Help us JESUS, help us to overcome our addictions!!!




Hold us tight JESUS and never ever let us go we pray!




Deliver us from our addictions we pray JESUS!!




Do you find yourself drinking an energy drink or coffee every day? Please check this out -->>




O LORD have mercy on us as addictions and temptations try to drag us down into the quicksand and torment us!!!




Set us free from those strongholds JESUS that try to tie us down, that try to take us down, that enslave us we pray JESUS!!!




Have mercy on us O LORD for we are weak. Set us free from all of the addictions we battle against we pray.




Set us free from the alcohol we pray JESUS!




Set us free from the porn addictions that many of us battle against O LORD!!




Fight for us JESUS as our enemies try to compel us and enslave us with all kinds of different addictions. Be our Guard O LORD GOD!!!




Fight for us JESUS, draw out your sword and cut those addictions up into thousands of pieces scattering them into the wind!!!




Look down upon us O LORD, rain down mercy, set us free from smoking, set us free from our drug addictions we cry out to you!!!




Deliver us O LORD from the demonic spirits that are trying to compel us and enslave us into various addictions we battle against!!!




Say enough is enough JESUS, rain down your fire over our lives shattering those spiritual chains tying us down into all of our addictions!




Free us from that terrible caffeine addiction we pray JESUS!




Set us free FATHER from those energy drinks that poison us we pray GOD!!!




Help us JESUS so that we may never ever have another cup of coffee or energy drink again!! Hear our cries LORD.....




Crush those demonic spirits that are compelling us and enslaving us in the porn addictions, in the smoking addictions, in the caffeine!!




We need you JESUS...... Yet you want us! Hold us tight JESUS, see the tears we cry as we are enslaved in various addictions....




Set us free O LORD from the addictions to psychotropic pills we pray!! Set us free from those demonic prescriptions JESUS!!!




O LORD, we do NOT need pills to take away our depression, we need you JESUS to deliver us from the demon of depression who torments us!!!




LORD you promised to set us free. Teach us, show us, encourage us, motivate us on how to be free from these demonic addictions!!!




Set us free from the demons who are compelling us and enslaving us to watch and be addicted to porn!!! Hear our cries FATHER....




O LORD we cannot do this on our own!! We need you JESUS!!!




Deliver us from our medication that we have fallen into addictions over we pray JESUS!!!




Deliver your sheep from the addictions to the pain pills we pray JESUS...... We need you LORD badly!!!




We do not need pills to take away our depression JESUS, we need you and your bible.... Give us grace so we can have you and the bible!!!




We do not need to drink beer to handle our depression, we need your love JESUS, we need your arms wrapped around us we pray!!!



Deliver us from the bad websites we pray, set us free from our spiritual enemies who are compelling us and enslaving us to watch bad things!




Set us free from smoking JESUS. We got tempted, we tried it, the demonic came and enslaved us into a smoking addiction!! Help JESUS, help!




Help JESUS, set us free from the addiction to companionship..... Teach us it is perfectly OK to be alone as long as you are with us!!!




Set us free from the addiction to TV we pray JESUS. Set us free from that demonic TV programming we cry out to you O LORD!!!




Set us free from the worldly movies we pray. Rain down your fire, destroy that addiction to movies that so many of us battle against!!!




Kick the demonic out of us O LORD, we do not want these addictions any longer we pray!!!!




We need you JESUS badly, we are addicted to computer and internet gaming... Have mercy O LORD for we have sinned badly!!!!




Set us free from all internet/computer & console gaming we pray JESUS. Help us to be more and more like you we pray!!!




Set us free from playing Battlefield 3 we cry out to you JESUS!!!




Set us free from playing that evil game - Diablo 3 - O LORD GOD!!! Help FATHER, don't cast us away JESUS....... Hold us LORD!!!




Set your children free JESUS from wanting to play Guild Wars 2 ----- Help JESUS!! Can you hear us O LORD we need your deliverance!!




Deliver us from satan O LORD, deliver us from the demonic, deliver us from their gaming snares, from their gaming temptations & addictions!




Shatter those demonic chains that tell us we need a companion with us at all times... Set us free from this evil O LORD we pray!!!




Help your children to break free from World of warcraft we pray JESUS!! Fight for us JESUS, deliver us from those incredible demons....




Deliver us from wasting hour after hour on the internet playing star wars when our own lives, when our own marriages are falling apart!!!




Teach us O LORD to turn our games off, to burn our movies, to sell our TV's and to start spending time with you JESUS & our families!!




Teach us to sell our Sony play-stations and to start spending time after dinner reading the bible.... Teach me JESUS, teach us we pray!!!




Help us LORD to burn our games, to sell our gaming equipment and may we use our computer and internet for the kingdom of GOD!!!!




Help us to throw away our pills, the pills for depression, the pills to take away our sadness we pray JESUS!!!! Set us free we pray..




O LORD we want that demonic influence out of us, those demonic spirits that are pushing us so hard towards all of these different addictions.




Have you ever wondered why you are addicted to things in the first place?




In other words, why are we addicted to things?




Have you ever thought about this?




Have you ever meditated on these topics? Why do we even get addictions.... This is very interesting isn't it!!!




Have you ever considered that there could be demonic spirits behind these addictions compelling us and enslaving us to these addictions?




What is pushing us soooooo hard to watch TV all the time?




What is pushing us soooooo hard to drink alcohol?




What is pushing so many millions of people to internet game, in fact 600,000,000 people internet game in the world! What is doing this?




What is pushing us so hard to smoke, drink, do drugs, watch porn, drink caffeine all the time etc etc etc. Have you even thought about this?




One safe answer would be our flesh! That sinful carnal nature that we are born with us pushing us to do all of this evil.........




Would you also consider that the demonic are compelling us to do all of this addictive behavior too?



Surely the flesh and the demonic work together as tag team partners to try to destroy our faith, our trust, our walk with JESUS!




So it sure does seem that we have our flesh and real demonic spirits compelling us & then enslaving us into all of these various addictions!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to porn, it will help to destroy our ministry work, our faith and our love for others!!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to alcohol, this will slowly destroy our church going, our bible reading, our finances!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to playing World of warcraft, this will help to destroy our marriages & our family life!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to drugs, now he has in deeply ensnared and we are in big BIG trouble in our lives!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to depression pills, we will not seek out JESUS and the bible to deliver us from depression.




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us to believe that depression comes from a chemical imbalance, we will not cast the demon out of us!




That is the demon of depression who is tormenting us with depression!!!!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us addicted to companionship, we will never try to fill up that emptiness with JESUS and the bible!




Maybe satan knows if he can get us addicted to sex, our jobs, our ministry, our church going, our walk with JESUS will be destroyed!




Have any of you even considered that the flesh and the demonic are tag teaming us in our addictions and strongholds that live inside of us?




Maybe satan knows that if he can get you addicted to movies, now his demonic army has a HUGE gateway to enter you!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us to game day and night on the computer, he is stealing our lives 1 minute at a time!!!




Maybe satan knows that if he can get us to take a pill to take away our depression, we will tell all of our friends the pills are working!




When we tell our friends and co workers the pills are working, millions and tens of millions of people will take these pills!!!!




Psychotropic pills = A huge HUGE end time attack by satan!!!!!!




600,000,000 people are internet gaming now.... Internet gaming = A huge HUGE end time attack on us with this addiction!!!!




I mean we care more about leveling our character in our new game than we care about leveling our own lives or our children or wife!!




Yes people, the flesh and the demonic are behind just about all if NOT ALL of our addictions we carry with us!!!




Oh how I wish more people would teach this truth!!!




When we have addictions, we need to treat them as if we need DELIVERANCE from JESUS to set us free!!!




Did you know an energy drink is a drug? It sure is!!!! Tens of millions of people are drinking drugs every single day when they wake up!




Did you know that when we drink or smoke or swallow drugs, the demons ARE ALLOWED TO enter us? They sure are!!!




If you do not believe this, pray for the LORD to reveal these topics to you more and more and JESUS will for he is TRUTH!!!




Maybe satan knows that if he can create drinks that taste very good and give us energy, then his army will be able to enter us as we drink!




Yes people, when you take drugs, the demonic has permission to enter you! Don't be angry at me, I did not design all of this!!!




But I love you, I love you dearly and I care about you quite a lot. I want you to know what is being done to you!!!!




Now you can fight back, you can pray, you can ask for deliverance from the LORD, you can even do self deliverance's with GRACE from GOD!




We have to know how the enemies are attacking us. This is extremely important! It is extremely important to know how they are attacking us.




Of course it is!!!!!!!!!! Only JESUS is stronger than satan............




And when I say JESUS, that also includes the bible..... The bible promises........ Our authority given to us in the holy bible!!!




Yes my brothers and sisters, energy drinks are drugs........ Check this out -->>





Help us JESUS, teach us more and more about what is really going on here on earth we pray!!!!!!!!!!




This is why some of you are being compelled so hard to buy wine or beer tonight. Because there is a monster compelling you to do this!!!




Yes people, the monsters are real! They are evil angels and evil spirits of all different kinds!!!!!!!!! And they push us and push us.





The demonic is pushing us to do evil by talking to us! They whisper to us to drink wine or to internet game or to watch porn!!!




They are constantly whispering to us quite often actually.... If we listen, they will step on in and start to whisper more and more!!!




The church never talks about masturbation, never talks about our addictions, they rarely talk about the demonic and guess what ???????


for A Wonderful Article On The Topic Of Masturbation, Please Click Here!!!



We children of GOD are dying a thousand deaths daily in addictions, temptations, failures and we have no idea why!!!!!!!




Now that our time is winding down here on earth, GOD is starting to show us why all of this is happening to us!!!!!




No, you are not being tempted to commit adultery on your own, this is your flesh and the demonic tempting you!!!!




We must realize we have two HUGE enemies!!! The flesh and the demonic spirits that follow satan.... We must fight back!!




We must learn, know and start to realize you have been under attack for just about your entire life even starting as a little child!!!




Another church lie ->>> The demons do not attack children!! UMMM HUH!!! OH YES THEY DO and this is an absolute fact!!!




Another church lie -> The demonic cannot live in you...... There is NOT 1 single scripture in the entire bible that states that. Pure lies!!




Another church lie -->> The demonic cannot read your thoughts...... There is NOT a single scripture in the bible that confirms that, NOT 1!




Oh yes they can read your thoughts, they can most likely hear your thoughts and see your imaginations!! They see everything you do....




Our thoughts seem to be out loud to the spirit realm!





So if you masturbate and you think bad thoughts, you are being watched by satan and hell will rain down on you and in you!!!





Have you ever stopped to think why you cannot stop masturbating? Did you even think that there could be a demon compelling you to do it?





Now how many Christian people are addicted to masturbation? Could we say millions and millions? Of course!!!




Since we learned a few nights ago that the demonic and the flesh are behind masturbation, yes we have many demons living with us!!!




Wow do we need you JESUS badly, wow!!! Much much MUCH more than we can even think of or imagine.......




satan wants us tied down in addictions which slowly help to destroy our faith, our love, our walk with JESUS, our bible reading etc etc!




Help us JESUS to overcome our giants.....




Help us O LORD to overcome our addictions, our enemies, the vices that are trying to take us to the Lake of Fire....




Have mercy on us FATHER for we are so weak, yet your incredible son is so powerful!!!




Save us JESUS, save us from these many snares and traps of the enemies we pray for you are incredible JESUS!!!




We need you LORD!!!

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