attack the child if the parents for whatever reasons, are not spending time with the child, or enough quality time with their children! When this happens, the demon of loneliness will attack the little boy or girl!

So when the mom and dad are nowhere to be found in a child's life, a demon of loneliness will most likely attack that little boy or girl and nobody will ever know the difference. But all of the sudden, when under demonic attack, the little boy or girl will start acting and feeling very differently......

And when that happens, watch out! That demons will rain down hell in that child's life for a very very long time unless it is cast out! But how can the demon be cast out when he is hiding inside of the little boy or girl, secretly tormenting the poor child emotionally speaking!

I know the demon of loneliness was with me almost my entire life. We are talking about close to 50 years of tormenting on and off, on and off as I was secretly being put through hell emotionally and spiritually speaking. Nobody told me that demons were real, in fact nobody ever told me JESUS was real, so how on earth could I possibly know that I was under attack from a monster of loneliness/AKA/ A demon of loneliness? It was not until much MUCH later in my life that GOD started revealing these truths to me!

Now with adults, adults can be attacked by a demon of loneliness if they are ignoring the LORD JESUS.

When a man or woman ignores JESUS, their inner hearts are empty! Or I should say, their inner hearts are infested with demons and NOT the LORD JESUS.....

Only when we adults bring JESUS into our heart more and more do the evil spirits start to get kicked out of us more and more too.

So as adults go through their lives ignoring the LORD, you better believe most of the time a demon of loneliness will attack that adult among a whole host of other demons too! Even numbering into the thousands possibly!

GOD has created you to need his son JESUS living in your heart and soul! And when you go without JESUS, you might get attacked by loneliness, or I should say, you most likely will get attacked with this type of evil angel. The type that creates and compels loneliness in a person!

So if you are a teen or adult, and you are feeling lonely all the time, that is a sure sign you are not spending enough 1 on 1 quality time with JESUS!

But you might say - Garrett! I do spend time with JESUS. Well I believe you child of GOD, but whatever time you spend, it is not enough!

Only GOD knows what amount of time we have to spend with his son! You and I can guess, but we do not know!

If you are under the attack from the demon of loneliness, you gotta spend more time with JESUS and the bible!

Spending time with JESUS crushes the demon of loneliness and kicks him out of you! As JESUS himself dwells in you more and more, the demon of loneliness will have to leave you more and more!

Now after spending more time with JESUS you will see the loneliness is gone and guess what? You learned a wonderful secret!!!!

What you learned is by spending more time with JESUS and the bible, the loneliness will go away!

Since it goes away, we know it is an entity!

The loneliness comes to us, then a little later it goes away! This shows us it is a real living entity that causes loneliness inside of us!

But some of you might say Garrett! I spend 30 minutes a day with the LORD, yet I am still lonely! Well that is simply GOD letting you know that 30 minutes a day with his son is not enough for this end time generation!

If you are spending 30 minutes a day with JESUS yet you are under attack from loneliness, start spending 1 hour a day with JESUS and see what happens then.

Dedicate 1 hour a day with JESUS 1 on 1 and see if the loneliness goes away! I guarantee you the more time you spend with JESUS, the less and even less you will feel lonely!

When you feel loneliness, that is a warning from GOD! GOD IS WARNING YOU when you start to feel lonely!

But what is GOD warning you about? Is he warning you that you are under demonic attack? Yes that is one of the warnings HE is giving you!

But! Is there even a greater warning that GOD is giving you when loneliness attacks you? O YES THERE IS!!!!

The main warning that GOD is giving you when you are attacked by loneliness is -->> Something is wrong with your relationship with his son JESUS!

As you get attacked with loneliness, the first thing you want to check out is -->> Is something wrong with your relationship with JESUS! Is something lacking with your relationship with JESUS? Have you been ignoring the LORD again?

9 times out of 10 that will be the answer........ You are NOT spending enough time with GOD'S son so now you have a demon attacking you! A demon of loneliness.  

You are NOT being punished, no no no you are being super blessed by GOD here.

How? How are you being blessed by GOD?

You are being blessed because GOD is warning you that you are ignoring his son JESUS again... And because you are ignoring his son again, the LORD GOD has allowed a demon of loneliness to come against you now! Yes these warnings from GOD are great GREAT blessings!!! It is a wonderful blessing to be warned that something is wrong in your spiritual life! Amen to that!

Warnings are blessings!

When loneliness attacks you, you are being super blessed! GOD is saying hello! Hello! You are ignoring my son again! Hello, wake up, please, PLEASE make my son JESUS more important to you in your day to day life!

So when you feel the loneliness attack you, immediately look at the time you spend with JESUS and find out if you are ignoring him again.....

But why else can a demon of loneliness attack you?

 To see if you will believe his lies!!!

A demon of loneliness will attack you when you lose all of your friends! He will now tell you that you are all alone!

This demon will talk and talk and talk and talk to your mind all about how you have no friends, how nobody loves you...

This demon will tell you that you are now all alone in the world and nobody cares about you! Nobody will ever be with you!

What this wicked demon is doing is, he is lying to you!

Now maybe like me, you have no friends, amen to that! But what is JESUS? Chopped liver?


So this wicked demon of loneliness is lying to you, and if you believe the lies, oh boy now he will attack you!

This demon has been dis-armed by JESUS, but he can still talk to you! He can still lie to you and try to trick you!

And if you fall for his lies, he will get permission to attack you!

Permission from who? From GOD or his son JESUS of course!

So what does the demon of loneliness usually lie about? He is lying when he says you are all alone!

When the demon tells you that you are all alone now in the world, that is a lie! But you might say - Garrett! I am all alone!

No you are not............ You are NOT alone! JESUS is always with you and he will never leave you! You are NOT ALONE!

So the first reason why the demon attacks you is because you are not spending nearly enough time with JESUS, nor the bible!

Then another reason why the demon of loneliness attacks you is because you listened to his lies, you believed his lies!

When the demon talked to your mind and told you that you were all alone, you listened to him, you entertained those evil thoughts, and by doing that, you disbelieved in the holy bible when JESUS said he will never leave you nor forsake you!

And because you entertained those bad thoughts, he now entered you and talks to you day and night trying to torment you in loneliness!

When I was a little boy, the loneliness was so bad, I use to cry quite a lot!

As a teenager the demon was still with me. So to offset the terrible loneliness, I obsessed on my girlfriend!

Now a few years later when my girlfriend left me, I was completely suicidal! This is how this evil works!!!

The demon of loneliness will try to get us to solve the problem of feeling lonely by going to men and women! By going to friends either on the phone, or in person, or on the Internet.

The demons will push and push you to your friends, to girls, to guys, to having sex etc etc.... Anything but JESUS and the holy bible.

The demons do not want you going to JESUS and the bible, because the demon knows he will get kicked out of you when that happens!

So when I was a young teen, I really spent a lot of time with male friends and a girlfriend as much as I could!

Nobody told me to go to JESUS, nobody told me that the demons were real, nobody told me there was a demon of loneliness!

People of GOD, and non believers, listen, loneliness is a demon who attacks by tormenting you with loneliness!!!
So because all of that is true, I did what the demons told me to do. I obsessed on my friends but especially on girls!

And guess what? Every single friend left me and every single girlfriend left me too!

So because of this, I was suicidal most of my life, or I should say, on and off, on and off per GOD'S grace raining down on me!

If you are under attack by loneliness, the last thing on earth you ever wanna do is to try to solve it by getting new friends!

Or the last thing on earth you ever want to do to solve loneliness is to pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, no no no!!!

That is what satan wants you to do!

satan wants you to try to use men and women or friends to get rid of the loneliness! Why though? Why does satan want that?

Because satan knows as long as you are NOT turning to JESUS CHRIST and the bible, his demon of loneliness will torment you until you die!

the last thing on earth satan wants when attacking you with loneliness is for you to turn to JESUS and the bible!

This is why the Hollywood movies, music, videos etc etc push us so hard, SO HARD to obsess on men, women and sex!

satan has used Hollywood as a powerful weapon to push you to solve the loneliness by getting new friends, or girls, or guys, or sex! Or to start obsessing on trying to get married thinking that getting married will get rid of the loneliness when nothing, NOTHING could be FARTHER from the truth!

Since loneliness is a evil spirit, how on earth can getting a new boyfriend make that demon leave you? He wont! HE WILL NEVER LEAVE if you try to solve this spiritual problem by getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Or how can having sex tonight make the demon of loneliness leave? He will NOT LEAVE! He will laugh at you all night long while you have sex.

Why? Why will he laugh at you? Because you are doing exactly what he says to do, and when you do that, the demon gets stronger and stronger........

I have battled terrible loneliness, then had sex, and guess what? The second the woman left my place, the demon slammed me hard with even more loneliness.

The demon of loneliness does not leave you when you get a new friend!

The demon of loneliness does not leave you when you get a new hot boyfriend or girlfriend either!

The demon of loneliness does not leave you when you go to work and hang out with 20 co-workers!

The demon of loneliness does not leave you even when you are having sex!

The demon of loneliness will most likely NOT leave you even when you get married!

Do you know how many married people there are in the world who are feeling lonely?

Do you know how many married Christians in the world are attacked with terrible loneliness this weekend?

It is most likely in the millions and millions.........

Getting married does NOT make the demon of loneliness leave you! NO no no no he just keeps laughing and laughing at you!

Sometimes I would join huge guilds online to try to make friends so as to get rid of the loneliness! THAT NEVER WORKED EITHER!

You can play World of warcraft all night long hanging out with guild mates, but the second you turn the game off, BAMMMMMM LONELINESSSSSSS...

 So a quick reminder now please -->>>>

Only JESUS can make the loneliness go away!

Only reading the bible slowly, paying careful attention to what you read can CRUSH the demon of loneliness and make him fly away!

Only by casting OUT the lies out of your mind that this demon is telling you can make this demon go away!

And by doing CHRIST like ministry work can also make the demon of loneliness go away too!

So to get rid of this demon we have -->> JESUS, the holy bible, casting out the bad thoughts and doing powerful Christ like ministry work!

That right there is the only way to overcome this demon! There is no other way. And if you try to get rid of the loneliness with guys, girls, dating, sex or marriage, you will have ALL HELL rain down on top of your head!

You could be married to the 10 hottest guys in the world, but even that will only make the demon of loneliness laugh at you!

The demon of loneliness knows exactly why he can attack you! It is either a lack of JESUS in your life, a lack of bible, bad thoughts, a lack of Christ like ministry work, or he got permission to come against you!

Another reason why GOD allows the demon of loneliness to come against you, is for you to practice spiritual warfare. Many times GOD allows our enemies to attack us so we can prove the bible right, so we can prove the bible promises right, so we can practice our spiritual authority over them etc etc....... In essence, so we can practice our spiritual warfare and get stronger and stronger by these sparring matches with the demons!

So if you are under attack from the demon of loneliness, and you HAVE been making JESUS and the bible very important to you. And you have been casting out all of the lies from the enemies, then consider that most likely GOD is allowing this for you to practice your spiritual warfare!

So when the demon tells you that you are lonely, say-->> No I am not lonely! No no no. I have JESUS with me! I am NOT lonely now get out!

Say - I have GOD with me, I have his son with me too, I have angels with me, I am not lonely and I rebuke you in the name of JESUS!

Say - Not only am I NOT lonely, it is actually crowded with me!

In fact it is so crowded with me, I do not need to worry about friends in my life, I do not need to worry about getting married!

Say - I have GOD with me, his son is with me, I have angels with me, I am not lonely, I am not alone, I am never ever alone!

And believe me child of GOD, if you talk that way, the demon will leave all on his own after a little while or whatever ever amount of time GOD decides!

Remember - satan wants you to turn to men, women, dating, marriage, friends and sex to solve the loneliness!

This is why his Hollywood movies, music and videos tell us to go to men, women, dating, sex and marriage over and over and over again!

GOD wants us to go to his son JESUS, to his holy bible, to casting out the bad thoughts, and helping people in Christ like ministry work...

Can you see the differences there? Can you see the polar opposite views of satan and GOD?

satan is so happy when we talk on the phone all night long to our friends or boyfriends because we are feeling lonely..... But that right there is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what GOD wants us to do.

GOD wants us to use the supernatural - JESUS, the bible, praying a lot, casting out bad thoughts, doing worship sessions, going to church, praising the LORD and helping people in Christ like ministry work.

And right there is the war! It is a war in your mind to see which side you will choose!

So to wrap this up - When the attack of loneliness comes, 9 times out of 10, you are NOT spending enough time with JESUS, nor the bible, nor helping people in Christ like ministry work!

And then other times when you are under attack, you are being tested in spiritual warfare to see if you will listen to the lies or not!

If you listen to the lies of the demon of loneliness, you will get attacked with loneliness!

If you rebuke the lies, and fight your spiritual warfare, the demon will go away whenever GOD says he must leave!

Or you can rebuke the demon's lies that you are NOT alone, and cast him away in the name of JESUS CHRIST!

I had nobody to teach me all of this, so because that is true, this demon of loneliness hurt me most of my life!

But GOD took matters into his own hands and taught me himself about this demon, about the lies, about spending more time with JESUS!

Now you are super blessed, much MUCH MORE blessed than I am because you have people warning you about this demon!

You have people warning you that if you do not spend time with JESUS and the bible, the demon of loneliness will attack you and torture you and this will not be fun!

You have people warning you that you are not alone, that you are never alone, that you have never ever ever been alone, not for one second of your entire life.

So use discernment and find out why you are under attack from the demon of loneliness and follow the plan GOD has given you here to be free from this evil!

I pray this short talk will help you, bless you, encourage you, motivate you, give you new determination to be free from this evil!

As I say goodbye, I say this - Do not, NOT turn to men and women, dating, sex and marriage to try to get rid of the demon of loneliness......

That right there is a plan from satan to completely destroy you!

Instead, turn to JESUS, the bible, praying, worshiping, casting out all the lies and bad thoughts and doing Christ like ministry work!

I praise GOD for all of you and I love all of you very much.

Love, your servant Garrett

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