A Quick Update

Hello hello everyone!

This is Garrett from Tears to joy ministries!

I just wanted to give you a quick update to what is happening with our website here!

As many of you have noticed, there has NOT been much going on with the website for the last year! And there is a very important reason why!

GOD has led me starting about 15 months ago to really work on my You tube channel!

I am very happy to say that with GOD'S grace, I have well over 300 videos on You tube now!

My goal is to get upwards of 888 videos on You tube which is also the number of JESUS.........

JESUS = 888.

This is just a fun goal, it is not serious, it is not important either! Whatever GOD wants to do with the videos I just praise GOD! IT IS ALL GRACE FROM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our You tube channel and I pray GOD will super SUPER BLESS YOU HERE →

Love, your servant Garrett -->>> Click The Pic Above!