The supposed psychic lady that I had been talking to from Las Vegas during the past year, asked me if I could help her husband make some copies of his music cd’s. We talked about what equipment I would need to do this, and how the entire operation would work. While shopping online at professional business website’s looking for burners, I came across some units that could burn four music cd’s at a time. Well she wanted approximately 500 copies, so it seemed like I would be able to do this job for her. I surfed the internet even more and found out that I could buy the equipment to put custom labels on the top of the music cd’s too, using professional artwork. AND THEN OUT OF NOWHERE IT HIT ME. I was about to make one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life, which would also turn out to be one of the greatest blessings of my entire life. As I sat there, I started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, just possibly could this same equipment also create and copy the Microsoft software that we were selling?

My heart started to beat faster and faster because the more I looked into the equipment, the more I realized that it should be able to copy the Microsoft office products we were selling. Before I bought any of the very, very expensive equipment with the idea to mass produce the Microsoft software, I had to test the master Microsoft cd to make sure it was burnable. My wife and myself grabbed one of the brand new Microsoft packages that we had laying around the house, after all with the volume of software that we were selling, we always had a few lying around the house everywhere. We opened up a brand new one, put it into our computer and tested it to see if we could make a perfect copy. Low and behold, it worked! At the time, Microsoft did not put in any anti theft, or any anti piracy codes into the software. So anyone at any time could of burned a entire Microsoft Office Suite from their home computer. Now I really started making plans, or I should say, I was surfing the internet to find out if there were any larger more professional burners and equipment I could purchase, to speed up my brand new illegal operation. I found a company somewhat close to our apartment who had some of the best professional equipment money could buy. I settled on buying a tower burner that could burn 16 cd’’s at a time, and this same company also had all of the other equipment I would need too. I spent about 14,000 dollars on our copier which we needed to do the artwork as professionally as we possibly could. Our copier that we bought was equal to the very best copier at the time that Kinko's stores were using.

I spent days and days brainstorming how to do this operation, and how to solve all of the tedious problems that were arising. Solving one problem after another after another as fast as I could, we were now just about ready to start our illegal business. My wife was very, very, very against pirating the software. She would talk to me over and over again about how we DIDN’T need to do this, and how much trouble we could get into. She tried on multiple occasions to change my mind, but it was too late. Greed had me now and nothing she could say or do was going to change my mind. Every time she brought up a good point why we shouldn’t pirate the software, I countered with another ridiculous statement on why we should do it. I used the word ridiculous there, because I had no idea what I was doing. At that time in my life I was so out of control, I cant even use English words to explain what or how I was feeling. I was completely lost to the point where I thought that pirating the Microsoft software would be perfectly OK and safe for us to do.

I talked her into helping me create the illegal software, and she finally gave in but she was very unhappy. Obviously this didn’t help our marriage!

Before we could start mass producing the software, we had to take one Microsoft CD completely apart and totally dissect and study it. We had to study every little thing about the software, from its artwork, to its type styles and just about everything else in between. This is when we learned something AMAZING. As we took apart a few of or master Microsoft cd’s to study them, we noticed that each one was different. Each one had slightly different art work on the cd itself, and some of them even used different colors. We kept wondering why Microsoft would do this, which made us take apart even more cd’s with the sole purpose of studying them. Then it finally hit us, our eyes were finally opened a little. ALL of the cd’s that I was buying from my suppliers were pirated illegal copies. I found out later, my suppliers were all getting their shipments directly from China which were then being shipped into Long Beach, California. So we learned that for the last year, all of the software I was selling were pirated illegal copies. Up to this point, I honestly thought we were doing a legal legitimate business, I had no idea that we were actually selling pirated software all over the entire USA.

To make a single unit of software took about five different activities for us to do. I divided up the work between us, giving her the really easy part, and then with myself doing the other half, we started our illegal business. We needed to make about 80,000 units of software as fast as we could, so I could get it all shipped out to our customers all over the USA, who by this time had been waiting about six weeks for their software to arrive. Our huge burner could only burn 16 cd’s at a time, and each round of burning took about nine minutes. So, while the burner was burning the cd’s for nine minutes, she had nine minutes to get 16 units of her half done, and I had nine minutes to get my half done. The amount of work ahead of us was just mind boggling incredible! For the next 60 days, we worked from about 8am in the morning until about 10pm at night with only a very short lunch and dinner break. Our marriage was so bad at this time, I could just as easily say that there was no marriage any longer. Day after day we continued to make the software non stop, with little or no communication between us at all. We kind of just sat there in front of our TV with her doing her half, and myself doing all of the rest of the work. What was there to talk about anyway? She was super angry and upset at me, and I was still living in a complete demonically controlled dream world where I had basically lost my self will to make any decisions, or to change my life in anyway for the better.

The feeling in the apartment at this time was pure dread, with a little bit of danger mixed in too. There was a atmosphere in the apartment at all times like we were being watched. So from a spiritual point of view, it felt like there was a evil presence in the apartment, yet from a physical point of view, it felt like we were constantly being watched which created a lot of anxiety and paranoia for both of us. Even though at this point I had NO spiritual life whatsoever, I could still feel the evil presence in our apartment. It was always there, especially at nighttime.

UPS and Fed Ex were coming to our apartment every single day to pick up the huge boxes that we were shipping out all over the Country. We were working at a frantic pace and we were really catching up to all of the orders that were once taped up all over our living room wall. The wall now was about empty with only a few more tiny orders to fill.

Christmas was just a week away now, and one night while creating our pirated software, a fuse went out in our apartment. All I had to do was walk to the fuse box in the hallway and switch it back on, but JESUS had other plans for me. I didn’t think to just simply switch the fuse back to the on position, so instead I called emergency maintenance to come into our apartment to fix the fuse box. They answered the phone and said someone would come over as soon as possible to fix the problem. We now raced as fast as we could to cover up all of the illegal software which was packed up real high on our living room floor. We grabbed the largest sheet we could possibly find and tried to cover up the huge pile of software the very best we could. The maintenance man showed up at about 10pm at night and quickly switched the fuse box to the on position which then fixed all of our electrical problems we were having. On the way out, he noticed the huge stack in the living room that was covered up real hastily with a large bed sheet. He also noticed our huge and very expensive copier in the corner of our living room. This must of piqued his curiosity, because the maintenance men over the next few days started going through our trash in the apartment complex where we lived. They found tons and tons of discarded supplies that we were using on a daily basis to pirate our Microsoft software. They placed a phone call to the FBI who were very interested to hear what they had to say.


It was now a few days before Christmas, and we had a beautiful Christmas tree in our living room, but there were no presents underneath it. I have no idea why, but I decided to grab about 1000 dollars in my pocket and go to the huge department store by our apartment to buy her a lot of gifts. I told her to keep working on the software, and that I would be back in about 1 hour. I went through the entire store buying her about 13 presents ranging from all different kinds of gifts. I had them all gift wrapped at the store which took a little while, then I drove back to the apartment to put the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I called her from the parking lot and asked her to open the door because I couldn’t carry all of the presents in my hands. I put all of the gifts under the tree and then realized that I had better give her some money to buy some presents for me too. I gave her some money and told her to feel free to take the car to buy whatever she might want. She grabbed the money from me, but there was never going to be any presents for me underneath the tree. Not this Christmas or any other Christmas in the future.



Even on Christmas day I insisted that we work a few hours in the morning making software, I am sure that didn’t make her too happy. I was totally lost without JESUS in my life, while at the same time, I was basically under full control of Satan. I praise JESUS that he didn’t allow Satan to end my life during this dark period. At about lunch time we agreed that we would open the presents. She went first and opened up all of her presents, somewhat faking that she was happy or joyful but inside she really wasn’t at all. As she opened up present after present I said to myself, hmmmm it doesn’t seem like there are any presents for me. I assured myself that she most likely hid them in the bedroom or in her bathroom. We had two bathrooms in our apartment, and since I never had any reason to enter her bathroom, I assumed that she must of put my presents there. She opened up the last few presents and thanked me for everything the best that she could considering the fact that she hated me, but she never went into the bedroom to grab my presents. A few hours went by and we made plans on where to go for dinner and which restaurant we thought might be open on Christmas night. We came back from dinner where I thought surely she would go get my presents now out of the room, or out of her bathroom, but that never happened. We went to sleep that night knowing that we had to wake up in the morning to the tedious work of creating another 20,000 pieces of software. This last order of 20,000 pieces was for a friend that had asked me to send him this huge amount. As I laid in bed I couldn’t believe it that she didn’t buy me a single gift, not even one!

During the 1 week between Christmas and New Years day, we had decided that we better move out of the state, and get as far away from there as we could. We both felt like we were being watched at all times, and we were very afraid plus we were paranoid too. We bought a map of the state of California and unfolded it on our dining room table. After a couple days of thinking about it, I decided that we would move to Northern California to the city of Carmel or San Francisco. We made plans to move on January 5th four days after New Years. We knew we had about nine days before we were moving, and we were just about done creating all of the software that we needed, so we thought about going on vacation to somewhere special for New years eve. We figured Paris France would be a wonderful place to go to see the fire works at the Eiffel Tower. I talked to my friend who said he would love to go with us, but we never went. I was too afraid to leave the apartment for 1 week, knowing that all of our equipment and money were still in the apartment.

It was now 2 days before New years and we took our dinner break to drive to our favorite Chinese Restaurant. During our dinner, I noticed a very attractive blond haired lady walk into the restaurant, go right to the cashier, and place an order for pickup. I noticed her especially because she was looking at me too. Little did I know, but I would be seeing this lady again in just a few days from now.

For New Years eve, we didn’t do anything special, but we had a nice dinner, and drank a bottle of wine together. When we were both drunk, she said to me that she wished I would always act like this. I guess what she meant was, that when I got drunk, I acted more like a normal person, or that I was much nicer and I had a sense of humor again. She couldn’t possibly understand what I had been through in my life from ages five up to this point, I didn’t even understand what had happened to me at during my life to make me this way. Looking back on it now, I would never ever, ever want to be like that again. I wouldn’t even want to wish that on my worst enemies either.

The next 4 days were very un eventful. We lined up our moving truck, I bought a big screen TV that was going to be delivered to the same department store in their San Francisco outlet, and we finished up all of our software. The last order going out to the man in Los Angeles was sitting on our living room floor all packed up and ready to be shipped out.


 On January 4th, the day before we were going to move to Northern California, we finished up all of our tedious work and got ready for the long drive ahead of us the. That night we had our dinner and we were winding down in our apartment when someone knocked on our front door! They knocked again a second time a little harder. About the 3rd time that they knocked, they said "Garrett, open up, this is the FBI". I had no idea who was joking around at our front door. I was wondering who that might be playing a practical joke on us, as I was slowly walking to the front door. I opened up the door and to my surprise, I saw about 20 FBI agents wearing their dark blue FBI jackets and apparel. In the middle of that group I saw that attractive blond haired woman who was at the Chinese restaurant watching me a few nights earlier. My heart was beating 1000 times a minute now, and my wife had a look of terror on her face as they quickly handcuffed me and rushed into our apartment. Wow, what a terrible experience that was, having 20 FBI agents showing up at my front door. I cant even explain to the normal person reading this how that felt. I felt FEAR, I felt sad, I felt terrified, and I had no idea what was going to happen to us now. I felt like that my life was completely over now, and that there was no hope at all unless they would release us with just a warning. They separated my wife and myself so they could interrogate us privately away from each another. They guarded my wife and brought her into the bedroom closing the door behind them, and they kept me handcuffed and brought me into our bathroom where I was forced to sit on the floor.

For about 30 minutes now they asked us question after question. One question they asked me was, am I hiding any money in the apartment? I quickly told them no. the interrogation went on for about another 20 minutes, when a FBI agent came into the bathroom again, and asked me if I was hiding any money in the apartment? I quickly said no again but by this time, they had already found all of my money that I had hidden in the apartment.

I didn’t know what my wife was telling them at this time, but one of the agents came into the bathroom where I was being held, and asked me if I was abusing my wife. I quickly told them no way, what are you talking about? I had never harmed or abused my wife in any way whatsoever, so I really had no idea why they would ask me that.

The lead FBI agent now brought us both out in hand cuffs and told us that he was going to do us a favor. He wasn’t going to put us into the city jail in general population which would have been a terrible experience, but instead he was going to take us to immigration jail where we would be much safer.

They drove us in their car to the immigration jail, where they booked us and checked us into the jail cell. My wife was taken to the woman’s jail, and of course I was escorted into the men’s jail. It was about midnight now, and all of the men were laying down on a mat on the concrete floor. There was one toilet in the center of the room for all 40 men, so because of this, someone all night long was constantly using the toilet. I didn’t get any sleep at all, and I stayed up the entire night waiting for our court appearance in the morning. To go from being very wealthy and being able to do whatever I wanted to any day of the week, to being locked up in this jail cell, was just a un believable experience to go through.

Morning finally came, and they brought my wife and myself together in front of the judge. I was really hoping for bail, just like my wife was I am sure. I wasn’t praying for bail, because once again I didn’t know JESUS, and I still had no idea I was even suppose to pray for anything! It was finally our turn to go in front of the judge. Both of us were wearing the jail clothing that they gave us the night before, and we were both very afraid. Well, the judge read the case before us, and then quickly turned DOWN our bail. When the judge refused to give us bail, all hope now seemed shattered and fear crept into my mind about what would happen next. I then realized that we would be going to prison and that there was going to be no way out of this.

After dinner time that same day, they escorted us into the Federal Detention Center, which is just a fancy word for the federal jail in the Seattle area. My wife was sent to the women’’s jail, and I was taken to the men’s. as I entered the jail, the female guard checked me in and said "that she knew who I was". The guard told me that we were all over the local news on television and that she had just seen me on TV. Well, that was quite a feeling to know that I was now being broadcasted on the news channels throughout many parts of the country.



 There is no experience in the world like walking for the first time into a huge, solid concrete, very noisy and very crowded jail. The jail was two stories tall with a staircase on each end where you could walk up to the second floor. It had TV rooms located in each corner, where the men would separate by race and nationality. For example, the Blacks would all watch TV in their room, and the Whites and Mexicans would watch TV in their own segregated rooms. The jails were using these very depressing greenish yellow fluorescent lights up in the ceiling covering the entire length of the jail. The lights would make the entire jail look like a soft shade of lime green, which then bounced off of the concrete giving a sick impression. Living under those lights for 6 months could practically kill you. Coming out of jail after living under those lights, and breathing that terrible air, you would look almost like a zombie. The noise level in the jail could drive a man insane. From about 7am in the morning, to 11:30 at night seven days a week, there was a constant non stop level of screaming, laughing, crying, singing, talking, shouting, and just about every other noise you could possibly imagine. This was a extremely humbling experience for me, and it turned out that it was exactly what I needed, praise JESUS.

Because of the fact that I had been eating at the very best of the best restaurants from Las Vegas, all the way up north to Seattle the last 3 years, I cant even try to explain to you how bad the jail food was. The food was so bad, I think I lost about 25 pounds over the next 3 months. Not only was the food bad, but there was always the possibility that the male cooks working in the kitchen, would put some very nasty ingredients into our desert each night. Word usually got down to us in the jail cells when the men did this, but it really didn’t help matters much. Oh how I wish some of those men working in the kitchen would of taken a cooking class in high school, haha.

On the third day of being locked up, another prisoner had asked me if I wanted to talk to my wife. I said, ummmm yeah? He then went on to tell me that in his cell I would be able to talk to my wife speaking through the water pipes. I thought he was crazy! But the fact was, he was telling the truth. The women’s jail was right above ours, and if we took all of the water out of the pipes in our sink, we could then talk to the lady who was in the cell right above us. We sent word through the woman who was living in the cell above to get my wife, and to bring her into the cell at such and such time so as that I could talk to her for a few minutes. Using this method, I was able to talk to my wife about 10 times over the next 6 months while being locked up in jail.

In jail, there is a constant state of danger. Nobody could ever let their guard down, not even for a few minutes. I saw some of the most terrible fights in jail, where a group of men would all beat one man nearly to death. After a fight, if the guards clearly saw who was fighting, they would hand cuff them guilty parties and take them all to the hole. But, if the guards didn’t see who was fighting, then they would lock up all of the men in their cells, and proceed to come to our cells one at a time forcing us to take off our clothing. The purpose of this was that they were looking for marks on our bodies that might of showed that we were involved in the fight. This is called LOCK DOWN. The guards would come running into the jail screaming lock down, lock down. Upon hearing this, we were all expected to quickly go to our own cells. The men who were involved in the fight, once caught, would then be handcuffed and escorted to the hole. The hole was a slang term used for describing a very tiny cell, usually with no windows where the inmate would now have to live for a certain period of time. Some men would live in the hole for 1-2 years or even longer, although that was very rare. Most of the time, the average inmate who was taken to the holy would be there for one to six months. It is very sad to say, but I was escorted to the hole on 3 different occasions. Looking back on those experiences now, I can clearly see that JESUS needed to get me into isolation, living in the hole so as to get my attention on him and the bible among many other important issues too.


Each normal jail cell held two men, but at the time I was released, two years later, the Federal Government was trying to illegally make the cells in prisons across the USA to hold three people each. Imagine that, three people living in those tiny cells. What a miserable life that was for me. I had never experienced anything like this before, and as each day dragged by, all I could think about was dying.

On about the 3rd day in jail, I was finally approved to make phone calls. We had to turn in a list of people that we wanted to call into the cell block manager. After a short investigation, the Lieutenant would approve a inmates phone list and then he could start using the telephone. Well, I had to call my family now and give them the bad news. I called my dad, and told him where I was and a gave him a very short explanation of what happened. My dad was very sad after hearing the bad news about what I did and where I was now. All of the phone calls are recorded in jail and prison, so while in jail before your court date, if you let out any secrets concerning your case, it could be used against you in court. I then called my brother living in Las Vegas and gave him the same bad news. A few of my family members were very sad and concerned to hear this bad news, yet there was the other half of the family that really didn’t seem to care at all.

My wife was talking badly about me to the women up in the women’s jail, so because of this, my laundry was constantly getting lost. Women were in charge of the laundry for the entire institution, and because our last names were all on our clothing, my laundry after being cleaned by the women never found its way back to me. I have no idea how they were throwing it away, but after a few weeks of this, I had to make a formal complaint to the Lieutenant on how my laundry was being lost on purpose by the women cleaning it. That did fix the situation with my lost clothing right away.

They assigned a public defender to handle my case, yet my wife for some reason was given a high powered attorney working in downtown Seattle sky rise. Because the federal judges work for the government, and the federal public defenders are working for the government, there really isn’t much hope for the inmate to get a fair hearing. The FBI wanted me to sign a plea agreement giving me 28-36 months of prison time, but I told my public defender, no way. A few weeks went by, and he said he tried to talk to the FBI about lowering the prison time, but he said that the FBI wouldn’t budge. This went on back and forth for about 3 months. During this time, my wife’s attorney was pressuring us to include her in the plea bargain, so as to get her charges completely dropped. Therefore I would be taking the full responsibility of the crime, and with that, taking the full punishment too. My wife was now calling my dad and brother on a regular basis asking them to ask me if I would include her in my plea bargain with the FBI to get all of her charges dropped.

After about 3 months of being locked up in jail, I decided to fire my public defender, and to hire a private attorney. This was a huge mistake and a complete waste of money. The private attorneys are also working with the federal government as a team to close these cases as fast as possible, siding with the government at all times. Since all of my money was taken by the FBI, and they froze our bank accounts, I had to borrow the money from my sister to pay this attorney. My new attorney said he approached the FBI to try to form an agreement with them in my plea bargain for serving less time, but he said that the FBI wouldn’t budge on the amount of time that they wanted me to spend in prison. I asked him to talk to them again, but a few weeks later he came back to me saying that there was no hope, we cannot get them to agree to less time.

During these first 90 days, all I could think about was killing myself. One of the men in the jail, found out what I was planning to do, and he asked another Christian man if he would be willing to talk to me. The other man did come up to talk to me about what was going on in my life, but I don’t think it helped much. Day after day I was making plans in my head on how I could kill myself, or what I would use to do it. After a few weeks of thinking about, I came to the conclusion that I would use the top of the cans of chicken that we would buy at the commissary. To eat the chicken, you had to peel off the aluminum top which then could be bent into a very sharp weapon. So this was the plan that I was working on in my head over the first few months of being locked up in prison. After all, I had been suicidal for most of my adult life, so now that I was locked up in jail, the thought of killing myself was with me constantly. I am very, very grateful that JESUS had other much better plans for myself and my life!

My wife was always suppose to meet me at a certain day and time where we would then talk through the water pipes that connected both of our sinks, but she rarely ever showed up. This really frustrated me to no ends. I would meet her one time to talk about what was happening in court, and then she wouldn’t show up the next 10 times. Then again, we would talk one time, and then she would disappear for as long as even 1 month. I was very angry at her for this, and I felt completely frustrated with her behavior. After all of this terrible treatment by her, and after she faked our entire marriage, there was no way I wanted to include her in the plea bargain so she could be set free, while I spent two years of my life in prison. I had no conscious at the time, and doing the right thing was the farthest thing from my mind. She was relentless though; She kept calling my dad and brother pressuring them on the phone to get me to include her in my plea bargain with the FBI to have her charges completely dropped. As I called my dad and brother a few times a week, they would always tell me that they had talked to my wife, and that I should try to get her charges dropped just as fast as I possibly could. I tried explaining to them how she didn’t love me, how she faked the entire marriage and on and on but they just wouldn’t listen. It seems that GOD wanted her charges dropped and no matter how much I tried to explain the situation to my dad and brother, they just weren’t listening. A few more weeks passed by, and I guess my wife had called my dad and brother screaming and crying to them on the telephone. The said that my wife was acting completely hysterical. She would start crying on the phone trying to get them to tell me to have her charges dropped in my plea bargain, and for myself to take the full blame and punishment for the crime. My attorney said not to do this, that he felt he could get me less time with her still involved in the case. I tried to explain to my attorney how she was calling my family crying to them on the telephone.

My wife had told my dad and brother that if I could get her charges by the FBI completely dropped, she would follow me to whatever city the federal prison system would send me to. She told my family that she would visit me all the time, and that she would get a full time job so as to support herself, and also to be able to send me financial support while I was doing my two years of punishment in prison. My dad and brother completely believed her, it was almost as if they were under her spell. Once again, JESUS wanted her out of jail and this was the LORD’S plan of course, but at that time, what on earth did I know about the LORD?

After a heated discussion, first with my dad on the phone, and another with my brother, I finally agreed to include her in my plea bargain so as to have her charges completely dropped. Like a complete fool, I actually thought she would visit me in prison, or write to me, or accept my phone calls, but of course we were all wrong. I hung up the phone with my dad, and then quickly made the free call to my attorney. I don’t think he answered, but on his voice mail, I repeated myself 3 different times, that let us go ahead and include my wife to have her charges completely dropped, yet at the same time I asked him to approach the FBI again to ask for a lesser sentencing guideline for myself. The very next day, my attorney called me downstairs to have a meeting with him. He told me that, yes she is included now and that her charges would be completely dropped, but that the FBI is insisting on the maximum penalty for my case. Not only that, but there was more bad news. The FBI had told my attorney, that if I didn’t sign the plea bargain within a few days, that they would add many more charges onto my case resulting in close to a 5-7 year sentence in prison. My attorney told me that we better accept their plea bargain of 28-36 months right away before the FBI decided to add even more charges onto my case. So I gave him the go ahead to make this happen. My wife’s high powered attorney had the wheels of justice moving super fast, in fact I think it was only one day that had passed when he was able to have our court hearing. They rushed me to court and made me put my hand on a bible swearing that I was telling the truth. I wasn’t telling the truth, I was saying the truth that the FBI wanted me to say. Oh well, it was good enough, because as I was coming back into the jail from court, I saw that they were releasing my wife out of the jail. We were both in the same room at the same time. What a powerful display of GOD’S sovereignty. What perfect timing, I was coming back into this hell, and she was very excited that her charges were dropped and she was being released immediately. We saw each other, and the person in charge of the release area of the jail allowed us to talk in a private room for a few minutes. She commented on how I had lost so much weight, and how terrible I looked. That was about all there was to talk about.


A few days later, she actually did come to visit me in jail, but that would be the last time I would ever see her or hear from her again until my divorce papers showed up. Unfortunately for me, she wasn’t finished yet! The day after her charges were completely dropped and she was free to go, she drove herself to FBI headquarters to tell on me all over again. The FBI didn’t ask her to do this, and they didn’t contact her either. She did this all on her own initiative. She talked with them in their offices and proceeded to go over the entire operation step by step to try to get me in even more trouble. I was told all of the above by my attorney a few weeks after she was released.

During my first 90 days in jail, while all of the above was going on, I had a major problem with my cell mate. I was so out of control, so lost, so depressed that I told the guard if my cell mate kept making a lot of noise, that I was going to kill him. I didn’t mean I would kill him literally, that was just a slang word I used for saying that I couldn’t tolerate his noise and bad behavior. Well in jail, they don’t care, they take all of your words literally, so because of this, about ten minutes after I said to the guard what I said, a lot of guards came into the jail pointing their fingers at me. I walked up to them and said you want me? They said, turn around, and they hand cuffed me and told me they were taking me to the hole.

I was now experiencing living in the hole for the very first time, and if JESUS didn’t move his powerful hand to get me completely isolated, things could have been much, much worse back in public jail. I was totally out of control emotionally and psychologically, so I was a very dangerous person during this time of incarceration. The food was the same in the hole as in general population, but it was somewhat quieter. Sure there were a lot of men in the hole at all times, with some of them screaming or crying or whatever, but still it was generally quieter. I lived in the hole about five weeks this time, waiting for the jail administrators to give me permission to go back to general population. During this five week period, my old roommate had found out what I said about him, and now he wanted to kill me. He was a extremely popular person in jail, and he and all of the men who were of the same nationality as him, were all after me now. So, now I found myself living in the hole, with a entire nationality of men all wanting to kill me, so obviously this was a difficult time to live through. JESUS was about to protect me doing one supernatural miracle after another just like he had done in the bible many times before for different people. The jail administrators must of found out that they were after me, because they were now doing a full investigation into this situation. After about five weeks of living in the hole, I was released back into general population, but they were moving me from my old cell block, to a brand new one because of the fact that the men in the old cell block wanted to kill me. Why did all of these men want to kill me? Because they were just as out of control emotionally and spiritually as I was, so this was just their normal behavior. I entered into the new jail block, and found out thank GOD that I now had my own jail cell. To keep my jail cell to myself, I would buy some food and candy for one of the inmates whom the Lieutenant for some reason would listen to, or they had a small kind of friendship together. So, each week I bought a little food and candy for this new friend of mine, and he would ask the Lieutenant to please keep me alone because of such and such happening in his life, well it worked. I was able to live completely alone for the next few months in my own cell while awaiting my official court date of sentencing. That was a very good blessing of GOD!

My old cell mate who wanted to kill me, was able to get a verbal word out to all of his people in the new cell block that I was now assigned to live in too. So upon entering the new cell block, they were waiting for me. Praise JESUS he used one person after another to protect me. They wanted to hurt me but a new friend of mine talked to a few of their leaders in private and told them to let me slide and to try to forget about whatever had happened before. You have to remember, these are completely, totally, unstable men in-case your wondering why things got out of control so quickly. My new friend happened to be a huge white Aryan member of the brotherhood praise JESUS, so when he asked them to leave me alone, they grudgingly said OK kind of. I used the words kind of, because from time to time there was a lot of talk about how they were going to attack me, but either JESUS used one of my new friends to talk to them, or JESUS himself took it out of their minds. This went on for the entire three months until my sentencing date. On one occasion, one of my friends who was African American = a.k.a. Black, put his entire life in danger for me. The nationality that was after me, basically gave up after a month or two, but now a few of the Caucasian men were now talking about hurting me. So my new friend who happened to be black met with them in private, which was very dangerous for him to do. I saw them screaming at each other, but praise JESUS that nothing bad happened and that my friend didn’t get hurt or killed. In the second jail block I lived in, the Blacks were quite powerful, and my new friend happened to be one of their leaders which was just once again, JESUS having all of our provisions and protection taken care of since the beginning of the foundation of the world. 
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