Wrists Cry Tears of Blood

Chapter 1

*Tonight was just like all the other terrible nights that I suffered through this past year. Sitting in my apartment all alone in the dark, with sad music playing on the record player, I walked slowly to the kitchen to grab the biggest, sharpest knife I could possibly find. The loneliness, sadness and depression inside of my heart and soul were just unbearable, and I couldn’t handle it any longer. My fiancee had left me for another man approximately six months earlier, not really caring that when she left, she had shattered my entire heart and soul. My whole life was built up around her, so when she did leave, I felt like my universe was being

ripped in two. Yes we were having sex together, and I didn’t know this was a sin at the young age of 19. So because we had become one through sexual intimacy, when she did move out of our apartment, my soul felt like it was being tortured to death.

I noticed that severe loneliness and a terrible emotional pain had crept its way into my life starting at around the age of five. The pain I am talking about is a deep emotional feeling of intense hurting inside of my soul. It is a feeling of complete emptiness and abandonment. Growing up my Mom was very sick, and she just wasn’t able to spend the time with me the way that she probably would have wanted to. So as a very young boy I found myself alone quite often. JESUS creates us all to be very unique, and in his great wisdom, He decided that I was going to experience severe loneliness for most of my life, starting as a very young boy. At the age of five, and going forwards from there, I would cry quite often because of the loneliness and pain I was feeling inside of my soul. It was that terrible hurting and pain in my soul that stayed with me for years and years to come. As a very young boy, I had no idea that this was just the beginning of decades of loneliness, depression and sadness ahead of me.

*Night after night I found myself alone in my apartment, where I would sit on my couch in the dark with a knife in my hand, trying as hard as I could to find the strength to end my life. At the time, I had no idea it was JESUS himself who was stopping me from killing me. Over and over again I would hold the knife really tightly in my right hand, trying to find the courage to cut my wrists as deeply as I possibly could, but in my soul I always felt a very powerful wall up that would not allow me to go forward with this plan. I would sit there on my couch with all of the lights turned off with tears falling down my face in complete misery. On the one hand, I couldn’t handle the loneliness and sadness not even for another second, but on the other hand, there was that powerful wall up stopping me from hurting myself in any way shape or form. Life went on this way for a very long time.


I had met my fiancee three years earlier one day while playing basketball at school. She was with her cousin when they both came up to me to say hello. We hit it off right away, and started talking on the phone almost every night. Her family was Sicilian so her Dad was very much against her seeing me. In fact, he absolutely forbade her to ever have contact with me in person or on the phone. The only way we could be together each day, was to use incredible deception. At the age of 16 we had to sneak around like secret agents just to be able to see each other for a few minutes. It actually got so dangerous for us, that her Dad hired someone to kill me! Her Dad put out a contract on my life, but praise JESUS that once again he kept me alive when I should have been dead. At the age of 16 I had no idea just how involved JESUS was in my life, but I am very thankful that the LORD was there because her Dad was a very dangerous person. Things got so dangerous that we had to actually run away together. So we secretly ran away from home and started a life together at the age of 17. Little did I know that just one year later, she would throw away everything that we had built up together, so she could cheat on me with another young man that she had met at her job. All of the late night promises we made to each other – GONE. All of the plans and goals we made together – GONE. All of the times we held each other really tight and whispered in each other’s ears – GONE. All of the times we put ourselves in incredible danger, just so we could hold each other for a few minutes – GONE. And for what? For absolutely nothing. After she left me, I later found out that she had dated that young man maybe for one week and then moved all the way back home to her parent’s house. It is quite possible a short time later, her Dad sent her back to Sicily.

*The days dragged by, slowly turning into weeks, the weeks crawled by turning into months as my life was completely unraveling. I had absolutely no energy to get out of bed in the morning to go to work, and coming home alone to that dark empty apartment at nighttime felt like someone was torturing my soul with terrible pain. The sadness and loneliness inside of me were so bad, I couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything. My mind felt like it had a thick fog covering it preventing me from thinking clearly. The emotional pain inside of me was very deep and it felt hard to breathe sometimes. My mind felt fractured and I was very irritable and angry at life and the entire world. Of course I had to pay all the bills by myself now that she was gone, which really didn’t help the situation either. I didn’t have her income any longer to help pay for our brand-new car or all of the other bills that came each month. So, on top of everything else happening in my life, I now had severe financial problems. There were many times when the only thing that I could afford to eat was oatmeal and bread; I really couldn’t afford anything else. Praise JESUS I was working at a fast-food restaurant, where I was able to get a free lunch every day. Looking back on that tonight after all of these years that little taco shops turned out to be a great blessing for me. Praise to JESUS who planned out our provisions for us since the beginning of the foundation of the world!

I prayed every night when I went to sleep, but I had no idea who I was praying to. My view of GOD at the age of 19 was that he was something or someone out there in the middle of space. A few years earlier, one of my family members happened to get into legal trouble; this is about the time that I started praying to GOD. I started praying for this family member each night to my generic GOD. I have no idea why I started praying at the age of 15, and I really didn’t know a single thing about GOD, but maybe JESUS was slowly getting me ready for much more interaction with him in the future. My prayer life from age 15-19 was a short prayer at bedtime lasting about two minutes to a GOD somewhere in the sky.




*It was another terrible night alone in my apartment. I was about 19 ½ years old now and I found myself with all the lights turned off, and of course with sad music playing on my record player. I was holding the same knife in my right hand that I had held really tightly many times before. It was around midnight or even a little bit later and I was starting to get very tired. I was lying down on my couch trying to get enough courage to end my life once and for all, and then something happened! Something I cannot explain. I have no idea why, and I’ll never understand this, but while holding that knife really tightly, I CRIED OUT TO JESUS for help!

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that a few things were a little bit different. I didn’t know why I felt better, but I really did. My mind was a little clearer now, and my soul felt much lighter. The pain inside of my soul, which had been there since the age of five, was now either gone or, it seemed to be pushed way off into the background. At this time in my life at the age of 19, I had never heard a single word about JESUS. Also, I had never read the bible or ever had anyone preach to me about JESUS or salvation. JESUS had kept be completely isolated from hearing about Himself or his Word up to this point in my life, so when I say I had no idea why I was feeling better, I really didn’t know. I didn’t know that it was the presence of JESUS inside of me that was helping my soul and mind to be set free. All I knew at this time was that I felt like I was on fire. Not on fire in a bad way, but on fire in a very good way. I didn’t know that I had become born again, and I didn’t give JESUS the credit for this either. Not because I was being mean or evil, but because I truly had no idea what had happened to me.

The days were turning into weeks now, and I was feeling much better than before. Even though I wasn’t reading the bible, or praying, or doing anything at all with JESUS, I was still in a much better mood then at any other time in my life. I noticed I had a brand-new feeling inside of me to watch Christian TV. I found myself on sundays being strangely attracted to trying to find Christian preaching. I had never thought about doing this even once in my entire life till now, but there was definitely something very weird going on here. It’s almost impossible to explain how this felt, but it was like a very powerful pulling inside of me to watch preaching. I found myself each Sunday morning channel surfing trying to find a Christian show or event to watch on TV. This was back in 1982 and there was very little Christian television at that time.


 A few weeks had passed by, and I quickly learned that there were two Christian pastors on television each Sunday morning. I would watch one show until their commercial break, and then switch channels real fast to the other one. I would switch back and forth like that watching both Christian shows just about at the same time. This went on for a few weeks, until I noticed something very strange going on. I noticed each Sunday when I watched these shows that my spirit inside of me was feeling ill or sick, or it felt like it wanted to throw up. Once again this is very hard to explain in words, but my spirit felt literally sick each time I turned on the Christian television shows Sunday morning. So because of this, I naturally stopped watching Christian television. I had found out later that both of these pastors would be caught in terrible sexual sins while being shamed before the American public on Television. Before I quit watching permanently, one of the pastors on their commercial break was offering a bible for free! I had no idea at the time why I called their 800 number, but I called the live operator, answering all her questions, and little did I know, but their bible showed up at my door about one week later. The bible was quite large, and it was dark brown all over. I think it had the name of the pastor’s ministry on it and it was actually quite beautiful. I had never really seen a bible before except for a few minutes when I was about 10 years old. I loved all of the colored maps in the very back of it, and I enjoyed studying those maps quite a lot late at night after work.



I use to love to read the bible after work each night. I would sit on my favorite chair with a coca cola close by, and open up my huge bible to read it. Now a problem occurred, as I read the bible night after night, I realized that I couldn’t understand it. I read a lot of the various stories in the Old Testament and New Testament, but I couldn’t understand the English it was written in. Once again this was approximately 1983 now and the bible they sent me was an Old King James Bible. So even though I was able to grasp a little here and a little there, I really couldn’t understand what I was reading. I had nobody to explain it to me, of course because I had no friends, so as the weeks passed by, I found myself putting my beautiful bible on the table where it stayed for a very, very long time.

I did have some spiritual success renting Christian movies. JESUS of Nazareth was available at the video store, so I rented it 4-5 times usually watching the entire six hour movie in one setting. That movie and a few other movies like the Ten Commandments did help somewhat, but trying to learn about being a Christian by watching movies was never going to work, and it didn’t!

During the time in my life from the ages of 19 - 22 I started taking my guitar playing very seriously. Because I had no friends and there was nobody to ever talk to, I started practicing and playing the guitar for hours and hours a day. It is during those three years where I went from being a good guitar play to a great guitar player. My Gibson Les Paul was my best friend; I spent thousands of hours playing it. Music was a very important part of my life, and no matter where I went or what I was doing, I always had music on at all times. I loved everything from Mozart and Beethoven to heavy metal, and everything else in-between. I had placed an ad in the paper to form a rock and roll band, and after about one year of putting the band together and rehearsing, we were able to record a demo tape of four of our songs. Our band was very, very good and we approached one of my family members who happened to own a huge record company in Hollywood. This family member granted me about a one hour meeting in his office and took our demo tape and videos promising that he would give us an answer soon, if his record company was going to give us a recording contract or not. Well week after week went by and we never heard back from him. The band members and I were feeling really nervous now not knowing what to expect next. Since our music was soooooo good, and since we were family, all of us expected him to sign us to a recording contract right away. Well a few more weeks passed by and not only was I sick with the flu, but I couldn’t sleep that well either because of nerves and anxiety about this situation. After about 45 days, the recording company called me on the phone. I will never forget this as long as I live. I had just got home from work at about 5pm at night when I heard my home telephone ringing. Well, the news on the other end of the phone wasn’t good at all. I was told that although our music was good, they couldn’t sign us at this time, and they quickly hung up the phone on me. I put down the receiver and I was in complete shock. I sat back on my chair in my living room in total silence; I couldn’t do anything but to just sit there staring in front of me. All of our plans for the future were based on him signing us to a recording contract. We had been working on this for almost two years and its all we talked about or thought about. Now that they said no, it seemed like once again my entire future just got sucked up into the vacuum of space. As I sat back in my chair in total silence and shock, GOD talked to me for the very first time in my life. Well the first time as far as I know haha, I am sure JESUS had been talking to me my entire life every since I was a new born infant baby. Sitting back in my chair, staring ahead and dying inside, GOD said ( IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYWAY). After GOD said it doesn’t matter to me that the record company said no, I immediately felt better. In fact, from that moment on for the next few years I really didn’t even care much that they turned us down. I so praise JESUS for that supernatural message and the super natural miracle he did for me. Sure, the rest of the band was very disappointed, but I was able to now function with the bad news on a day to day basis not really caring anymore. Over the next year a few other tiny record labels offered us a recording contract, but their stipulation was that we needed a different lead singer. Well, I understood their point, but I wasn’t going to replace my lead singer because of all of the work we had put into this band together. So my ROCK STAR career was down the drain forever and looking back on all of this now, I so THANK JESUS for this.


 A few more months had passed by, and I was still all alone and very isolated. I was 20 years old, working a full time job and coming home alone each night with nobody to talk to. I had no idea that as a Christian, I was supposed to go to church. Nobody ever told me to go to church so how could I possibly know? JESUS in his incredible wisdom had kept me completely isolated from anyone and everyone around me. Likewise, I had no idea that I was even supposed to pray to JESUS let alone seek him out day and night for fellowship. Let’s include the bible too; I truly didn’t know that we Christians were expected by GOD to read and study the bible on a regular basis. Just imagine a man becoming born again with JESUS on a deserted island, that was basically me even though I was living in Los Angeles. Now because I wasn’t going to church, or reading the bible, or even praying and talking to JESUS at all, the spirit inside of me that was once on fire a few months earlier, was slowly dying down now. As the months passed by, my spirit died down more and more until one day I woke up and noticed – OH NO – the pain, sadness and loneliness that had left me many months earlier, were now coming back inside of me at full force. Each day that went by I was starting to feel worse and worse.

A few more months passed by with really nothing changing. I still had no idea that as a Christian I was supposed to do anything with GOD or church or the bible. We know that JESUS said he is the vine, and we are the branches. JESUS said the branches can do NOTHING without the vine. So even though I was a born again Christian, my entire life started to slowly unravel again because I was separate from the VINE-JESUS. The pain in my soul that I had lived with starting at about the age of five, was now back again real strongly inside of my soul and my life completely fell apart!



 From ages 20-26 I lived with the same terrible pain inside of my soul and mind that had been there since I was a very young boy. It would go away from time to time, praise JESUS, but the depression, sadness and loneliness would come right back like a terrible storm. Even at the age of 26, nobody in my entire world had told me to go to church, or read the bible, or interact with JESUS in any way whatsoever. So I would lose my temper with people all the time, and I felt very irritable and frustrated for most of this 6-year period. Day after day I would go about living my life with that excruciating pain in my heart and soul. The people around me everywhere I went had no idea how much I was suffering. Looking back now, yes that 6-year period was quite terrible to live through. With the pain, loneliness, anger, and that still broken heart inside of me, I thought about death and killing myself constantly.


 I had met my FIRST fiancee at the very young age of 16. We were a very passionate couple even from the beginning of our relationship. Because of this passion and a lot of broken ness and immaturity, we would tend to argue quite often too. During one of the really difficult times in the beginning of our relationship, I had talked to my Mother about some of the problems I was having with my girlfriend. Well, my Mother came up with an idea. My Mom had started talking to a psychic a short time earlier, and she proceeded to tell me how this lady was helping her with some of the problems she was experiencing in her own life. She went on to tell me that it would be a great idea if I could talk to her too, and that she felt this lady could really help me with some of those difficult situations I was having with my brand-new girlfriend. I was only 16, and I knew nothing about such matters as psychics and the occult, so I told my Mother to set up the appointment so I could talk to this psychic person too. I spent about one hour sharing my life with this lady at her house. This was the first meeting with a so-called psychic person that I have ever had. Little did I know, but that first meeting with this lady would be the very beginning of a 2-decade long lesson – A.K.A. 20 YEARS - that JESUS had orchestrated for me to experience. JESUS had a plan for my life; Of course I had no idea about JESUS having a plan for me. I actually thought I was making all of these life rendering decisions for myself. I didn’t know that JESUS was completely sovereign over my life at that time, I just didn’t have any Christian education yet. JESUS was going to use my life to bring myself into many, many different situations and lessons so as to bring me into being the man of GOD that JESUS created me to be. From the age of 16 to my early 30’s I was talking to psychics in different cities and even different states on a regular basis. As I moved around the USA in my adult life, I seemed to be very good at finding a new so called psychic person to talk to no matter what city or state I ended up in. At the time, I actually thought like most Americans do that the psychics have special powers that they could use to help me, boy was I wrong! I use the term here powers to define being able to see in the future, or past, or being able to predict what might happen in a given situation. I remember many times visiting a specific psychic woman I had talked to for a year or two. I saw with my own eyes some of the most amazing things that happened with her Tarot cards. Things that could not be explained except supernaturally. I didn’t know at the time that their so-called power or powers were coming directly from demonic spirits. The amazing exhibitions I have seen with the tarot cards were being supernaturally controlled by the same evil spirits to lure unsuspecting people into the occult. Of course the so-called psychic people in the USA charge a large sum of money to have tarot card reading, or whatever else they might offer to do for you. If I was to add up the amount of money that I wasted on the occult and these various people, the total sum of money would be staggering!!!


From the age of 16 to my early 30’s I found myself practicing many different kinds of occult activities. Even in my own apartment throughout the years, I saw with my own eyes the most incredible things happen while practicing with my tarot cards. I use the word practicing because I never really was able to get that good with them. But the demonic presence in the cards would show off once in a while some very strange results when laying down the spreads. As I write this article tonight, it is really quite scary to think back on some of the supernatural occult activities that were happening. For those who don’t know, the occult leads a person deeper and deeper down into the evil world of Satan and sin.

I also found myself diving head long into practicing Astral Projection. Astral Projection is when a human being can controllably have his or her spirit leave their own body, travel around in the spirit, and then bring their spirit back to his body safely. For those of you who don’t believe people can do this, most of the major governments of the world have been practicing this for a very, very long time, especially Russia and the USA. I use to hang out at the psychic book stores quite often and it is there where I bought my first book on Astral Projection. I read the book all the way through one time, then starting in the first chapter; I began to practice what the author was suggesting I practice learning how to do this. But then the unexpected happened. After practicing for a week or two, one night I came home and turned off all the lights to begin to do what I was told to do in the book. But this time it was different. This was the last time I was ever going to practice this for the rest of my life. With the lights off, and once again practicing what I was told to do in the book, I felt some very, very, very, evil entities in my room. I was lying on my bed absolutely terrified. I could feel the evil in my room and my soul and spirit were both ghost white terrified. I was too afraid to move, so I laid in my bed completely still not really knowing what to do next. I had remembered reading in the book that the author had mentioned there were monsters out there. What that meant was, he was warning the readers that when you did have your spirit leave your body, once in a while the author of the book saw horrifying monsters out there as he traveled around. Well, they were in my room now and that experience scared me away from every practicing that again. I tell you people, the monsters are real, and they are mentioned in the bible quite often as evil angels.

I was always sad and lonely beyond my ability to handle it; I just wanted to get away, either through death or by any other means. I was suicidal for most of my entire life, yet as mentioned earlier, the LORDS hand was too powerful in my life for me to kill myself. Because I use to hang out at the psychic book stores all the time, I did notice an entire section on the supposed aliens. I use the word supposed, because even though at the time, I did believe they were real, I learned much later in my life what they really are! I either sat in the book store reading the soft cover books about supposed aliens, or I even bought some too. I was also surprised to find books on the supposed aliens in the library, and because I loved reading so much, I found myself at the library about once a week grabbing five more books to last until next week’s visit back at the library. At the time, the supposed existence of aliens just fascinated me. I would think about them a lot, read about them, and started day dreaming about how I could possibly see them myself or have them come get me too just like I had been reading in the books about other people who had been abducted’.


One day I came up with a bright idea, I would ask the psychic person that I was currently paying to talk to if she knew how I too could have the aliens come and take me away. Haha, low and behold, she happened to know exactly what I should do to have them come into my life. Well, since the supposed psychic people are being controlled be demonic influence, and we learned through astral traveling that the monsters are real and they are definitely out there, it is no wonder that the current psychic person I was talking to knew exactly what I should do to get the supposed aliens attention, and to have them come into my life.

What she asked me to do was very, very, very, very hard. I don’t know of anyone who could do it, but that didn’t stop me. I started practicing what she told me to do right away. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CURIOUS---- I am not going to say what she told me to practice for fear of someone reading this testimony might start to practice it themselves! If that were to happen, then I could be responsible for your own fall into Satan’s world.

I continued to practice this exercise for a while hoping that they would come to visit me at anytime. Why was I doing this in the first place? Because I absolutely hated my life so any hope of getting away from here sounded like a much better idea then staying here in this dark, cold world. Many years had passed by now, and I was getting better and better at it. This supposed psychic lady would test me from time to time to see how much better I was getting. What I was practicing was so hard to do, that the years seemed to pass by quickly without me being able to master this. This same lady had shared with me many other deceptions or I should say she had deceived me in many, many other ways too. Even today after all of these years, I am not really sure if she was deceiving me on purpose or if she was just so lost herself she actually thought she was trying to help me. It was probably a little combination of both.

After many years of practicing the above mentioned, the supposed aliens did come to visit me from time to time. Not every often, just maybe one time a year so as to keep my hope going that they would take me away from my sick painful life. When they would come to visit me, there are a few things I should point out. First of all, they were always invisible. Second, the presence of evil that came with them into my various apartments throughout the year was terrifying. As the years passed by, the few times that they did come to me, the feeling of fear inside of me would go all the way down to my bones and soul and spirit. One time in particular, they came outside my bedroom window………. I can’t even explain to you how afraid my soul inside of me was~~~~. Having those monsters outside of my window was about the time that I quit hoping for, and wanting them to come and take me away from here.

Many people reading this will wonder from my experience just what the supposed aliens are - We know that Solomon said that their will never be anything new under the sun. In other words, what has been in the past will be in the future. We will not be surprised by some new entity in the future. In my experience the supposed aliens are either the evil angels themselves portraying to be a life form from another planet, or they are new life forms that have been genetically engineered and created by Satan which are then inhabited by demons. The truth is most likely a combination of both of the above.


 At the age of 26 I met my first wife. We were both at the same club one night, she was with her girlfriend and I went there by myself. In-between the blaring loud music, I screamed out to her if I could call her sometime. We exchanged phone numbers and started dating very quickly. In no time at all we got married. That was actually a huge mistake because not only did we NOT love each other, I am not sure that we even liked each other. We were both very lonely and depressed, so because of this we turned to each other instead of GOD for help. During the 2+ years of marriage, we had constant financial trouble and we tended to argue a little too much for either of our likings. It is shocking how JESUS blessed us with our provisions during those two years with one miracle after another after another even though we had nothing to do with him in our lives. I thought I was a Christian at the time not having a clue what that really meant, and my first wife thought she was a Mormon.

My wife and I brought porn right into the middle of our marriage. Porn videos was a relatively new at the time that we got married, Needless to say, our marriage was now doomed. I wasn’t with JESUS at the time of course so watching porn didn’t really seem like a big deal to me. In fact the world had taught me that it was just a normal thing for married couples to do. Wow how wrong the world is to teach people this.

One day we came up with the idea that we would move to Las Vegas, where that idea came from I really don’t know, but praise JESUS for his plans and strategies in my life. Before we actually moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, I had realized that I could probably use my talents that I learned practicing to have the supposed aliens contact me to win at gambling instead in Las Vegas. Before we actually moved, I was already practicing this on a daily basis to see if I could actually win at gambling using the same methods I used to have the fake aliens contact me. It seemed to be working as I practiced in my apartment night after night. Upon moving out of state to Las Vegas, I entered the casino closest to our brand-new apartment and decided I would now focus on money for the next year or so of my life. I was having some success in the casino during the first few weeks of gambling, but then something strange happened. As I was doing what I would do at the roulette wheel, the young girl who was working the roulette wheel seemed to know exactly what I was doing. Wow was this a shock to me. She then real nicely spoke up to me and asked me if I was doing what she thought I was…… Well I got really afraid then because someone had realized what I was doing and I quit using this ability to win money. When the lady asked me if I was actually doing what she thought I was doing, I realized that this was probably JESUS’’ way of telling me " come on Garrett, stop this foolishness with trying to win money" well it worked and I stopped.

After living in Las Vegas for about one year, we found ourselves with financial trouble again so we decided to take in a roommate. This was going to be JESUS’ plan to get me on a totally different path. We took in a male roommate whom we quickly became good friends with. Little did I know, my new friend and my wife were having a lot of talks together in private where they then started to bond and form a friendship. After a few months of this happening, one day he came home and started screaming at me for practically no reason at all. He then walked up to me and slapped me really hard on my face. Because of how big he was, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some very sharp steak knives to attack him. I grabbed four knives, handing him two of them while I kept two in my hands. My roommate / ex friend then got very scared and ran to the phone to call the police. When the police arrived, they quickly separated us and then interviewed us all privately. They strongly suggested that one of us temporarily leave the apartment for a few days. So I grabbed my wife and we packed up our apartment and moved to a motel. Little did I know that my wife and my ex friend kept in touch on the telephone making secret plans behind my back to be together.

We found ourselves living in a dirty motel room on the bad side of town which didn’t sit to well with my wife. I felt like I was in shock, going from a beautiful apartment on the west side of town to a very ugly motel room in the center of town right off the strip in a bad area.

It was now Christmas time and my wife had mentioned to me that she wanted to go home to California to visit her parentss for the holidays. She said her friend was going to drive her to her parents house, then a few days later they would come back together. This sounded like a fair plan to me so I said sure, go have fun and I will see you soon.

I came home that night and noticed that she took almost all of her stuff out of the motel room including our cats! I found that very interesting which I was definitely going to ask her about as soon as she called on the phone to say hello. There was no phone call that night. A few more days had passed by now and it was now Christmas day, but still no phone call. Now she had been gone for a week and I hadn’t heard from her yet, so I grabbed my phone and called her parent’s house. Her mom answered the phone and gave an excuse that she was in the shower, so she couldn’t come to the phone. I said to her mom, ok have her call me. A few more days passed by now and I was getting very nervous. She was now at her parent’s house for more than one week and I could tell that something was very wrong. Two days later I called her parent’s house again and her mom gave me another excuse why she couldn’t come to the phone. At this time I was now very nervous and I started losing weight. I had stopped eating because of that nervous sick feeling inside of me, and I was starting to get skinny. A few more days passed by with the exact same thing happening. Her mom would say hello and be very nice, yet my wife was always doing something to where she couldn’t come to the phone. Other times I called and her mom told me that she was with her girlfriend, and that I should try calling back another time. During all of this time I was working about 60 hours a week trying to save up money again to get us a brand new apartment. While driving through the city I had noticed back on the west side of town that there was a brand new apartment complex opening up and it was gorgeous. I had said to myself this is the complex I want my wife and myself to live in after spending all of these weeks in this dirty motel room.

A few more days passed by and still I hadn’t heard from her; Of course by I was nervous all day and night and I couldn’t sleep that well or eat either. Every few days I kept on calling her mom but time and time again she told me the same excuses why my wife couldn’t come to the phone.