Addiction Part 2


Addictions Part 2

Addictions  Part 2 

We need your help so much more than we think we do JESUS!

Help us to be more like you JESUS. Even though it seems so impossible,
Luke 1:37  says - Nothing is impossible with GOD.

Even though all hell might be breaking down into our lives right now, you O LORD JESUS can stop it with a single word, with a single command.

One word from you JESUS, and our lives will instantly turn completely around out of darkness for you are powerful JESUS!

Even if you hit complete rock bottom this weekend, know this - JESUS has your entire life in the palm of his hand and  HE is in complete control!

Even if it seems that all hope is gone, in the blinking of an eye, JESUS can set you completely free!!! Keep praying!!!!

Even if your back into that old addiction & it seems like this time there is no way out, in the blink of an eye, JESUS can deliver you!

Keep praying!!!

Did you know the addictions we call into can range from different levels of addiction?

For example, you might fall back into porn and the addition might be like a level 6 addiction.

Like a level 6 on a scale that goes up to 10 with 10 being the worse!

Then at another time you might fall back into porn again but this time the addiction is stronger, this time it is more like a level 9.

Even if you have fallen back down into a level 10 addiction, which I have experiences, in the blink of an eye, JESUS can set you free!!

A level 10 addiction is when the demonic angels are pushing you soooo hard to do that addiction, you lost control, you lost complete control.

Does GOD allow this?  You better believe he does. JESUS is completely sovereign and nothing, nothing in all the universe can happen to you unless JESUS first gives permission for it to come against you.

JESUS is so powerful, even if your experiencing some pain and sinning and addictions of level 10, JESUS can set you free easily!!!

Keep praying.

If your stuck in porn or fornicating with someone, keep praying for help!

Even if your stuck playing World of warcraft 10 hours a day, keep praying!

Even if you went back to crack, back to heroine, back to loneliness, back to depression, keep praying!!!

Even if your in despair, even if you are angry at JESUS, or furious with him, keep praying anyways!!!

Even if you are back into drugs, or alcohol, JESUS can easily set you free! Keep praying...........

Even if your angry at JESUS because of different reasons in your life, be mature enough, be adult enough to keep praying to him anyways!!

The LORD understands what your going through. After all JESUS orchestrated the whole experience for you in the first place.

Even if your angry at GOD, angry at JESUS, angry at the bible, angry at your church, angry at me.... Keep praying!!!!!

I have been angry at GOD before, shoot I am angry right now at the demonic system GOD has in place here. So what!! Keep praying.....

I remember when I was in a level 10 addiction to internet gaming, I just kept asking for help over and over again day and night....

Week after week, month after month I kept asking for help. Then, out of nowhere, at the right time, JESUS set me free again!!

He will do the same for you! How long will it take to be free? NO idea!! But JESUS knows...............

I can remember some level 8-9 addictions to caffeine, now those addictions are quite terrible too......

In the blink of an eye, JESUS has set me free multiple times!!! So stop beating yourself up this weekend and keep praying for help...

All addictions have the demonic behind them, as soon as the demonic are kicked to the curb, you are free again!!!

Keep asking for help, keep repenting, keep talking to JESUS about your life, your addictions etc etc as each day goes by!

Keep in constant contact with JESUS even during the addictions!! Even during the actual sinning, keep asking for help, keep repenting.

Sometimes JESUS will deliver you slowly over a period of time, other times a little quicker, other times in the blink of an eye!!!

It can take years, weeks, days, hours or just 1 minute. GOD is that powerful and GOD decides how to do it!

I remember when an elder taught me to keep in contact with JESUS even during the actual sin!!!

That means when I was gaming all day long I just kept talking to JESUS the best I could day and night.

That includes a porn addiction too. Even while watching, tell GOD look at me LORD, I am sorry, I need your help badly, I am stuck again! Look how weak I am JESUS, look how the flesh and the demonic are trying to destroy your child of GOD sitting here. Help me LORD, lust has overwhelmed me!!!

Do NOT be embarrassed, did you think GOD and the angels did not see you watching porn to begin with?

So even during a porn addiction problem keep in contact with JESUS, keep talking, keep asking for help, keep repenting, keep sharing, keep humbling yourself day and night even during the acts of the sinning, during the addictions!!!

I mean why be embarrassed to talk to JESUS while watching porn? After all he is living inside of you right?

By doing this you will be practicing total honesty with yourself and your relationship with JESUS.

We all need help badly.. We all have had or have addictions, that includes everyone on earth except JESUS.

No man or woman is special, we are all the same, going through many of the same experiences, trials and temptations and especially ADDICTIONS!

All the addictions truly are is a few demons who are compelling you to do the addiction, then another demon enslaves you! These two demons can cause an addiction. Pray against these demons........ Humble yourself before the LORD, fall down at his throne.

So when a Christian person tells you that they do not have any demons with them........ Say oh really??????

Then go on to ask the person -->>> Are you masturbating? Are you addicted to sugar? Are you drinking caffeine?
Ask them are you watching NON Christian movies? Are you listening to NON Christian music? Do you watch TV?

Ask that person are you feeling sad, lonely or depressed or lustful?

Everything typed above can and will allow a demon or demons to enter you and to start tormenting you in different ways! And there are many MANY MANYYYYYYY other things we do that can allow the demons to enter us and to start tormenting us.

We are infested with the demonic..... Now yes JESUS does deliver us completely from time to time, but it doesn't last! The reason why it doesn't last is, is because most of us if not just about all of us go back to the same behavior again! That is the same behavior that allows the demonic to come to us in the first place!

JESUS was the only person in the history of planet earth that did not sin, that did not have addictions, that overcame the world!!!  Not you nor I could ever make these claims.

If you are watching TV, or computer or internet gaming, your most definitely living with demons.....

So when we are stuck in the middle of an addiction, simply know that it is the evil flesh living inside of us & demonic who are compelling us and then enslaving us to this addiction!

Put your WILL against the addiction, and really put your foot down and say you have had enough.........

After you put your WILL against the addiction, by seriously being against it, then command the demons out of you in the name of JESUS!

But we gotta really be against the addiction. The demons can measure our faith, they can measure what level were against them.

So if your commanding the demons out of you behind the smoking addiction, yet you wanna still smoke, the demons know this!

Technically speaking, they can see that your flesh still wants to smoke!

Or if its a drinking addiction........... If your flesh still wants to drink and get drunk, the demons will be able to see this....

Many times when my flesh still wanted to computer game, but I wanted to quit, that is when I ask JESUS over & over & over again for help!

That is when we need to ask GOD to tone down the flesh O LORD, put the flesh back on the cross I pray, help me to overcome that evil flesh!

The demonic work with the flesh as a team. So if you command the demons of lust out, yet your flesh still wants to watch porn, it wont work! Or I should say it will most likely not work.

The flesh in us acts like a beacon and it attracts the evil angels..... So if you wanna watch porn, yet you wanna quit, It will be a little hard to command the demons of lust and defilement out of you!

We need GOD'S help to tone down our flesh, to help us to really and truly want to say no to smoking, drinking, porn, gaming, caffeine etc

And when GOD does that, and when you wanna really and truly quit, that is when it is much easier to command the demons out of you now.

Why? Because you have authority over the demonic... So when you really and truly want to quit porn, now you can command them out of you!!!

But....... When you wanna quit porn, even though your flesh still wants to see it tonight, now it will be much harder to command them out! So examine yourself very very carefully this weekend. Do you really REALLY wanna quit the addiction?

If you are really really wanting to quit, put your foot down, quit, command the demons out!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, if you still wanna do the addiction, pray, pray, pray and pray some more! Pray for help for JESUS to tone down your flesh, to change your mind, to change your heart about wanting to do this addictive behavior!

You see, if you feed your flesh, it will climb down from the cross, it will get bigger, stronger and it will start to take over your life!

When that happens now we got all kinds of sinning and addictions that we are going to go through. The flesh & the demonic are now  tag teaming you and this will be quite a terrible valley experience to go through of suffering.

When that happens, now you wanna pray for help, ask for help, cry out for help day and night as much as you can. Humbling yourself constantly at the throne of GOD.

Then at the right time, whether it be a few days, weeks, months or 1-2-3 years, JESUS will set you free for sure.

Why? Because JESUS is faithful........... You are NOT faithful, neither am I, but JESUS still remains faithful to us...

That is how great JESUS is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have to go buy a coffee every day, you are being compelled to by your flesh and a demon!

If you have to play World of warcraft every Tuesday night because it is raid night, you are being compelled to by your flesh & a demon/s!

If you have to race home because your favorite TV show is on, that is your flesh and possibly a demon compelling you too!

Wow O LORD does your end time church body need help, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all the same, we all fall down, we all fail and sin and go back to Egypt at different times in our walk with JESUS.

Your sins are no worse than mine, mine are no worse than anyone else. GOD says if we commit even 1 sin, we committed them all!!!

So if I watch porn, it is like I committed all the sins. If you get drunk, it is like you committed all the sins!

And when we do these sinful things, it attracts the demons to us, if they are not already living with us in the first place.

An addiction is UN natural............... Therefore we know it is supernatural now!!!

It will be very hard to command the demons out of you behind internet gaming as long as you wanna game!! Almost impossible...
Yet nothing is impossible with JESUS!!!

If your being compelled to buy coffee every single day, that is UN natural. Therefore we know it is supernatural now!!!

If you have to masturbate on a regular or semi regular basis, that is UN natural. Therefore we know that it is supernatural now!!!

If you are being compelled to have a beer and drink that is UN natural! Therefore we know that is supernatural now........

If your internet, console or computer gaming, please for the LOVE of GOD, check this out -->>>

If you are being pushed to look at every single good looking guy around you every day, that is NOT natural... That is the supernatural!!!

By the way, when I say the supernatural, that includes our flesh pushing us too!

That sinful carnal nature fights back!!! If we feed it, oh wow now we are in big trouble......

In fact it should be safe to say that the evil flesh living inside of us is a much MUCH MUCH more powerful enemy than satan is to us!!!

If your a true child of GOD, yet you want to buy a very expensive car, that could be a great example of the flesh rising up to attack! As the flesh rises up, now the demons can see it like a beacon flashing. Now the demonic will get permission to come to you like blood attracts sharks.

Of if your a true child of GOD, yet your wanting to have sex before marriage, that would be the flesh or the demonic coming against you, or most likely both of them at the same time!

The war against the flesh and the demonic is really rising up during this last generation. The church has many addictions now!!! MaNYYYYYYYY addictions at this time.

If your stuck in terrible addiction at this time, it is simply your flesh and a few demons compelling you and enslaving you in these sinful actions!!!

So all hope is NOT gone, do not give up, keep praying, keep talking to JESUS, keep repenting, keep asking for help!

Once again if your stuck masturbating on a regular basis, that is UN natural. Therefore we know it is the flesh and the supernatural!!!

If your stuck in terrible Masturbation - Click here!!

If you feel it is OK to computer game on the weekends, please check this out -->>

Wow do we need help JESUS........... We need so much more help than we ever thought we did.........

Help us JESUS, break us free from these terrible addictions that are tying us down we pray!

Deliver us JESUS this weekend. Do a huge massive deliverance of you children JESUS and set us free from the snares of satan and his army!!

OH LORD we want to follow you, we want to be like you, then, out of nowhere, a new addiction slams us in the face!!!!

Set us free JESUS we pray! Rain down your love into our souls and shatter the demonic strongholds in us...........

Help us to be more like you JESUS. Help us to love like you, to care like you, to have compassion like you O LORD GOD we pray!!!!!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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