A few years had passed by now, and I decided to try one of the internet dating sites that I joined up with many years earlier. Since I left my profile in the site, all I had to do was pay them the monthly fee with my credit card, and I would be up and running in no time. I don’t know why.

I did it, I will never be able to explain it except that it was completely JESUS, but something told me to check the tiny country of Romania to see if there would possibly be anybody special for me there to be friends with or to marry. There was a young lady online, so I decided to say hello to her and to see if she wanted to say hello back to me via the email. Shortly after, I heard back from her, and for the next few weeks we started up a friendship sending email letters back and forth. She told me that her name was Alexandra and that she was living with her cousin in Bucharest. Alexandra told me that her cousin had a computer camera and if I wanted, she would turn it on so I would then be able to see her while we talked back and forth. After a few weeks of this, we started meeting on the internet on a regular basis, where we were able to build up a good friendship. She would turn her camera on so I could see her, and we would spend a lot of time sharing stories about ourselves and learning about one another. From time to time I called her on the phone, that way we could hear each others voices while we talked, this really helped us to build up our friendship a lot quicker. As time passed by, we found ourselves getting along really good, so I approached her about coming to visit her in Bucharest and to get her opinion on this. She was excited about this idea so I started looking into how I could possibly afford to travel to her country.

A few more months passed by when I decided that I would sell my digital camera, keyboard, and a few other very expensive items that I owned to get the money to be able to afford to go see her. My music ministry had really come to an end by this time, so there was no need to have a 2000$keyboard just sitting there in the corner of my apartment taking up space. JESUS helped me to quickly sell all of my items and now I had the full amount of money to go visit her. During the six months that we had been talking on a regular basis, we had come to the agreement that we would apply for a fiancee visa. The process was very lengthy and it took a lot of money to turn in all of the paper work needed to apply for the visa. Homeland security did a complete back ground check on me, and when they approved me, I then bought the airplane tickets and we made specific plans to meet each other in Bucharest. Alexandra’s cousin had moved out a few months earlier because they were having trouble getting along, so we decided that I would stay at her place during the one week vacation to as to save money that I would of needed to pay for a hotel room for the one week I was there.

I successfully arrived at the Bucharest airport, after spending the last 24 hours either in flight, or at airports waiting for the next departure. I had now been up for just about 24 hours, but I was able to get off the plane and get ready to meet Alexandra in person. We gave each other a big hug and caught a taxi for the short ride back to her apartment. We got along great for the entire seven days I was there. We went site seeing all over Bucharest, we ate authentic Romanian food at the various restaurants, and we even went to the mall they have there in the city to window shop a little and spend some time in the stores. The Romanian food was excellent We went to a few different restaurants and I very much enjoyed everything that they brought to us to eat.

Back at her apartment, I cooked a few different dishes to eat that Alexandra and her girlfriends had never tasted before. I made them French Toast one day, which they all loved! They had never tasted French toast before so that was a lot of fun to watch them eat it.

During the one week together, Alexandra had shared with me that she wasn’t feeling that great. She said that she was feeling tired a lot, so we spent some time talking about what could be wrong. At the end of the seven days, we had decided that she needed to sleep better, and possibly even take some vitamins. We spent the entire week together talking a lot, traveling around the city, and going to the various different Romanian restaurants that were somewhat close to her house. We got along better in person then we ever did on the phone or the internet, so we decided to go forward with all of the important documents that we would need to finish applying for our fiancee visa. I had prayed to JESUS about Alexandra, and each time I prayed, I felt the LORD was telling me to go ahead and marry her. Since we got along so well in person, I decided that I was on the right path with GOD and I had peace inside of me about this decision.

The week passed by really fast, and before I knew it, it was the night before I had to catch my plane flight to go back home to the USA. We spent some time together listening to music, talking, and praying together too. The next morning, Alexandra and her girlfriend rode with me in the taxi to take me back to the airport and to drop me off. We talked about her getting more sleep, and even changing her diet a little to start eating much better food, hopefully by doing this she would feel better.

Upon arriving back at home in the USA, I quickly filled out all of the fiancee visa applications and mailed them into Homeland Security all within the first week of arriving back home. We were told that the paper work would take about six months to file, so we continued to meet each other at the appropriate hour on the computer where we were able to keep our wonderful friendship going strong. I had been paying for all of her bills for the last six months of our friendship, and knowing that it would be another half a year until she would be allowed to fly to the USA to be with me, I decided I better quickly get back to work at the Limousine company dispatching. I went right back to working full time so I could get caught up financially with all of my bills and hers too. JESUS had never let me down once, and he wasn’t going to now either. Month after month passed by, and there was always just enough money for both of us to pay our bills. Not only was I working full time, and meeting Alexandra on the computer to spend time with her each day, but I continued my wonderful friendship with JESUS every day and night too.

The six months passed by, and Homeland Security approved our paperwork and then forwarded it to the US Embassy in Bucharest. The Embassy contacted Alexandra on the telephone to tell her that they would be mailing a package of instructions to her apartment, and to follow the instructions carefully. The package showed up in her mailbox about a week later, which we were very excited to finally get. Up to this point, we had known each other for one year, and during this year, we never had a single argument. We never really even had a disagreement on any topic either. We just about always got along very well together. Alexandra opened up the package and saw that the Embassy was simply asking her to get a criminal background check done at the police department, and then to go to the medical clinic to get a full medical check done. I sent the money to her right away to pay for the criminal background check and the medical tests. Alexandra then called the medical clinic to make an appointment, and when that was scheduled for the following week, she went to the police department to get her full criminal check done. Of course, she had never broken any laws, so that came back clean and she took the results of her criminal background test home to her apartment, where she would have to turn it into the embassy. A couple of days later, the Embassy had contacted Alexandra and told her that she has an appointment to show up in person at the Embassy in one month from now, to interview for the fiancee visa that we were applying for. This was great news to get, and now I realized that finally she would be with me in the USA just a week or two after the Embassy interview. I talked to Alexandra about if I should show up in person for the Embassy interview to help her, but we realized that I didn’t have the money, and we didn’t think it would be important for me to be there. So we both decided against that idea.

I knew that she would be with me in about one month, which also meant I had one month to save up for our wedding rings, honeymoon, a new apartment because the apartment I was living in was way, way too small for two people and many other things too. I bought my Dad’s beautiful couch that he had in his condo because he was re decorating, and up to that time, I didn’t have a couch for both of us to sit on. I was working a lot now, and also trying to save up for a bed. The bed I had was so small, really only one person could fit on it. So I was working a lot of hours, and I was also looking into financing a few of the items that I wanted to have for both of us before she showed up in the USA. I had been living alone for many years now, so because I was single, I just didn’t have some of the important items that a married couple would need. I went to a few stores and took a good look at wedding rings, and made a lot of phone calls to different companies trying to find a brand new bed for us.

That week, I was exercising outside right around my neighborhood, when one day I saw that there was an apartment for rent just a few blocks away from where I was living at the time. The next day I met the Land lord and he showed me the apartment that was for rent. It was perfect! It had a brand new kitchen, brand new bathroom and the apartment had hardwood flooring from the 1940's. the living room was facing the beach and the apartment had no adjoining walls with any other apartment in the complex. the apartment was located about three blocks from the beach, but on many occasions the salty beach air would come poring in through the windows. It was much more money then what I was paying at the time, but Alexandra had said that when she arrived into the USA, she would get a job right away and help me to pay the bills. Because of this, we decided on the telephone to rent the new apartment for us to live in. I called the Land lord and told him that I would take the apartment, and that I would move in on the first of the month. In between working full time that week, and preaching to people, I started packing up my apartment and got ready for the hard move ahead.

A few more days had passed by now, and it was time for Alexandra to get her medical tests done thank GOD, which after one year of paperwork and various other things, would be the final step for us to do before her Embassy interview in three weeks. Alexandra went to the medical facility, and after waiting for many hours in line, she was finally seen by the doctor. They took all of the important tests, and told her that they would contact her in about one week with the results. Ok great! We were finally done with all of the steps that a couple has to take with both of our Governments when they apply for a fiancee visa. It had take over a year now, but we kept our friendship going by talking on the phone and communicating on the internet on a regular basis. The medical clinic called Alexandra the following week on the telephone and told her that she could come by to pick up the completed medical tests. It was a few days later when she went to pick up her medical reports. We needed the police report on her, the medical reports, and also passport pictures. Alexandra had told me that she would go pick up the medical tests the next day and bring everything safely back to her apartment putting all of it into a folder for the US Embassy interview.

I had to work the next day, and I am sure it was quite busy, but after the long 12 hour shift was ending, I said to myself, hey, Alexandra never came online to say hello today. Another day passed by which found me back at work again, working another 12 hour shift, and once again, I didn’t hear from her. So tonight I decided that I would call her on the phone to find out what is wrong. I didn’t know if her internet might of broke, or if something else was wrong. When I called her, nobody answered the phone. So I waited a few hours while working, and called her again. There was still no answer on the phone. The next night, the same exact thing. I didn’t hear from her on the internet and each time I called her telephone, there was no answer. By this time I was starting to get nervous. Because of this, I decided that I would call her the next day about every two hours until I finally got a hold of her on the phone to find out what was wrong. But no matter how many times I called her telephone, still nobody answered. It had been about 5 days now since she went on the bus to pick up her medical reports, and still no word from her either on the internet or by calling her telephone about seven times a day. Of course you could probably tell that I was very nervous now, and I was really starting to worry about her. I had no idea what was wrong, and my mind was starting to think about many possible bad things that could of happened to her, which only made matters worse for me.

I cant quite remember, but on the sixth or seventh day since she went to pickup her medical tests, I finally heard from her. Alexandra came on the internet like she had hundreds of times before, but this time there was bad news! Well first of all, when I saw that she was online, I was very, very happy to finally hear from her after this long week of anxiety and stress. I quickly said hello to her and asked her what happened? My heart was pounding inside of my chest as I waited for her to type her answer back to me. And then it happened, she typed me the long message and hit the enter button on her keyboard sending that message to my computer. I slowly read the complete message that she had typed to me, and after about ten seconds of reading her message, I was practically in shock! Alexandra went on to tell me how she arrived at the medical facility on time, and that the doctors had told her to come into the room so they could share with her the results. They told her that the results came in, and she had cancer! She told me that this is why she didn’t want come on the internet to meet me this last week, and also why she wouldn’t answer her phone. The doctors told her that she had Leukemia, and that they needed to start treatment on her right away. They gave her the information on where to go to get in touch with a doctor who specializes in Leukemia, and told her to contact the medical facility right away.

Our Embassy interview was now only two weeks away, and I had no idea on earth what to do about it. Alexandra was in a very bad mood, which perfectly made sense. After all, she just got the worse news of her entire life, and she reacted just like most other people would. She was now very angry at everyone including GOD, and for the first time, she was rude and quite irritable. After hearing that she had cancer, how could I possibly ask her to show up at the Embassy for her interview. I tried to bring it up a few times over the next two weeks, but she just wasn’t able to talk about it emotionally speaking. Alexandra started her treatments for the Leukemia, and as the date for our Embassy interview passed by, we forgot to call the Embassy to tell them what happened. As far as the Embassy was concerned, they figured that we changed our minds and didn’t bother to show up for our interview.

Over the next few months, I was praying for Alexandra to have a complete healing. I was still in shock about this terrible news, but I tried the best I could to keep doing a good job at work, and I also tried to keep my relationship with JESUS going the very best I could. I had already moved into our new and much more expensive apartment, so because of all of this, I really wasn’t sure what to do. During this six month period, I didn’t hear from Alexandra that often. She was still in a very bad mood, and she didn’t come on the internet much to talk with me any longer. Sometimes I wouldn’t hear from her for a month at a time. It was during those weeks that I didn’t hear from her for long periods of times, that JESUS was really teaching me a lot about handing over to him all of my cares and worries. It was a slow process to learn this, but as the months passed by and slowly turned into years, I was able to more and more hand over all of my anxieties to JESUS which helped me to feel much better emotionally speaking.

During the next two years of my life, my relationship with JESUS was ever so slowly getting worse and worse. It isn’t because I blamed him for this bad news, no not at all. It was more because of the fact that, after all of these years of living alone, and after waiting for over one year for our fiancee visa paperwork to all be approved, at the very last second the entire plan came crumbling down. I had spent a fortune paying for all of the applications and forms that we had to turn in, let alone the fact that I had sold some very, very expensive items in my apartment to pay for the trip to go to Romania to see her for that one week vacation. I wasn’t angry at JESUS at all, but as the months passed by and slowly turned into years, my once passionate relationship with JESUS was growing colder and colder. I was still working at the same Limousine company as a dispatcher, but I found myself in a bad mood quite often. During these years I wasn’t worshiping JESUS much anymore, and my prayer life was much shorter then it had been since even before I had left prison.

After Alexandra’s chemotherapy was all completed, which took almost one year to finish, it was then that we started to meet again on the computer a few times a week to talk. During this year, Alexandra must of cried out to JESUS for help, because she was now finally born again! I have no idea when she did this, or how it happened, but as the months passed by, she slowly became nicer and softer and kind again. During our talks on the computer and telephone, we slowly started praying a little bit together, and even once in a while we would read the bible together too. Her Sister had moved into her apartment during this year, but one night they had a terrible argument and her Sister moved out the next day. Alexandra’s younger Sister then called their entire family on the telephone telling them all lies about Alexandra. Well, even though Alexandra was the older daughter, her Mom and Dad decided to believe her sister and they turned against Alexandra. Her Mom and Dad and Sister all became very angry with her and they completely disowned her. Even many years later, they still will not call Alexandra on the phone or contact her in any way. Even though the bible warns us that our own family members will turn against us once we decide to start following JESUS, it is still a very hurtful experience to go through.

Starting about one year ago, all the way up to tonight, Alexandra and myself are once again getting along great. For the past four months, we have been trying to meet seven days a week in the morning when I wake up on the computer. We would talk, read the bible a lot, and finish our time together with prayer day after day keeping JESUS in the middle of our relationship. We are now after all of these years, putting our relationship into the hands of JESUS, and in his hands we can finally be and feel free!


One of the lessons that JESUS has taught us over the last year, had to do with her internet breaking on a regular basis, even many times right in the middle of our bible reading. Her internet would work fine for a few days, then the LORD would allow it to break for a few days. At first when this happened, we would get a little sad, or depressed, or even irritable over her internet constantly breaking, but as the months have passed by, and with test after test after test, we are now starting to trust JESUS much more, and allowing the LORD to decide what mornings we will be able to talk, and what mornings he doesn’t want us to talk. This lesson has been going on for about the last year. Many times, after we would say hello in the morning and begin talk for a few minutes, her internet would suddenly break. Each time her internet would break, we were completely done talking until the next day where we would try again to spend some time together. Many times when I would begin to read the bible to her, suddenly her internet would break. Wow, that could be quite frustrating and honestly speaking, it did bother me a lot especially in the beginning about a year ago. Haha, that can be quite frustrating to be in the middle of a prayer, or bible reading and have her internet suddenly break, but the HOLY SPIRIT knows what Alexandra and myself need to learn, and praise GOD we are doing better and better with each test. As the months keep passing by, we are both trusting JESUS more and more with when he wants us to communicate, and when he doesn’t.

As of writing this testimony tonight, our relationship is going better then at any other time since we met, praise JESUS She is the only women in my entire life that I have ever loved, and I know that she loves me too. Even though she is in Romania, and I am in the USA, we are trusting JESUS because the LORD knows exactly what is best for both of us. We are learning to put aside our selfish ambitions of our relationship, and to shoulder our cross daily putting JESUS first in our lives. We are practicing our faith and believing that she has been healed by the stripes of JESUS, and with all of the bible reading we are doing together, we are getting more and more educated about GOD and who we are in CHRIST. Her doctor completely gave up on her about one year ago, telling her that there was nothing else he could do for her, and that she was now in the hands of GOD. Well, I cant think of a single place to live which would ever be better then living in the hands of GOD. From time to time when I go into a spiritual valley with JESUS, Alexandra prays more for me and encourages me the best that she can each day. And likewise, I do the exact same for her now. We are learning to completely trust JESUS with our relationship, and even more important with our lives. I will wake up tomorrow morning like I always do so we can spend time together on the computer, and whether her internet works or not, I know that the LORD JESUS loves both of us much more then he even loved his own life.

I was in my apartment one night, when the LORD decided to teach me a couple of really cool ways in which I could worship him. One way that he showed me was to lay down or sit down with my eyes closed, and to see myself in the throne room of GOD. I would see myself facing JESUS on his throne, and our FATHER in heaven sitting in the middle throne. Now with my eyes closed, while standing in front of our FATHER and JESUS, I would raise my hands real high and start telling GOD some of the most wonderful things that I could possibly think of. I would tell GOD how much I love him, and how badly I need him in my life. I would go on to tell him how weak I was without him, and just how lost I am without him. I would do this over and over for a period of time worshiping GOD with all of my heart. Sometimes after a little while of worshiping GOD this way, with my eyes staying closed, I would then see JESUS in my mind stand up in front of his throne, and proceed to slowly walk towards me. JESUS would have a wonderful smile on his face as he got closer and closer to me. I would keep worshiping him non stop as he got closer and closer and closer to me. Then in my mind I would see JESUS stand right next to me, reach out with his arms, and hold me real tight. As JESUS was holding me real tight, I would keep worshiping him in my heart and mind and soul. This was a very powerful form of worshiping that JESUS taught me to do himself. I also taught this to many people throughout the world, which ended up always being a blessing for everyone who would worship JESUS this way.



Another form of worshiping that JESUS had taught me turned out to be a very powerful method of sharing my love with JESUS through worship. JESUS had led me to turn off my lights, and while standing in the dark to put on my favorite Christian music each night really loud on my headphones so my neighbors couldn’t hear it. Then while standing in the dark, with the blaring loud Christian music on my headphones, to raise up my hands and worship JESUS with all of my heart and soul and tears song after song after song. Many times while doing this, I would feel the presence of JESUS so strongly standing right in front of me, that JESUS had taught me to even take this a step further. With the lights turned off, and the loud music playing on my headphones, JESUS then showed me how he really was right in front of me, and that I could reach out with my hands and proceed to grab his hands and pull him closer to me, so we could then hug each other. While my arms were wrapped around JESUS hugging him very tightly, I would continue to worship him by saying the most loving things that I could possibly think of saying coming from the bottom of my heart. On many occasions when I found myself feeling sad or lonely, I would stand there and allow JESUS to hug me while I kept my arms straight down. Throughout all of the years that I have been free now, on many occasions I just didn’t have the strength to hug JESUS back, and those were the times when I just felt the presence of JESUS in my room hugging me only.

Many times while worshiping JESUS this way, I would then find myself starting to cry. The HOLY SPIRIT quickly taught me that when I started crying, this was because he was in the process of healing me from the inside out. All of the pain from childhood, all of the pain during my teens years, and all of the pain of my adult life was still inside of me rooted down very deeply within. It is with worshiping that the LORD heals us, he holds us, he helps us, and he sends his HOLY SPIRIT to heal us from within. JESUS also taught me the best way to get love from GOD, was to give love. So JESUS showed me that if I was feeling down, or sad, or depressed, to worship him with all of my heart and soul and then he would pore down love into my entire being and in no time at all, I would start to not only feel much better, but through worshiping JESUS, my spirit would go on fire for him! As long as I continued to worship JESUS, my spirit stayed on a continual fire for him, and it never went out. So through worshiping JESUS in the day time in my car, and then by worshiping him at night time in a more private and personal way, he was healing all of that terrible darkness and pain that had entered my life starting at about the age of five years old. All of that terrible emotional and spiritual pain that I had lived with my entire life, was now being healed and destroyed through worshiping the CREATOR.

When JESUS had taught me and given me the grace to worship him every day and night, he then proceeded to show me some of the many, many benefits of worshiping him. One of the first things that JESUS showed me was, how much he was blessing me back every day. What he taught me was this. When I worshiped him I was blessing him with my love and praise, and as I continued to bless him every day and night, JESUS would then start blessing me much, much more every day and night too. This went on for years. Every single day JESUS would reveal to me exactly how he was blessing me, and not a single day went by when he didn’t bless me on multiple occasions. Another benefit he showed me from worshiping him every day was how much everything in my life started going my way. From the traffic on the freeway, to the relationship with family and even my boss, everything started going my way. All of the small things in my life were going my way, and a lot of the big things too were now going my way. JESUS had smoothed out everything before me in my life, and now most of my entire life was just flowing so smoothly and gracefully. JESUS also showed me that I was no guarded more, or what I mean is, since I started worshiping him, he now protected me from all dangers and problems a lot more then if I didn’t worship him. It was many, many years later, that I had read in the bible Ezra 8:22 - Our GOD’S hand of protection is on all who worship him. Amen, this is sooooo true. The Christian men and women who decide to start worshiping JESUS every day will be super protected by his loving arms. I could go on and on and on about worshiping JESUS, but I feel that I made it clear just how much my life started to turn around once JESUS had given me the grace to worship him on a daily basis.

I don’t want the reader to think that I worshiped JESUS non stop for going on ten years out of prison without ever missing a single day, no that isn’t the case. I would go into some very bad spiritual valleys with loneliness, depression and sadness, but after a few days of this, or even a week or two, the LORD JESUS has always been so faithful and loving to bring me right back to his loving arms and put me back on the spiritual peak. I cannot take any credit for getting out of my spiritual valleys that I would fall into on a semi regular basis, no not at all. JESUS himself would pull me out of each spiritual valley that I had gotten myself into. When JESUS would pull me back out of the valley to a spiritual mountain peak, I would of course immediately start worshiping him again. This has gone on for about ten years now, and wow have I learned a lot about so many different Christian lessons and principals.


I wanted to spend a chapter praising JESUS and sharing a few, just a few of the many, many miracles that JESUS had done for me. Here is a small sample of some of the miracles that JESUS had done for me from the time I left the Half Way House, all the way up to tonight.

It was a Friday night, and I was in my apartment on my computer when my telephone rang. I had only been out of the Half Way House for about one two months at this time, and I was very low on money and food. I picked up the telephone and it was my Christian Brother, the same one who was driving me church and back each Sunday morning. He went on to say to me, Garrett please don’t be offended, but GOD told us that you needed some food, so myself and my wife wanted to come by tomorrow morning and drop off a few bags of food. Umm I told them, I am not offended and yes, I could use some food right now. So I told them to just knock on the door in the morning and I would be very happy to accept a few bags of food from them. That morning they showed up at my door with two entire bags of food ranging from all different kinds.

Right about the same time that GOD had my church brother drop off some food at my house, I found myself with a medical problem. I was burning up inside of all the time. I didn’t have a temperature, and I wasn’t sick, but deep inside of me I had a burning sensation. The burning sensation had been inside of me for a few weeks and it was very unpleasant. JESUS slowly revealed to me that it was a spirit doing this, and it wasn’t a real medical problem. I tried everything to get this to go away, but it stayed with me no matter what I tried. One Sunday morning in church, the head pastor said that if anyone was sick or had any problems to step out into the aisle and that they would pray over us and we would be healed. There were a few church members in front of me, so I patiently watched as the head pastor and his assistants were praying over the sick people one at a time. It was finally my turn, so when the pastor came up to me, he put some oil on my forehead and then a few of the pastors laid hands on me and started to pray. As they were praying for me, I felt something inside of me snap. It was the same feeling and sound as if you were to snap a small twig in your hand. When it snapped, JESUS told me that I was completely healed, and I was praise GOD!

My left eye had developed a medical problem in it at about the half way point of my prison term. Each month it got worse and worse. When I left the Half Way House, my Dad and myself went to the clinic to get medicine for it. I put the medicine in my eye once in the morning and once at night and it kept it from hurting. I had to use the medicine every day supposedly for the rest of my life, but that wouldn’t be the case. My Brother came down from Las Vegas to visit us and on Friday night, we decided to go to a free Christian concert. Upon driving to the concert we were getting some major spiritual resistance all the way up to the arena. Even though we didn’t feel like it, we walked inside and somehow, someway found two seats. I say that because we were almost last to arrive and the entire arena was filled already. In the middle of the concert, thousands of people were standing up and worshiping JESUS, with tears falling down their faces. The main speaker told us that JESUS was going to heal us now and to start worshiping him. I raised up my hands real high and just knew JESUS was going to heal me. What part of my body I didn’t know, because I had multiple medical problems, but while worshiping him, I was told that my left eye was healed. While walking out of the concert arena towards our car, I did notice that my eye was completely healed. Praise JESUS again!

Over a one year period, I had spent a small fortune going to the dentist. My teeth were doing fine now thank GOD, but one night my right upper tooth started to hurt real badly. I immediately prayed to JESUS for healing, and I cried out to him with all my heart. My tooth was healed and it never had a problem again after all of these years.

I had hurt my back lifting weights in my apartment. I was forced to miss a week of work, which really hurt me financially speaking. I prayed to JESUS for help, and in about a 24 hour period, my entire back problem went away. I was immediately able to go back to work which was a great blessing because of all of the bills I had to pay.

I was dispatched at the Limousine company for 3 ½ years. One night I walked down stairs into the offices to use the men’s bathroom. When I flushed the toilet, the handle got stuck and water started poring out of it flooding the entire bathroom. I tried everything I could to fix it, but I couldn’t unstick the handle. I was getting nervous now because there was no water drainage so the flooding would soon go out into the corporate offices. I laid hands on the toilet, and commanded it to be fixed in the name of JESUS. I went back upstairs to take care of some work for a few minutes. As soon as It slowed down, I ran back downstairs to check the flooding. The toilet was completely fixed!

My car developed a mechanical problem in the front left side underneath. Every single day it would make these loud grinding noises. One morning at 7 am, I was leaving the parking lot of my job, when it was making a lot of noises. I immediately commanded it to be fixed it the name of JESUS, and the problem went completely away. Over the next few years, I didn’t hear a single sound out of it. Then about 5 months ago upon writing this testimony, the sound came back worse then ever. I took it to the mechanic on three different occasions, but they could never find what was wrong with it. A few weeks ago I commanded it again to be fixed in the name of JESUS, and now the car is perfectly healed praised JESUS.

On about five different occasions, I found myself with terrible stomach aches. This was usually from eating bad foods or eating food that I had no business eating. Each time I commanded my stomach to be healed, and each time the pains and medical problems quickly went away.

On multiple, multiple occasions, each time I would come down with a headache, I would lay my hands on my head and command the headache to leave in the name of JESUS, and most times it would leave immediately or within a few seconds after praise JESUS.

One Friday night when I was a courier, I made my last drop off in Orange County which was about a one hour drive back to my apartment in Long Beach. On Friday night at 5pm, the freeway would usually be stop and go traffic with very, very heavy congestion. I don’t know why I did this, but I prayed to JESUS to make a clear and open pathway for myself so I could get home in just 20 minutes. What happened next was absolutely amazing. Wow do I wish I had this on camera. JESUS started opening up the freeway lanes in front of my car one after another to where I could drive at full speed back home even though the freeway had a lot of traffic. Mile after mile one car after another would get out of my way. I switched lanes a few times, but no matter what lanes I chose, JESUS had the cars in front of me switch lanes to get out of my way. This happened all the way back to my apartment. On top of the cars getting out of my way, as far as I can remember tonight, I caught every single signal green which gave me a crystal clear pathway to my apartment. That was one of the most amazing things I had seen so far in my life.

Another time still when I was a courier, my gas was getting dangerously low. I was driving so many miles, I was using almost a full tank a day so buying gas was a regular chore that we couriers had to do. I was just about to run out of gas, when I prayed to JESUS to please help me get to the gas station. I glanced down at the gas gauge a few second later and that is when I clearly saw the gas gauge go up a little bit. It went up about a 16th of a tank which was a perfect amount to help me get to the next gas station coming up.

Many other times while I was a courier, I found myself very low on gas. Each time I prayed to JESUS to help me get to a gas station, and he never failed me. I never once ran out of gas on the freeway or on the surface streets. Praise JESUS.

Again while I was a courier, about ten different times the HOLY SPIRIT told me to look up, or look around which prevented me from either crashing into another car, or some other kind of danger. I would pray every day for protection while on the roads, and this is why the HOLY SPIRIT had warned me on so many occasions to watch out! Each time he warned me, I quickly looked up and was able to divert from danger in my car.

Many times while driving on the freeway, the HOLY SPIRIT told me to watch out! Not because someone was entering my lane but because the police were behind me farther back and I happened to be speeding. I am absolutely convinced that JESUS was warning me all the time because I was worshiping him. I directly relate worshiping GOD to having his supernatural favor and protection not only in my car, but also everywhere else I went too.

A few years ago each time I used the bathroom I was passing blood. The clinic tried to tell me it was ulcers or some other kind of medical problems. They wanted to do tests on me, but I told them no way. I went home and prayed and the blood stopped completely.

One night in my apartment, I was feeling very sad and lonely. I am sure I was being oppressed by a demon or demons. I felt very confused and I couldn’t think clearly. I had tears in my eyes as I was talking to a Christian brother on the telephone who was trying to give me some advice on how to feel better. Well forget his advice, JESUS came to me himself I was laying down on my couch with a few tears coming out of my eyes, when JESUS walked up to me and he touched me with his finger tip right on my heart. As I was laying down on my couch, he approached me from the right side, and he leaned over slightly to touch my heart with his finger. As soon as he touched me, it completely changed my life. When he touched me, he pored in an incredible amount of love into my being. If that feeling of immense love is even a tiny glimpse of how we are going to feel in heaven, I tell you people heaven will be beyond any words incredible!!!! I immediately felt better and in fact I had never in my entire life felt anything like that before. That pure and wonderful love was now deep inside of me and it totally changed me. In fact at work, some of the Christian brothers were commenting on how different I was. They were even saying how obvious it was that I was walking with JESUS and how much JESUS was changing my life. They complimented me over and over again on how Christ like I was. Well they were right about one thing, it was JESUS who did it all. I didn’t do anything to deserve that supernatural miracle. Each week that went by, the overwhelming feeling of love faded more and more, but even to this day, it is still lingering inside of me and this was an incredible gift JESUS did for me when I needed him the most that dark and terrible night.

I had just moved into a new apartment, when something else happened. I was writing Christian letters to some friends in prison, while at the same time, working on the computer too. I was super busy to the point to where it was almost overwhelming. I walked into my new kitchen and then I did something that I don’t normally do. I asked JESUS really quickly to overwhelm me with his presence and love. Right then and right there he started to overwhelm me with his love as tears started falling down my eyes. His presence just pored into me to the point where his love starts overwhelm my being. That was an awesome present JESUS did for me. I tell you people, JESUS loves you much, much, much, much more then you think he does!

I had caught a flu a few years ago, and not just any flu but this one was very strong. It got so bad in fact, that one night I was saying my final prayers as I was shivering in my bed while burning up at the same time. That afternoon when I woke up for work, JESUS told me I was healed. I said that’s great, thank you. I went into the shower because I had only a few minutes to get ready before I had to leave to work to get to work on time. In the shower, I noticed that I was still sick though. So I said to myself ok, hmmm I wonder what is going on now? Well, my throat had a major medical problem going back even almost ten years. For around ten years I had lived with this medical problem in my throat. I had to drink a bottle of medicine each day when I woke up, and also drink some when I went to bed. The medicine was very expensive which also put a lot of pressure on me. When I came out of the shower, I quickly got dressed because I noticed I still had the flu. I was about to walk to the refrigerator to drink the medicine and leave for work when I noticed that my throat was healed. Wow! Praise JESUS, he healed my throat completely. The funny thing is, the next day when I did drink a little medicine I quickly noticed that my throat was sick again. So I said to myself, uh oh, I better accept the healing from JESUS and don’t doubt him that I was healed. I threw away all of the medicine and my throat is still healed today after all of these years.

A year later, I was passing a lot of blood again while I used the bathroom, and at the same time, I had a terrible pain in my chest. While this was happening, I read an article about my friend in Florida who had a very similar medical problem a few years earlier. He prayed and commanded his problem to be healed, and it was healed! Fear tried to enter me that maybe I had cancer too like him, but I rebuked the fear and commanded myself to be healed too. As I commanded it to be healed and as I rebuked it in the name of JESUS, I felt it immediately get better! Over the next 24-36 hours it completely went away, and the blood stopped leaving my body too.

For the last seven years, I cant tell you how many times JESUS has blessed me with the best parking spots for my car wherever I go. It doesn’t matter how crowded the beach gets, and it doesn’t matter how crowded a store might be, he gives me the best parking spots closest to the store or my apartment time after time after time. Many times I even left my apartment at night time which the normal person would never dream of doing. The reason why is, you would quickly lose your parking spot. When you came back home with your car, it could take you up to one hour to find another parking spot driving through all of the streets of the city, this is how bad parking is where I live. JESUS has never let me down once. Many times I went to church at night time where I would then drive back home around 8pm. Many times I would pray for a parking spot even before I got to the church, but other times I waited to pray for a parking spot after church. Either way it didn’t matter, for who is more powerful then GOD? Hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the years JESUS has done one parking miracle after another after another for me.

Those gifts and miracles above are just a tiny example of what JESUS has been doing for me ever since I cried out to him for the second time in jail. What an incredible friend he is to us, and I could never repay him even if I had one millions years to try.


About one month after I left the Half Way House, I ordered DSL internet for my brand new apartment. After a few years of being locked up in prison and jail, it was a lot of fun to surf the internet again, and to catch up on everything that was happening in the world on the internet. This is when another miracle happened. JESUS led me with one move of my mouse after another to a specific website where little did I know, I would be preaching there thousands upon thousands of times during the next ten year period. I never looked for a internet site to preach to people, it was just JESUS leading my mouse with one move after another until he got me to the specific site where he wanted to me help people.

I remember many years ago when I first started preaching to people on the internet, I was so excited, my spirit felt like it was vibrating a million miles a second. With my spirit feeling like it was on Hyper Fire for JESUS, I didn’t care how late at night it got, I would just keep preaching and teaching people until I would get completely spiritually drained at about 2-3 am in the morning. It was all so new to me back then, and the brand new experience of JESUS using me to reach out and help other people was just absolutely incredible! Night after night, the LORD would type through me and speak through until the wee hours of the morning. I would rush home from work on the bus, take a quick shower and eat dinner as fast as I could, so I could log in and start preaching to people about how wonderful JESUS is, among hundreds of other topics too. Night after night, week after week, month after month and year after year I would sit at my computer keyboard allowing JESUS to type through my fingers at amazing speeds to his children all over the internet. Many nights I would teach and preach to people all the way to 3 am or even 4-5 am in the morning. Knowing that I had to wake up only a few hours later to go to work the next day, I would ask JESUS for his supernatural help with my sleeping and to give me supernatural energy which he always did for me. I would wake up a few hours later and head on out to work, only to race on home that night and start all over again spreading the wonderful news about JESUS all over the world. At times when the presence of JESUS was overwhelming in me, that is when the LORD would type through my fingers even at the speeds of 100-120 words a minute.

JESUS has given to me the exact spiritual gifts I would need to be able to help people that I most likely would never see. Whether it was through typing, or using the microphone or the telephone, the HOLY SPIRIT would give me wonderful insights and special knowledge and wisdom to know the truth of what really was going on in the persons life, or GOD would reveal to me incredible wisdom that would bless the person I was typing to or talking to quite incredibly. The more I preached, the stronger my gifts would get, so after a year or two of this, GOD was able to use me quite extensively to help others and the gifts that GOD had given me was really making the preaching and teaching much easier. Many times people tried to deceive me, but the HOLY SPIRIT would give me incredible knowledge or spiritual awareness of the real situation to where I was able to see right through their deception. This probably happened over 100 times. When the person on the computer was telling me one thing, I could then use my gifts to realize that what they were telling me wasn’t the truth. I would then real nicely and softly tell them the real truth, which they usually confessed to once they found out they were caught by GOD through me. Once the real truths would come out, now GOD could use me to type through me or speak through me to really help them with the difficult situations that the average person was facing in their lives. The HOLY SPIRIT knew that I would be a internet preacher, even before I was ever born, so praise GOD that he gave me the exact spiritual gifts that I would need to be able to help people whom I would most likely never meet or see face to face. I have 3-4 out of the 9 spiritual gifts mentioned by Paul in 1st Cor 12:8 which are all needed to be an internet and telephone preacher. I don’t think I have ever shared with anyone what gifts I have, I guess I will just keep that between myself and my first and only TRUE LOVE JESUS.

When I was about 10 years old, the elementary school that I was attending forced me to take a typing class. This was years and years before computers were invented for the average user at home. We never had a typewriter at home, and of course since computers weren’t invented yet, there was no way for myself to practice typing every day as all of the years passed by. I guess this is why JESUS had me to practice typing all the time either on my pillow as I laid in bed, or even on the desk I was sitting on in school throughout the years and decades that passed by. As the years passed by, GOD just kept encouraging me to practice my typing. No matter where I was or what I was doing, I would quite often keep typing with my little fingers on either my desk, or pillow, or bed, or whatever else I was sitting on or laying down on. Even at the age of 15 when I first started playing guitar, I would still move my fingers on invisible typewrite keys on a regular basis. GOD had a plan for me that would include typing, and he had imprinted my mind to keep practicing typing no matter where I was or what I was doing. I did this for decades until the right time when the LORD would have to type to people for real and to share those important Christian principals and lessons that the LORD himself was teaching me. In some ways, I was born to type, but that doesn’t mean that the LORD didn’t use me to speak to people too. Quite often when I met some new people on the internet to preach to, I would quickly switch them to the computer microphone or even the telephone on a regular basis, but it was with typing that the entire ministry work got started.

I was preaching and teaching people on the internet on just about every single topic that you could possibly imagine. A few of the more popular topics that the LORD used me to teach and help people with were - Divorce and Marriage - The Bible - Porn Addictions - Music and GOD - and especially Depression, Loneliness, and Sadness. Those are just a small sample of the thousands and thousands of preaching sessions that JESUS had used me for to help his church body. I preached to Muslims hundreds of times, to witches and Satanists hundreds of times, and to the Jewish people maybe even a thousand times. What was shocking to me though, was that after a few years of preaching full time on a nightly basis, the LORD clearly was telling me to preach to his Christian church or Christian people the most. It took me about a year to understand why JESUS wanted me to do this, but then it all became crystal clear to me. JESUS used me to teach the Christians why they were sad or lonely, why they felt depressed, why they were watching porn and on and on and on. JESUS wanted to use me among others to help educate his Christian body on why all of this was happening to them. So going on ten years of preaching, by far it is Christians whom I am speaking to the most. I was lonely almost my entire life, quite often living with severe loneliness and depression, so I guess this is why JESUS used me and uses me to talk to Christians about loneliness and depression so often. All of the experiences that JESUS had given to me throughout my life, he now used me to talk to other people who were going through the exact same problems and trials. I could now see why the LORD had allowed me go through so many different trials during my very difficult life, it was for my own good and to be able to help others. As the years passed by and I suffered with loneliness, depression, sadness, and a few different addictions from time to time, the LORD was preparing me for his use. JESUS was educating me on why this was happening and how to get rid of it so he could then use me to help others. I have preached thousands upon thousands of times to people, something that I could never do if I was a pastor of a real church building. It is on the internet where the LORD would be using me to teach and educate and encourage his church body.

JESUS had given me the love and anointing to be able to pray for other people. Some people call this being a prayer warrior, but that name is kind of cliche so I don’t feel comfortable using that terminology. Because the LORD had given me the grace to love to pray for others, he now used me on the internet hundreds upon hundreds of times to pray for people. I cant even begin to type how many people were blessed with internet prayers, it would take up many, many pages of this testimony. The LORD has been using me to pray for people on a full time basis working our way up towards ten years now. I love my brother’s and sister’s so much, but the LORD has taught me that I only love them because I have JESUS in me who is LOVE. Since I have JESUS in me, I am able to love my brother’s and sister’s enough to pray for them on a full time basis, and to encourage them and preach to them anytime any of them might have a need or problem.

The ministry work that JESUS uses me for I could honestly say, is the second greatest blessing in my entire life. The first would be JESUS himself, but the ministry work he has assigned me to is just the most wonderful blessing far surpassing anything else I have ever experienced. I am so thankful to JESUS for using me to help others, there is no other feeling in the world that describe how wonderful it is to encourage, pray and help others with their many problems and situations that life can bring.

Throughout all of the years of suffering with terrible emotional pain, loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts, I could honestly say that it was all worth it after seeing how the LORD has used me for the last decade to help others with very similar problems. Even though those years and decades were just like living in pure hell starting at about the age of five, I say it was still all worth it now that I have seen some of the results of what JESUS is doing in me and how he is using me to help others.

When the LORD introduced me to my brand new ministry work many, many years ago, I preached every single night for about two years. I even preached when I was sad, lonely, depressed, broke with no money and even sick with the flu. It didn’t matter how I was feeling, because I wasn’t preaching about myself. I was talking to people about how wonderful JESUS is! Night after night the people could rely on me to be online, and I was always available to anyone anywhere if they needed help or prayer or encouragement. After two to three years of this, I started to take some breaks once in a while from preaching nightly, just to rest maybe one night, or to rent movies or anything else that I might of wanted to do. At around the five year point of preaching, I took some long breaks from internet preaching usually because I also found myself in some spiritual valleys, or I was experiencing some very tough times myself. Never more then 2-3 months would pass by though until I got right back to preaching to people again on the internet and the telephone. Praise JESUS for giving me the grace that I need each day to be able to help others, what an incredible feeling it is to know that GOD trusts me enough to speak to his people!

While preaching to tens of thousands of people, many times a man or woman would try to tell me that they didn’t believe in JESUS, or that JESUS wasn’t real. I would quickly go on to tell them that they were talking to a walking miracle! The man or woman would then say, "what do you mean"? And of course since JESUS has given to me such a powerful testimony, I would start off by telling them what kind of a man I use to be, and then explain to them how the LORD was transforming and changing my life and that he could easily do the exact same for you too.. There is nothing I can say to a non believer that would be more powerful then sharing my own testimony with them. Yes, I would quickly tell the Satanists or back slidden Christians for that matter that they were indeed talking to a real life miracle of JESUS, and that was the kind of preaching that they could never refute, that they could never reject, and that they could never say wasn’t true. My own life was all the proof that they needed to see just how wonderful, just how merciful, just how patient and just how awesome our GOD is!!!!



What an incredible GOD we have in JESUS. A GOD of second and third chances. A GOD who is patient with us throughout the years of our lives while he allows us to experience all of the lessons that life has to teach. Praise to the ONE who holds us really tightly when we need him the most, JESUS! Praise to the one who blesses us every single day of our lives even while we ignore him, or don’t even believe in him, JESUS! Praise to the one who gave up his life in a terrible death on the cross for us, so we could live with him in Heaven for eternity if we just repent and believe in him, JESUS!


Love Garrett