Current Events, Secrets

Current Events, Secrets & More!!!

Do you remember how we have been revealing secrets the last few months?

*Now we just found out that the Smithsonian has admitted that

 they have destroyed possibly TENS OF THOUSANDS OF

 skeleton remains of giants dating back to the early 1900's.....................


Let the bible be TRUE and every man a liar.......

Yes there were giants living all over the world just like the bible says! I pray that GOD will have the biblical truths come out more and more now that the Great 7 year tribulation is getting closer and closer to starting.

Giants did live here on earth!


*Russian officials have admitted now that they have space ships in space with the USA!


We have been reporting this for a few years now!

The USA, Russia, possibly England, Japan, Germany and possibly a few other countries also have space ships!

They are colonizing space!

They are going to leave us down here on the surface of the planet to die like insects! They spray us like insects every single day with chem-trails, they poison our water, they poison our food, they poison every little thing we eat, drink and swallow!

And all the while, they laugh and laugh and laugh at us!!!

*The Smithsonian is one of the most evil agencies on earth....

Not because they are aborting babies....

Not because they are killing men and women....

But because they have covered up biblical truths that prove the bible correct....

And by covering up the giant skeletons, billionssssssssss of people ON EARTH have doubted the bible as being the word of GOD, and have left their faith in JESUS CHRIST! You see the holy bible tells us very correctly that there were giants on earth. But the modern day man or woman cannot see any evidence of this. So they naturally or even supernaturaly doubt that giants existed.


Because very powerful spy agencies and very wealthy organizations like the Smithsonian have been covering up these biblical facts by destroying all of the evidence that giants did exist here on earth.

*I want you to know something people........................

Almost every single thing on earth that PROVES the bible CORRECT, has been covered up, or destroyed, or altered, or hidden etc etc etc.................

There is a huge HUGE CONSPIRACY happening on earth.............

The conspirators are covering up ALL evidence that proves the bible correct!!!!

So speak up!

Speak out!

Talk to people and share with them how great GOD'S son JESUS truly is!!!

*I want to share with you a small example of how evil works.................

Sometimes when things are going very rough in my life, I might buy a few beers and get drunk for the night..... Possibly because of the demons attacking me, possibly because of sadness, loneliness, depression or whatever...........

Did you know in the USA there is NO beer in beer?

The beers sold in the USA have no hops, no barley................

The beers manufactured in the USA are a TOXIC SOUP OF CHEMICALS all mixed together with a tiny bit of beer flavoring added to it!

When we drink beer, we are drinking poison.......... And when we drink poison, the demons will enter that person! This is an absolute fact that cannot be debated!

Did you know that the US government keeps the ingredients to beer made in the USA secret?


Did you know the beer manufacturers give huge sums of money to certain government organizations to keep their ingredients secret?


This is a typical example of how life goes on in the USA when the people have rejected GOD'S son JESUS!

*If you still do not understand why GOD destroys the USA 100%, then it is because you are not studying enough.....

Now I am not saying you should study this, only if GOD leads you..........

But if you start studying all that the USA is doing, is involved in etc etc, you will easily and very clearly agree with GOD that the USA has to be completely 100% destroyed!

Which prophecy am I talking about here?

The USA is Mystery Babylon that gets 100% destroyed!

So time is short, first we have to abide in JESUS and the bible daily, and when we are doing that, let us share with others how to do it too so they can be more blessed!

Let us do everything we can to help people as much as we can with the little bit of time we have left!

*I want to share with you just a couple of things that the USA is involved in please.

Agents in the USA abduct little children... In fact a child is abducted once every 3 seconds......... These children are taken to military bases all over the USA, but especially in Southern Texas...... The children are then loaded in HUGE C-130 cargo planes and are flown all over the world to whichever wealthy fat men and women have purchased them to be sex slaves.........

When the children arrive in their new destination, some of the children will have their teeth pulled out!


Because their wealthy fat disgusting masters who bough them, do NOT want their teeth getting in the way when the children perform oral sex on their masters.....

After a few years, when these men and women are done using the children, the children will either be tortured and killed, or released out in the desert to die a horrible death in the heat, or they are released in one of the cities where they will eventually die from starvation, or a lack of water, or a satanic coven will capture them and torture them and kill them..........

Did you know the USA is in charge of this?

Did you know our secret services like the CIA are running this operation?

You might want to study more!

*The Conspirators have told you the universe is billions of years old..........

Well they lied!

It is about 6000 years old.........

They have told you the earth is billions of years old, well they lied too.......

It is about 6000 years old.......

They have told you that the dinosaurs are millions of years old......

Well they lied!

The dinosaurs WERE SIMPLY LIZARDS THAT KEPT EATING for hundreds of years.......... Lizards KEEP GROWING THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.............

Nobody killed the lizards in the old testament because NOBODY was eating meat before the flood!

The dinosaurs are only about 6000 years old!

There have been skeletons uncovered of human beings ranging from 9 feet, to 12 feet, to 15 feet, to 17 feet, to 25-30 feet tall, and


This has all been covered up!

Did you know there are scientific theories out there that show the earth is NOT moving in space?

Did you know this? Have you studied this?

Did you know that the bible says over and over again that the sun revolves AROUND THE EARTH!

Did you know this?

They, the Illuminati, Vatican/Jesuits, Masons, European bankers etc etc etc have lied and lied and lied and lied to us!

*Where in the bible does it tell us that angels are millions, or billions or trillions of years old?


People have made that up!

Or people have stolen that from books OUTSIDE of the bible!

Actually the bible tells us that ALL CREATION, I SAY IT AGAIN, ALL CREATION IS ONLY ABOUT 6000 years old!

Wouldn't ALL creation include the angels too?

I am pretty sure JESUS created the angels right?

So since they were created, why are we saying they are from eons and eons past?

When the bible says ALL CREATION was created about 6000 years ago!

*I studied a rare prophecy a while ago about the Kurds.......... It was about the Kurds getting revenge on their enemies, about the Kurds rising up and paying back the groups who have been killing them for decades and decades etc etc........

5-6 years ago, it was so hard to envision this prophecy coming true............

But now, in 2015, thanks to secret services who have armed the Kurds, and are backing them, now the Kurds are actually carving out their own home country in the Middle East in Iraq...... The Kurds are also carving out land in Syria thanks to the puppet soldiers of the USA we call ISIS!

Watch out, the prophecy stated that the Kurds are going to pay back their enemies, watch out Middle East!

I believe the Kurds are going to rain down hell on their enemies!

This is all going according to the USA'S plan of re-designing and re-mapping out the Middle East!

Praise GOD. Every single prophecy will come true perfectly and there is no power in the universe that can stop it!

*Egypt is now stating publicly too that ISIS is merely a puppet of the USA and England!

Why is this so important............

Because the lies and deceptions will get worse and worse and worse as the world gets ready for the 7 year tribulation to start soon. We have to pray for more spiritual discernment, for more wisdom from GOD, for more knowledge.

If children of GOD are falling for the entire ISIS scam, then they will fall for the whole fake Grey alien scam, and the whole at war with alien scam, and the whole mess of satanists/occult magicians doing supernatural miracles out in the streets in the public!

I want ALL OF you to know that this video up above has been PROVEN TO BE FAKE! Even FOX news is saying it is a fake!

The entire thing is fake, it was shot in front of Green screens in a studio!

Wow how the deceptions keep piling higher and higher!!!

*While the USA spends billions of dollar funding ISIS.............

While the USA and other countries are spending billions of dollars building underground cities and bunkers..........

While the USA and other countries have spent TRILLIONS of dollars on their space ships, space colonies, the real space programs............

FUKUSHIMA HAS A BRAND NEW LEAK and NOT a single thing is being done..

NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP FUKUSHIMA from contaminating the entire globe..............

We do not have much time left here on earth for us Children of GOD!

Less then 10 years in my opinion!

Start getting your spiritual life in order............


*There is now evidence coming out that the Fukushima disaster was MAN-MADE....

That is correct, man made!

How? Why?

Because the leaders of this world are walking hand in hand with satan!

They hate GOD, they hate JESUS, they hate mankind, they hate animals, they hate the fish and mammals in the ocean...........

They hate they hate they hate all because satan hates!!!!!!!!!!!

*I want you children of GOD to understand something -->>

The Illuminati/Elites/European Bankers/The Royals/The Vatican/Jesuits and high ranking Masons are all planning on leaving the earth and living in space colonies that were built decades ago!

Or they are planning on living underground in underground cities built all over the earth!

Part of this is because they know they are destroying the earth!

Part of this is because they think they can escape GOD'S judgment by leaving the earth, or living underground!



Love, your servant Garrett