Christian Dating, Lust &

       Christian Dating, Lust & Holiness!!



                Christian Dating, Lust & Holiness!!

What I learned the hard way is that after a gaming addiction starts, a porn addiction is right around the corner!!!

By gaming addiction, I am talking about Internet gaming, computer gaming or console gaming like the Sony PlayStation!!!

Once your bf or gf starts doing serious gaming, watch out, all kinds of addictions will be coming right around the corner!!!

Even if I wanted to do a little gaming this weekend, I know without a fact that the demon of LUST will then come and attack me too!!!

I am NOT saying satan will use the exact same strategy with you as he uses to attack me, but watch out, gaming will bring lust in no time!

Now we are spending our time gaming, and a short time later watching defiling videos, now our walk with the LORD is in big trouble!!!

Gaming seemed so harmless to me in the past. I had no idea what was really behind the entire world wide internet gaming situation!

Here is a wonderful article that goes into great detail on the topic of gaming

If your wondering what does gaming have to do with pornography, once the gaming demon enters you, he will try HARD to get another door open

Many times the demon behind gaming that is now living with you will try to get a door opened inside of you for a demon of lust to enter you!

Now, when that happens, you and I are in big trouble!!!!

For other people, after they start gaming, a demon of alcohol abuse will enter you, or drug abuse, or fornication etc etc etc!!!

I know Diablo 3 came out a short while ago, but I better not dare to buy it, yet after I start gaming, that terrible lust will come back!!

We men and women of GOD do NOT want that demon of lust back with us tormenting us day and night, that is for sure!!


When a demon enters us, he works day and night on us real hard to get another door opened in us for another of his demonic brothers to enter!


If you are gaming at this time, I cannot explain to you how dangerous this could be for you!

There are about 600,000,000 people internet gaming in the world right now... Are you starting to see what satan is doing here?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend are internet gaming watch out, porn, sex, drugs, gambling & everything else could be right around the corner

I love gaming, or I should say my evil flesh loves to game..... I know, it is hard, I had to give it up for the LORD...... Praise GOD!!

I am not saying it will be easy to give up gaming, but JESUS will help you, he will help me, he will send grace for us to quit!!!

Every hour we spend gaming on the computer, satan is gaining more and more victory over us, over our lives to destroy us and our family!!

Married couples that do a lot of gaming together will be in DIVORCE court a short time later!!!!

Married couples that watch porn together will be in divorce court a short time later!!!

Single couples who are having sex with each other will most likely be broken up a short time later too. Not always, but most of the time!

Couples having sex before marriage will most likely be broken up a short time later... Why? Because satan wants to destroy you!!!

Christian married couples that are drinking together a lot will be in divorce court a short time later too.... Alcohol drinking that is!!!

Christian married couples that play sexual role playing games together could very well be in divorce court a short time later too!!!

If you bought Diablo 3 or Battlefield 3, delete the games and throw them away if you have the grace from GOD to do this!! Be safe...

If your a single Christian person & you let a bf or gf touch you in private parts on dates your begging satan to enter your relationship

GOD is holy and the children of GOD in the world, especially in the USA do not understand this fact!!!

A girl was jogging down at the beach wearing almost nothing. I looked!!! Just looking at her is like  asking a demon to enter me!!

Yes children of GOD it is that serious!!!!!

Don't be angry at me, I do not make the rules! I am just sharing with you what JESUS teaches me so all of us can be more spiritually healthy

Does your bf or gf always look at the opposite sex when you two go out together? Watch out, that is a demon of lust!!!!

I’ve heard Christian's say that on their dates they let their boyfriends touch them on top of their clothes as if that is OK with satan!!!

If your letting your boyfriend touch you on top of your clothes, do you actually think that is being holy or Christ like? Come on man.....

Now here is the key -> I am NOT judging you, I have done all of these sins myself. This is why GOD can use me to speak to someone else!!!

Its not OK to touch her on top of her sweater that she is wearing tonight. JESUS is holy!!!!

I have heard Christian's say that having oral sex should be OK to do, because at least it is not intercourse!!! Hmmmmmmm

We children of GOD are not understanding who JESUS is, or how holy he is, or what the bible actually says about these topics!!!

I know I made a lot of these mistakes, this is for sure and if you think satan will show mercy to you, you have really been deceived!!!

When I was a new Christian, I use to touch women in places that I should NOT have been doing. I didn't even know any better!!!

You see people this is not talked about much in the church.....

Guys, on a date, we are not allowed to touch her chest, not her behind, not between her legs, we are NOT allowed too!!! JESUS is holy!

I had no idea about all of this before, nobody ever told me all of this.......

I know our music, videos, movies, books, magazines & internet tell us to DO all of this sexual stuff, but we are NOT allowed to!!!

If you have not read about all of these topics in the bible, you are not reading the bible enough................

The bible talks about sexual immorality all over the entire book!!!!

I have slipped up and had sex before marriage, so I understand exactly what you are going through tonight!!!

I mean what is the point of kissing her tonight and getting all turned on when you two are NOT married yet and cannot have sex?

I use to kiss girls on dates and get all turned on for nothing.... Why would I torture myself anymore like that!!!

I tell you the truth, kissing my various girlfriends during the years has never ever turned out good for me or her!!!

Am I saying that we children of GOD should not even kiss each other? Hmmmmm, Maybe, if you have ears to hear!!!

So Christian women, do NOT, DO NOT allow your boyfriend to touch you anywhere on your body that you know darn well is not good to do!!!

If you Christian women do that, all your doing is allowing lust to enter your boyfriend and yourself!! How is that helping anyone?

If your a Christian girl the LAST THING, I say it again, the LAST THING you ever want for your boyfriend is for a demon of lust to enter him

Women, do everything you can to keep lust AWAY from your boyfriend!! Now the peace, joy and love of GOD can bless you two!!!

Holding hands is OK if GOD tells you its OK in your heart and soul!!!

On the topic of kissing, if you have ears to hear, I would stay away from it until the marriage night!!!

Do not dress up when you go to church to cause men to notice you and not JESUS.... You are hurting us men!!!

Men, stop trying to touch your girlfriend, you are hurting your Christian sisters very much and you are dis respecting her!!!!

Your Christian girlfriend is a daughter of the king, do NOT hurt her, do not defile her, do not touch her between her legs!!!

Christian men, stop forcing your Christian girlfriend to kiss you when you know darn well she is not ready, or does not want too!!!

It is NOT OK to have your Christian girlfriend sit on your lap......

Guys, she is HOLY & RIGHTEOUS IN CHRIST.... Why is she sitting on your lap???

I know, I’ve made all of these terrible mistakes myself, and demons, doom, and lust attacked me!!!

Men, the worse thing you could ever ever do to your new Christian girlfriend is to hurt her & defile her by touching her......

Guys, girls, do not do anything so that a demon of lust can enter either of you.... This demon is DEVASTATING!!!!

Would a hug goodbye be OK at the end of the date? Hmmmmmm. Do you want your chest touching his chest??? Hmmmmmmmmm

Is a kiss goodbye OK at the end of a date? Hmmmm... Do you know where his lips were the night before?

Please, PLEASE re think your entire dating strategy!!!!!!! Because it is a complete failure so far!!!!

Instead of us creating lust in each other, why don't we encourage each other in Christ and the bible?

Guys, show her your starting to love her, respect her body, her soul, her mind, her spirituality and do NOT touch or kiss her!!

Girls, please help us guys.... Dammit, stop dressing like that!!! The LORD is not happy with you when you dress like that...... Now stop it!

We all make mistakes, especially me, that is why we have to change our entire view and practices on Christian dating!!!

Once you get married, praise GOD now all of that stuff is holy, righteous, clean and approved by GOD!!!

We need your grace so badly O LORD JESUS..... Help us to make it another day with all of these temptations flying around everywhere!!!

Do you actually think a demon of lust could care a less that your touching her above her clothing, come on people, pray for some wisdom here!

Be like holy from now on, every single day because your LORD and GOD are both holy!!!!!

Your being watched by GOD and satan 24 hours a day, you are not getting away with touching her body on your dates!!!!

Women of GOD, you are being watched, you are not getting away with it when you rub against us with your chest on a so called accident!!!

Women your being watched by GOD and satan you are not getting away with it when you so call accidentally rub against our body parts on dates

Men, you think I don't know all of the tricks we do on dates with Christian girls? If I know this, do you think GOD & satan know too?

Children of GOD, you are not, NOT getting away with anything, all of your tricks and manipulations are being watched by GOD!!

And you wonder why GOD has not promoted you in church yet!!

Or you wonder Christian sister why GOD has not had your church invite you into the choir yet!!

Or Christian brother, why GOD has not made an opening yet for you to speak to people in your city!!!

None of your dating tricks and manipulations are working, in fact your being corrected and disciplined for most if not all of them !!!

Men, she is holy... I say it again, she is holy and you darn well better treat her like she is holy because JESUS is living inside of her!

Christian women, stop it! Stop it all. I know what you do, and if I know what you do, GOD knows & satan knows too. So stop it!!!!

You Christian girls better stop dressing like that, your not getting away with it..

You are hurting us men who are trying desperately to walk with JESUS the best we can each day!!

Change your dating ways children of GOD, like I also am trying to change with the grace GOD gives me too!!!

So what can we do during a christian date? How about things that glorify Jesus and will keep the lust away.......

I use to think kissing was fun on a date, but now the Lord is teaching me how disgusting it is before marriage.....

So have I messed up and kissed on dates? Yes I have and it has hurt both of us 100% of the time.....

We never ever ever want to go to his or hers apartment alone..... Jesus is holy...

I have gone to girls apartments alone and it always turns out bad 100% of the time....

Guys, what does kissing your girlfriend have to do with getting to know her? Absolutely nothing........ It just creates lust.....

Brother, when you have lust in you, it is going to take down your preaching, ministry work and hurt your prayer life......

A woman might think, well if I never kiss him, how will I know if I should marry him? Can you just trust God on these silly topics..

If you refuse to marry a christian man because he does not kiss good, wow does satan have you snared and trapped...

It seems like christian women do not read Peter...... This is what I mean.......

Didn’t Peter say to stop worrying about your clothes, fancy hair styles, jewelry and everything else? Women, don’t you read Peter..

Do you christian women realize when Peter wrote that it was actually God speaking?

You are disobeying God when you dress sexual, when you do fancy hairstyles, when you adorn your body with excessive jewelry....

Girls, you do not have to use sexual clothes to attract a Christian guy to you... Why not try praying to Jesus instead.....

Remember holy women of God, Jesus has called you to come out of the world, not to copy the women of the world....

Girls of God, if your counting on your sexy clothes and good looks to bring a husband to you, your heart is in the wrong place...

I know when I was a younger Christian, your sexy clothes and push up bras would work on me, but I’m through with that garbage....

So if your a Christian woman with all of that sexual clothing, repent and throw it all away and be blessed again by Jesus...

It doesn’t matter what how much your clothes cost, throw all of that sexual clothing out and obey God on how you dress...

Christian girls, stop doing your fancy hairstyles which are UN biblical. Trust me its only attractive for a few seconds....

Women, instead pray for a heart and soul that is burning for Jesus & helping people, now that is very veryyyyy attractive.....

We have to take those scriptures in Peter very seriously even as if God himself was speaking about our clothes and hairstyles...

If your new Christian bf likes you because of your good looks, clothes & hairstyles your new relationship is already in big trouble...

Guys, maybe you just met a really hot christian girl, but she isn’t that much interested in Jesus or the bible, uh oh, big trouble here...

We are children of God, we are suppose to come out of the world, so why do we copy all the things of the world? Like their dating techniques?

Were suppose to be doing things differently, not copying what we see in music videos and MTV.....

If you godly people copy the way the world dates, watch out, satan will come and slam your new Christian relationship....

Did you know you cannot find a new person, that it is absolutely impossible...... Its true just read the bible and find out...

John 3:27 a man can receive nothing unless it is given from God..... So your good looks and sexual clothes are meaningless....

Repent guys, repent girls, throw the worldly clothes and jewelry in the trash can...... Jesus does not need your help....

Love, your brother Garrett

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