Are You Serious?

Are You Serious Child Of GOD?
 Are You Serious?

A Short True Story!

A few months ago GOD super blessed me with a brand new

 acoustic guitar, a brand new bass and a brand new electric

 guitar for my music studio!

All of the music gear is bottom of the line quality, but still a very

 nice and a great blessing from GOD

When I praised GOD publicly here on Face book, some

 Christians UN-friended me!

You see, they wanted me to give them the money instead...........

I had given them money when they were broke in the past!

GOD used me to bless them many many times but I guess that

 was NOT enough for them!

So when they saw that I got some new music equipment, they

 UN-friended me and BLOCKED ME TOO!

This is so sad, I thought we were all close loving brothers and

 sisters in JESUS CHRIST?

So to make a long story short......... GOD super super SUPER



It is so sad I cannot give glory to GOD and post a picture of it

 here on Facebook or talk about it knowing that Christians will

 UN-friend me too!

Christians who think I should give them the money instead of

 blessing my dad and myself will UN-friend me if I talk about what

GOD got us today!

How sad right ?

So! I do not dare talk about the brand new thing that GOD got my

dad and myself!

Because I know that I will irritate other Christians who think I

should send them the money! I know it will aggravate other

Christians, I know it will really offend other Christians when they

find out that GOD just got my dad and myself a brand new car!

How sad right?

Here Is Our New Car!

GOD gets us a brand new car and I cannot talk about it..............

I cannot say -->>> Thank you FATHER, thank you!

I cannot do freaking anything because the last time I talked about

getting a few new guitars that WERE VERY NEEDED for my

studio, Christians whom I knew quite well UN-friended me and

blocked me!

What a sad sad end times generation we live in!

So I cannot put a brand new pic of our brand new car here to

praise GOD, because someone out there, someone who

pretends to be my Christian brother or sisters will UN-friend and

block me!

I cannot talk about what make or model the car is to praise GOD,

because someone out there who asked me for money over and

over and over again will get super offended!

You see Christians all over the world are begging others for


And when you give them money, they naturally expect it again

and again and again!

GOD forbid if you ever say no to them, you will quickly feel the

wrath of hell raining down on your head as they type you guilt trip

messages and all kinds of other demonic statements to you!

You see king David said --->>> Psalm 37:2525 Once I was

young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly

abandoned or their children begging for bread.

This is a godly principal! This is a biblical principal too! When did

we ever see JESUS begging for bread?

When did we ever see Paul or Peter begging for bread?

Paul never had to beg for food or clothing, but asked nicely with

love if anyone wanted to help, please help and we thank you

very much!

But in this end time generation we have Christians all over the

world begging for money!

Am I judging them?

No way, no how, never never never I love them dearly! I love all

of my TRUE brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST!

In my 51 years of living, I have never had to beg for money!

Yes I did call a family member now and then throughout the

decades to see if they could help a little!

Yes most family members usually said yes!

But all of this begging for bread thing all over the Internet, it

makes me feel very very uncomfortable!

So when GOD gave me a lot, I MEAN A REAL LOT OF

OVERTIME at work, tons and tons of work, I took a lousy $800

dollars and bought a brand new acoustic guitar, bass and electric


For you musicians out there, you know that for $800 dollars you

can only buy the very very bottom line stuff!

But praise GOD, they are all beautiful, and brand new and a

huge huge blessing.......

But when I worked overtime for many weeks and bought these

items, the darkness in other Christians rose up inside of their

hearts and roared a demonic roar...........

And they UN-friended me!

So to finish this silly talk......................

Completely out of nowhere, in the blink of an eye, GOD got us a

brand new Toyota car.........

I wont even post the model, NO picture, no nothing!

I do not wanna offend the darkness in other Christians....

I love my brothers and sisters very very much!

I do not wanna offend anyone!

JESUS told me I think it was at the car dealership, I cannot quite


But the LORD told me ---- I am going to get you this car as a

present for you and your dad, or or or he said I am going to get

this as a present for you!

Something like that!

You see, GOD loves to give us presents too!

Now there was a young man from another country who kept

asking me for money! But I had a weird feeling inside of me!

So I told him I would pray about it!

He kept asking me over and over again!

I kept praying about it!

You see other Christians have learned how to use the Internet,

how to type to people to manipulate them into giving money!

Over a period of time I kept praying short, real short prayers

about this young man!

Even when I told him – Hey! You are coming on too strong, he

would come back two weeks later and keep asking for money!

This went on for almost 1 year............

Finally I prayed more and decided to ask him a few


To make a long story short, I never felt like GOD was telling me

to give him money!

And as I asked him a few questions, I found out he did not even

need the money!

Oh boy!


I love my brothers and sisters.......... Even though we all sin, even

though we all manipulate, even though we are all doing bad from

time to time, I LOVE ALL OF YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Do not give money to anyone unless GOD says to give money!

GOD will show you in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, GOD

will lead you on who to give money too and who not to give

money too!

So to end this silly topic!

GOD got us a brand new 2016 Toyota car.......... 0 down!

I made the manager a TERRIBLY LOW OFFER.............

I thought for sure they would turn it down and my dad and myself

would be walking out!

Guess what happened?

The manager approved it!


Can you believe the power of GOD???

Praise GOD!

Praise GOD..........

PS: When I needed a tiny bit of help through the last few years, I


My Christian sister  Joanna, her son, and my Christian

Paul, OFFERED, they offered to help!

Out of GOD'S love, they offered to help a little here and there

until I got a better job!

I said yes!

Thank you Jojo, thank you Paul! And I accepted the financial


Now I never ever use real names, but today for Jojo and Paul I



Because Christians who truly help others with the love of GOD

should be thanked publicly sometimes!!!

Some of our Christian brothers and sisters have less money,

some have more money!

Praise GOD for each gift he gives us, praise GOD praise GOD

praise GOD!!!!

Besides a very very very short time when I had more money, I

have been broke almost my entire life!

I have been working hard, just normal 9-5 jobs my entire life!

But GOD forbid I should ever put up a pic of a brand new guitar,

or bass, or even a brand new car THAT GOD super blessed me


If I do that, the wrath of hell will rain down on top of me from

other Christians who think I should give them the money instead!


We should NOT use the Internet to put guilt trips on our Christian

brothers and sisters about sending us money!

When I was down and out, when I was getting closer to being

homeless, I prayed, and prayed, and I bombarded JESUS with

prayer missiles!

Do you know what the LORD DID?

He told my friend Dwayne to send me $500 dollars!

Dwayne got the money from his mom Jojo as a present.

JESUS whispered to Dwayne that I needed help real badly!

Dwayne called me!

I did not have to beg Dwayne!

I did not have to beg Jojo!

I had, Had, HAD to seek out GOD'S son on this, not beg!!!!

So would I beg people for money?

Do I have too much pride in me to beg?

If I had too, If I absolutely had too, I would beg, yes I would, yes

yes yes, but in 51 years, GOD has been true to his BIBLE!!!

I have never had to beg for bread yet!

If I have to beg, I will..... Sure I have a lot of pride in me, sad right?

But if I have too, I will beg for help!

But it is better to cry out to GOD instead!

Christians, fake Christians and NON believers have learned that

they can come on the Internet and prey on us believers to get


Not pray, but PREY!

And they have learned that they can type us a few sentences,

break our heart with their fake stories, and get us to Western

union them money and they do this over and over again!

So child of GOD!

Help as many people as you can in your time here on earth!

Help, help, and help people even more!

But let GOD speak to your heart on whom to help!

Let GOD show you and lead you who to help!

Listen to GOD inside of you, and when GOD says help, praise

GOD he is using you to help others and that is soooooo


But when GOD says do NOT help, be firm, save your money for

true emergencies!

For real emergencies!

For real people who really and truly need help!

It is funny, I asked that young man a few questions, just a few

simple questions and GOD made it clear to me that he did not

even need any money!

His parents sent him off to college, he was worried about his

grades etc etc, and he wanted me to send him some extra

money or whatever..........

Ummmmmmm no way!

I have been broke most of my life compared to normal American

Standards, and every single $20 dollar bill is precious to GOD

and it is precious to me too!

So let us use the money for our brothers and sisters in CHRIST,

and NON believers too who truly and really need help!


Thank you FATHER, thank you JESUS for our new car, we

needed it, and it is just incredible!

So thank you!

I realize we are going home to heaven soon, so thank you for

this brand new end time car!!!

One last thing on my heart...... If you are a chosen one, and you

are begging for help, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO ON YOUR SIDE!

I am NOT judging you for begging, I am not looking down on you!

No no no I am on your side and would be happy to help in

whatever way possible!

But if you try to trick me, well that is between you and


That is all I will say!

And -->>> I love you!!!!


I just wanna encourage you chosen ones to go to GOD real hard

for help in loving prayer................... Go to GOD more, and beg

people less!!!!!

The results will be soooooooo MUCH GREATER if you do things

that way!

I was soooooooooooo happy for my friend when she got a brand

new Honda .

Then I was super happy for her when she got a second brand

new Honda...

Then I was super happy for her when she got a brand new



GOD loves blessing my sister and her husband here and it is

super wonderful to see!!!!

Sure there were times when I was praying for my own car..........

You see, I did NOT have a car until yesterday!

But I was still happy for my Christian sister who got all of those

wonderful cars!

It is awesome when GOD does these physical blessings for us!

They are fun to see and they build up our faith and love for GOD!

We have to try to hear GOD whispering to us who to help and

who not to help........ I am not saying this is easy to do, but GOD

will help us to know what to do! Sure we will make mistakes

sometimes, amen! But LOVE will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we are begging people for money and help, it is almost

like we are ignoring GOD......

It is almost like we bypass GOD as if he is not important!

Just imagine you and your husband have two babies......

They grow up and now they are teenagers!

You see them both on the streets begging for food instead of,

INSTEAD OF calling you their mom and dad for help!

This is how GOD might feel!

Let's stop begging people for a few dollars which is UN-biblical to

begin with, and let us GO TO GOD for our needs!

I am not saying this is easy to do!

I am not saying I have mastered this topic, of course not!

I am just typing that it is so much better to go to GOD real hard

for help!

He will have your mom or dad, or friend or Christian fellowship

friend help you!

Or he might just put a better job in your lap, or a new donation

coming in etc etc etc!

Or GOD might have someone call to buy your car that has been

for sell for 6 months, or your painting, or your book, or your

music CD etc etc!

You might be thinking -->>> Garrett! You have a job, you have a

new car now, you have a place to live, you do not understand!

Oh yes I do!

Even right now, even the last 10 months I have had to seek out

GOD for work on a daily basis!

Every single day I have to pray for help to get work!

You see, I am on call 6 days a week!

I do NOT get a job until JESUS sends one!

I have been tempted to ask people for help!

Amen! I have been, I know how you feel!

But GOD is also teaching me to seek him out more for help, and

stop begging people!

We want to practice trusting in GOD more for our finances, and

yes this is a difficult test to go through.

I love my brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST who are rich.

I love those of you who are in the middle!

I love those of you who are considered by some standards as

being poor.

I love those of you who are facing homelessness in the next few


I love those of you who are homeless now, and sick, and in the

hospitals and medical facilities!

GOD loves you, his son JESUS loves you, I love you!

Anyways....... Here is a pic of our brand new car............ I had no

car the last 3 years, now I have one!

What a miracle!

The 7 year tribulation has NOT started yet..... So if GOD is

leading you to get a new car, wow go for it!

If JESUS wants to bless you with a new car, husband, wife, baby

or job, go for it man or GOD, go for it woman of GOD!

Accept his blessings and thank GOD and have a great time with

his blessings!

When I saw GOD have the finance manager accept that silly

offer I made, I realized that GOD can do anything!

You might be thinking -->>> Garrett! Haven't you learned that


You see people, when GOD does a miracle in front of your face,

he is giving you a deeper teaching, a deeper revelation, a higher

level of learning of just how powerful he is!

It is awesome!

It was shocking when my car salesman came back to our desk

with a huge smile on his face....

You see, he took my silly low offer to his boss, and nobody on

earth thought the boss would approve it!

But what happened?

The boss approved my silly offer for the brand new Toyota!

Now I can brag about this giving JESUS glory!

It gives GOD glory!

Now when the manager approved that really low offer, I naturally

thought they were going to give me one of their old 2015

Toyota's that they have not sold yet.............

So minutes later when I found it that they were giving me a brand

new 2016, it is just shocking grace from GOD!

Just shocking.........

Why didn't they give me a older 2015 model?

Just shocking grace!!!

But the miracles did not end there.............

Instead of giving us a base 2016 Corolla model, guess what?

We got a very expensive model with all kinds of special feature

like a touch screen computer in the dash, back up cameras, and

all kinds of special features!

You see, I did not know this when I was buying the car........

I found out all of this when we got home and started really

looking at the car and the car manual!

It is shocking grace!

Praise to GOD!

Love, your servant Garrett

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