Are You A Pastor? Hmmmm

Are You A Pastor? Hmmmmmmmmm

Here are some short notes of what GOD has been speaking to me

for the last 5 years approximately.

I pray that these truths will bless you and encourage you in your life!

Love, your servant Garrett


I can just see satan and his generals sitting around a command

 table at their headquarters located in the USA..........

Satan says - Guys, what new thing can we do to totally disrupt

 GOD'S churches worldwide?

Then a General raises his hand. Satan acknowledges the General

 and says go ahead you may speak.

The General goes on to say - Let us use our demonic army and

convince everyone they are pastors........ That will surely help to

partially destroy the world wide church.

Satan says – Excellent idea.


50 years later in the year 2015 - We can see this is exactly what

the demonic army has done in the USA especially and in most

other parts of the world too!

It seems that everyone, EVERYONE thinks they are a Pastor

now. This is a rampant demonic problem that has infested the

world wide Internet let alone, the world wide church of JESUS


Chapter 1:

Isn't it so silly how everyone thinks they are a Pastor now?

Or Apostle, or Prophet or Bishop?

It makes me furious to see the world wide church fall for these

demonic lies.

It is very sad to see satan going full force now infesting the

church with his demonic army.

FULL FORCE!!!!!!!!!!

And Christian buy into his garbage that he is whispering to them

over and over again!

The demons whisper in your ear that you are a Pastor and you

believe the lies. Now I am NOT judging you, I have FALLEN

FOR MANY MANY evil deceptions myself too!

Amen to that! We need GOD'S grace here to protect us from

falling for demonic deceptions.

Chapter 2:


NOWHERE IN THE new testament does GOD tell us to have a

Pastor running entire churches.....

No no no, the idea of pastors running entire churches came from

satan and his demonic army.

What satan did is, he plays on our pride. Yes satan plays on the

pride that is located inside of every single Christian person on

earth. The demons whisper to you that you are a Pastor and

instead of really checking this out with GOD over a long period

of time, you and others went ahead and believed the demonic


It is demonic to the core, and it showcases incredible victories by

the demons over the church of JESUS CHRIST....... NOT

PERMANENT VICTORIES, just very small, very short victories

until the HOLY GHOST teaches us, or reveals to us what we

truly are in JESUS CHRIST!

Chapter 3:

And why is it countless millions of Christians goals to be a Pastor

in the first place?

Look at what GOD says speaking through Paul →

Ephesians 4:11 - 11 Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the

church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the

pastors and teachers.

Did all of you notice that being a Pastor is only one, YES JUST

ONE of the many gifts?

So since it is only one gift out of the 5, and NOT even the best

gift, why on earth is everyone wanting to be a Pastor, desiring to

be a Pastor, lusting to be a Pastor?

I will tell you why?

Because everyone on earth sees a Pastor standing up on the

podium, running the entire congregation by himself. Everyone

sees a so called pastor speaking for 1 to 2 hours every Sunday to

the church. And in most churches, the pastor is treated like a

rock star!

This is why countless millions of Christians all are wanting,

desiring, lusting to be a pastor.

It is because of pride inside of the Christians that this demonic

deception has been so effective world wide!!!


Chapter 4:

Church listen up!

You CANNOT become a Pastor, YOU CANNOT!

Either you were born one or you were not.

You cannot go to school to become a Pastor, that would be like

saying you can go to school to become a Christian.

Yes children of GOD, I know there are so called Christians

schools all over the world who charge a fee, yes they charge

money and will tell you that they can teach you to become a


Do you want to know the truth about that topic? Those schools

are deceiving the people, and charging money to merchandise

THE CHRIST............

You cannot, CANNOT go to school to become a Pastor. Either

you were born one by GOD, or you were not.


A Pastor is not the highest ranking office anyways, so why on

earth does everyone want to be one?

I will tell you why -->>>>

Because of Pride, ego, self righteousness, a lack of bible reading,

a lack of relationship with JESUS, because satan is real, because

of demonic attacks, because of lust and envy and ALL KINDS OF

OTHER EVILS!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 5:

Hi I am pastor Garrett, I am pastor Mike, I am pastor Steve, I

am pastor lisa


Stop it. Stop that garbage. Stop spreading demonic lies. Get

control of your pride through humbling yourselves and stop

spreading the demonic lies that are being whispered to you!

What you are is deceived! And prideful, and envious of others so

you listened to the demons when they whispered to you that you

were a pastor!

Chapter 6:

A pastor is created by GOD in the mothers stomach to have a

pastors heart! That is correct, GOD gives one of his real pastors a

pastor's heart. A heart for the sheep to help them, bless them,

nurture them, be there for them 24 hours a day. You cannot,

CANNOT go to school to learn how to get this heart. This is

grace people, this is a gift from GOD!

You were either born a pastor or not!

And believe me, approximately 90% of the pastors in the world

are NOT real pastors...........

You can take that to the bank!!!!

Chapter 7:

So who exactly are running the churches in most of the world?

Some of them are real pastors, others are well meaning, CHRIST

loving people who got deceived. Others yet are Christians who

are lusting to be up on the podium, or their pride got too out of

control for them and they applied to be a pastor of a church.

Others yet know darn well they are not pastors, but for one of a

thousand different reasons, they will not step down. Some of

them know they are not pastors, yet they are afraid if they step

down they will not be able to pay their bills, they are doubting

that GOD can and will get them a good full time job to help them

pay their bills.

Then! THEN there are others who are literally agents of satan.

Yes there are witches, warlocks, occultists and real hard core

satanists who are also pasturing churches all over the world.

Satan has just about completely infested the world wide

churches through his demonic army living inside of his human


Chapter 8:

If you hear whispering to you in the spirit realm that you are a

pastor, well maybe you are!

Yes GOD does have a huge amount of REAL pastors pasturing

his sheep world wide, this is true.....

Yes there are countless numbers of REAL pastors in the world

helping GOD'S world wide church of his son JESUS.

So if you are hearing these whispers that you are a Apostle,

prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher, seek out GOD real hard

on these messages.

Find out if these messages from from the HOLY GHOST, or if

they are from demons, or your own pride, or your own lusting

for power.

Seek out GOD continually on the real hard core truth of who you

are in JESUS CHRIST and be super blessed by GOD'S truth,

not cursed by demonic lies instead!

Chapter 9:

Now listen up!

A new church should be set up by JESUS CHRIST through one

of his real apostles....

The Apostle would then choose a Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet

and Teacher to help run the church......

These 5 men would NOT dominate the services, they would not

control the church like demons do, like the churches do now.

They would simply use their gifts and anointing from GOD to

bless the people showing up each week.

Then each week, a different person might sing a song, or play the

piano, or play the guitar............

Then each week someone might speak in tongues in church only

if someone else was there to decipher what the person is


Then each week a different person might raise their hand, stand

up and give a powerful message he or she received from GOD

earlier in the week...........

That up above is just a tiny example of HOW THE CHURCHES

were suppose to operate...

What you see now in the world is how satan has the churches


Chapter 10:

If I was a Christian woman, and I met a hot new guy who I was

interested in, quickly find out he is claiming to be a pastor, guess


Warning! Warning sign......... Be warned that things might not

be what they seem to be with him.


Because of everything that we are talking about up above.

Chapter 11:

But! If I was a Christian woman and met a new guy I was very

interested in.

And if he told me that even though he battles addictions and

sinning, and even though he is very weak, and even though he

messes up a lot, but HE STILL LOVES JESUS DEARLY............

Now that is the kind of guy I would be interested in getting to

know better!!!!!

Chapter 12:

Because of pride, ego, self righteousness and all kinds of lust

being found in Christians world wide, now the demons can come

and attack that Christians with demonic ideas.

When they see your lust, your pride, your ego they will happily

tell you that you are a pastor. And that in a short time from now,

you will be running an entire church for GOD, yes up on the

podium all by yourself.

Pure lies and demonic prideful garbage......

Chapter 13:

When one man stands up, walks to the podium and speaks for

the next 1 -2 hours week after week, month after month →

that right there is satan at his best!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT IS A demonic operated church!

I am NOT saying the people do not love GOD, I am not saying

they are not Chosen ones no no no.......

I am saying the structure of the church is based off of the

demons! The way the churches are structured in the Western

world, and many other parts too are the EXACT OPPOSITE of

what GOD told us to do speaking through Paul.

Chapter 14:

satan = pride!

JESUS = humble

1 man or woman running an entire church week after week is

demonic and prideful!

Everyone in the church getting a chance to sing, to read the bible

on the podium, to speak, to play guitar, piano, banjo, violin etc

etc etc = HUMBLE

Chapter 15:

I tell you the truth............

90% of the so called pastors are NOT pastors at all!

This is one reason among 1000 why the churches are dying in

the Western world!

We are sick of it!


Chapter 16:

Having the same worship leader week after week, month after

month, year after year makes me want to throw up...........

There are children of GOD in the audience who can play guitar,

bass, piano, drugs, keyboards, trumpets, violins etc etc who

never ever ever get a chance to help people worship GOD with

their talents...


Because we are so demonically stuck in the way we do church, IT



I do not know about you, but I am sick and tired of doing church

the same old prideful way, the same old demonic way, the way

that satan has designed for the churches to operate.

I am so sick of it!

Chapter 17:

When you have one man or woman running a church, every

single thing that is wrong in that man's life he now passes on to

his church congregation.

Everything that he is wrong about in the holy bible, he teaches

wrongly to his entire congregation.

Every dream and vision that he interprets wrongly, he now

teaches wrongly to his entire congregation...

This is what has happened to the world wide church and guess


The church is now INFESTED with demons!

Chapter 18:

If you are a holy man of GOD and you hear a whisper in the

spirit that you are a pastor............

Immediately assume those are demons speaking to you!

Immediately I say!!!!!!

If it is from GOD, you have nothing to worry about.

But you will find most likely, or approximately 90 out of every

100 pastors are NOT real pastors!

Chapter 19:

If you are a man of GOD, a holy son of GOD and you meet a new

woman who says she is a pastor,


Run young man!


Chapter 20:

Just about every single thing that the demons whisper to the

church, the church believes!

It is sad, but it is true and I am not innocent of this either. I have

been greatly deceived too!

We have got to slow down..........

Just because a spirit whispers to us that you are a pastor does

not mean that spirit is from GOD..........



Chapter 21:

The church needs everyone in it equally, not, NOT 1 man or

woman leading it all!

All people equally should be speaking, reading, singing,

performing etc etc in the church, this is clearly what GOD said to

do speaking through Paul!

When we have 1 man or 1 woman running a church, and that

person falls down into a terrible porn addiction, or a terrible

drug addiction, now the whole church can potentially fall apart!

And why?

Because we listened to satan and allowed 1 man or 1 woman to

rule over us in the first place!

Everyone is suppose to be equally contributing to their church

that they belong too!

Chapter 22:

Do you think if so called pastors learned these truths world wide

they would step down?

Oh no of course NOT! They have gotten a taste of the pride, the

lust, the ego, the demonic energy, the Christian women in the

audience just falling all over them and these men, or I should say

MOST of these men will NEVER step down willingly!

when we have 1 man or woman running a church, and that man

or woman is battling terrible terrible depression, now every time

this person reads the bible to the congregation, he or she will be

teaching the scriptures from jaded and faulty and demonic

points of view!

Just like we all do when we are battling terrible depression, or

terrible lust, or a terrible drug addiction etc etc.........

This is a very very very DANGEROUS way for churches to



I tell you straight. Having one man or woman run an entire

congregation week after week is extremely demonic, prideful,

egotistical and it has to be stopped!

And it will be!


During the Great 7 year tribulation!

O PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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